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200 Short Hairstyles For Women You’ll Love To Try in 2024

When I wake up in the morning the most important thing that comes into my mind that which hairstyle I will wear today. This must be a more important question for every woman.

It can apply to all kinds of women, whether they are working in the office, they are studying in the college or they are Celebrities or they are house maker.

All women want to have a kind of hairstyle that can stay longer and not required much care.

As I am following the hairstyle trends for the last 4 years and noticed that Short Hairstyles For Women is a kind of hairstyle that will never go out of trend.

Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles For Women

There are different types of Short Hairstyles that can be adopted by any woman. But some of the Short Hairstyles are made for particular age women and particular faces.

Some of the most popular haircuts in Short Hairstyles are Bob, Funky, Pixie, Messy, Shaved and many more haircuts which can be done with short hair.

But choosing a hairstyle is always a tough task, Because before you ask your hairstylist to cut your hair short before choosing the hairstyle. You might see that the style which you have adopted is not looking cool on your face.

Face cuts play a very important role in every hairstyle. So before you cut your hair make some research to check if the haircuts which you are going to wear will look perfect and cool on your face cut.

When you start searching for hairstyles over the internet, you have to see lots of websites and you need lots of time to get the perfect haircuts.

Might be every woman doesn’t have enough time to search for a hairstyle on the internet.

short hairstyle

Wearing your hair short is in trend but apart from being the in-trend thing it has several other benefits also, and they are as follows:

  • Less maintenance: Most people resorted to a short haircut as it requires little or no maintenance as compared to long and medium hair. With your busy work schedule, it is always easy to wear your hair short.
  • Economical: Wearing your hair short can help you save a lot of money as you will tend to spend less on hair accessories and products.
  • Clean: It is easy to wash and clean short hair in any season. Hence, short hair is more healthy and hygienic.
  • Easy option: Growing hair takes a long time and at times some good years, but a short haircut can give a chic look in a very short span of time. All you need to do is to style them and then flaunt them.
  • Expressive: Short hair is flexible, and it is an advantage to work with them. It is easier to maintain them and gives you a clean, chic look.
  • Professional look: Short hair is easy to manage and consumes less time too. Therefore for the working women, it helps them to get that professional look.
  • Gives you a young look: Short hair is in a rage, all because it gives you a young and adorable look.

Now let’s have a look at how one can manage short hair.

How to Care for Short Hair?

short hair care

As more and more women are resorting to a short haircut and styling them in a buzz cut, pixie cut, or long bob. Getting the traces chopped off will grant you the new look, but it will require maintenance too. Still, Caring for short hair is easier and less cumbersome as compared to medium or long hair.

Here is a detailed process to maintain your short locks.

  • Change your hair wash routine: Now that you have chopped your traces, you need to chop off your washing frequency also. The scalp will produce the same oil, but there will be shorter hair to use it. Thus your hair will seem to be more greasy; therefore you need to wash your hair more frequently with a mild shampoo.
  • Less shampoo and conditioner: Short hair requires less shampoo and conditioner thus try to use less of them. Using more shampoo will leave the hair irritated and get your scalp dry.
    Short hair does not require a lot of conditioners, as it will weigh them down and make it look more greasy. Thus both shampoo and conditioner should be used cautiously.
  • Use products for your hair that will suit them: To make the short hair look manageable and nest some hair products should be used. Anti-frizz serum, gel, styling spray, or texturing spray. However, heat styling tools should be avoided.
  • Care of scalp: Just like the hair you should be more careful regarding the health of your scalp also. Avoid using too many products as they will build up on your scalp and make it irritated. Product build-up will make your scalp dry and flaky. Thus simply exfoliate the scalp with a mask and a nourishing mask, the two masks should be used alternatively.
  • Hair Cut Appointments: Short hair tends to grow faster, and their appearance will change thus you need to get them trimmed at frequent intervals.
  • Blow-dry your hair with caution: It is better to air dry your hair, but if you want to blow dry your hair you should do it on low heat. Short hair gets frizzy when blow-dried; therefore it should be avoided. Scrunching can add the desired volume to hair so it can be done in place of using a blow dryer.

How To Improve Hair Quality?

short hair

The hair quality is considered to be good if the hair is frizz-free, thick, smooth and shiny. Hair quality depends on your genes, health conditions, lifestyle, stress, diet and importantly the way you treat them.

To maintain good textured hair, in the case of short hair, is not a mammoth task, but requires some dedication and a consistent approach.

Here are a few tips that can give you the best quality hair:

  • Keep the hair clean– It is vital to keep the hair clean but over washing will eradicate the natural oil from your hair and thus leave you with dull hair. You have to maintain the balance.
  • Protein-rich diet – Eating a diet that has a high amount of protein will be a blessing for your hair. Protein is the building block of hair, and it helps the hair to grow long and strong.
  • Avoid sulfates – Try to opt for a shampoo that is sulfate-free, since sulfate can cause significant damage to your hair.
  • Massage the scalp – Massaging can relieve tension, improve the quality of hair, as blood supply in the follicles increases due to massage. They strengthen the hair roots and nourish them. Massaging the scalp with warm oil is even more beneficial. Coconut oil, almond oil, castor or argan oil are best for hair massage.
  • Treat wet hair with great care – Damp hair tends to get more damaged than dry hair; thus wet hair should not be brushed or forced to dry using a towel. The best thing is to let them air dry and then style them.
  • Protect your hair – As much as we care for our skin we need to care for our hair also. Use a scarf for your hair on cold windy or hot sunny days. Hair needs to be protected from the harshness of weather all year round.
  • Brush your hair regularly – Carefully and gently brushing your hair can help to spread the natural oil all over the hair length. Detangle your hair with gentle brushing with a natural bristle brush.

What Types of Hair Products Are Best for Short Hair?

products for short hair

Even if you have short hair that requires minimum hair products, using the correct hair product will only add to its beauty. It is not tricky to maintain this hair length but if done correctly will show beautiful results.

Here is a list of products that you need to owe if you have short hair.

  • Matte texturizer – A matter texturizer will ensure that your short hair does not look like a hot sweaty mess. Take some in your hand and apply deep in your hair from the roots to end in a circular motion.
  • Smoothen the hair with a balm – Short hair has more volume; thus they need to be tamed with the help of a smoothing product like a balm or conditioner.
  • Style with clay – Short hair can be styled differently with the help of styling clay. Apply it in the sections of your wet or dry hair through rubbing and then simply style your locks as per your desire.
  • Refresh the roots with dry shampoo – Apply a small quantity of dry shampoo on your hair from roots to end, this will lift the roots and add volume to the hair.
  • Create a shape with cream – Styling the short hair can be easier with this molding cream and the best part is that it is not heavy so will not weigh down the hair.
  • Increase shine with bee wax – Bee wax can add light shine when applied to hair. Rub some wax in your palms and warm it apply it on your hair to get the shinning frizz-free hair.

Let’s explore where sort of hairstyles one can carry while having short hair.

Short Hairstyles For Women

To solve your problem I have to spend lots of time over the internet to make a beautiful list of Short Hairstyles For Women. You will find all types of short hairstyles for all aged women.

We have a beautiful collection of 200 Short Hairstyles For Women you will Love To Try these hairstyles in 2024. You just have bookmarked this post and you can choose different hairstyles from this post.

After having this Beautiful list you might not require to search for the hairstyles at least for one year. Feel free to share these styles with your friends and you can also share them on your social profile. Scroll down and Enjoy!

Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Short Hairstyles For Women

When women get older they think that there is no hairstyle for them. But if you are a woman over 50 then these beautiful Short Hairstyles can give you a very charming look.

This style is very easy to make and you can manage it very easily.

Short Hairstyles For Women Over 40

Short Hairstyles For Women

Cameron Diaz looking very beautiful in this short hairstyle. If you are a woman over 40 then you have so many choices in the hairstyle.

But if you love to keep your hair short then you must love to try this beautiful haircut.

 Edgy Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Edgy is the most popular haircut in short hairstyle. If you want to grab the attention of people then you must love to give a try to this beautiful style.

Short Hairstyles For Women With Thick Hair

Short Hairstyles For Women

Thick hair always gives you an opportunity to choose different haircuts. You can adopt any hairstyle with your short hair. But if you really want to wear a hairstyle which is in trend.

Then you must love to give a try to these beautiful short hairstyles.

Short Hairstyles For Women With Round Faces

Short Hairstyles For Women

Face cuts always play an extremely key role when you adopt a new haircut. You must have to prefer a type of hairstyle which can look fantastic on your face.

If you are women who have a round face and looking for a short hairstyle. Then these beautiful Short Hairstyles For Women With Round Faces can be the best choice for you.

African American Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Rihanna is the most popular singer and she has followers from around the world. But she is also very popular for her hairstyles.

Rihanna love to adopt different hairstyle and her most popular hairstyle is a short hairstyle. So if you are African American Women then you must love to copy this beautiful Rihanna Short Hairstyle.

Trendy Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

If you are women who love to change her haircuts according to the latest trend then you must love to give a try to these beautiful Trendy Short Hairstyles in 2017.  Every short haircuts lover will love to try this style.

Very Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Some women don’t love to take care of their hair the whole day. But as we all know the no women want to compromise with the look.

These beautiful Very Short Hairstyles can help to give a charming look without taking care of your hair the whole day.

Short Hairstyles For Women With Bangs

Short Hairstyles For Women

To adopt this beautiful Short Hairstyles For Women With Bangs you just simply need to ask the hairstylist to cut your hair short. Make sure that he keeps the hair length that can cover your forehead.

Short Hairstyles For Women With Glasses

Short Hairstyles For Women

When we go to choose the glasses in our face we try as much as design and choose a kind of frame which can look perfect on our face.

So if you are women who love wearing glasses, then you must need to choose a kind of hairstyle which can be matched with your glasses. This beautiful short hairstyle can look awesome on the face with glasses.

Short Hairstyles For Women Over 60

Short Hairstyles For Women

When women cross the 60s, they must love to stay at home and love to spend time with family members. We all think of these women don’t have much choice in the hairstyle.

But it’s not true, they can still get a very charming and beautiful look. This beautiful short hairstyle will give them the extra energy to go out.

Funky Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Funky hairstyle can be done with any length of hair, but it looks cooler and beautiful with short hair. So if you are thinking to have a new hairstyle for then you must love to give it a try to this beautiful haircut.

Short Hairstyles For Women With Thin Hair

Short Hairstyles For Women

Managing thin hair is always a tough task. Thin hair required lots of care and you have to manage them whole day.

If you don’t have time to manage your thin hair then you must have to choose a kind of hairstyle which can solve your problem. This beautiful short hairstyle for thin hair can be a good choice for you.

Short Hairstyles For Women Over 70

Short Hairstyles For Women

The 70s is a time in life when women don’t love to get ready and they also don’t love to try different hairstyles. But can still get a cool and beautiful look by adopting this beautiful short hairstyle.

Short Hairstyles For Women Undercut

Short Hairstyles For Women

Modern women love to adopt the latest fashion and hairstyle is one of the most important parts of fashion.

If you want to show your earrings, then you must need to have a haircut, which can help you to keep open your ear. This beautiful undercut hairstyle can be a perfect choice.

Black Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Having natural hair is always an awesome gift given by the nature. If you have naturally black hair then you are very lucky. To get a beautiful and trendy look you must love this cool short hairstyle.

Modern Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Every woman loves to adopt a modern hairstyle. A short hairstyle is the most popular modern-day hairstyle. You live to give a try to this beautiful haircut to get a very charming and cool look.

Medium Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Medium Short Hairstyle is a kind of haircut that can look perfect each time. In the above style, hair length is near to the shoulder and layered almost near to touch the chin. You can adopt this haircut for any occasion or event.

Pixie Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Pixie is the most popular haircut is the short hairstyle and celebrities love to have this style.

The best thing about this style is that you don’t need to take care of your hair the whole day. You need few minutes to get this look.

Short Hairstyles For Women Over 30

Short Hairstyles For Women

Over the 30s or in 30s this is the most beautiful time of every women’s life. This is an age where most women decided to get married, start a new business and many more things.

This is also a time when women always want to look beautiful. This short hairstyle can help you to get a beautiful look for your upcoming event.

Short Wedding Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Wedding is the most important day in every woman’s life and no one wants to compromise with anything on this day.

So if you are women who have short hair and looking for a perfect hairstyle on the big day. Then you must love to have this beautiful style for your wedding day.

Bob Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Bob is a very popular haircut from the 50s and every celebrity must have tried this haircut at least once in her life.

If you are a hairstyle lover then your passion can not be finished without having a beautiful bob with your short hair.

Curly Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Having curly hair is a beautiful gift by the nature. But as we are living in the modern world and now you can give a curly look to your straight hair.

If you want to try a curly hairstyle with your short hair then you must love this beautiful haircut.

Brunette Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

As you can try so many styles with your short hair. But if you want to have a unique and different look then you must love to give a try to this beautiful Brunette look with your short hair.

Punk Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Punk Short can give you a very unique and beautiful look. this style can only be done with short hair. In this style your hair will be shaved from both the side and middle of the head hair will little bit long.

If you choose to color your hair then you definitely get an awesome look. You must give a try to this haircut this year.

Dark Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

If you have naturally dark hair then it’s a great thing. But if you don’t have then color them in a dark color and make them short. In these haircuts, your hair will be nape from the back and some of your hair will be on your forehead similar to bang.

Short Hairstyles For Women With Braids

Short Hairstyles For Women

Most women think that braids can not be done with short hair. But after seeing this haircut stop believing in that. To adopt this style you must need hair length at least below your ear.

Keep your hair simple and start making your braid from the forehead to the ear. You do the braids on both sides or keep it on one side it’s your choice.

Chic Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

If you really want to have a smart elegant look with your short hair. Then this beautiful hairstyle will help you with that. You must love to give a try to these beautiful haircuts in this spring session.

Ombre Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Ombre is a kind of hairstyle that is very popular. in this haircut hair color play a very important role. You can adopt the Ombre with any length of hair.

This style also looks very beautiful and cool with short hair. To get the ombre look you have to color your hair and keep the upper hair dark and come to light.

Short Hairstyles For Women Under 40

Short Hairstyles For Women

The time between the ages of 30 to 40 is the most beautiful time in every women’s life. They love to all things they and it’s also applicable with a hairstyle as well.

This beautiful short hairstyle gives a very beautiful and charming look to women under 40.

Simple Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Did you know the best thing about having short hair? Short hair gives you wide range of choices to for the hairstyles and the most important thing about these styles that they can be done very easily and will not take much time to do.

Waves Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

If you want to adopt a waves hairstyle with your short hair then you must need hair length around your chin.

You just need to make your hair swept on one side and if you want to show your earring then take the other side’s hair behind your ear.

 Summer Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Summer is the time when everyone wants to change their hairstyle. You will see open neck in most of the summer hairstyles.

The best hairstyle for summer is a short hairstyle because in this hairstyle your neck will be open and you will feel very comfortable.

 Wavy Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

To get a celebrity inbspired look with your short hair you must have to try this beautiful Wavy style. This haircut can be a perfect choice for any event or party.

You will get people’s attention at the party if you choose this haircut for your coming party.

Layered Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Doing layered with short hair is very easy and you can get a very beautiful look for any party.

But have this look you just need to have short hair. The above style can be a perfect choice for you with short hair.

Straight Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Making a straight hairstyle with your short hair is always the best thing. In this style, you will get a very charming and attractive look.

This hairstyle is very easy to make and can be done in very little time.

44. Short Hairstyles For Asian Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Most Asian Women love to keep long hair and but if you are the kind of Asian Woman who loves to have a short hairstyle. Then you definitely love to give a try to this beautiful short hairstyle.

Brown Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Some women have naturally brown hair for them this hairstyle is very easy. They just need to ask the hairstylist to make the hair short.

But if you are women who don’t have naturally brown hair then first you have to color your brown. Then after you can get this beautiful look.

Prom Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

If you are going to attend a high school prom party. Then you must be thinking about having a kind of hairstyle which can grab the attention of people at the party.

The above short hairstyle can be a perfect choice for your prom night party.

Short Hairstyles For Women With Red

Short Hairstyles For Women

Would you like to look totally different? then this beautiful short hairstyle will help you with that. You just need to make your hair short and then give them a beautiful red color.

Elegant Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

If you are women who always want to have an Elegant look then you must love to give a try to this beautiful haircut with your short hair.

In this style, you have to make your hair one side down near to your eyes.

 Short Hairstyles For Korean Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Korean Women allow having short haircuts. But they can try only some of the styles in the short hair. The short hairstyle shown in the above picture is the most popular hairstyle in Korea.

Natural Short Hairstyles For Women

Short Hairstyles For Women

Black women always have natural hair and having natural hair is a beautiful gift given by the nature. If you are a black woman look for a kind of short haircut that can look perfect. Then you must love to give a try to this beautiful haircut.

Classy Short Hairstyles for Women

It is hard for any person to predict the actions of a woman. They are moody but are not scared to put forth their views. They have immense mental strength, and this power pushes them to attain success in any field.

But this professional attitude does not mean that these ladies do not think that it is pointless to spend hours grooming themselves. They are equally competent in enhancing their physical beauty with flawless styles.

They know about the current fashion trends, but do not go with the flow. Each woman has a different personality and they pick a hairstyle that suits their innate nature. While some like long locks, others feel at ease with shorter tresses.

Having shorter hair does not mean you are any less beautiful. If you think that long locks are a hassle, then you can pick any of the following Classy Short Hairstyles.

Wavy Bob Haircut with Bangs

Classy Short Hairstyles

Any hairdo that has bangs is bound to look classy. Your face always needs some sort of framing. Tresses offer this much-needed framing and enhance the beauty of the face.

No matter what your age and profession are, you will be able to carry the Wavy Bob Haircut with Bangs. The bangs fall not only on the forehead but also drape one side of the face.

To achieve this look, you need to opt for side parting. The hairdo is easy and does not require much time.

Classy Short Hairstyles

Razor Cut Texture Short Hair

Classy Short Hairstyles

If you want a bold hairdo that will complement your edgy nature, then the Razor Cut Short Hair is an ideal option. It is also good for those women who have a wide forehead.

The presence of the asymmetrical and long fringes on the forehead will give a base to your face, and also offer an ultra-fashionable feel.

The hairstyle not only looks good with modern clothing but also complements traditional gowns. If you work in the fashion industry, then it is a perfect haircut for meetings.

Classy Short Hairstyles

Side Swept Short Hairstyle

Classy Short Hairstyles

The Side Swept Short Hairstyle is popular in fashion ramp shows. The hairdo does not have a lot going on and stresses highlighting the beauty of the tresses and the elegance of the face.

The soft curls at the end of the strands, add drama to the look. It is also good for daily purposes, and one can attain the desired effect with ease. Just apply some hair gel, and your hair will be set for the entire day.

Classy Short Hairstyles

 Side Swept Curly Short Hairstyle

Classy Short Hairstyles

The popularity of the Side Swept Curly Short Hairstyle is still high. Women of all ages can try this look. It is elaborate and flashy; thus, it is best to reserve it for special occasions.

Brides, who want spring or evening weddings, can go for this modern and classic hairdo, only if they do not opt for the veil.

Replace the tiara with subtle fashion accessories to complete the look. It will complement the embellishments of your wedding dress perfectly.

Classy Short Hairstyles

Pixie Cut Side Swept Hairstyle

Classy Short Hairstyles

If there is one haircut that has created a lot of buzz in the fashion arena in recent times, then it has to be the Pixie Cut Side Swept Hairstyle. The hair strands will be short as it is in most pixie cuts.

But the uniqueness is in the presence of the wavy bangs in front. These do not fall on the forehead but stay just over it.

It will add a touch of elegance to your beauty. It is perfect for any wedding and prom party.

Classy Short Hairstyles

Side Part Short Hairstyle with Thick Hair

Classy Short Hairstyles

Women who have thick hair are lucky as they can try any hairdo. Due to the hair volume, they will be able to carry any look with ease.

Most modern and young women, who want to follow the fashion trends, are opting for the Side Part Short Hairstyle with Thick Hair.

The haircut has more thickness and longer strands on one side. The side parting is mandatory to attain this look. You can wear any modern and casual clothes with this hairdo.

Classy Short Hairstyles

Retro Short Hairstyle

Classy Short Hairstyles

There are very few haircuts and styles, which can offer retro glamor and elegance. It is not that popular with young teens, but many professional ladies and middle-aged women opt for the Retro Short Hairstyle.

The haircut is ideal for wavy locks. If you lack hair grooming skills, then you will need the assistance of experts to attain the desired effect. The style will complement A-line gowns and cocktail dresses.

Classy Short Hairstyles

 Tousled Waves Short Hairstyle

Classy Short Hairstyles

Women of all ages, who want to sport shorter hair, will look amazing in Tousled Waves Short Hairstyle. If you have soft curls or wavy locks, then you can bank on this haircut.

The cuts allow the hair to attain its natural fall and will also add volume to your tresses. The hairdo is perfect for casual as well as formal gala events. The look has also been spotted on several red-carpet events.

Classy Short Hairstyles

 Center Part Straight Bob Haircut

Classy Short Hairstyles

The Center Part Straight Bob Haircut is another haircut that screams classic charm and panache. Middle parting is not popular with women as it makes the hair seem flat.

But to acquire the sleek and sophisticated hairdo, you must part your hair in the middle. It maintains balance in hair volume on both sides.

A small low hanging bun will add to the old-world charm of this haircut. It is ideal for formal events and traditional wedding parties.

Classy Short Hairstyles

Swept Back Short Hairstyle

Classy Short Hairstyles

If there is one short classic haircut that is ideal for all seasons and occasions, then it has to be the Swept Back Short Hairstyle. If hair strands, falling on your face, irritate you, then this is your solution.

The backswept short hair will highlight the beauty of your face. Women with an oval or circular face will look best in this haircut, due to the symmetry of their facial structure.

Classy Short Hairstyles

Sleek Bob With Blunt Bangs

Classy Short Hairstyles

The Sleek Bob with Blunt Bangs has been depicted in the movies too often. If you need to attend a formal event, where you need to flaunt an elegant look, then this particular hairdo will highlight the beauty of your dress.

The hair is neatly placed, with each strand in its place. In case you have curly or wavy locks, you must apply hair styling products to achieve a neat look.

Classy Short Hairstyles

Shaggy Short Haircuts

Classy Short Hairstyles

If you like the messy look, then you can opt for the Shaggy Short Haircut. As the name suggests, the hairstylist will cut your hair in an asymmetrical manner.

That will not only give volume to the tresses but will also hide the wide forehead, with the frontal fringes.

You can keep fringes all over the brow or opt for a side-swept fringe. Either way, the fringes add drama to the hairdo, attracting all eyes towards you.

Classy Short Hairstyles

Choppy Short Haircuts

Classy Short Hairstyles

Women often prefer the messy hairdo. The “straight out of the bed” look is very attractive and sets you apart from the rest of the women.

If you enter a room with this haircut, people will realize immediately that you possess unique taste in fashion. It is super classy and ultra-fashionable. The strands get an uneven look with the Choppy Short Haircuts.

Classy Short Hairstyles

Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

Classy Short Hairstyles

If you want a pixie cut hairstyles with a unique twist, then the Pixie Cut with Side Bangs will meet your requirements.

The hairdo offers a modern and fashionable appearance that goes well with casual clothing and formal gowns.  The presence of the bangs tones down the edginess, and also hides the wide brow.

It frames your face and adds drama to the look. It is best to give heavy accessories a miss as your hairdo will be too exotic.

Classy Short Hairstyles

Edgy Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Classy Short Hairstyles

Women with fearless attitudes can opt for hair colors, which others will not even consider. One such fashionable hair tint is grey.

Gone are the days when men and women dreaded the appearance of white hair. Grey hair is the latest hair color and many celebs and supermodels are opting for it.

If you have this hair dye, then an equally Edgy Pixie Cut Hairstyle will complement it perfectly. Young girls can go for the look without much thought.

Classy Short Hairstyles

Funky Short Hairstyles

If you consider yourself as one of them who likes to look different in the crowd then a funky hairstyle can fulfill your desire. You can cut your short hair in a funky style to get a completely new and unique makeover.

There are so many hairstyles that you can count as funky haircuts, but all of these may not suit you. So, you need to be selective when it is a point of cutting the hair.

The perfect funky short hairstyles should be selected by you to get the desired look in, recent days. You can mix and match the few haircuts to create a funky look as well.

In this case, an experienced hair expert can help you in the best way.  You need to keep in mind the texture of the hair and its volume while choosing the right style.

The trendy funky short hairstyles are listed below, and you can pick any of these according to your choice.

Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

Funky Short Hairstyles

Ladies who like unusual haircuts can go for the pixie cut. It can create a messy look when cut on short hair. The sharp edges of the hair strands in this cut can make the shape of the face more prominent.

You can try this style to get a bold and masculine appearance. This style looks perfect in straight and natural black hair.

Funky Short Hairstyles

Funky Short Hairstyle for Chubby Face

Funky Short Hairstyles

If you want to look younger with a unique hairstyle, then you need to select the perfect Hairstyle for the chubby face. The short straight asymmetric hair strands on your forehead can give you a stunning look.

The hair strands can be highlighted to add some extra charm to your appearance. The stiff and sharp hair strands on your forehead can give you a more prominent and classy look.

You can simply run the finger through the hair strands to get the desired casual yet funky look.

Funky Short Hairstyles

Shaggy Funky Short Hairstyle

Funky Short Hairstyles

Ladies who are interested to look young and cute by wearing a funky hairstyle should opt for the Shaggy Funky Short Hairstyle. This style looks perfect on straight and soft hair.

You need to comb the hair perfectly to get an appropriate look. The sharp ends of the hair strands in this style can make your look prominent, and it gives an overall suitable shape to your face.

Funky Short Hairstyles

Funky Bob Short Hairstyle

Funky Short Hairstyles

Bob hairstyle is common and popular among women who like short hair. You can make it more interesting by adding longer hair on the forehead.

These layers of hair on your forehead and both sides of the face can give you a round shape face. In this style, you can highlight the ends of the strands in unique blue color to get a stylish, modern and funky appearance.

Funky Short Hairstyles

 Layered Funky Short Hairstyle

Funky Short Hairstyles

The layer cut hair with short wavy hair can give you a smart and bold look. The hair strands are cut in different length layers cut and create a messy and unusual look on your appearance.

You need to brush your hair well after parting on one side to get this perfect hairdo. The highlighted hair strands in this style look perfect on the round shape face.

Funky Short Hairstyles

Feathered Funky Short Hairstyle

Funky Short Hairstyles

This is one of the most modern hairstyles that can keep your appearance outstanding and manageable. You need to chop the hair of both sides, and the hair of the middle portion is needed to keep longer.

The longer hair with sharp edges falls on the forehead and makes your look complete. The backside hair is also cut into a shorter length. This style looks perfect on straight and platinum colored hair.

Funky Short Hairstyles

 Funky Pixie Short Hairstyle

Funky Short Hairstyles

Pixie style on the short hair looks great. It can give you not only a messy look but also a perfect style for looking younger and bold. In this style, the edges of the hair remain sharp and prominent.

Hair is cut into shorter lengths on one side, and the other side should have longer-length hair strands. The side partition of the hair in this style can help you to look smarter.

This style is very easy to carry and maintain at the same time. So, many of the trendy ladies opt for this style in recent days to get a unique and bold appearance in the crowd.

Funky Short Hairstyles

Asymmetrical Funky Short Hairstyle

Funky Short Hairstyles

This is another hairstyle which suits all kinds of face shapes. The hair strands are cut into an asymmetric manner and create a casual and elegant appearance.

In this style, the hair is needed to part on one side, and the length of the hair should be cut up to jawline on one side, and the hair of the other side should be cut up to your ear ending point.

These asymmetric ends of the hair on both sides can make you look unusual and funky. The gray or white-colored hair can be suitable for creating this style. Here are more Asymmetrical Short Hairstyles.

Funky Short Hairstyles

 Punk Short Hairstyle

Funky Short Hairstyles

Punk short hairstyle is ideal for the ladies who are finding neat and funky looks together. In this style, the entire hair is needed to brush towards the backside.

If your hair is naturally wavy, then this gorgeous style can give you a better look. The hair is cut up to shoulder length. You need to comb the hair very well to get a perfect style.

Funky Short Hairstyles

 Emo Short Hairstyle

Funky Short Hairstyles

The Emo style haircut is chosen by the ladies who want to look modern and noticeable in the crowd. You need to keep the hair strands very short on one side, and the other side should have asymmetric longer hair strands.

These longer strands fall on one side of the forehead and give you a bold look. The edges of the hair strands are kept very sharp and straight. This stylish haircut can give you a perfect modern appearance.

Funky Short Hairstyles

 Undercut Short Hairstyle

Funky Short Hairstyles

Undercut hairstyle can give your hair a thicker volume that can keep your face more prominent. The chopped hair and the longer strands the combination of the hair in this style provide you the best get-up.

You can maintain your funky look in this style uniquely. It suits well on the oval and round shape face. The hair texture needs to be wavy to get this style. The middle portion of the hair is kept longer than the sides.

Funky Short Hairstyles

Choppy Short Hairstyle

Funky Short Hairstyles

If you have a thicker hair volume then chopping the hair in a unique manner looks great. You need to cut the hair up to your shoulder to get this style.

The chopped hair in different lengths can help you to get an amazing bold look. This funky short hairstyle is one of the trendiest these days.

It can take the shape of your face more prominent by falling on both sides of your face. The edges of the hair are sharp and stiff.

This can give you a messy look, and you can make the style classier by adding some highlighted strands.

Funky Short Hairstyles

 Razor Cut Short Hairstyle

Funky Short Hairstyles

You can choose the razor cut if you want to get a masculine, bold and funky look. In this style, the hair is parted from one side and cut in such a manner so that its volume increases.

The hair strands are cut in different lengths to give you a messy appearance. Some of the hair strands are kept on one side of the forehead to give you a complete look.

The combination of these shorter and longer hair strands can help you to appear in an unusual manner.

Funky Short Hairstyles

 Funky Short Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Funky Short Hairstyles

If you have fine, straight hair then you can make it funky by cutting in a unique styled short length. You need to brush your hair well to get a smooth effect. The hair strands are longer on one front side than the other side in this style.

The white-colored hair looks gorgeous yet funky by cutting in this manner. This style can give your face a suitable shape that looks perfect when you are going out.

The side-parted hair in this unique style helps you to get a smart and bold look undoubtedly.

Funky Short Hairstyles

Short Hair for Chubby Face

People with chubby face desire to go for short hair, since it is the best option for them. It will give you a classy and chic look; at the same time, it will not make your face look so chubby. With a chubby face, you look cute, but after this hairstyle, you will look hot.

You are the lucky girl as you just pulled off the best combination of cute plus sexy.  The cut will take away the roundness of your face and add to your ultra-modern, professional look. This haircut is as versatile as your creativity can make it. Use some accessories or styling agents, and you can rock the party or lead the board meeting as per your desire.

Short Hairstyles


Now that you have liberated yourself from the old bangs, it’s time to rock the look with an uber-modern pixie cut. More and more celebs are resorting to this ultra-chic hairstyle, and for girls with short hair, it is one of the coolest options.

A pixie cut is typically fashionable, and if you are the confident, outgoing, independent girl, then this cut is specifically meant for you. If you are a tomboy at heart or a supporter of gender equality just crop your locks and the pixie cut will express it for you.

The benefit of the cut is that you get a simple wash and go style that will be the added edge to your looks. This cut is the classic pixie one-length cut, undercuts, tapers, asymmetry and fades, as well as a few brows or short length bangs. Invest in few styling products and rock the look. Be jeweled with a headband this haircut will go for any party look.

Short Hairstyles

Easy Hairstyle

This pixie haircut is just as trendy as it is easy to get it done. This cut will give the best of the two worlds, i.e., short hair with some length added to it. Girls with strong jawlines can opt for this, as it will add to the softness of your face.

With textured shaggy pixie and side strands a little longer with a short or round top, this haircut will be best for girls with short hair. The asymmetry of the cut will add length to the face and by adding some color bangs, it will give you a super cool look.

Keep the hair at the back short and with some layering to add volume to your hair, a perfect deal for girls with thin hair.

Short Hairstyles

Haircut for Double Chin

If you have a double chin and want to solve the issue, it’s either you reshape your face or select a hairstyle that can make the fullness less noticeable. Working on both is a good option, but till the time you trim your face opt for a beautiful hairdo.

Get your haircut done to create layers to accent your cheekbone, neckline and jawline to create the slimmer line. Some short soft layers near the jawline and volume controlled by a hair mask are the best option to conceal the double chin.

Short Hairstyles

Shoulder Length Hair

You want to have short hair, but still, want to enjoy the perks of a bit medium long hair then shoulder length hair is the best suitable option for you. This will give you the best of the types and will add versatility to your appearance. It will add length to your face and let it look thin at the same time.

Great hairstyles can be easily done with shoulder-length hair. Get a smoothed cut rather than a sharp cut; this will ease your styling with the help of flat or curling irons.

Short Hairstyles

Low Maintenance Hair

If your hair requires low maintenance and yet can look as chic and beautiful as possible then it is definitely a dream. Chinese cut in front will help you look cute, and the short length at the back will add to the ultra-modern look. Adding some hair accessories will help you to rock the look.

A headband will be all that you will need to add the sparkle. It is a low maintenance haircut as not many styling products will be required to style this haircut.

Short Hairstyles

Short Thick Hair

Thick hair is a boon but is difficult to manage too. Pixie cut done with long side bangs or short side fringes alternated, is a good idea for thick hair.

Finish it with spiky layers, choppy, and undercuts to show the dimensions and style it with some styling products that can help to weigh it down.  Styling balm is well suited for this hairstyle. This haircut with deep side-swept bangs is very stylish and expressive.

Short Hairstyles

Black Hair

Black hair can never go out of fashion. Jet black hair in short length that is well styled and finished with deep side parting is something to die for. Black hair looks very professional and this, when combined with short hair, amplifies the look. At the back, just one or two layers can be added to create a sharp look with black hair.

Black hair does not require any accessory as it is fulfilling in itself, still, if some red or magenta or hot pink bangs are combined with it, a super chic look will come in the picture.

Short Hairstyles

Short Fine Hair

Girls with fine hair are often sad as they are not able to try a lot of styles to look sassy. However, short hair with fringes in which hair will be short at the top with short side bang ending on the forehead will make your fine hair a bit more voluminous.

Work at the middle to help the hair get the standing look, the hair need not be asymmetrical, but it should be styled in the pattern, and this will frame your face to perfection. The lovely layers on top with short layers at the back will help you use your drawback as a plus point.

Short Hairstyles

Cute Short Hair

Short hair has professional appeal in its look, but the same can help you look cute if they are styled aptly.

Cut the hairs short, we suggest very short and color them. Violet color does not require many styling products just use some products to nourish your hair and then see the beauty of these short hairs. Just style your hair with some side bangs that are short and soft. This will help you look cute and smart both at the same time.

Short Hairstyles

Another fashionable haircut for short hair is this one. It is not very short but comes to your earlobes thus will give you a more feminine look. The hairstyle looks cute and if styled with serum or tied in half clutch will look hot. As it is of moderate length, it is easy to maintain, and parlor visits will not be needed quite often.

With styling gel, if you playfully let your hair fall with an unfinished look, it will result in breathtakingly seductive, over the top giving you a ravishing look.

Short Hairstyles

Tomboy Hair

Short hair and tomboy looks are entirely synonymous. However, this cut further expresses this notion. Small hair that is crisp and well set with gel along with some sharp razor cuts on the front and side depicts the powerful lady that you are.

With the latest fashion trends any outfit can go well with the haircut if you carry it with confidence. Back brushed hairs showing the razor cut will leave a mark on anyone.

Short Hairstyles

Short Hair for Round Face

Short hair and a round face may not seem to be a good option, but rejoice since now it is old news. If you have a round face and you were told to keep your hair long to reduce the appearance of your face as round, then it’s a myth. You can rock the chic short haircut in all its glory with this haircut.

This cut is soft, and hair is cut in short bangs to cover the forehead and make you look like an angel. The deep side parting will help your face look a bit taller.

Short Hairstyles

Razor Cut

The asymmetrical, side bang, razor cut at the back is the cut that should be in your wish list if you can experiment with your looks. It is a super contemporary modern look specially designed for the women of today’s era. The haircut is dramatic and adds sharp angles to your face and personality.

It is a super bold and edgy cut that will make you look like a bike rider, supermodel or fitness freak. Add some dash of ivory shade to your bangs and get ready to leave the people awestruck.

Short Hairstyles

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair, if adequately cared for, can be styled very easily. A hairstyle for naturally curly or wavy hair will last longer if keep it is moisturized.

Pixie haircut will be excellent for you, just get the cut done in layers with one long side bang. Short at the back to control the wavy hair and deep side parting will create the dramatic look and yet be manageable.

Short Hairstyles

Curly Hair

Curly hairstyles are sublime and can very easily show off the modern cut that you intend to get. The curls are just shortened up they are allowed to be wild. The cut will help you look hot and cute at the same time. Just use the styling products with great caution as curly hair is porous and can weigh down with hard products.

Use light hold products to define the curls. A headband or some clips are the only accessories that are required to get your hair ready for the party.

Short Hairstyles

Layered Hair

If you have thick hair and want to add dimension to it, then simply get your haircut done in layers and let the cuts be soft. Have the cuts falling on your cheeks or below that to get the tamed look. Style using wet gel with a messy look and add some clips to tie your hair at the sides and get the super cute chic look.

Tie a small plait on the crown of your head and look like a tan angel.

Short Hairstyles

African American Hairstyle

For the African–American girls, it is the favored option to get the haircut done in short length as it defines their character and makes them look fabulous and elegant. As their hair is of special texture and if they decide to carry it with their curls, it will look classic. They just have to style it with some gels.

The extra mini buzz with a slight touch of pixie cut will simply help them to rock the look, without the use of any accessories also.

Short Hairstyles

Shaggy Hair

The shaggy cut is simply in fashion all time. Keep the hair up to the length of your shoulder or slightly short to the neckline. The shaggy haircut has made a strong comeback from the last decade and is in rage these days.

Shaggy haircut with a bob cut and in waves adding layers in it will be a pleasant option for any woman. Style it to reduce the volume with the help of balm, and you will look super chic.

Short Hairstyles

Short Hair with Undercut

A sharp razor cut with a hint of color will make you go nuts and will inevitably influence you to opt for a short haircut. This is an absolute and great looking haircut. An utterly professional look can be created with this haircut, but it will also be apt for weekend parties.

A side-sweep styled hair showing the undercut razor cut with hair at the nape of the neck, cut too short, creates the ultra-modern look.

This haircut will require maintenance and styling and frequent visit to the salon, but the entire expressive look created by it will pay off the efforts made.

Short Hairstyles


Bob cut has been in fashion and will continue to be in fashion. It has all the reason to be popular as they give instant bounce to your hair and let them look cute, flirty and highly modern at the same time. Side sweep hair with a slight bang over the sides and ending at the jawline is the best cute look with a bob haircut.

Set it using styling gel and blow dry it to get the super chic look. Clips or headbands are the best accessories for this cut.

Short Hairstyles

Modern Short Hair

A short haircut is often associated with the modern lifestyle, and this haircut proves it. The asymmetrical cut with a messy look shows the carefree, liberated modern woman today.

It is a cut that will entirely fit in with the busy schedule of the modern lady. It will not require much styling to make it look chic or crisp. Just the regular shampoo and conditioner thing will keep you sorted. It will look good with any attire and simply bejewel it to stand out at a party.

Short Hairstyles

Short Straight Hairstyle

Straight hair is the tricky ones while considering for a short haircut as there is no room even for the slightest mistake. This roundish cut with small straight bangs up to the middle of the forehead with slightly long cuts to cover the cheeks will make you look like the epitome of beauty Cleopatra.

Crisp and straight, this short haircut for straight hair, that is jet black will express your clear-cut approach towards things and just a simple puff in the middle of the head will add the factor of cuteness to it.

Short Hairstyles

Messy Hair

Messy pixies cut in short hair will make you look liberated of all the boundaries. Style the hair with serums or styling gel and rock the look. The spikes in the middle of the head will add the oomph factor to the haircut.

Hair at the back will be required to be kept small with front and top hair slightly taller, and the hair at sides again tapered. No accessories are needed for this haircut as it is complete in itself.

Short Hairstyles


A feathered cut is in fashion and will always be in style as the cut merely is so stylish and out of the league. This hairstyle is a layered hairstyle that involves a cutting technique done by scissors resulting in your hair looking like a feather.

It looks very trendy and is super versatile. It seems very sassy when it is side swept and styled with gel to hold the look. Using accessories is not needed with this cut still glitters can be used to enhance the feathered look.

Short Hairstyles

Short Hair Braid

If you are one who is traveling in two boats who love to have short hair but also has a liking for braids, then here is the good news for you, braids can be incorporated in short hairs too.

Half braids or side braids are best suited for short hairs and can be done very quickly without creating a mess or unfinished look or using too much or styling and setting agents.

It looks chic, cute and also very stylish. It will keep the hair together without making it fall. Do the side brad with the side that has more hair and gets it run along the forehead and do a French braid just beyond the ear.

Short Hairstyles

Short Hair for Oval Face

Ideally, an oval face is the best for getting a short haircut. Any short haircut looks good on an oval face which is the best plus point. This classic bob haircut for short hair will be in fashion till eternity as it seems very charming and is versatile too. The simple yet firm look is assured with this haircut.

Let few strands fall on your forehead and the other side a few strands tucked behind the ears. Side sweet hair simply combed requires no styling products just some cream to control the volume and eradicate frizz to create the desired look with this haircut.

Short Hairstyles

Choppy Haircut

If you have thin hair and want to look great in it, then this choppy haircut is meant for you. The choppy haircut has captured the catwalk, and it has all the reasons to do so.

Choppy jagged ends and a multi-layer dimensional with lightly shattered ends are all you need to look ultra-feminine with short hair. The unkempt touch and contrasting textures are just novel ideas for girls with short hair.

Short Hairstyles

Edgy Short Hair

An utterly wild haircut for women of this era. If you are drawn towards this haircut that is short, edgy and has been in a rage over the last few years, then you can also join the league. If you have the personality that can pull off the look with this edgy haircut then you will surely grab the attention of the lookers.

Funky yet elegant is the best description for this cut. Slightly longer on the sides and short at the front and ending with an edgy look. Get the cut done and you will not need any accessories to add sparkle to your look.

Short Hairstyles

Trendy Short Hair

Short hairs are in are a trend and are being sported by most of the celebs. Amongst all the cuts this is the most popular one is this cut with a deep side sweep and sharp ends.

A clear-cut for the women who desire to express their clear thoughts. One side is longer than the other to make you look trendy and in fashion.

Short Hairstyles

Short Classy Hairstyle

This cut is classy as it has a razor cut at the sides and the hair at the top is styled with gel in beautiful curls. However, the curls at the center are longer than the back ones. Preferably the cut is progressive from back to front. The back hair has a razor, and gradually they get in longer curls towards the front.

No accessories are needed to adorn this hairstyle, but a slight touch of color can do the magic. It is cut for today’s women and will suit all outfits.

Short Hairstyles

Short Thin Hair

It is difficult to style thin hair, but with this stylish haircut, this issue can also be resolved. The haircut with the middle partition and falling up to the jawline on both sides gives it the look of being a bit thicker.

The hair is cut and kept longer on the cheeks and then slowly to add dimension to it; it is kept shorter towards the back, where it ends at the nape of the neck. The feel of different sizes is created to style it in a trendy way irrespective of it being thin.

Short Hairstyles

Medium Short Hair

If you want the best of the two worlds, then this medium-short haircut is just for you. It will be light and easy to maintain, and at the same time, you can tie it in a braid or bun as per your desire. The unkempt, sassy look will simply seduce the people. The haircut is versatile and can suit any outfit be it formal or casual.

Apply some serum to reduce the volume and frizziness of the hair and you are done with super beautiful hair.

Short Hairstyles

Simple Haircut

If you want it simple and short yet desire that it should be out of the league and be suitable for ramp walk then this is the cut that will be apt for you. Simply part it from the middle and let it cover the sides of your face.

Do not use accessories or color to disturb the look just let it be simple and carry it with confidence to look like the confident professional girl, who has set out to achieve her goals.

Short Hairstyles

Short Asymmetrical Hair

Asymmetrical short hair is in vogue and takes your look to another level. If you are bored of your regular look and want to try something new, then asymmetry should be on your cards.

Try your short hair into new asymmetry in bangs, front tresses and incorporate haircut contours. It will give you a fresh chic, and trendy look that will speak volumes about your personality. It smoothly goes with any outfit. All you need is to style it accordingly.

Short Hairstyles

Funky Hair

Getting a short haircut done is probably one of the boldest changes that you have incorporated in your hair. If you desire to get that quirky and edgy style, then this haircut is your cup of tea.

If you experiment with this haircut, you will most definitely stand out from the crowd. Still, if you detest the look, style it with some styling gels and your fingers in random patterns or add some hair accessories to get the sexy and bold look.

Short Hairstyles

Finger Waves

If you desire to get your hair cut in a short pattern yet look chic, classic, elegant or a beauty that is out of some drama scene, then this is your haircut. It has all the benefits of short hair, yet it looks utterly feminine, styling the hair will be a task but it will be worth every time and product used for it.

The hair will fall aligning to the jawline and will be side-swept and styled in finger waves. The hair will have the volume as it will not be tucked behind the ears but yet will be weighed down to make it look elegant. Thus the best of the two worlds will combine to add drama and style to your appearance.

Short Hairstyles

Inverted Bob

This long inverted bob cut will simply transform your look and make you look like a diva from the girl next door. The hair on the front sides is kept slightly long with an inverted setting whereas the hair at the back is kept short with a bob cut pattern. Let it remain open or tie it in some fashionable braids choice is yours as it is a versatile cut that will compliment you in any style.

With this transformation, your hair will simply show gratitude for you as they will be sporting an evergreen fashion trend.

Short Hairstyles

Short Mohawk

The modern Mohawk haircut is the classic cut to style any hair. It will give you a chic and trendy look. To style, your hair just wet it, and add some dollop of root boosting mousse. Let the hair dry and style it with your fingers and end up looking super hot. With a holding spray, set your hairstyle and simply rock the party.

The hair behind the ear is kept short while on the top it is slightly longer. Add different colors to your hair in layers and look like a fashion diva.

Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyle for Teenage Girl

The teenage girl with thin hair who desires to look apart from the crowd wishes to portray herself as an active independent yet feminine girl who is cute needs to chop off her locks in this ultra-cool cut.

No styling products, serums or even accessories are required to create the effect of a teenage girl as it is a complete haircut for the women. Looks sassy and chic and requires little or no maintenance. Side bangs covering the forehead and back hairs cut very short are best to give you a professional look.

Short Hairstyles

Short Tapered Hair

Simple tapered short hair, sported in strands that are thick will relieve you from the weight of the hair, plus it will make you look very sorted and bold. Side parting without actually making any clear mark and side columns of hair, also tapered very short, will make you look a very professional and clear-cut hardworking girl.

No accessories are required, yet a simple headband can be used to transform the look and help you look a little more girlish.

Short Hairstyles

Short Vintage Hair

The vintage waves in short hair will make you look soft, feminine and give you the look of being straight out of a medieval period. Super sexy yet completely soft, this haircut is fun to recreate the time-tested look that will compliment any style or accessory that is incorporated with it.

Styling this haircut will require time, products and patience but the end result is most definitely worth it. Have this haircut on your wish list and accomplish the wish as it is a haircut that has stood the test of time and has always created the magic.

Short Hairstyles

Short Hair for Old Woman

It is just a number and chopping off your hair that has somewhere lost its glory over the years trying this haircut will be like rewarding it for being there. Be the style icon while your sport this short pixie short haircut as it will make you look like a diva and also at the same time help you look a little younger.

The cut will speak volumes about your personality and chop off your locks will serve as an inspiration for many. You will look classy, modern and beautiful while you follow today’s trends.

Short Hairstyles

Classic Hairstyle

Classic yet trendy; this short haircut is way too stylish and is meant for medium short length hair. Styled with gel in soft, loose curls that are a bit on the straight side.

Side partition with a slight puff on the front will add sweetness to your face. It is a look that is simple and will speak volumes about your personality. It can rock any outfit right from casual to sporty to office look to party look.

Short Hairstyles

Short Chic Hair

Who does not want to change their look, but again changing the look and opting for something similar will not put you off the league. Thus look chic and sassy with this ultra-modern haircut on your short hair. The sides are trimmed short whereas on the top it is slightly longer while at the back it’s again short.

A perfect combination with great style to carry and will inevitably shout out about your confidence. Thus it is light and feminine yet high on being expressive.

Short Hairstyles

Crop Hair

An utterly sorted yet differently styled haircut to portray your image of that super sexy girl. The big bang that has been side swept and fell on cheeks shows the feminine part of you, but the rest has been cropped and kept short to show the bold and sassy part of you.

Thus the cut shouts out to women who are strong, courageous, independent yet are very classy and feminine also. Needs to be maintained as bangs grow fast and will requiring styling products to maintain the crisp look.

Short Hairstyles

Short Professional Hair

As the cut has a soft side parting with slight worked-up hairs to look feminine in spite of being short. Not many styling gels are required as the beauty of the cut lines in its being light and airy.

A versatile cut to suit any occasion or outfit. Blow-dry hair, slightly worked up with fingers, to complete the look will win hearts with the cuteness factor.

Short Hairstyles

Short Wedding Hairstyle

Who said brides could not steal the show with short hair? Bob cut with loose curls and slight puff at the center and some flowers as an accessory to adorn it will get all the eyes set on the bride.

A perfect hairstyle for the bride as it will not take a long time to create neither the cut will require too much maintenance. The bonus part is that it will keep you apart from the league of the regular brides.

Short Hairstyles

Short Hair for Party

Want to look sexy yet cute at the party, then this is the cut that is for you. Slight waves at the end and worked up hair at the top and taming it with a clip is something that will amaze all at the party.

Style it with mousse and scrunch it to get the desired look and set it with hairspray to look jaw droppingly stunning at the party.

Short Hairstyles

Short Quiff

A short, spiky and expertly coiffed cut is the super cool quiff haircut that will give you the best of the two worlds. Difficult to carry and cumbersome to maintain and style but the result is rewarding as it will make you look straight out from a high-end fashion magazine.

It is sleek and messy both at the same time. It looks immaculate and polished and also replicates that messy bed-look and therefore has become incredibly popular.

Short Hairstyles

Side Part

Deep swept side part haircut looks ravishing and quite stylish. One side has a long bang whereas the other side is kept crisp and short. It gives both a sassy and a professional look.

Some color contouring and hair extensions are required to take it to another level; no other accessories are needed to adorn it.

Short Hairstyles

Short Ponytail

What if there is an interesting hairstyle that will give you the beauty and comfort of both the world. Simply you can cut your hair short and also tie a pony in it. Thus enjoy the benefits of short hair but not miss your ponytail also.

An acute small pony can be tied at the center of your hair, and with a gel, it can be made to thin towards the end, and all can be clipped to give it a stylish look.

Short Hairstyles

Short Box Braid

Box braid style is to assure that you get the protective style, that is bouncy, fun and flattering. The advantage of the box braid is that it is lighter, easier to care for and takes less time to install.

The neon orange shade assures that you look out of the league with this hairstyle. Middle partition with this haircut and braiding will give a proper shape to your face and make you look chic and sassy.

Short Hairstyles

Short Dreadlocks

Here is the good news people with short hair can also get dreads. However, dreads for short hair require more attention at the beginning, but it’s possible. Working with dreads on short hair keep your patience as dreads will first shrink before they grow.

Utmost care is required for them to grow but is totally worth it. Moisturize your hair and massage your scalp for better stimulation and growth of dreads

Short Hairstyles

Short Updo

Updo hairstyles look fabulous and elegant for special functions and can be done on short hair also. Thus for the special occasion with your short hair, you need not tie a blunt bob or high ponytail but wear this gorgeous updo and look ravishing.

A neatly arranged hair above the neck will make you look feminine and ready for the special event. Tie the hair and lock it with the help of some styling spray to hold the strands in place.

Short Hairstyles

Short Brown Hair

Short brown hair is meant for sweet, cute, sassy and creative looks. Get the hair chopped in pixie or shags and color the hair with this stunning brown color.

It will make you look stunning, sleek and sophisticated. It requires high maintenance, but it is worth it as it will make you look timeless and cute along with giving you a sexy look.

Short Hairstyles

Short Grey Hair

Long side bang in grey color for short hair is something that you need to wear with pride and style.

Usually, people try to cover their grey to look younger, but today it has become the trend to color your hair in this hue and opt for short haircuts to look young and sassy. Adding lots of texture in a messy way, in short, grey hair, looks very modern and chic.

Short Hairstyles

Short Brunette Hair

Getting the brunette in short hair is so much fun. You can rock the haircut in this sexy brown hair color and select from a wide shade of light brown to chestnut and everything that is in between.

The low lights and a side partition are all you need to look crisp and clear-cut. It will make you expressive and at the same time playful at the same time. It does not require much of styling just a little care and moisturizing is all you need for this hair color on short hair.

Short Hairstyles

Short Blonde Hair

Go blond, go ravishing and get the color that most of the celebs are sporting. A shoulder length hair colored in shades of blond is all you need to make your appearance a benchmark look for the others.

Blond is an ethereal beauty, and the middle partition with hairs falling softly on both sides of the face will beautifully define your face and make everyone envious of your looks. For perfect sheen and shine, use a shine serum after styling.

Short Hairstyles

Short Summer Hair

For warm summer, this cool color on short hair is all you need to sail through the hot climate. It is the time of the year that demands you to maintain your hygiene and at the same remain cool thus this color and cut are the best to suit your needs.

Messy middle partition with slightly added volume hair is all you need to show your cool personality this summer season.

Short Hairstyles

Trendy Haircut

Short hair is trendy, and the short hair styled like this in inverted waves with back hair short and front hair long and the different length done and styled will make you look trendy and get you many followers. It will require too much maintenance and styling products.

Short Hairstyles

Half Shaved Hair

Another trend to follow for girls with short hair is this half shaved and side-parted hair with a long bang. It is a  super cool cut that is ravishing and chic.

It will speak volumes about your character and shaved part will add to your sex appeal and make you look strong, whereas the other side that has a long bang will make you look feminine and crisp.

Short Hairstyles

Celebrity Short Hairstyle

Short hair has its appeal and makes any girl look like a celebrity. More and more of the girls are sporting this short haircut as it requires maintenance and it shows the way they are maintained.

You can dazzle any ramp with this short haircut of yours and look ultra chic and modern.

Short Hairstyles

Rihanna with Short Hair

Rihanna is a well-known celebrity who has sported this short haircut many times and has rocked all the short haircuts. Of all the one, that is worth mentioning is this bowl cut with blunt bangs.

It is wild, exotic, but gorgeous. The honey blonde bowl cut with hints of black truly compliments her green eyes. The short choppy stylish blunt bangs are easy to manage and look edgy.

Short Hairstyles

Halle Berry with Short Hair

Balle Berry has approved ways to style pixie and looks stunning in each of the pixie cuts. She has a tapered pixie, and it seems effortlessly beautiful.

She has a layered pixie, and it can add volume to your hair that will not require styling from any product. Scrunched hair to complete the look and make her stand out of the league.

Short Hairstyles

Selena Gomez Short Hair

This celeb has given us goals to get our hair cut done in short. She has slightly long short hair that is blond in color.

The light hair and dark eyebrows, just nail the look. The messy finish of hair with a side partition is a look that every girl will want to adapt for once in her life.

Short Hairstyles

Keri Hilson with Short Hair

Keri Hilson has often sported different haircuts and has always created a landmark with her hairstyles. She is one pretty and beautiful woman who has worn her blonde bob cut in the best possible way.

The hair is twisted slightly from the front and is rolled at the back to give her the looks of an angel. This soft cut and style make her look strong.

Short Hairstyles

Taylor Swift with Short Hair

She has transformed in front of our eyes from a tween icon to a sophisticated chanteuse. Her soft wavy bob cut in blond has left us wonder-struck.

The swift curls fall on her face and bounce flirtingly with her cheeks. It makes her look cute and style icon, and channels her inner screen siren.

Short Hairstyles

Short Punk Hair

Punk hair is a fashion statement for girls with short hair. It is a symbol of an entire subculture. The punk hairstyle has been a complete lifestyle for the young, restless and carefree, Thus the most significant haircut that requires lots of maintenance.

This is an example of tribal punk hairstyle, the hair is with hints of burgundy and falls on the forehead whereas the back is kept short and crisp. Thus it is somewhat relaxed punk but with lots of styling buzz.

Short Hairstyles

Short Korean Hair

Korean haircuts are cute and stylish, and we all desire to sport that haircut once in our lives. We all have heard that Korean hair is challenging to hold any style, but this haircut will prove it to be wrong.

Korean hair is utterly smooth textured, extraordinarily straight and resistant hair but this style completely compliments the Korean hair. Side swept hair with shoulder length is perfect for such hair and can be carried quite easily and also styled quickly.

Short Hairstyles

Japanese Short Hair

Get the short haircut as inspired by the Japanese bob cut. The beautiful, straight, luscious hair cut in a classic bob style with bangs gives the most flattering look.

The unsharpened bangs can be colored to create the look, and it is suitable for girls with thin hair. The cut offers a proper shape to the face and adds beauty to your personality.

Short Hairstyles

Short Silver Hair

Who said silver has to be boring and old? Wear it with style and pride with this latest haircut. Layered and styled differently these silver colored locks will steal the show.

A hint of black will give you the desired salt and pepper look and take some years off your age. Bangs with silver color that is trimmed and cropped to one side will look extremely sassy.

Short Hairstyles

Short Pink Hair

Pink hair color is the go-to option for today’s fashionista. It is a feminine color, yet it will make your appearance look strong and powerful rather than sweet. Side swept hairs that have been cut short and colored in a shade of pastel pink will make you look delicate but at the same time gives a bold statement.

Thus this color is meant for the women of today’s world. Be cautious that a lot of heads will turn towards you once you get this hair color done on your locks.

Short Hairstyles

Short Red Hair

Red is a high-impact hair color, and it grabs attention immediately. With this color, you will surely catch the attention of many. A warm, bright red color for short hair will give you an intense, vivid look and add shine to your personality. It is a color that will be noticed by all thus you need to carry it with great confidence.

The red color on your hair will make you look more energetic and create a great impression about yourself. Short pixie cut in red color will establish a benchmark for your looks.

Short Hairstyles

Burgundy Short Hair

Burgundy hair color is the new buzzword in the world of hair colors and extensions. It is a pleasing shade of red color and compliments any skin complexion. Short hair with this color enhances your personality as it adds the best hues that are brilliant and long-lasting. Also when the hair grows, the combination of your natural color and this tone adds to your beauty.

Hair volume at the top with soft curls towards the end balances the bold and smooth look of your hairs. Simple studs or clips to adorn your hair for any formal party or let it be simple without any accessory for your daily look.

Short Hairstyles

Short Purple Hair

If you want to look super stylish, then incorporate this purple hair color in your hair. A short haircut with side hairs razor cut and top hair slightly longer and styled in straight bangs falling on the forehead is the look to die for. The shade of purple is in the tone of lavender color and will help you stand out in public even without the use of any hair accessories.

Hair color in the combination of your natural black and purple will make you look strong and feminine at the same time.

Short Hairstyles

Short Blue Hair

This blue colored hair in short hair is some serious inspiration for the girls who want to conquer the world and live on their own terms. Deep side swept short bang falling on the forehead colored with this shinning dark blue color will enhance your personality and draft your image as a style icon.

It is a color that will last longer and also if the hair grows the combination of your natural hair color and shades of blue will create a story worth telling.

Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyle for Bridesmaid

The bridesmaid can also steal the show and look very feminine with short hair. The hairstyle is cute, and it has been braided in a fishtail at the backside.

The length of the hair is up to the neck and the braid can either be kept at left as it is or some flowers or studs can be added to enhance its beauty. Simply with your fingers try to curl the hair in loose curls and let the hair below the braid look ethereal and beautiful.

Short Hairstyles

Bridal Short Hair

On your d-day, even with short hair, you can look lovely and chic. It is a fact that girls with short hair look younger and can have on-trend hairstyle options. If you are opting for the vintage curls on your special day, then you will look truly ravishing.

Adorn the low curls on your hair and use an oversized flower at the side of your hair to give it a feminine touch. A simple look to leave all the people mesmerized. A very romantic and classy hairstyle for your special day.

Short Hairstyles

Short Prom Hair

You can dazzle the prom night with your short hair. Just tie your hair in a fancy way and lock it with hairspray. Leaving a few strands of your hair to fall on your face to look ethereal and the remaining hair can be tied at the back in a half pony with a slight puff.

The side-swept strands of your hair will play with your face and give it a proper shape. Style it with some simple accessories or just clip it with bobby pins to maintain the simple yet elegant look.

Short Hairstyles

Homecoming Hair

Another cute and messy hairstyle that has been tied in a braid to leave everyone smitten simply. A messy curled hair that has been braided from the front right from the side in a soft slant towards the back and has been left as it is.

Firstly curl the hair or if you have curls define them with your fingers. Then tie the braid if you desire to add some accessories or let it be as it is. A very feminine and soft look for girls with short hair.

Short Hairstyles

Short Ombre

Who does not adore the girls with ombre hair technique on their short hair? It is a great inspirational hairstyle. It can be incredibly beautiful as one color seamlessly blends with another color. From black to hues of red and copper at the ends is a style that can be ramp-ready in minutes.

It is a remarkable hairstyle cropped in a bob style and colored in different hues that will not require much of maintenance or styling products. Slightly long hair that can show the different colors accurately is desired to rock the look.

Short Hairstyles

Short Hair Balayage

Balayage is a style that suits all and flatters all skin types, base hair shades and eye colors. This light brown to blonde balayage for shaggy layers is a hairstyle that will make everyone so jealous of you. If you braid the hair, it will look so ethereal, so beautiful.

However there is no requirement to use any accessories on it, but still, if you do so, it will enhance its beauty. Apply soft fades of color in the ombre technique to give your hair an entirely new look. It will help you to add depth and dimensions to your hair.

Short Hairstyles

Short Hair Highlights

Short hair that has been highlighted looks simply wow as the hairs are short, the colors are seen beautifully. Even when they grow, the look can still be maintained.

Side swept hairs with bangs falling in a slant fashion over the forehead that has streaks of highlighted color will make you look like a diva and help you stand out from the crowd. Colored hair tends to lose moisture, so they need to be nourished regularly.

Short Hairstyles

Short Hair Perm

Some hairstyles are epic and are never out of fashion. One of these hairstyles is perm hairs. Curly hair is and always will be very classic and sexy.

A permed short haircut is lovely and easy to maintain. Short hairs that are permed can be styled in many ways and with the help of serums or volume mousse. Getting a short hairstyle in perm is an excellent choice, and you can get it colored to enhance its beauty.

Short Hairstyles

Beyonce Short Hair

Curly hair with a middle partition that falls, aligning to cheeks is the look sported by this celeb that inspired millions.

Textured with styling products to give it a bit of volume and the curls are defined perfectly with the help of scrunching. A style that is classy and elegant and can be adopted by all.

Short Hairstyles

Kim Kardashian with Short Hair

Kim Kardashian is the perfect diva and has inspired us with her fashion trends. She has sported short hair with great grace and elegance. The white platinum waves that have been styled with a gel and have been pulled apart very efficiently and strongly, but slightly lose behind the ears and fall to a single sharp bang onto the shoulders.

The look makes her look a bit like vampire and evil, but a slight puff has been done on the top to break this look.

Short Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston’s Short Hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston has experimented with her hair more than anyone has ever. The beautiful blond hair with some tine of dark hues in her short hair is the best color option to compliment her hair.

The side partition of hair gives her face a beautiful shape very quickly. Blow-dried hair that has been casually combed to create the look does not require way too much of styling or maintenance. It is a simple hairstyle that is expressive and stylish and will remain in fashion for eternity.

Short Hairstyles

Miley Cyrus with Short Hair

Miley Cyrus has a beautiful voice that is unusual, and so is her hairstyle. This haircut is seen with extra short locks and also has a cool temple undercut.

The pointcut top looks sassy and is in contrast with the additional short sections. It is easy to style but will require frequent salon visits.

Short Hairstyles

Jennifer Hudson Short Hair

This girl with a pixie cut and dark black hair has definitely inspired us to chop off our hair. The hair is side swept to fall on the forehead and end there.

The sides have been kept very short that adds to the beauty of the look. It is an ultra-modern and chic hairstyle for girls with short hair.

Short Hairstyles

Ciara Short Hair

Ciara wears her beautiful hair in a short hairstyle that genuinely compliments her beautiful voice. Her dark hairs have been colored in shades of blonde at the end that again compliments her skin as the length of the hair is just that it ends at the cheeks.

With the volume serum and blow-dry she had added volume to her hair and back brushed it. Tucking her hair from one side behind the ears and from the other side falling it on the cheeks make her look elegant and desirable.

Short Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham with Short Hair

The uber-cool and fashion inspiration of Britain is famous for her hairstyles and with this short hairstyle of her she has nailed it. Slightly side partitioned hairs that play teasingly with her face and give it the perfect shape. The side bangs are kept longer up to the cheeks and have in used to show the beautiful features.

From the sides up to the middle hair get smaller, and at the back, they end at the nape of the neck, a gorgeous and stylish haircut. The hair is in the shade of blonde that actually compliments her skin tone.

Short Hairstyles

Braided Bangs Short Hairstyle

Trendy Short Hairstyles

If you think that it is not possible to braid short hair, then it is time to shun the misconception out of your life. It is true that braiding short locks is difficult, but with a little patience and skills, you will be able to achieve the desired results.

The Braided Bangs Short Hairstyle is one such hairdo that will look best on women with short and straight tresses. Women with heart-shaped face look particularly cute in this style.

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Side Swoop Short Hairstyle

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Each young college goer desires to look her best on prom night. Cocktail dresses and modern gowns will be common attire. Thus, it will be easy for you to hog all the limelight if you have the courage to pick something unique.

For instance, a suit style party dress will set you apart from the crowd and will also add an edgy to your personality. But a powerful dress must be matched with an elegant hairdo. If you are looking for something like that, then the Side Swoop Short Hairstyle will come in handy.

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Half Bun Bob Haircut

Trendy Short Hairstyles

You can let your hair down from time to time and relax in the company of friends. In case you are going out on a casual lunch date with your girlfriends, then throw on your denim jacket, stone-wash jeans and team it up with a Half Bun Bob Haircut.

You need not cut your hair too short for this and will also be able to make a small bun at the back, to enhance the casual feel of the dress up.

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Inverted Bob Hairstyle

Trendy Short Hairstyles

The Inverted Bob Hairstyle has been ruling the charts for some time now. Most college students try this hairstyle. It is a perfect fun look that will meet the edgy and high-spirited personality of all college goers. They mostly opt for casual dresses, and this haircut will complement all modern outfits.

If you want to get ready for special occasion, then try a fashion look with this hairdo. It will be a bold move but will ensure admiration.

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Side Swept Layered Hairstyle

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Women of all ages prefer layered hairstyles. These haircuts tend to frame the face and accentuate its beauty. In case you are not the typical feminine college lass, then you will need a quirky haircut to suit your bold personality.

The Side Swept Layered Hairstyle will come to your rescue. Not all will be able to do justice to the hairdo. If you are self-conscious, then it is best to maintain distance from this hairdo.

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Undercut Hairstyle

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Women, involved in the modeling and entertainment industry can experiment with their looks without any second thoughts. No matter how edgy the haircut is, they have the skill and the personality to carry it.

If you too desire that sort of admiration, then the Undercut Hairstyle is perfect for you. A dash of bright hair color will add an extra edge to hairdo. It will also highlight the fun and colorful personality of the woman.

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Razor Cut Hairstyle with Fringe

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Razor haircut is also popular in all parts of the planet. Women with soft curls, wavy tresses and straight locks can try any razor haircut to accentuate their beauty.

If you desire to stay with the original cut, but want to do away with the commonness, then you need to try a new variation. The name of this hairdo is Razor Cut Hairstyle with Fringe. One can keep the fringes as long or as short as they wish.

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Layered Short Bob Haircut

Trendy Short Hairstyles

If there is one hairdo that has stuck with women who have short locks, over the years, then it has to be the Layered Short Bob Haircut. It is not your average bob cut. The hairstyle has extra volume as the stylish uses layering technique.

The hairstyle is simple but has an unparalleled sophistication. It will complement any dress that you wear. The hairstyle is easy to maintain and you will not require too many hair care products as well.

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Textured Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Trendy Short Hairstyles

With the dawn of the 2010, another trend showed up in the hair styling industry. It was specifically crafted for women who wanted a smart and professional haircut that was easy to maintain.

The short-Textured Pixie Cut Hairstyle is ideal for modern ladies. They have a strong personality, and this haircut highlights it. If you want sophistication, then this is the hairdo that you need to try this summer.

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Side Short Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Trendy Short Hairstyles

If you are into fashion, then you must have heard about the Side Short Pixie Cut Hairstyle. It is not something that you see on the roads every day. An interesting of this hairdo is the presence of very long fringes in the front of the forehead.

There is no doubt that it is an edgy haircut. If you are fearless, then it is the perfect hairdo that will help you to steal the limelight.

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Messy Short Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Most women like a simple hairdo that will not take up too many hours from their busy schedule but will not compromise on the style quotient. If you too make the same requirements, then the Messy Short Pixie Cut Hairstyle is what you need.

The beauty of this haircut lies in the formation of peaks in hair. The unevenly chopped tresses offer a messy look, but it only elevates the beauty of the person.

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Curly Pixie Haircut

Trendy Short Hairstyles

In case you have curly locks, then not all short hairdos will look good on you. If you keep the tresses too long, then you will have to deal with tangled hair. In case the locks are too short, they will fall on your face. To avert such irritating situations, you need a haircut that offers solution to both the issues.

The Curly Pixie Haircut is one that will complement all face structures. If you want to add some drama to the locks, then use hair gel to create stark hairstyles.

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Side Swept Layered Short Hairstyle

Trendy Short Hairstyles

If you are not too hell bent on following the fashion trends, and desire to stick to your simple and sophisticated style, then you will require an elegant hairdo. The Side Swept Layered Short Hairstyle is one that will answer your prayers.

Women who opt for this haircut will no longer have to worry about bad hair days. If you have straight or wavy tresses, then the haircut will look even more amazing. It is a perfect style for the office as well as gala events.

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Bob Haircut with Full Bangs

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Sometimes, you need to think out of the box to attain a new look. Women must change their look drastically from time to time. It prevents monotony and offers a chance to explore other styles. In case you desire to get a makeover, then the Bob Haircut with Full Bangs will help to unearth a new side to your personality.

Opt for wardrobe makeover as well and come in front of your friends and family members in a new avatar. Surprise them, and they will shower their admiration on you.

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Short Curly Blonde Hairstyle

Curly short tresses can become manageable if you have the right skills. Hairdressers have come up with a new style, called the Short Curly Blonde Hairstyle that will give a new look to all women with twisty locks.

If you want to look ultra-fashionable, then coloring only the tips of the hair, with a bright and contrasting hue will come in handy.

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Elegant Sweeping Curls

These elegant sweeping curls add tons of texture and make the hair look longer than it is. There’s tons of volume that makes you stand out from everyone else you know.

Trendy Short Hairstyles

Textured Bangs Look

This hairstyle has a lot of focus on the textured bangs on the front of the hair. The texture extends back throughout the hair, which has a side parting. Most of the hair, however, is cut short and tight.

short brunette pixie cut

Short Cropped Look

This hairstyle is very simple. It has a side part and not much styling to it. The reddish tone makes it stand out, but overall it’s a very simple look that can be worn everyday.

woman with tomboy short hair

Fallen Pompadour Look

The pompadour is a popular look in men’s hairstyles, and this is a feminine version that you can rock. In the men’s style this hair is secured without a hair out of place. The women’s style is more carefree and falls to one side.

undercut for short hair with long top

Squared Off Hairstyle

If you want something smart and simple, then consider this hairstyle. It’s perfect for someone with coily hair. The coils stand straight up into a neat square, and the sides are shaved as short as possible.

young black woman with short afro hair

Long Elegant Grown Out Pixie

This look has long sweeping bangs that cover half the face, and it’s really the centerpiece of the style. The rest of the hair is in the classic pixie cut style, but it’s a little longer than you’d expect. This adds the elegance to it.

short ashy blonde hairstyle

Short Boyish Spikes

If you want to look like a tomboy, then this is a very masculine haircut that you can make feminine with your pretty face, makeup, and wardrobe.

It’s punkish and edgy, and anyone can wear it and feel bold and beautiful. Style your hair with your fingers and rock this look.

short messy hairstyle for women

Textured Grown Out Pixie Cut

This style looks like a pixie cut that’s been grown out a little. The texture on top makes the look interesting, and it adds some fun to to the overall style. It’s a fantastic look for older women and business women.

short pixie bob with highlights

Stunningly Curly Longer Cut

If you want your hair short but not too short, then consider this style that’s down to the nape of the neck. Short hairstyles for women like this are great for having enough hair to curl and play with without it being too long to enjoy.

woman with short curly hairstyle

Curly Fun Flared Style

This hairstyle is flared at the back, and that adds a lot of fun texture to the look. Most of the hair is the same length and comes down to the eyebrows, with big sweeping bangs making a hold statement. It’s great for outdoor, fun-loving women.

short hair with bangs and brown highlights

Short Platinum Style

Platinum short hairstyles for women can look dull sometimes, so this short style has some dark undertones underneath that make it interesting.

It’s a beautiful style that will really show off your facial features due to how short and neat it is. It’s a very low-maintenance style.

crop short pixie cut for blonde hair

Don’t let society decide what is good for you. If you are confident that you will be able to pull of the short haircut, then you should proceed on the path.

It is best to talk to the hairstylists and be sure that the cut you have in mind will accentuate your elegance. As these specialists work with haircuts, they may come up with a new variation in the haircut that will look even better.

Unless you do not muster up enough courage, you will never know what suits you best. The Classy Short Hairstyles will come in handy in this quest.

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