40 Braids for Short Hair to Make Your Day Exciting

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Braids are an adorable and charming hairstyle and catch everybody’s attention immediately. Even when it is challenging to get a hairstyle for your frizzy hair or your so silky hair, braids are the hairstyle that gets you a pleasing and attractive look. It gives the face a different and cute look. Short hair is very comfortable to keep, but there are very few hairstyles that go with short hair as you cannot just tie them in a bun or a ponytail, but Braids for short hair are a perfect solution for a delightful look.

Now when it comes to braiding, there is not only a three strands braid but a lot many options that you can opt. Braids are really easy to make once you get the idea of how to style it. If you are looking for a wide range of choices for short hair braids, you are in the right place. We have got some really alluring and elegant braids for short hair that would get you a lot of compliments and make your day more happening and cheerful.

1. French Braided Ponytail

A very adorable and pretty hairstyle for short hair. It covers whole hair to make it easily manageable and also gives you a look and feel of a ponytail without having long hair. The French braided ponytail is a French braid that started from the side, adding few strands and entirely done till the end. The gorgeous braid is then given an arrangement of a ponytail and tied with a rubber band. It gives a carefree look with an adorable style and goes well with any occasion or party event.

2. Purple Halo

An elegant bohemian style braid that gives you an eye-catching gaze. Usually, halo braids are thought to be for long hair, but it looks fantastic with short hair too. The electric purple hair gives a heavenly look for the hairstyle. To create a halo braid, you need to partition your hair into two parts. Start creating a Dutch braid from the neck portion and complete it towards the other side, making a crown braid. Pull out the hair from the braid to make it lose and add a delightful appeal.

3. Side Cornrows

Your short wavy hair itself has a lovely appeal, and when combined with cornrows, the look becomes cuter and more adorable. Cornrows are basically small strands braids that are created very tightly and close to the scalp. It allows you to manage your voluminous hair easily and create a unique look. To get a particular look, do a side partition for your hair. Take some strands from one side, make cornrow braid and tie with a rubber band. Repeat this for one side hair and leave the rest of the wavy hair freely for a glorious look.

4. Jet Black Half Braid

If you have jet black hair of short length and are looking for an easy hairstyle that you can style within two or three minutes, half braid hairstyle is a great choice for you. You can carry jet black half braid hairstyle as a casual hairstyle for your college or office. From the top, take three strands of hair and give three to four twists for the braid and use a hairpin to secure it. The hairstyle looks great with an edgy haircut where your super cool wavy hair gives a messy and charming look at the same time.

5. Multi Dutch Braids

A sensual and classy hairstyle for short hair that looks perfect for parties. As the name suggests, multi Dutch braids include Dutch braids styled beautifully. Get your hair side partition and create a Dutch braid on both sides by taking the strands from the top and tie with a rubber band. Now, for the left-out hair from the side, create another Dutch braid and secure it at the back with a hairpin or a rubber band. It gives you a comfortable look with a delightful appeal.

6. Tripartite Cornrows

Three-part cornrows is a unique and classy hairstyle for short hair, and it looks even great when you have blonde highlights. It is a simple and easy hairstyle, and you can achieve it by creating three cornrows, one at a middle and two each side at an equal distance from the center cornrows. Create all the three cornrows braid for the whole top portion and tie them with a rubber band. Tripartite cornrows give you an unusual and pretty party look.

7. Pixie Braid

Pixie braid hairstyle suits girls with a pixie haircut, i.e., having short hair length. A trendy highlight shade of burgundy or rose-pink enhances the look of the hairstyle. So, for a pixie braid hairstyle, you need to braid your top hair in a French braid hairstyle. Keep on adding the strands from each side after every twist of the French braid. Repeat the step for the top portion hair and secure the pixie braid using hairpins. Style the side pixie cut hair gently with the comb and add hair spray to keep the braid in place.

8. Boxer Side Braids

Boxer braids are a cool and quick hairstyle for short hair. You can carry it as a workout hairstyle or a casual hairstyle. The hair with grey or light golden highlights looks perfect with the boxer braids. To get the particular look, do a side partition and start with a small strand and keep on adding a few hair strands after each twist to make it gradually grow. Similarly, create another braid and combine both the braids to secure in a single rubber band. It creates an attractive and unique look with another side left freely for the wavy hair.

9. Braided Pigtails with Space Bun

A creative and pretty hairstyle that is super easy and gives an adorable look within minutes. For the braided pigtails with space bun hairstyle, do a middle partition for your hair. Start creating the pigtail from the nape of the neck and give twists till less than half the length of your hair. Now place then braided pigtails in the opposite direction and secure with hairpins. Now, for the left-out length create a space bun on both sides and secure them again with the hairpins. It creates an amazing hairstyle with fewer efforts and an eye-catching gaze.

10. French Lace Braid

French Lace braid hairstyle is an adorable hairstyle that gives you a princess look with the short hair. It is an easy hairstyle to make and carry and looks perfect on the grey or milky shade highlights. To create French lace braid, start braiding your hair using three strands from the side. After each twist adds a small strand from the side and continues till you are left with a small portion. Tie the braid with a rubber band, and you are ready with a rocking hairstyle with glamorous appeal.

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11. Top Tress Knot

These are one of the unique Hairstyles and gives a very fascinating look on every girl’s face. It can be easily designed and maintained all day long. The hair can be partitioned from the middle and taking 3 bands of hair from both the parts taking half of the volume coupling them together and tying them together form up a knot at the back top of the head. The Golden whitish shade of the hair looks better in this hairdo, and the rest of the hair is kept loosely falling apart and giving a sleek look.

12. Whiff Cornrows

A very glowing look can be competent by this look because not every girl goes up with this very different kind of hairstyle. This hairstyle comes up with making the lateral cornrows by braiding 3 bands together and making separate bands in both the sides and binding the puff at the middle part of the head, Once the braiding of the bands is done bind it up at the end of the neck part making it in a bun form. The Golden highlights at the middle random stripes complete the overall look of the hairstyle.

13. Criss Cross Tangles

This hairstyle is best for every school-going girl, and even this is very suitable for every girl holding short hair length till neck. It’s one of those hairstyles which are simple to bind up and leaves a cute gesture on the face. The top forehead part of the hair is tangled into each other using 3 bands and ending it up by clipping with any of the hairpins behind the ear part, the rest of the hair is kept loosely making a curvy gesture at the tips of the hair stripes. The Brownish shade of the hair makes it a bit natural and genuine look.

14. Bridge Dreadlock

Some hairstyles come up to be very different from the normal hairstyles this is one of them as it is one in hundreds and is very rare to be acquired by any of the girls. This hairstyle takes a little bit of time but comes up with something very interesting. The side part of the hair is braided in two different straps using 3 bands of hair, very tightly using a thin hair stick to bind both the straps to form a bridge and keeping the rest of the hair to be free and loose. It is very much suitable for girls with short hair.

15. Ovate Lateral Tail

Girls having short and healthy hair can surely try upon this hairstyle as it is perfect for a daily look. This hairstyle can be done in a couple of minutes ad will leave a cutie pie face gesture after applying it on any girl’s face especially looks best with the girls having chubby chicks. The hairs are divided in a side partitioned manner and braided from both the sides at the top head part, the rest of the hair looks like an open oval figure bulging out of the head. Any color of shade will look good on this haircut, but brownish shade suits more.

16. Crimp Braids

These Braids are suitable for the girl’s having short hair of the neck length. It is one of the very easiest and adoring hairstyles which can be done in a couple of minutes. These braids are done at the lateral side of the head part, and as the hair is observed to be the crimped out, it gives a fantastic gaze at someone’s face. These Braids are easy to be done by making 3 bands at the lateral head part and pinned up at inside part of the hair with hairpins, and the rest of the hair is kept loosely crimped with the help of hot steam iron.

17. Torsade Stiffen

Getting both the open and bonded hair at the same time is a kind of tricky task but this hairstyle makes it easier to get it done by not investing a lot of your time for curving the hair in the right way. The hair is divided into side partitioned and is braided tightly in the sequence, making it look like a cornrow that is secured with the use of hairpins to plug it tight under the ear part. The other hair comes up covering the pinned area as a twisted hair strap with Highlight shade of golden color helps to increase its gaze.

18. Ladder Braid

Here, we come up with very new and one of the unique hairdos because this is not at all like any of the hairstyles. The making of this hairstyle is quite different from others as the hairs are tangled so tightly into each other, using eight bands of hair braiding into each other and forming a ladder kind of figure which can be fixed beneath the hair. The hair present at the middle can be puffed up doing the backcombing and giving it fluffy texture; once the combing is done all the hair is kept loose.

19. Scruffy Fish High-Knots

Hairstyling can be done in various ways, but merging more than one hairdo together is creative. This hairstyle is one of those kinds and can be styled very easily; all you need is hands-on practice. In this hairdo, hair needs to be partitioned in a proper proportion and then take some volume of hair from both the portions start braiding separately from both the sides in a loose French pattern and tie the knots separately for both the hair strap at top head portion. This hairdo looks great on girls having long hair.

20. Barbie Gallon

As per the name, this hairstyle justifies its presence, the look and feel of this hairstyle is smooth and sleek in gesture and even express to be one of those calm hairdos. This hairstyle suits every girl with a short face and short hair length, and on top of that, it is very easy to bind the hair together by braiding it in the latera side and securing the braid behind the ear. The steps include 3 bands of hair and plaiting them into each other on the top lateral portion.

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21. Crest Bubble with Braids

This hairstyle can be gloss as sleek on the peak because it replicated a very smooth and shiny gesture on the face and counted to be as the solitary among many of the different hairdos. In this hairstyle, the most sole part is about the smooth braided bun at the very top head part of the forehead. It can be done by taking two separate straps and braided it as Crisscross plaits bind all together in the form of a bun. The Green slush, in highlight with cement color touch, completes the entire look.

22. Ruffle Blunt

This hairstyle suits up the girls with a short length of hair and can be contemplated under the best party looks hairdo. In this hairdo, the hair is slightly crimped or twisted from the mid-portion of the hair strip, giving it a wavy look, and a moderate band of hair is braided from the middle random spot which is mixed up with hair and are secured with the help of hairpin. Greyish or the whitish shade of hair color can be used to give more enhancing look for this hairdo.

23. Pigtails Pathways

This hairstyle styles up in a totally variant way then all because it consists of the combination of the braids, the curls, the puff it is all in one package for a girl, and pursue a very bold appearance for a woman. The hair is braided separately in the pathway manner and is combined by a silver tape by nailing them inside the braids. The rest of the hair is curled and backcombed for giving it a wavy curly texture from the top forehead part till the end. It signifies the stand-alone hair type styling.

24. Dutch Braid Knots

Many girls are fond of applying different styles on their hair, and this is one of those hairstyles which will give a very fantastic look at anyone’s face. The hair is separated into two different bands and braided against each other separately in the Dutch style, which makes the plaits look upward. Once the plaits are done, the hair is bonded up at the nape of the neck, forming the tight knot figure. The highlights of grey and white enhance the overall look of this haircut.

25. Hippie Pigtail

In this hairstyle, the hair is kept as loose and open from one side, and the other side is plaited tightly in the beehive manner. The proportion of hair of both sides should not be equal as more hair is expected to be present at the open lateral side than the other one. The side which will be tightly braided some of the hair will be kept linear short cut above the ear part, making it give a wild look on the girl’s face. This hairstyle is very suitable for girls with short hair and an enlarged face.

26. Lateral Dutch Bun

When it is not easy to make a bun with thin volume hair better, try to apply this styling on your routine behavior; also it is very good to this styling for any of the party looks. This can be done in a couple of minutes by doing French beard in the lateral part and backcombing the other remaining front part of the hair in other to give it a wavy braided look, after its done tie all the hair at the nape of the neck in the form of a bun. Hair with golden highlights looks better for this hairdo.

27. Messy Dread Bun

This Bun is mostly suitable for girls having not so the volume in their hair and are not able to dress up their hairdo because of less thickness. This hairstyle is very easy to be done and even gives a fantastic appearance of the face. The hair is divided lateral, and braid is done from both the sides in a thin and compacted manner, which in the last ends up as a messy bun of the hair. This bun is easily carried all day long without giving extra care. Girls with short hair surely try to grab this appealing look on any of the occasion or office meet-ups.

28. Moggie Braid Bun

This hairstyle comes up with the combination of open and braided hair, which includes the braiding part at the top part of the head, forming a bun version at the end of the hair strap. This is done by separating the hair apart from the middle and creating a French braid by picking the thick volume of hair from both the section and tying it as a bun at the end of the hair strap. A thick cloth band sticker is used in the middle layer to decorate the top head part and give it a fashionable look, which makes it more glorious.

29. Criss-Cross Dutch Tail

Every school-going Girl or any girl having short hair length till neck portion can make up for this hairstyle as it is very easy to do and poses a very different look from your days on going look. For this hairdo, we need to focus on the proper separation of the hair so that the braid should look equal after it’s done. The Dutch braid is made in both the section by taking 3 bands of hair indulging one into the other in an alternate manner, making it a look of loose Dutch braid, and secure the entire tail at last with a thin rubber band.

30. Lateral Puffed Tails

This hairdo is like normal plaiting of the braids and can be done very easily, but the look and feel of this braid will be quite different from the normal one. The process is the same, but the appearance is enhancing than any other normal plait tail. The braiding is done in the same manner by taking three bands of hair with loose hands at the side portion oh hair and are pinned up using hairpins under the rest of the loosely kept hair. This looks good with the hair color shade of brown and golden.

31. Dutch on Peek

This is the kind of those regular Dutch braids and is done with the same process, but the grip of hand is bit different and stiffened for this hairstyle. The hair is separated from the middle, and the braiding is done by taking two thick straps from those parts and indulging them one into the other in a very tight manner. Once the braiding is done to the half top head part, the tails are secured by a thin rubber band, and the rest of the hair is left apart loosely falling and giving a silky gesture in the hair apparel.

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32. Unlatched Plaits

This is one of the very simple and at the same time, stylish hairstyle too. This hairdo can be done within less than a couple of minutes and basically suits girls with short and straight hair. This can be done by simply parting the hair from the middle and taking a thin, layer of hair from the edge part braiding on both the side in a very loose manner and leave the braid unsecured in that same manner. The hair straightener can be used to give a smooth gaze of the hair.

33. Dutch Torrent

This is the kind of hairstyle in which the hair is divided into two parts from the middle, and the braiding is done considering the back portion of the head as the style of this hairstyle is focused on the back-head part. The braiding is done as like Dutch braid, but the process of choosing hair straps is done in a waterfall way forming a waterfall gesture at the back portion with the plaits. The end tip of the braid is secured with a thin rubber band and comes with a thick formed braid.

34. Smooth Half-Braid Torrent

This is the kind of hairstyle but also comes under an unlatched hairstyle as the tiny parts in the Dutch manner and the rest of the hair are bonded with the braid in the waterfall manner. The hair is partitioned from the side, and braids are performed in the same process for Dutch braiding, leaving the present hair strap and taking the next queued hair, which comes up as a waterfall model of hairdo. This looks great for girls having short hair and have the hair shade of Golden color

35. Twisted Trails

This hairdo gives an adorable gesture on the face as it is mostly suitable for teenage girls and the girls with short hair. Hair is partitioned from the middle for this hairdo and are braided backward taking single strap in backward direction by twisting the tails into each other simultaneously the same process is applied at the other side of the partitioned hair and both the sides are merged together, the leftover hair is twisted using a hot curl iron rod to give it a crimp gesture.

36. Hefty Side Braid

A thick side braid hairdo is preferred for them who don’t get time to set their hairstyling in every hour but want to look gorgeous the whole day. The side braid is done by taking three thick strands from one side. Doing a simple three-strand braid and secure it with the help of a bobby pin. The hefty side braid hairstyle looks very adorable for teenage girls, and they can carry it as their signature style for high school or college with the milky white highlights.

37. Cornered Fish Tail

These are one of the easy and decent looking hairstyles, and we don’t need to spend our time to get this braid done. For this hairstyle, hair is parted from the side, and then the braiding is done from the top lateral side by taking very thin straps of hair one after the other indulging them together in a sequential manner. This hairstyle can be preferred for schools daily and can be secured with hairpins under the ear.

38. Coronet Pony Tail

When you are not in the mood of styling your hair but even unlatching, it is not the option you will surely love to know about this hairstyle. This hairstyle is suitable for girls with short hair and has a silky gesture of hair. This can be done by twisting the hair sideways in a braided manner and indulging one hair strap to the next hair strap in a messy sequence; this can be done by parting the hair from the middle and binding them at the nape of the neck.

39. Median Fish Tail

The braiding of hair is done by separating the hair into two equal proportions from the middle frame so that a proper circle can be formed after braiding. In this hairstyle braids are formed by taking single and tiny strips of hair one after the other in smaller gape weaving the hand in the inward direction of the hair flow this same process is repeated with another equal portion by taking some volume of the hair and at last both are combined together with a thin rubber band at the mid-top head portion.

40. Upward Torrent Braid

This is one of the other kinds of hairstyles because the braids are observed to be present as a waterfall bridge connecting from upward. In this hairstyle, the styling is done by taking the har straps from the down incline portion, making it braided in a semicircle portion. Girl’s having short hairdo can try for this amazing hairstyle in any of the parties or on a normal day look. Highlight shade of Golden color would give an outstanding appearance on the face.

You get a lot of options to try braids for your short hair, and you can give each braid a try to get a unique and amazing look every time you go out for an occasion or your favorite event. These braids give a fresh and adorable look with a pleasing and attractive appeal. Once you know how to style it and practice two to three times, it will be a super easy hairstyle for you, and you can carry the braids for the whole long day while styling it in no time. So, with the braids for short hair, you get pretty cool and dazzling hairstyles that work well for your daily casual looks, parties, events, and even wedding appearances and gives you a charming appeal.

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