18 Beautiful Short Pixie Cut Hairstyles Women’s Loving Right Now

The Short hairstyle comes with the amazing and gorgeous style. The new short haircuts are bold, beautiful and also provide great versatility. You can see how the gorgeous icons of Hollywood squeeze these short haircuts. But before you rush to place your gorgeous and stunning bangs under the hairstylists tender and yet merciless scissors consider a few steps. Consider the facial shape as well as the texture of your hair. Does the short hairstyle complement your face; does your hair have enough volume along with texture to support a short hairstyle?

Usually, oval facial shapes carry this particular style very well but not so for the long face, wide or round faces. Trying the Short Pixie Cut Hairstyle will help you to look ravishing. Another easy way to understand suitable hairstyle is to pull your hair back and envisage how you would look like with the shorter hair.

Balayage Pixie

The Balayage Pixie cut can easily provide a classy look. The sharp ends of the hair in this style make the entire appearance more remarkable and prominent in the crowd. This style is absolutely perfect for the women who have both curly and straight hair. This hairstyle makes the shape of your face absolutely prominent. The longer and uneven hair strands in the front side on your forehead make you look smart.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstyles

Curly Short Pixie

This Curly Short Pixie is another stylish and fashionable haircut, which can easily hide your age and then thin hair volume. In this specific style, you need to back brush the middle portion of the front hair. The entire highlighted hair in the golden color actually makes your appearance classier and prominent. The hair length also remains up to your shoulder on the back side.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstylestonibthestylist1

Undercut Pixie

Do you like the undercut pixie hairstyle? Then to entice people with your look, you can easily go for this specific style when you have short and blonde hair. The hair looks good in black color in this style. The undercut pixie hair on one side makes it absolutely exciting as well. This style looks ideal on the straight hair, and you can easily manage this style as well. Here you can check more undercut short hairstyles.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstyleschris_aders

Blonde Pixie Cut

If you have a blonde and short hair, then trying this particular hairstyle can help you a lot in making you look bold and beautiful. This particular hairstyle will look great on the straight white blonde hair as well. To make this hairstyle amazing, you have to little brush it and make a side part as well. Rest of the messy hair can be kept same in the front.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstyles


Textured Pixie Cut

When you are going to attend an event or party, you must want to look attractive in the crowd. The Textured Pixie Cut can actually fulfill the desire rightly. The amalgamation of these particular two colors on the short length hair makes your appearance smart and classy. You have to back brush the entire hair well to look absolutely elegant and classy. Keep the hair straight only by brushing it properly and it will create the look.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstyleschenoaloveshair

Side Shaved Pixie Cut

If the short length hairstyle suits the personality then Side Shaved Pixie Cut can be the good option for you. This particular hairstyle assists you to get the round facial shape. To create this hairstyle, you have to comb back your hair and make it a side parting as well. Brushing the hair and keep the front bangs same on the forehead, you will look absolutely amazing.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstyleshairitage23

Pixie Cut with Red Hair Color

Do you have short and blonde hair? Then you must opt for the accurate hairstyle that will help you to look classier. But to create this hairstyle, first, you need to make it red and then try to brush your hair in a messy way. Comb it properly and make a messy part as well. The natural curls are actually cut in a quite short length in this style up to the neck.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstylesthechoppedmobb

Dark Roots Blonde Pixie Hair

If the messy hairstyles attract you, then Dark Roots Blonde Pixie Hair is the ideal option for you. The sharp edges of your hair create the style more prominent and fashionable as well. The entirely curly hair in tousled pattern creates your look more modern and also stunning. Try to comb your hair in the front, and you can also use some gel to give a volume.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstylesim.sandra.e

Messy Pixie Cut

It is another hairstyle, which easily suits the women who are crossing the middle age. The short length hair is promptly flipped up in this style for hiding the volume of the hair. If you want to create the Messy Pixie Cut you have to comb your hair in a back way. Back brushing will both give the volume and leave a messy look on your personality and look absolutely gorgeous as well.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstylesraohairguru

Fringe Pixie Cut

The combination of Fringe Pixie Cut and bangs is a correct choice for those women who really want to look stunning at the age of 50. In this style, your blonde strand is parted from one side. The length of the hair remains straight and amazing. The longer bangs on the front of one side hair create your appearance classy. To get this look, you need to brush your hair smoothly and part it in such a way that you can also look classier.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstylescorte_joaozinho

Curls Pixie Cut for Black Women

This is Curls Pixie Cut for Black Women for the women who love to look gorgeous and bold as well. This style is absolutely perfect for the short hair which is cut up to your neck. The uneven tresses of your hair slightly make your look messy. To get a perfect style, you can brush the hair in a back way. The thick and curly hair will create a gorgeous look on your personality.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstylesthechoppedmobb

Rose Gold Pixie Cut

When you are opting for the amazing and contemporary haircut, the Rose Gold Pixie Cut can be absolutely ideal. To get the classic look, you have to comb your rose gold blonde hair in a side part and keep the front bangs as it is. The side-parted hair along with uneven front side bangs creates the cut gorgeous and unique as well. This hairstyle also hides the wide foreheads of the middle-aged women.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstylesb.eautiful_k.ind

Silver Pixie Cut

In recent times, the polished silver look is an in-thing in fashion. If you really like the short haircut, then this hairstyle would be absolutely perfect as well. To get this polished look, you have to back comb your hair properly and do not leave a messy look. It will absolutely smooth and straight. This style looks perfect on the straight hair and then you can manage this style easily as well.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstyleswalter_seewald

Choppy Curly Pixie Cut

The highlight of this haircut is the brown and black shade. Perfectly rolled bangs over the forehead provide this a little edgy texture. The brown crown is teased and stands out in the whole cut. So, to get this look you will have to brush and roll back your hair. The hairstyle looks absolutely amazing and gorgeous as well. It looks quite contemporary and you can sport this hairstyle in any event.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstylesrockpaper1111

Layers Pixie Cut

When you have a short and curly hair, you will always want to try an amazing hairstyle as well. So, trying out this Layers Pixie Cut will help you to look gorgeous. To create this hairstyle, you have to brush back your hair. The soft waves in this hairdo provide this ruffled look. Soft waves also provide the right kind of impression of volume and luscious glossy hair.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstylesbeautydefinedsalon2

Slicked Back Pixie Cut

Women with the absolute straight hair can select the Slicked Back Pixie Cut. In this particular style, your hair is cut up to your neck. To create this entire look you have to comb back your hair and to get the polished look you can also use some hair gel. The longer hair on the back side of the forehead makes your look more interesting and smart.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstylescorte_joaozinho

Short Choppy Pixie Cut

Who said he can only lose himself to the long strands and hairs? The nape length trademark of the short pixie against the royal black chin long ringlets is absolutely coolest haircut you will see on internet today! The face-hugging curls create this difficult to take the eyes away at once! To get the Short Choppy Pixie Cut you have to comb it in a back or side way as well.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstyleshairdresser_emree

Pixie Cut with Silver Blond Hair

The blonde and silver color of the manes make the pixie looks daring and fiery as well. Brush the hair back too looks bold and gorgeous as well. Put the side hair behind the ear for some neater and cleaner look. Team this up along with sultry eyes and glossy lips to balance the look. The little messy and uneven look will create the great personality.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstylesfryzjerstwo_kreatywne_by_an.na

Layers in only varying lengths add the hint of volume. You can also have textured the pixie bangs or leave them the bit longer and well as style them at any angle.

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