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10 Best Beard Kits for Every Beardsman

Are you a clean-shaving folk thinking growing a beard is easy? Beard experts know the truth that beard needs a regular maintenance routine. To achieve the same, a beard requires the right products to stay clean, neat, and healthy. It is tedious to find all the beard accessories from the tremendous amount of brands available in the market. So why not get a beard care kit that contains all the tools in just one single box? Click To Read More

How to Fix a Patchy Beard

Some guys stress over their patchy beard. There are many factors that affect full beard growth, including genetic, lifestyle, and age. While deciding to grow a beard can be easy, a clean-shaven face might be preferable to uneven facial hair. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to fix a patchy beard and fill in thin spots. Whether you want to use a filler or stimulate full growth, this guide will help you fill in a patchy beard. From styling tips to treating bad facial hair with products, we got you covered with steps to get rid of a patchy beard. Click To Read More

Top 20 Beard Grooming Kits for Stylish Beard

Beard Grooming kit is an essential product that takes care of all the needs of a guy as far as their beard grooming is concerned. It consists of individual grooming products such as beard oil, beard serum, beard balm, and beard wash, etc. Beard growth, nourishment, and maintenance are highly important for any man who loves to keep a beard. Most of the guys these days prefer a healthy and perfectly maintained beard, and a beard grooming kit helps you to get an optimum beard. Click To Read More

Top 20 Beard Trimmer for 2020

Do you like to make yourself look different? This will require you to make yourself look sharp with different accessories and equipment. Different gadgets are available which will help you to groom your respective body parts with ease. So, one should have the right selection of these gadgets which suit their needs. For that, one might need to go through various products available in the market, which will help in the selection process.

Trimmers are quite popular for removing unwanted hairs over the body. Beard trimmers are widely used by people to trim down the hairs over their beard. This helps them to remove their beards with minimum time effectively. Even it will help in keeping their skin softer as there is minimal effect on the skin. The selection of the right trimmer is difficult due to the variety of trimmers available in the market. So, we have provided here some of the best trimmers which you can try out. We have also discussed their pros and cons which will give you detailed insights over the usage of these trimmers.

1. Professional Cordless Beard Trimmer With LED Display

This trimmer is placed first on the list due to the unique qualities which it offers. People tend to opt for this trimmer to a higher extent for getting their desired benefits. You can expect to have an amazing quality of construction. Even one can easily grip the trimmer. With this, they can have a highly groomed face with the use of trimmer over their beard.

As the trimmer is cordless, one can easily use them on the go. You will face minimum noise while the trimmer is in actual operation. So, the working of trimmer won’t affect your regular operation to a higher extent. The cutting operation is sharp enough to remove the hairs which are grown over the face effectively. This will reduce the hair size over your face to a minimal extent. So, you won’t be required to shave your beard while performing the trimming.

Product Specifications

Shipping Weight of Product: 2 pounds
Battery Size: 2000 mAh Lithium-ion battery
Attachment glide sizes: 1.5 mm, 3 mm, 4.5 mm and 6 mm

Unique Selling Proposition

This product is mainly popular due to its compact size and rechargeable batteries. Due to that, people can easily use the beard trimmer even while they are on the move. You can also carry the trimmer with you while going on a trip. So, there won’t be any requirement of carrying shaving items for your beard. Even you will get seamless trimming with minimal noise.


  • Kit available is rechargeable. So, you can recharge the battery for multi-usage.
  • One can use the equipment in the form of corded or even cordless.
  • You will get a running time of around 240 minutes.
  •  For charging the battery, the time required would be of 3 hours duration.
  • Soft grip available which will help in easily gripping the equipment.
  •  LED indicator which will help in showing the level till which the equipment is charged.


  • The higher weight of the trimmer due to the use of the metal body.


2. Suntee Electric Body Hair And Beard Removal Trimmer

You will be amazed by the kind of features which are provided by this trimmer. It is specifically designed to favour you with the process of trimming. One will find this trimmer highly useful even when they are using it for the whole face or just a touch up on beard. Not only it will effectively remove the hairs but also help in protecting your skin. Trimmer is cordless so it will favour effective usage. Blades available are having their unique design to favour the trimming process of beard hairs.

Product Specifications

Shipping Weight: 10.7 ounces
Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery included
Battery Average Life: 50 minutes
Cycles per minute: 6,000 CPM

Unique Selling Proposition

This product is mainly popular due to the anti-scratch blade available. It will help in having a minimal effect over the skin while performing the trimming operation. Even while operation one will face minimal vibration from the trimming machine. The device is water-proof and it is quite easier to clean the device.


  • Anti-Scratch Blade is made from ceramic. With the kind of design, it will be adjusted quite comfortably in one’s hands.
  • Hairs of different lengths can also be trimmed quite effectively with the use of this trimmer.
  • Even with the higher amount of CPM available, you will face minimal vibration with the device.
  • The device is water-proof with ease of cleaning.


  • Ceramic Blades are quite prone to suffer damage. During that time, one can replace the blades to make it operational again.


3. Suprent Beard Trimmer Kit

Are you fond of trimming your beard hairs rather than shaving them? Then this trimmer kit is the best choice for your needs. It will offer the desired comfortable design for effective operation. Trimmer is also having the feature of quick charging. So, you won’t have to wait for a longer period of time for the trimmer to get charged. The docking system is available in the kit where trimmer can be docked during the charging operation.

Product Specifications

Product Size: 1.37 x 2.18 x 3.49 in
Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds
Batteries: 1 AA included
Charging Time: 90 minutes

Unique Selling Proposition

People find this product useful due to the docking system available. This will help in ensuring that trimmer is always available in the form of ready to be used. One can also adjust the settings which will be required for the cutting operation. It is possible to have to move and standing blades to run together while the trimmer is in operation. Trimming operation is performed with high precision using this product.


  • Settings of this trimmer are adjustable as per the desired need.
  • A high capacity motor will favour smooth operation of the trimmer.
  • Variable lengths will favour effective operation of the trimmer.
  • Low charging time will ensure that one can have trimmer charged in a minimal amount of time.


  • Hairs might get little stuck when the lower setting is used over a longer beard. One would thereby need to have a trimmer setting made as per the hair size of the beard.


4. Nivlan Men Beard Cordless Trimmer

Trimmers are a unique means of grooming one’s face. It helps in removing unwanted hairs from the beard to have a desired look of the face. For that trimmer will facilitate in limited removal of the hairs based on one’s requirement for a better look. This trimmer is even cordless which will favour comfortable usage. One will be getting sharp steep blades which are efficient in cutting down the ears.

Product Specification

Shipping Weight: 1.3 pounds
Batteries: 1 AA battery included.
Charging time: 1 hour
Operation time: 90 minutes.

Unique Selling Proposition

The complete operation of the trimmer will favour you. One can easily remove their unwanted hair using this trimmer. A complete package will come with attachments that can be adjusted based on one’s own requirement. Hence, you can save your beard until the time when it is required. Guides provided in the trimming machine will be helpful for the proper operation of equipment.


  • Quieter operation while performing the trimming operation of the beard.
  • Cleaning brush is also available which will help in favouring the cleaning operation of the equipment.
  • Longer battery life will help in having a seamless operation of the battery for a longer period of time.


  • If not managed properly, there are chances of trimmer getting stuck. This is mainly occurred due to the sticking of hairs with the trimmer.


5. Gaeruo Adjustable Men’s Electric Beard Trimmer

It is likely common that people like to have trimmer which is providing precise trimming experience. This will help them to trim down their beards as per their needs. Using this trimmer will help people to control the length of hair to be trimmed. One can control it in steps of 0.5 mm which can be done in the range of 0.5 mm to 10 mm. Even this trimmer will offer to charge at a faster rate. Hence one can charge the battery even while on the run.

Product Specification

Color: Black
Charging Type: USB
Voltage: 3.7 V, 500 mah
Charging Time: 1.5 hours
Running Time: 60 minutes

Unique Selling Proposition

People prefer this trimmer due to the unique settings available in the trimmer. One can easily adjust the length of hair to be trimmed using the trimmer. Even the trimmer will display the battery charge level which will help in identifying when it is to be recharged. Trimmer is also having an elegant body design which will favour in holding during operation.


  • Easily adjustable for different lengths of hairs to be cut from 0.5 mm to 10 mm.
  • LED display to showcase the battery level in the trimmer.
  • A USB cable to effectively charge the trimmer battery.


  • Limited warranty of only one year.


6. Dikaneo Beard Trimmer Hair Clipper Kit

It is likely preferred by every individual to have a complete trimmer kit that can meet their needs. With that, they won’t need to expect any additional thing to be purchased for their trimming needs. As a result, they can perform the trimming operation of their beards more effectively. This will help them to effectively groom themselves and showcase themselves in a better way.

Product Specification

Charging Time: 2 hours
Running time: 90 minutes
Battery: Lithium Battery
Adaptor: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.2 A

Unique Selling Proposition

One should prefer this trimmer due to the multiple functions which it will offer. Due to that, it will help you to meet your daily needs. You can also wash the trimmer without worrying about any damage which might occur. Even you can provide any of the universal voltage at any of the locations where you are visiting.


  • The LED display is available on the trimmer, which will provide the charge level.
  • Efficient after-sales service to meet the needs of the customers.
  • Capable of performing trimming at multiple locations all over the body.
  • A large number of attachments to ensure that trimmer meets the needs.


  • Design is not highly comfortable to be held during usage as trimming the hairs.

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25 Full Beard Styles to Get A Classical Look

Full beard styles are trending at the moment. It is considered a classical look. This beard style entails growing your beard throughout the face. Full beard styles entails beard on the chin, cheeks, around the mouth and on both sides. It takes time for men to attain full beard. All full beard styles require thick and long beard. The below tips can hasten the process of attaining full beard:

Those whose beard grows fast should leave them alone for about four to six weeks. Six week is sufficient enough to help some men attain full beard.
Regularly trimming your beard. It has been proven that regularly trimming beard increases its growth rate. Therefore, trim your beard until you attain the growth rate that will give you full beard.
The use of beard products. There are numerous beard products that can be used to attain full beard within the shortest time possible.
Increasing the testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone is the hormone that helps in beard and hair growth. Therefore, an increase in testosterone levels in the body can enhance the growth rate of your beard.
Beard maintenance- Beard maintenance promotes normal and healthy beard growth.

Below are some full beard styles worth trying out:

1. Full Beard with Short Hairstyle Click To Read More

20 Short Beard Styles to Get Smart and Classical Look

Short beard styles bring out a smart and classical look. You simply need to know how to style and grow them. There is no exact length for short beard. Your beard should be trimmed low according to your desires. Short beard styles present different looks. These styles should regularly be trimmed to keep your current look. Your facial shape determines if you are an ideal candidate for short beard or not.

Men with Round faces, long faces and square faces will look good with short beard. A large percentage of men love short beard because it is easy to maintain. Short beard styles encourage regular trim and shaping. This helps maintain any of the selected style.

Maintenance for short beard also includes moisturizing and combing. Moisturizing and combing your short beard ensures your beard properly grows. Let us cross over and look at tips on how to select the best short beard style:

  • Understand the shape of your face- Short beard styles suit different facial shape. Therefore, you should understand your face so that you look for the right short beard.
  • What is your skin type? – This very essential bearing in mind that some short styles require regular trim when compared to others. This might be troublesome for men with sensitive skin.

Below are some beard styles for men who love short beard: Also check –

Top 20 Beard Grooming Kits for Stylish Beard Click To Read More

12 Best Beard Care Products to Enhance the Look

Attaining your desired beard isn’t simple or straightforward as it sounds. You need to take care of your beard. Good care results into healthy and marvelous look. There are beard care products out there you can use to enhance the looks and general well being of your beard. Beard care products deliver different results. Some products enhance the growth rate of your beard. Others help deal with different skin conditions underneath your beard. There are numerous beards products to choose from. Therefore, go for natural products that don’t exhibit any side effects. Check out the below beard care products:

1. Natural Secondary Mustache Wax

Do you know want to increase the strength of your beard? If yes, consider the natural secondary mustache wax. As the name suggests, this product contains only natural components. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about exhibiting any side effects after long term usage of this product. Furthermore, there are numerous positive reviews about this product. You will notice that your beard have improved in terms of looks. They will get shiny as time progresses.

Men with rough hair can also use natural secondary mustache wax to improve the texture of their beard. Generally, this mustache wax improves the retention rate of your beard. Some people are lucky enough to start attaining instant results once they commence using the natural secondary mustache wax.

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20 Beard Styles for Bald Guys to Look Stylish and Attractive

Baldness is one of the conditions some men have to undergo through for the rest of their life. Baldness refers to hair permanently falling off the head. This process occurs slowly and steadily. Some baldness can be reversed, whereas others cannot. Additionally, baldness occurs differently. A person might encounter permanent or partial baldness. You no longer have to feel uncomfortable about baldness. In fact, studies reveal that a large fraction of women find bald men attractive.

Bald men should consider growing beard to enhance their general outlook. Furthermore, this is one of the trends in the fashion industry. Beard styles for bald guys don’t have age limit. These haircuts perfectly blend with any shaved head. Here are some common causes of baldness in men:

  • Genes– Some people are bound to develop baldness at some point in life. This is mostly linked to hereditary genes and is passed to generations.
  • Health conditions– There are situations where some health conditions are linked to baldness.
  • Hormonal changes in the body– Hormonal levels in the body should be normal. However, there are instances where hormones change in the body. This might result into severe hair loss.
  • Environment– There are instances where change of environment change affect hair resulting into hair loss.

Below are some beard styles for bald guys worth checking out:

1. Brown Short Beard Click To Read More

7 Top Beard Oils to Grow Beard Faster

Beard has changed from masculine look to a stylish look. This is the reason numerous men across the globe are growing beard. However, growing beard isn’t simple as it sounds. Some people fail to attain their desired beard for various reasons. These reasons range from genes, patchy beard, healthy diet and skin conditions, among others. Beard oils can be used to assist you grow long and healthy beard. However, beard oil cannot independently help you attain your desired beard. You must be on a healthy diet plan. Diet plays a crucial role in the growth of your beard. It determines if you will attain healthy beard or not.

A healthy diet makes it easy for beard to absorb various nutrients needed for proper growth. Beard oil will only generate positive results on your beard if you have enough nutrients. Here are some functions performed by beard oils:

  • It promotes both healthy skin and healthy beard- Men with tangled or dull beard can greatly benefit from beard oil. The wellness of your skin determines how your beard will look like. Well; beard oil can make your skin healthy, soft and moisturized. These results will be visible for a long time.
  • It relaxes your beard- Beard oil can be used to relax both your skin and beard through massage. Massage relaxes muscles around your face. This increases the rate in which your beard absorbs nutrients. This will automatically enhance the growth rate of your beard.
  • It reduces fungal infection- Beard is a ground for fungal infection if not properly taken care. Well; good bear oil reduces the possibility attaining any fungal infection.

Beard oils vary in terms of effectiveness. This is the reason some men attain instant results on their beard, whereas others don’t. Below is a list of some top beard oils in the market worth checking out:

1. Beard Flux XL by Delta Genesis

Beard Flux XL by delta genesis cannot be left out of any beard oil list worth trying out. This is one of the best beard oils in the market. In fact, there are numerous positive reviews on the internet praising this beard oil for helping them attain healthy and shiny hair. Anyone with beard, regardless of its condition is eligible to use this oil. Consider flux XL oil because it delivers instant results. Here are some benefits linked to this beard oil by delta genesis:

  • It doesn’t contain any harmful products such as fragrance and paraben, which pose serious health problems if used for a long period. You can use beard flux XL as many times as you wish.
  • It enhances the general outlook of your beard. You will notice your beard is getting shiny and soft as time progresses.
  • It facilitates growth of thick beard. It performs this function by improving the growth rate of beard.
  • Beard Flux XL nourishes your beard and keeps it hydrated for a long period.

This marvelous and effective beard oil comprises of four main ingredients, namely caffeine, argan oil, amla oil and jojoba oil. Caffeine enhances blood circulation. This increases the rate in which hair follicles on the beard absorb nutrients. Consequently, the growth rate of your beard will improve. Secondly, argan oil strengthens your beard by making them healthy and thick. Amla oil deals with dandruffs and enhances the look of your beard. Amla oil is also rich in vitamin C. Lastly, jojoba oil restores damaged beard by promoting hair growth. It also hydrates your face.


2. Twin Beards Beard Oil

Choose twin beards beard oil if you are looking for something that has been tested and tried by experts. This is one of the few beard oil that contains pure natural compounds. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about side effects after long term usage of twin beards beard oil. Regular use of this oil can improve the look and wellness of your current beard and make your dreams a reality. Twin beards oil posses these benefits for its users:

  • It helps prevent beard loss and patchy beard pattern. It performs this function by improving the wellness of your beard.
  • You can use this beard oil to attain a thick beard within the shortest time possible.
  • It will help you attain both shiny and soft beard

Twin beards beard oil houses three main compounds, namely castor oil, argan oil and tea tree oil. Castor oil protects existing beard by enhancing their health. It also restores damaged beard. Moving on, argan oil promotes growth of thick beard. Thick beard protects new hair follicles around your face. Lastly, tea tree oil contains a couple of anti-bacterial properties. This helps cleanse your beard from various impurities. This promotes proper growth. Above all; twin beards beard oil is pocket friendly.


3. Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

Growing beard isn’t a simple task. This is the reason some people give up halfway. Well; honest amish classic beard oil is what you need. This beard oil can help grow your beard up to your desired length in a matter of weeks. You should be on a healthy diet to attain positive results. Honest Amish classic beard oil presents the following benefits:

  • It doesn’t pose any side effects or long term health conditions after usage. All compounds used on this beard oil are pure natural.
  • You will attain soft beard within a short period. There are numerous online reviews that confirm this statement.
  • Honest amish beard oil helps condition your skin. This improves the duration your skin and beard hold moisture.
  • The manufacturers of this beard oil have a perfect reputation of delivering quality products that have met the set safety standards.

Honest amish classic beard oil is made up of moringa oil, pumpkin seed oil, almond oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, kukui oil and argan oil. Almond oil is rich in zinc, protein and vitamin E. These components help prevent hair loss. Avocado oil helps deal with itchy and dry skin by nourishing your beard. It also helps deal with dandruff. Pumpkin seed oil prevents hair loss thus promoting growth of thick beard.

Kernel oil contains nutrients such as Vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin E. These nutrients promote growth of beard by increasing its growth rate. Moringa oil promotes healthy beard growth by dealing with flaky and dry skin. Jojoba oil helps people deal with itchiness and redness on their beard. It also promotes beard growth. Both Kukui and argan promote proper beard growth. Based on the above information, this is all natural beard oil.


4. Beard Farmer Growther Beard Growth Oil

This bear growth oil will enhance the growth of your beard. It will also help you attain thick beard. That’s not all; beard farmer beard growth oil is pure natural. As a result, you can use it as many times as you deem fit without fear of side effects. Furthermore, the manufacturers of this beard oil have a perfect reputation. Beard farmer beard oil has been designed in a way it increases the growth rate of your beard. You can also use this beard oil to condition your hair and bring out a marvelous look.

Beard farmer growth oil also enhances the looks and texture of your beard. You will notice your beard is getting shiny and soft after usage of this beard oil for a while. This natural beard oil comprises a couple of natural components. They range from avocado, cypress, aloe Vera, Castor, thyme, sage and geranium. Castor increases the blood circulation rate around your beard. This improves the rate in which your beard absorbs nutrients. Aloe Vera acts as a moisturizer. It also promotes healthy growth of beard.

Sage contains a couple of anti-bacterial properties. This makes it capable of reducing blackheads, pimples and deal with infections around your beard. Avocado helps people who experience redness, itchiness or redness on their beard. It also acts a moisturizing. Thyme reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth. It is also a good source of vitamin E. Geranium helps reduce frizziness on your beard, thus enhancing its general appearance.


5. Isner Mile Beard Care Beard Oil

Isner mile beard care beard oil tops the list when it comes to listing marvelous natural beard oils. This beard oil can help you grow your beard up to your attained length. However; results take longer to appear when compared to other beard oils on this list. Results attained by using Isner mile beard oil are long term and can be visible for long. Here are some top reasons you should consider Isner mile beard care beard oil:

  • Isner mile beard oil isn’t linked to any side effect no matter how many times you use this beard oil.
  • It enhances the growth of your beard. It also improves the general outlook of beard. This is in terms of shininess and its texture.
  • This beard oil contains organic ingredients. These ingredients will provide your beard with various vitamins and nutrients.
  • Isner mile beard oil helps eliminate any itchiness that might be linked to growth of beard.

That’s not all; this natural beard oil contains Aloe Vera, tea tree oil, orange essential oil, apricot oil, almond oil and jojoba oil. Aloe Vera hydrates your beard and keeps them moist for a long period. Orange essential oil enhances beard growth by enhancing blood flow around this region. It also stimulates the production of collagen this improving the rate in which your beard absorbs more vitamin c.

Moving on, tea tree oil contains anti-bacterial properties. This helps cleanse your facial skin and beard from any impurity. It also protects your beard from different bacteria. Jojoba oil improves the health of damaged beard. It also enhances the health of existing beard. Jojoba oil performs its functions by hydrating your beard. Almond oil promotes proper beard growth by supplying the beard with zinc and vitamin E. It also prevents hair loss. Apricot oil also supplies the beard with nutrients, needed for proper growth.


6. Prophet and Tools Premium Beard Oil

Prophet and tools premium beard oil is pocket friendly when compared to numerous beard oils on this list. This oil with help you grow more beard and also simplifies the maintenance process. Here are some benefits linked to prophet and tool beard oil:

  • It helps people with patchy beard. Patchy beard is frustrating in nature. Well; this beard oil promotes proper beard growth. This can give you a fuller look as time progresses.
  • This beard oil softens the texture and the general outlook of your beard. You will notice your beard is getting shiny as time progresses.
  • All components used on prophet and tools premium beard oil are all natural. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about side effects.

This beard oil comprises four main components namely jojoba oil, vitamin e oil, chamomile oil and Aloe Vera oil. Chamomile oil acts as both a moisturizer and conditioner on your beard. This helps deal with various skin conditions such as dandruff and eczema, among others.

Aloe Vera enhances blood circulation. This enhances the rate in which your beard absorbs various nutrients. It also keeps your beard both shiny and healthy. Vitamin E oil helps restore damaged hair follicles on the face. It also reduces skin inflammation. Lastly, jojoba oil promotes hair growth and keeps oil and dirt off the skin.

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13 Best Tips to Grow Thick Beard

Beard is perceived as a stylish look. This is one of the reasons men are growing beards. Beard varies in terms of density. Men with dense beard bring out a unique and stylish look when compared to those with less dense beard. Some people attain dense beard within a short period, whereas others take long. There are numerous factors determine if you will attend thick beard or not. Here are some of those factors:

Your genes- Some men’s beard grow faster than that of others. Men with a fast hair growth rate a likely to achieve thick beard faster when compared to those with a slow growth rate.
Irritation- some men might get irritation when their beard grows up to a specific point. This might force them to regularly trim their hair until they curb the irritation.
Patchy beard- Patchy beard are characterized by uneven growth of beard. Some regions might have long beard than others. This might hinder the growth of thick beard.

Therefore, some people have turned into cosmetic products to enable them attain thick beard within the shortest time possible. Well; these cosmetic products are linked to numerous side effects. There are numerous natural tips you can use to grow thick beard. Alternatively, you can use tried and tested cosmetic products. Here are a couple of tried and tested tips on how to grow thick beard:

1. Regular Workout

Do you know that regular workout can improve the growth rate and thickness of beard? Generally, weight slows down or makes hormones dormant. Testosterone and DHT are some of these hormones. Regular and consistent workout helps shed off excessive weight. Excessive weight might be one of the reasons you are not attaining thick hair within the stipulated timeframe. Shedding excessive weight might be linked with improved beard thickness.

All workout techniques will help you grow thick beard in some way. However, some workout routines are more effective than others. These routines range from dancing, cardio workout, running and walking, among others. The above exercise routines promote growth of thick beard by improving the production of testosterone. Testosterone hormone promotes growth of new and healthy follicles throughout the body.

Consequently, regular workout also improves blood circulation. Enhanced blood circulation ensures your beard attains various nutrients, needed for proper beard growth. Regular workout also enhances the production of DHT, hormone responsible for the growth of thicker beard. Simply choose a workout routine you can comfortably perform.

2. Investing In a Good Beard Oil

Our beard is prone to numerous risks, which might hinder its proper growth. Harmful UV lights can gravely damage your beard, making it difficult to attain a thick look. Well; investing in good beard oil can help you grow thick beard faster than you anticipated. There are numerous beard oil in the market to choose from. Go for beard oil with natural elements. Beard oil acts as a moisturizer for your beard. It also enhances the texture and looks of your beard. Moisturized beard retain moisture for a long time. This speeds up the growth rate of your beard.

Rosehip oil, jojoba oil, hempseed oil and tea tree oil are some oils you can consider for your beard. Most of these natural oils help deal with beard dandruff and any skin infection that might hinder growth of thick beard. In addition to these, beard oil helps in sprouting of new hair follicles on your face, which later turn into beard.

Some people also have dry beard. Dry beard is linked with stagnant growth. This might hinder growth of thick beard. You should properly wash your beard, dry it off before applying any oil. Beard oil will only be effective if it is applied on dry beard.

3. Consider Using Supplements or Vitamins

This is the simplest and fastest way of attaining thick beard. Some vitamins and supplements have been customized to help me men attain thick beard. People attain results differently. Some people might attain instant results, whereas others take weeks or a couple of months. Most of these vitamins and supplements contain biotin. Biotin is directly linked to the growth of healthy hair. Consequently, these supplements are rich in citrus flavanoids, zinc, Vitamin B1, Vitamin E and Vitamin B6.

All the stated compounds directly influence proper growth of thick beard. Furthermore, these products don’t contain any added hormones or products. These vitamins and supplements contain antioxidants, which promote normal growth and maintenance of beard. That’s not all; results attained from the use of vitamins and supplements are long term. Just take your supplements as prescribed and await results.

4. Patience

Some people can attain thick beard without using any supplement or technique. They simply need to be patient. Growing thick beard isn’t simple as it sounds or looks. The first week of growing beard can be tough. Some people might encounter some itchiness. This can be severe to the point some people trim low their beard. There are numerous vitamin C serum you can use to help curb with itch. It also enhances the general wellbeing of your skin. You should also regularly moisturize your hair. Moisturized hair is linked to improved beard growth rate.

5. Reduce Your Stress Levels in the Body

Our current society is full of stress. This can make a person easily stressed. However, stress levels should be managed or they pose serious health problems. Stress is also linked to slow beard growth rate. High stress level in the body is linked with increased cortisol hormone and reduction in the production of testosterone levels.

High cortisol hormonal levels in the body affect normal growth of beard and hair at large. Cortisol hormonal levels should be normalized for testosterone to efficiently perform its functions. Testosterone is one of the few hormones that is directly involved in the growth of beard. That’s not all; high stress level in the body constricts vessels in the body, making it difficult for nutrients to reach hair follicles.

Stress levels can be categorized into two, namely long term and short term stress. Long term stress level is the one that affects growth of thick beard. Intense stress levels also disrupts sleep pattern. Therefore, men should look for tips on how to deal with stress levels. It can be through working out or meditation, among others.

6. Efficiently Take Care of both Your Skin and Beard

How often do you take care of both your skin and beard? Well; the wellbeing of your skin determines if you will attain thick beard within the anticipated period or not. This is the reason you should thrive towards attaining a healthy skin. First, to attain a thick skin you should invest in a good moisturizer. Moisturizer assists your beard retain more moisture, promote healthy beard and increase the growth rate of your beard. Moving on, you should regularly clean your face with some warm water. This enhances blood circulation on your beard, enhancing the rate in which your hair follicles absorb nutrients.

Additionally, cleaning your face regularly removes both dead cells and dirt from pores. It also opens up your pores and hastens the growth rate of your beard. You can also use a natural shampoo on your beard. Shampoo facilitates proper and healthy growth of your beard. You simply need to apply a reasonable amount of shampoo on your beard and glide it throughout your beard. Shampoo performs its function by strengthening your hair follicles.

7. Properly and Regularly Trimming Your Beard

This is one of the oldest and commonly used techniques to help men grow thick beard within a short period. Do you know how you trim your bear determines if you will attain thick beard or not. Therefore, consider the help of a barber if you intend on shaving or trimming your beard. You can trim beard that has passed the four week mark. However, you should have some training.

There is no specific timeframe in which

you should trim your beard Click To Read More