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Beard Relaxer: Everything You Need to Know

Are you tired of your beard looking like a wild bush? Do you brace yourself in the morning for the dreaded beard combing?

If this applies to you, there is an easier and pain-free way to keep your beard under control, and it doesn’t involve shaving.

Instead of trying to get a comb through your beard, try using a beard relaxer. Not sure what it is? Keep reading to find out more.


What Is a Beard Relaxer?

beard relaxer

A beard relaxer is usually a chemical or cream product that works similar to a hair conditioner, but you can also find heated beard brushes and organic products.

The product works to straighten your beard, so the comb glides easily through—no more tangles and snarls. Your beard is smooth and under control, without painful tugging and pulling from a brush or comb.

With the wild curls gone, your beard even looks longer, without any visible, odd growth patterns.


Who Should Use a Beard Relaxer?

Not every guy needs to use a beard relaxing product. Some men are born with naturally great hair follicles. Their beards grow straight, without any weird parts or wild curls. Even combing through their facial hair is a breeze.

Unfortunately, most men don’t have straight facial hair. It often naturally grows with some curls, and the hair is usually coarser than what you have on your head.

If you wake up in the morning and your beard looks like it was electrocuted, you should consider using a product that smooths and relaxes the hair follicles.

Anyone that can’t get a comb through their facial hair without groaning in pain should also consider trying another method.


Types of Beard Relaxers

You aren’t stuck with just one type of beard relaxer; you have options. Here’s what you need to know about each one.

Beard Straightener

Types of Beard Relaxers - Beard Straightener

A beard straightener is a handy tool—think of a hair straightener. It works the same way. It is either a heated brush or comb. Pick the one that best suits your beard type.

If you have a thick or long beard, the brush may be a better option. The heated grooming tool gently untangles and smooths hair follicles without any tugging or pulling.


Blow Dryer

Did you know you can use a blow dryer on your beard? Chances are there is one in your house. Using the medium setting and holding the dryer about six inches away, slowly comb through the tangles as the beard dries.

Keep moving back and forth evenly across the beard to prevent one side from curling up.


Beard Relaxing Cream

Beard Relaxing Cream

Some beard relaxing creams do contain chemicals, but you can find all-natural products that moisturize while straightening.

A helpful tip to remember is if the cream burns or irritates your skin, switch to another brand.

Apply the relaxing crème throughout your beard and follow the product directions. Rinse your face and slowly comb out any tangles. You can also use a blow dryer to speed up the process.


Beard Balm

If you have ever wondered how some men get their beards soft and manageable, chances are it is from a balm. It’s a conditioner for your beard.

The balms contain natural ingredients like shea butter that hydrate coarse facial hair. Your beard will look and feel soft, without any annoying tangled curls or stray hairs.


Which Beard Relaxer Should You Buy?

The only downside of having options is making a choice. When you are choosing a beard relaxer, think about your type of facial hair. You also want to consider beard length and how much time you want to put into maintenance.

Thick Beards

Thick beards are a pain to comb through, and you may need to combine products. It depends on the hair’s coarseness.

Coarse beards respond best to beard balm, along with a blow dryer or beard straightening tool. If you still have problems getting a comb through the curls, switch to a beard relaxing cream. You can follow up with a balm to prevent breakage.

Thin Beards

Beards that are thinner want to avoid chemical creams that can damage the hair follicle. Balms may also be too much. Your beard may end up looking oily and unwashed. It’s not the look you are trying to achieve.

Use either a blow dryer or a heated beard straightening tool. You can comb through the tangles and use the heat to smooth and style your beard.

Coarse Beards

You want to be careful which method you use with a coarse beard. The hair may already be brittle and break easily. A beard straightener combined with a beard balm will soften the hair so that you can easily comb through it.

The balm will moisturize your beard throughout the day gradually soften the hair follicles.

Short Beards

Your best choice depends on the hair type, along with how much time you want to spend combing your beard out. Creams and balms are faster, but sometimes a heated beard tool works better.

Long Beards

It comes down to how much time you want to spend combing your beard. If you have a long, thick beard, cream or balm will shorten your grooming time. Thin beards will want to use a beard straightening tool. A blow dryer will also work, but you may miss some of the curls.


Do Beard Relaxers Work?

Pros and Cons of Beard Relaxers

Ask almost any guy with facial hair that uses a beard relaxer, and they will agree that these products work. Their beards are sleek and smooth, and best of all, they didn’t spend hours trying to untangle their facial hair.

Even though the products are effective and may even improve your beard’s health, you may hear a reason or two why you want to avoid relaxing your beard.

Before you apply anything to your beard, it’s a good idea to know the good and the bad about the products. It took you a long time to grow your bread; you don’t want to ruin it.



Most beards have some curl, especially at the beginning. It takes a lot of time and effort to straighten it every morning. The relaxer softens and straightens curls, so it only takes minutes to comb and style your beard.

Tames Stray Hairs

When you have a curly beard, there are constantly stray hairs getting in the way. They stick out at odd angles, and if your facial hair is long enough, get in your mouth. A beard straightener smooths and tames stray hairs giving you a well-groomed appearance.


Facial hair is coarse, and relaxers come with several moisturizing ingredients like apricot, kernel, and grapeseed, along with jojoba and argan oils. You may not notice the difference immediately, but your beard will be softer and more manageable over time.



Chemical Ingredients

Some beard straightening products contain harsh chemicals that can damage hair follicles. The chemicals can also irritate your skin, especially around the neck.

Not all relaxers list harsh ingredients; some use heat to straighten your curly beard, eliminating the risk for any adverse side effects.

Destroys Keratin

This only applies to chemical relaxers, not organic products. The chemicals can strip keratin from the hair follicle resulting in breakage.

Unnatural Looking Beard

The polished look isn’t for every guy. Some men prefer a more natural-looking beard. If you don’t want to see every hair in place, a beard straightening product probably isn’t for you.


How to Use a Beard Relaxer to Straighten a Beard

It’s effortless to use any type of beard relaxer. One thing you will need is a beard comb unless you are using a heated beard relaxer.

If it is your first time attempting to tame your beard, don’t worry. You won’t have any problems.

Beard Straighteners and Blow Dryers

How to Use a Beard Straightener

These methods work the same; the only difference is that a beard straightener comes with a brush or comb attached.

After washing your beard, take the heated brush or blow dryer and slowly start drying and combing your bread. Work your way around the beard and back again. If you concentrate in a single place, the other half of your beard will air dry. You end up with a smooth and curly side.


Beard Relaxing Cream

Beard relaxing cream is the opposite of getting a perm. You are removing the curls using chemicals. Apply the cream to your beard and follow the directions.

When it’s time, rinse the relaxing cream out and start combing out your beard.


Beard Balm

If you don’t mind applying the balm every day, it is a great way to keep thicker beards under control. Whenever you wash your beard, apply some balm, and comb the curls away. It’s easy to use, and most beard balms contain natural ingredients.



Whenever you are using a new product on your face, you want to take some precautions.

  • Keep blow dryers at least 6 inches away from your face and at a medium or low setting.
  • Never place a beard straightener against your skin. It can cause burns.
  • Before applying it to your beard, always test a chemical-based beard relaxer on a small patch of skin.

While beard relaxers work great, you want to be careful. Try it on a small part of your beard before going all in.


Do Beard Relaxers Damage a Beard?

Beard relaxers can damage a beard. The chemicals weaken hair follicles by stripping the protective keratin layer away, resulting in breakage. Heat applied repeatedly can cause the same problems.

It doesn’t mean you can’t straighten your beard; only you may need to add more moisturizer. A beard balm can help protect your beard and make it easier to maintain.



What Happens When the Beard Is Relaxed?

When the beard is relaxed, the curls are gone. Most beards grow in with some curl, especially at the beginning. Relaxing the beard gives it a smooth, neat appearance without having to trim any loose hairs.

Does Relaxing the Beard Enhance Beard Growth?

Relaxing doesn’t cause your beard to grow faster, but it does make it look longer. You are combing the curls out, so it can appear your beard grew in a few minutes.

The short answer is your beard doesn’t grow faster after using a relaxer.

Should I Buy a Beard Relaxer with Organic Ingredients?

Organic ingredients are always best in a beard relaxer. Harsh chemicals can damage your beard, sometimes beyond repair. Using an organic beard balm will keep the razor away, and your facial hair looking great.

Who Should Use a Good Beard Relaxing Cream?

Any man with facial hair can use a beard relaxing cream, but it is something to consider as your beard grows longer. You will start to notice odd growth patterns and patches of hair that won’t behave. Suddenly your beard has a life of its own.

You can prevent a wild beard by taking care of it early. It’s a common mistake men make. They ignore beard care in its early growth.

When you notice your beard is starting to curl, it’s time to start thinking about using a good beard relaxing cream. Before you grab the first product, think about the type of beard you have.



You are working hard at maintaining your beard. It takes a long time to grow one and a lot of patience. Your beard is finally getting close to your chin, and it is starting to do odd things.

Giving up on facial hair isn’t an option. You have a better one. A beard relaxer will keep your beard from curling and making it easy to maintain. With the right product, you can keep it under control.

Even though you want to start caring for your beard as soon as it starts growing, you don’t have to give up on your chest long hair. A beard relaxer can tame long beards.

Once you get your beard under control, you’ll feel like a new man with some help from a beard relaxer.

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