How to Do Goddess Braid? Step by Step Guide

You may have seen some beautiful braid styles that mimic Instagram’s chunky cornrows.  They’re called goddess braids, and because of their defensive properties and fun visuals, they’re one of the hottest hairstyles for natural and transitional hair. It’s important to remember, however, that this style is not something new. Goddess braids, as a sign of art and innovation, actually date back to ancient Africa. Click To Read More

How To Do Ghana Braids? Step by Step Guide

After the box braids, Ghana braids are the most common African hairstyle. And just like the former, the latter also has deeply rooted African cultures and traditions within them. As we now know them today, Ghana braids also went by the names of cornrows, banana braids, etc. Although these are traditional African hairstyles, they are still growing increasingly popular every day, within and outside their community. In Africa, hairstyles distinguish between the tribes, religion, wealth, and marital status. In some countries, braids were the form of communication. For braids, women usually have thick hairs, and they use tree barks and oils to uphold the hairstyle. In Africa, the hairstyle was considered as a significant and symbolic part of the different communities. Members of royalty often wear elaborate hairstyle as a symbol of their stature. Hair was also seen as the symbol of fertility; long thick hair symbolizes the ability to bear healthy daughters. Different hairstyle pattern was made during weddings and social ceremonies and for war preparations. The members of the tribes were easily identified by their hairstyle patterns.   Click To Read More

How to grow long and healthy hair

With so many different types of hair care products on the market, it’s easy to become confused about how to choose the best hair care routine for your particular type of hair. You may even feel like trying every hair product under the sun in hopes of achieving the results you’re looking for. Don’t get yourself into that trap – it’s not possible! Instead, use a simple list of basic tips to learn how to maintain your hair’s health and beauty. We got your homework done and collected all the information you need. Click To Read More

How to do Individual Braids? Step by Step Guide

People do a lot of things to look stylish and fashionable in today’s time. They invest their resources into buying things that would help them feel good. But, there is one thing that does not need much investment and suits everybody differently. It is the hairstyle that a person wears. There are various textures of hair, and accordingly, one has to choose which hairstyle would suit them the best. Among all the ways people can style their hair, one of them is the most loved, the braids. Click To Read More

Dyson Hair Styling Tools Review

Hairstyling products can include hair irons (flat and curling irons), hairdryers, flat and round hair brushes, hair rollers, diffusers, and different types of scissors. The use of the product to add texture, shine, curl, volume, or hold to a specific style may also involve hairdressing.

Types of Hair Styling Tools

Hairstyling equipment that helps build hairstyles consist of:

Hair Irons

A hair iron is a tool used with the aid of heat to alter the hair structure. There are three general types: curling tongs used to make the hair curly, also known as curling iron; straighteners used to straighten the hair, also known as flat iron; and crimpers used to produce tiny crimps in the hair.

Hair Dryers

An electromechanical system designed to blow cool or hot air over wet or damp hair to enhance the evaporation of water particles and dry the hair is a hand dryer, hairdryer, or blow dryer. By accelerating and regulating the formation of temporary hydrogen bonds within each strand, blow dryers allow you to manage the shape and style of hair in a better way. These hydrogen bonds are very strong (enabling hair shaping to be stronger than even the sulfur bonds produced by permanent waving products); however, they are temporary and highly susceptible to moisture. With a single wash of hair, they vanish.

Hair Brushes

Brushes are mainly used to manage and detangle long hair, but it can also be used on shorter hair. A flat brush is usually used after sleep to unwind clean and tidy hair; a round brush is usually used for styling and curling hair, especially by a professional stylist and a blowdryer. A paddle brush is used to simple straighten hair, but not all of them work; they are generally used on untidy, messy hair. A hairbrush is also helpful for removing loose hair and increasing circulation to the hair.


Scissors or shears are cutting hand-operated tools. They consist of a pair of linked metal blades in such a manner that the blades touch and cut. Scissors are used for cutting various thin materials like metal foil, paper, cardboard, thin plastic, fabric, cord, and wire. For cutting hair and fruit, scissors may also be used.


A comb is a tool made of solid plastic, normally smooth, always dented, and used to straighten and clean hair or other hair care fibers. Combs are among the oldest instruments found by archaeologists, discovered from settlements dating back to 5000 years ago in Persia in very polished shapes.

Hair Rollers

A small roller with velcro is used for styling and curling hair, and a blowdryer is usually a hair roller. However, the harm caused to hair by extensive heat application is well known, and a range of substitutes, heat-free hair rollers have been developed for the market.


A ribbon or riband is a thin band of flexible material. Usually cloth but also plastic or sometimes metal, used for ribbon cutting silk, sometimes used in dress, but often used for countless useful, ornamental, and symbolic purposes; in their hair, around the body, or even as ornamentation on animals, houses, and other places, cultures around the globe use this device. Ribbon, on par with twine, is also often used as a box sealer.

Let’s Review Dyson Hair Styling Tools One By One Click To Read More

Best Homemade Hair Conditioners from Local Products

Dry hair is a major problem a fraction of people face every day. This is the reason you should constantly take care of your hair. Dry hair looks frizzy, dull and is prone to damage. The good thing about dry hair is that it can be moisturized by using a hair conditioner. You will notice a change in your hair appearance a few days after using a conditioner. It will improve it texture and appearance if a hair conditioner becomes part of your life.

Hair conditioner is expensive if frequently purchased for personal use. Opt for the homemade hair conditioners if you are limited on cash and want to regularly moisturize your hair. There are plenty of local materials you can use to come up with an effective hair conditioner.

What Is A Hair Conditioner?

Hair conditioner is one of the hair products that can improve the appearance, texture and health of hair strands. It can come as sprays, lotions, creams or from local products. Hair conditioners should be used after washing your hair with shampoo to efficiently work when applied on the hair. You can leave hair conditioner on the hair or wash it off after a while.

There is no limit on the number of times you can use hair conditioner. It can be used as frequently as possible. Long hair requires more hair conditioner when compared to short hair.

How Does A Hair Conditioner Perform Its Functions? Click To Read More

How To Do Pigtail Braids? Step by Step Guide

There’s nothing cuter and funnier than little girls with pigtails. Most of the girly hairstyles with pigtails involve braids with ribbons and lovely front ties, or any cute twists. These hairstyles often look intricate and are also simpler ones, suitable for any person to start. Pigtails are also generally referred to as twin tails are quite popular among the Japanese, particularly in anime and manga society. These days pigtail braids are quite popular and used by many stars and fashion/beauty bloggers. The pigtail may or may not be plaited depending upon the person’s preference. However, it is one of the best choices for young girls and kids. The super lightweight, a modest yet stylish hairstyle brings a charming look to your collection of hairstyles without much effort and experience. Click To Read More

How to Do Knotless Braids – Step By Step Process

Women are judged by the hairstyle they choose for their head. This is why they should choose a marvelous hairstyle that will display their beauty. While still choosing an excellent hairstyle, it is important to protect your hair from damage. Knotless braids style is becoming famous each day. It is fashionable and can be personalized to bring out a unique look.

A large percentage of women find it easy to style on their own or by their stylist. Knotless braids can easily be converted into either a casual or official look. It is the main reason it should be your top choice when looking for a cool braid for your head.

What Are Knotless Braids?

Knotless braids can be defined as three strand braid that has twist. Your hair should be long enough to hold braid without hurting your scalp. Hair should also be divided into either triangle or square parts. This is what makes it easy to plait this braids because you will be handling one section of the head at a time.


feed in braid method Click To Read More

10 Best Foil Razors – Choose the Best One As Per Your Needs

Electric Shavers are used mostly by the men today as it offers convenience and comfort among the regular razors. They come in two flavors, namely foil and rotary. Wet/dry shavers can be applied in the shower or dehydrated skin, while dry shavers can’t be utilized with water. Different models of brands are intended to be practiced only on the face, while some can be used to remove extra hair from other parts of the body too. Battery-powered or cordless designs can be beneficial, but corded designs will nevermore be out of charge as hard even if you aren’t near a socket. The available shaver handles various hair lengths, and the performance of the stainless blade will decide the best foil shaver as per your needs.

Advantages Of Using A Foil Razor

  • Easy to use and are the most suitable choice for anyone who shaves daily.
  • Perfect shave for your whole face or just touch up your whiskers, sideburns, or mustache.
  • Provide a closer shave than rotary razors by using sharp oscillating blades that move sideways at high speeds.
  • Place it under running water or use a cleaning station to remove stuck hair and cream after shaving purposes.

How To Choose The Best Foil Razor?

Buying a shaver, though, seems easy, but one needs one to be careful with the features. As every brand uses several new features, there exist certain vital elements to check before choosing your foil razor, as mentioned below.

1. Ergonomic Design

For a shaving device, the most mandator feature is the ease of handling it during the process. The user should experience a superior holding for better control when shaving. It is advisable to choose narrow body designs to maneuver to reach different body areas easily.

2. Wet/Dry

People are mostly aware of the only dry shaving devices. However, many models are ideal and safe to use on wet hair as designed by the manufacturers. The wet models are safe and a perfect choice for people with sensitive skin, while the latest shavers com with both wet or dry.

3. Sharp Blades

Shaver’s consisting of foil shaving heads has the most suitable use as they easily adjust to configure the body contours while trimming long hair. The metal foil prevents razor and skin contact, and their gliding action allows precise shave for daily use. The sharpness of the blades can be maintained as per the frequency of your shaving.

4. Corded/Cordless

The wall plugged chargers are cordless that indicates the need for a charging socket to use them. This restricts grooming your beard to limited places. However, Cordless shavers are an alternative to use instead of the old corded chargers. They use rechargeable or disposable batteries, while others have inbuilt batteries for recharging. It is advisable to look for a rechargeable shaver with the most potent and durable battery.

Now, in this guide, we have discussed the 10 best foil razors that provide a clean look to your fine hair!

1. Remington WSF4810US


Remington WSF4810US offers a flexible and simple shave to make your legs and underarms look graceful. The shaver provides additional options with three curved blades, particularly designed to give you a more enjoyable shave in hard-to-reach build areas within both wet and dry circumstances. It comes with a protecting comb to protect your pores and skin from inflammation, scratches, and skin rashes.

This foil electric razors use oscillating blades under a steel cover to effectively cut facial hair. The razors can be migrated from back and forth at great speed to cut the hair that points through the small holes in the foil. This allows choosing a close shave and is perfect for different hair types. It enables shaving more instantly, with the straight edge offering shaving your beard and sideburns more comfortably. They are easy to clean and maintain, while most electric razors are intended to be used for dry shaving only. This Remington model supports both wet and dry shaving and can be used in the shower with shaving cream or gel, opt as the razor is completely waterproof. It is advisable to choose an electric razor that contributes an ample run time on a full battery charge for better shaving. At least 45 minutes of shave time is granted, which is enough for most men’s shaving essentials after complete charging.


  • Automatic Shut-off
  • Cordless and 3 Blade Shaver Fast
  • Quick Charge


  • A close shave is not obtainable

2. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver


The Remington F5-5800 comes without frills and is a must requirement for providing a smooth, clean shave. You can get it in a black and charcoal finish with an easy on/off button promising a great shave, with just fewer passes. This indicates easy shaving for you, especially in the morning bustle, even when you haven’t shaved for two or three days. This shaver efficiently manages your previous and longer growth. There are steel foils that rotate and travel with the profiles of your face. One of the main characteristics is the capacity to use the shaver, both cordless and corded. For amazing grooming, a pop-up trimmer is located on the back of the shaver. There’s no travel lock system, and the power button is projected so that it would likely turn on by accident.

The LED fuel standard offers help to know if your Remington shaver needs a charge to operate it. One full battery charge allows shaving for around sixty minutes that is considerable for an entire week or more. Even if you do a quick five-minute charge, a lot of cordless shaving time is feasible to use the device. It comes with a battery indicator on the top of the shaver, which is found useful to have a look at the remaining percent of charging. The shaver is also recognized as an excellent option for superiors who are not well-versed in the new rechargeable shaving technology.


  • Battery life
  • LED fuel gauge
  • Reasonable


  • The razor head is loose

3. Braun Electric Razor for Men


If you prefer daily shaving to groom the look, Braun electric razor is a convenient option for an electric shaver. They are known for safety, efficiency, and versatility in the style and design, which attracts most of the men. Braun’s top products always launch the most outstanding electric shaving products with exceptional features on the market. One of those electric shavers that allows you to finish shaving in a little amount of time. A double edge common safety razor usually takes 10 or 15 to provide a close shave, unlike the electric shavers that complete the task instantly.

Braun electric shavers are incredibly portable and can be carried anywhere while allowing a last-minute shave before an important meeting or some other occasion. There is no need to worry about any cuts or irritations observed with the normal single-blade razor because the brand designs the blades with high stainless steel technology. Its unique feature is the capability to choose one of the three forms that best suit your skin and technique ranging from extra Sensitive to intense. As these shavers charge very fast, you can shave even in a hurry while your battery is dead!


  • Minimal noise
  • Dry and Wet shaving
  • Quick Charging


  • Bulkier design

4. SUPRENT Electric Foil Shaver


It is observed that in many cases, shaving beards and whiskers are intolerable while using blunt shavers. The Suprent men’s shaver is effective and suitable for delivering a cool shave. With 3 loose blades and 2 cellular sheets, the razor doesn’t cause skin rashes or razor burns, giving smooth skin. The stainless steel blades used in the shaver are amazing and resistant to rusting and corrosion. It also offers great safety, unlike other devices without a locking feature to prevent unintentional turning-on the device. This not only guarantees protection but also assists in maintaining your battery. There is a precision trimmer that offers to style your beard and sideburn. The aesthetic design makes it comfortable to hold and use during the process, and sharp blades give easy to shape.

An additional trimmer is available in the pack for shaping the beard and finishing the work quickly. Even the maintenance and cleaning of the tool is super easy by holding it under running water and tapping it a few times to remove any extra hair stuck between the blades. It is recommended as a good shaver as it comprises a floating 3-blades system independently to follow all facial contours, even the jaw, and collar. Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery reserves 70 minutes of constant operation time on a single charge. It can be charged in 5 five minutes for a quick or urgent shave. An unusual slide lock switch bypasses completely travel misoperation after pressing the switch to open.


  • Independent 3 blade system
  • Easy maintenance
  • Highly Portable


  • Quickly becomes hot

5. Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women


Panasonic ES2207P has some special qualities that differentiate other electric shavers for women in the market. There are several valuable characteristics available with this version removing all types of hair from head to toe, bikini to beard, even in moist conditions.

The technology of this electric razor is designed to shave in more limited time. Adjustable moving heads are available with the electric shaver and come as 2 in 1 trimmer. The three freely gliding adaptable pivoting heads slide effectively to discover your particular legs, arms, under the arms, and bikini areas with the built-in pop-up trimmer. It is Wet and dry waterproof shaver that allows comfortable shaving in or out of the shower during the hectic daily schedule.

Safely shave is enured to your sensitive skin due to the high quality of hypoallergenic stainless steel blades while avoiding inflammation during the shaving and trimming process. There are 3 heads of this electric clipper that can simply exchange float down and up separately. This unique ability makes it possible to reach all of the hair thrice in just one blow, even at different angles. The stainless steel blades are adequate and last for a long period with its powerful motor offering 10 shaves for every full charge. It is noted that the tool uses only 3 minutes for a single shave. Panasonic ES2207P is considered as the best electric shavers for women with maximum positive reviews from the users.


  • Wet and dry shaver
  • Easy to use
  • Exceptional Features


  • Battery life is not good

6. Surker Bald Head Shaver

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