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21 Trendy Bridesmaid Hairstyles with Braids in 2024

Wedding season is just around the corner, and if you’re a bridesmaid, you know that finding the perfect hairstyle to complement your dress is just as important as finding the right shoes.

In recent years, one of the most popular styles for bridesmaids is incorporating braids into their hairstyles.

So, today we’ve rounded up some cool bridesmaid hairstyles with braids. 

Stylish Bridesmaid Hairstyles with Braids

Braids are versatile and beautiful, and practical, as they can help keep your hair in place throughout the long day of festivities.

From loose bohemian braids to sleek and sophisticated updos, here are some bridesmaid hairstyle ideas for you.

1. Ethereal Bridesmaid Hairstyle With Side Braid

long braided hairstyle for bridesmaids

We love this bridesmaid hairstyle. It is soft, romantic, and ethereal – a perfect hairstyle for an outdoor wedding.

Wisps of hair frame the face, and then the rest of her hair is styled over one shoulder with a large side braid and a few delicate flowers. It’s such a pretty bridesmaid hairstyle.

2. Turn Your Hair Into A Flower Design

waterfall braids for bridesmaids

For a unique and interesting bridesmaid hairstyle, braid your hair around the crown of your head to the other side and then use other strands of hair to create a flower.

It’s a decorative wedding hairstyle that will WOW everyone. Unique and unexpected but so cool.

3. An Elegant Bridesmaid Updo

braided updo for bridesmaids

Wow! This bridesmaid hairstyle is incredible. A full updo with the hair braided uniquely creates a romantic and elegant wedding hairstyle.

4. Elegant Bridesmaid Hairstyle With Fishtail Braid

long braided hairstyle for bridesmaids

This sweet and feminine bridesmaid wedding hairstyle is perfect for any type of wedding, especially outdoor affairs.

A beautiful fishtail braid is styled down the back, with lots of volume and wispy tendrils of hair around the face giving it a soft and effortless look.

The perfect little hair accessory is added to the braid to complete the elegant look.

5. Bridesmaid Hairstyle For Black Bridesmaid

wedding hairstyle with braids for black bridesmaids

This stunning bridesmaid hairstyle for an African American woman features small, thin braids cascading down her back, with a delicate headband adding a touch of elegance to the look.

The braids are intricately woven and styled to create a beautiful texture and movement that adds volume to the hair.

The overall effect is both sophisticated and stylish, making this a wonderful choice for any bridesmaid looking for a beautiful and timeless hairstyle.

6. Dramatic Orange Red Wedding Updo With Braid

braided bun for bridesmaids

This bold and striking bridesmaid hairstyle features a gorgeous orange-red hair color that is sure to turn heads.

The hair is styled in a chic and elegant braid that is swept to the side, creating a dramatic effect.

The braid is then artfully woven into a low bun in the back, creating a romantic and glamorous look.

The bold hair color adds a touch of excitement and energy to the look, while the sleek and sophisticated styling ensures that this hairstyle will complement any dress or outfit.

7. Bridesmaid Hairstyle With Two Fishtail Braids

braided hairstyle for little bridesmaids

This beautiful bridesmaid hairstyle features a classic middle part and two long fishtail braids, one draped over each shoulder.

The braids are meticulously woven, creating a sense of intricate detail and texture that is both stunning and romantic. 

To add a touch of whimsy and femininity to the look, pink flowers have been woven into the braids, creating a beautiful accent that perfectly complements the hairstyle.

8. A Beautiful Updo With Voluminous Braid

front braided hairstyle for bridesmaids

This bridesmaid has her hair loosely tousled for a classic and elegant look, and a thick braid crosses the middle of her head.

Combined with her soft and sultry makeup, this lovely wedding day look will stand the test of time. Romantic, elegant, and oh-so-pretty.

9. Knotless Box Braid For African American Bridesmaids

knotless box braided hairstyle for bridesmaids

This stunning bridesmaid hairstyle for an African American woman features medium-thickness braids that flow down her back, creating a sense of sophistication.

The hair is styled elegantly and relaxed, with a touch of effortless beauty that is sure to turn heads.

10. A Romantic Bridesmaid Hairstyle With Braid & Flowers

wedding braids for bridesmaids with medium hair

We love this wedding day look! A beautifully styled wedding updo that’s giving us all the romantic and elegant vibes.

Her bangs are swept to the side and tucked into a low bun with dainty flowers, and baby’s breath flower pinned above it.

And the perfect braid goes across the top of her head, down the side, and into the bun. With a few wispy tendrils framing the face to complete the utmost level of romance.

11. Fishtail Braid Going Up The Back With A High Bun

reverse french braids for bridesmaids

This gorgeous bridesmaid hairstyle features a stunning auburn hair color that is both warm and rich.

The hair is styled in a fishtail braid that runs up the back of her head, creating a sense of drama and elegance.

The braid is woven tightly, with a sense of precision and artistry that adds texture and depth to the hair.

At the crown of the head, the braid is woven into a high bun, creating a sense of height and volume that is both chic and sophisticated.

12. Long Bridesmaid Hairstyle With Hair Styled Into Flowers & Braids

half up braided hairstyle for bridesmaids

This stunning bridesmaid hairstyle features a beautiful, unique design that will turn heads.

The hair is styled into three intricate flower shapes at the crown of her head, creating a sense of elegance and beauty.

Each flower is carefully crafted with a delicate touch, using the hair to create a stunning, intricate romantic, modern design. 

Two long decorative braids hang down from the flower-styled hair, creating a beautiful and romantic effect that is both soft and flowing.

13. Sophisticated Wedding Updo With Milkmaid Braids

braided updo for bridesmaids

This gorgeous bridesmaid hairstyle features a milkmaid braid that runs across the back of her head.

The braid is woven with precision and care, creating a beautiful texture that adds depth and volume to the hair. The rest of the hair is styled into a loose and romantic low bun, with a few wispy strands.

14. A Unique & Decorative Bridesmaid Hairstyle

fishtail braids for bridesmaids

For a traditional and modern bridesmaid hairstyle with a trendy vibe, go with this braided updo.

It has many different hairstyle techniques, creating a beautiful and unique bridesmaid hairstyle.

15. Half-Up, Half-Down Bridesmaid Hairstyle With Milkmaid Braid

half up braids for bridesmaids

A beautiful bridesmaid hairstyle features long, luxurious locks half up and half down, complemented by a milkmaid braid around the crown of her head.

This look is perfect for outdoor weddings and can be accessorized with a decorative headband or a few strategically placed flowers to add a personal touch. 

The soft, romantic curls in the back frame the face and draw attention to the intricate styling of the milkmaid braid.

This versatile look will make any bridesmaid feel beautiful and confident on the big day!

16. Stunning Bridesmaid Hairstyle With Pull Through Braid High Ponytail

pull through braids for bridesmaids

This look features a high ponytail with a glamorous pull-through braid that gives it an added touch of glamour.

The sides are pulled back and secured in the ponytail, while the top is teased slightly to give it extra volume.

17. Headband Braid and Babys Breath

headband braids for bridesmaids

Looking for a simple wedding hairstyle for long hair? Here you go! A gentle and soft curl is added to the bottom of her long locks.

A dainty headband braid goes across the top of her head, and a little sprig of baby’s breath flower completes the look. It’s sweet and simple.

18. Glamorous Bridesmaid Hairstyle With Big Braid

mermaid braided hairstyle for bridesmaids

For a glamorous wedding look, wear a thick, loosely tousled braid. It’s super stylish, fun, and elegant.

19. Side Braids

side braided hairstyle for bridesmaids

It’s a trendy and glamorous bridesmaid hairstyle. The hairstyle combined a few different braiding techniques to achieve the look.

A new take on the milkmaid braid goes across the top and into a bubble braid side pony. Simply stunning.

20. Milkmaid Braided Updo

braided updo for bridesmaids

We love how this style combines the elegance and tradition of a classic updo with the trendy milkmaid braid and loose tendrils framing the face.

21. Halo Braid Hairstyle For Bridesmaids

crown braids for bridesmaids

A halo braid is a perfect way to give your bridesmaids an elegant yet modern look. This hairstyle features a classic halo braid around the crown of the head, with long locks cascading down the sides and back of the head.

The beauty of this style is that it will look great on any type of hair, from stick straight to wavy tresses.

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So, if you’re a bridesmaid looking to create a beautiful and unforgettable look, don’t hesitate to experiment with different braided hairstyles to create a look that truly reflects your unique style and personality.

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