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4 Types of Crown Braids – Learn How to do These Hairstyles

Is uniqueness your style? If yes, you are on the right platform. This platform gives you the opportunity to check out four different types of crown braids.

In addition to these, you will have in-depth step by step guidance on how to adopt any of these four hairstyles. Let us check them out:


How to Do Crown Braid

Crown Braids
A crown braid hairstyle is also referred to as a halo braid. This hairstyle is famous for ladies attending a prom or dance event. Crown braid hairstyle is also comfortable. This is one perfect reason on why you should consider it.

There are three different ways you can design a crown braid hairstyle. Avoid washing your hair immediately before adopting this hairstyle. Wet hair might become difficult to plait.

First Technique

Proceed and draw a line on your head. This line should extend from top to bottom. Additionally, this line should divide your hair into two sections.

Use a hair clip to hold still one of the sides while working on the other side. Work on one side at a time to attain some sort of order. It also helps you manage any loose hair.

Form at least three hair strands on either the right or left nape of your neck. Commence and plait either a Dutch or French braid. Your braids should go beneath each other. Don’t over-tighten your braids or you will be uncomfortable. Use a headband to hold your braids if it is not yet complete.

Shift attention on the right nape of your neck and plait it. It should look exactly the same as what you have done on the left side.

The final step entails creating the crown. One braid from the right side of the head should be directed towards the left. Use a bobby pin to hold this braid still. Similarly, take one braid from the left side of the head and direct it towards the right side. You should also use a bobby pin to hold this braid still.


Second Technique

The second crown braid designing technique commences by grabbing a section of hair immediately above your left ear. Swiftly divide this hair into three sections. You are free to use an elastic or hairband on each section.

Plait these three sections to form a braid. You can either design a Dutch or French braid. Your braid should be tight enough in order to attain the crown look.

Repeat the same procedure with hair immediately above your right ear. Pull one of the braids and direct it towards the back. Use a pin to tuck this braid into this position. At this point, the crown should be visible in a circular pattern.

Place the other braid and place it against the first braid. Feel free to use a pin to hold the position of this braid.


Third Technique

Finally, the last technique entails directing hair on one side of the head. It can be either the right or left side. Swiftly take hair in terms of two pieces before plaiting them.

Plaiting two hair strands is simple and easy when compared to using three hair strands. Therefore, you will have an easy and simple time designing this hairstyle. There is no limit on the size of braids to form.

It all depends on what you want to attain at the end. Plait your hair up to the tail end. Finalize this hairstyle by tucking the edges of your hairstyle beneath your braids.


How to Do Fishtail Crown Braid

How to do Fishtail Crown Braid
Do you find the fishtail crown braid hairstyle a bit complicated? If yes, we will give you step by step details on how to design this hairstyle.

Always start off by adding either a texturing spray or a dry shampoo. These hair applicants enhance the general look and texture of your hair. Additionally, it simplifies the braiding process.
Move on and subdivide your hair into two main sections. It is simpler if you design two pigtails on your head.

Use hair clips or headbands to hold each pigtail still. Form two strands on each section. You will use these two hair strands to form your fishtail crown braid. Focus on one section at a time. It can be either that on the right or left side of the head.

Carry on and grab the two strands on both sides of the head. Swiftly plait your hair until you attain a gorgeous braid. You will end up forming a fishtail. There is no limit in terms of your braid size. Simply choose a reasonable size while designing your fishtail.

Repeat the exact same procedure with the other section. Afterward, direct one of the pigtails above your head. There is no guidance on which pigtail you should choose. It is up to you to identify the most appropriate one.

Use bobby pins to pin your pigtail in place. Take the second pigtail and direct it beneath the first pigtail. The two pigtails should end up forming a crown. You should also use bobby pins to hold the second braid in place. Feel free to enhance your looks with hairspray.


How to Do Braided Flower Crown Hair

How to Do Braided Flower Crown Hairstyle
Braided flower crown hairstyle is one of the highly ranked hairstyles worth trying out. They guarantee you both an elegant and rustic look. There are numerous reasons why women love braided flower crown hairstyles. First, it presents you with a lot of designing options.

Therefore, you are assured of uniqueness when you step out in the open. In addition to these, women with short, medium and long hair can try out this hairstyle.

Start off by side parting a section of your hair. Using the right comb will get the job done within a short period. A good comb also helps maintain your hair. The length of your hair and its texture are the factors that determine the kind of comb you are going to use.

Go on and start plaiting your hair from the sides. It can be either the right or left side of the head. Your sideways hair should be divided into three braids before plaiting. Use these three hair strands to plait your hair.

Your middle hair strand shouldn’t move when you are plaiting your hair. It should support the other two hair strands. You are encouraged to use bobby pins to hold your hair still. Use your braids to form a half down half-up ponytail.

Finally, use a flower headband. There are numerous flower headbands to choose from. Choose the one that fulfills your needs.


How to Do Halo Braid

How to do Halo Braid
Do you love crown braids hairstyle? If yes, consider this beautiful and magnificent hairstyle. This is one of the few hairstyles that can be used on both informal and formal occasions. So, what is the process of designing this hairstyle?

It all starts by combing your hair. This helps remove any form of knots and tangles on your head. Your hair should always be combed when your hair is dry. You should also part your hair into two sections. Shift your attention to the right side of the entire parting.

Carry on and further divide your hair into three strands. Plait this hair to form a Dutch braid. Feel free to choose the size you desire your braids to look like. There is no limit on the braid size to adopt on your head.

Plait your hair until it is almost impossible to hold with your hands. Go on and focus your attention on the other part. Divide the selected side into three hair strands. Afterward, plait your hair in order to attain a similar look.

Use a hairband to hold till the end of your braids. A clear elastic hairband is recommended as it doesn’t attract attention. Use the end of your braids to form a halo. Bobby pins are recommended to help hold your braids intact as placed. Feel free to use a hair spray to enhance the looks of your hair.

Choose any of the above hairstyles today and attain a glamorous look.

Crown Braids