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Is There Any Benefit of Braiding Hair at Night Before Bed?

If you’re asking yourself if there is any benefit of braiding hair at night before bed, the answer is yes.

Probably you’ve already heard something about braiding your hair before sleeping, or you might have even tried that already, maybe resulting in a curly pattern in the morning.

That is the most visible instant effect of braiding your hair before bed, but if you’re looking for other benefits, this article is for you.

What Are the Benefits of Braiding Your Hair Before Sleeping?

braid waves
Braid Waves, Model – Ina Shan, Photographer – Magic key one

Braiding your hair before bed helps to reduce frizz, and prevents tangling, the formation of split ends, breakage, and the thinning of the hair caused by friction.

My grandma, who had the most voluminous and beautiful hair in our family, always used to braid her hair before sleeping. She was also using a natural hair brush to detangle it. So these beauty tips go a long while back in time.  

Before braiding your hair you’ll need to carefully detangle it. Make sure your hair is well-dried before combing it, as hair is more sensitive when it is wet. You can use a detangling mist if needed, or leave-in oils, suitable for your hair type, on the length of your hair (mostly at ends), too.

Plus, using silky bedding and wearing satin or silk sleepwear, would complete the anti-breakage defense, and you’ll sleep like a beautiful princess, or prince, while your happy hair would keep growing and glowing.

More than that, in the morning you’ll have a nice curly or wavy hairstyle. You can also play with the size of curls you want to have, by making smaller or larger braids.

How Should You Braid Your Hair?

braiding hair before sleeping

You don’t need to do super stylish braids if you just do them for the purpose of taking care of your hair, and you’ll unbraid them in the morning (except when sleeping in public… kidding.).

They don’t need to be too tense, and you don’t need to use any styling product, but you can use some live-in conditioner, oils, or anything that is suitable for your hair type and would help nourish, and hydrate your hair.

So, if you’re about to go to bed, follow these steps:

  1. Carefully brush your hair, starting with the ends and gradually moving higher. Use a detangling spray if necessary. 
  2. Apply nourishing products, according to your hair type (oils, live-in conditioners, etc.)
  3. Depending on how many braids you want to have (I would suggest two), part your hair and then start braiding the three-stand braids. French or Dutch braids would be perfect, but if you can’t braid on your scalp, basic braids would also help.
  4. Use satin hair ties for securing the ends if you can. Cotton is also better than rubber bands or plastic ones.

Now that you know how and why to braid your hair before bed, let’s see why you should not do this. 

If you don’t want your hair to be wavy or curly in the morning, braiding your hair at night is not for you. It won’t help if in the morning you’ll need to use a hair straightener because of that. However, if you’ll be washing your hair in the morning, that would be cool. 

Also, braiding your hair excessively tight would rather damage than help.


Would braiding hair at night before bed make my hair grow longer?

Yes, as it prevents your hair from breakage and split ends, it would help your hair grow longer and healthier.

Should I sleep with my hair braided every night?

Yes, if you want it to help your hair, you should make a habit of it, as braiding your hair before bed only once would not help.

In conclusion, braiding your hair at night before bed has multiple benefits, making it an amazing hack of hair care. Keep loving your hair!

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