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25 Unique Dutch Braids Hairstyles for Every Occasions

Braids have always made for an interesting and playful look, and you can try a new style every day if you wish. Some are easy, some are complex, while some require four hands to get right. But with a bit of time and practice, you’ll be able to style your hair in as many dutch braid styles as possible.

Let us help you become the fun, fabulous version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be. Your hair is the gateway to expressing the best version of yourself, and finding the right style will let you do that.


Dutch Braids for A Fun Look

Take a look at the styles below, and you’re sure to find something you’re going to fall in love with.

1. Simple Double Braids

girl with two dutch braids

This is a totally classic dutch braid hairstyle. The hair has a lot of volume on top and is combined back, and the two are large and loose, hanging over the shoulders in a very fun style. It’s a wonderful look for everyday occasions, but you could definitely wear it to a party, too.


2. Long Elegant Side Decoration

thick dutch braid

This look will look wonderful on formal occasions. It’s so perfectly elegant, and it starts on one side of the head and wraps around to reach the other side. It then falls over one shoulder perfectly.

There are several pinched points in the hair that create some texture as it’s pulled into the style, which has large sections that make it look fabulous.’


3. Thick Blonde Braids

double dutch braids

Want to try a trendier and more modern version of the classic dutch braids hairstyle?

The hair here is pulled back and styled against the scalp from the front to the back of the head, and they hang down the back of the head wonderfully. The blonde mixed with brown makes them appear even trendier.


4. Tight Fishtail Braids

dutch braid for blonde hair

Want to try something different? Try this hairstyle. The braid starts with the dutch style at the crown of the head. The thin ones turn into a longer and thicker fishtail on each side of the head as the hair disappears behind the ears. It’s a very unique look.


5. Braids into Bun

dutch braid styles for women

Why not try something a cross between classic and trendy? The thick braid is pulled back from the side and formed into a twisted bun. It’s a fun but slightly complex style for everyday wear.


6. Criss-Crossing Hairdo

dutch braid with red hair

This unique hairdo is one going from the left to the right side of the head near the front, then there’s a parting. The next starts on the right of the head and follows a zig-zag pattern to the nape of the neck.


7. Single Thick Braid

dutch braid for ombre hair

It’s one simple hairstyle that starts at the crown of the head, and it has some of the fronts of the hair pulled back into it. It then goes down the back of the head and isn’t too tight to the scalp.


8. Blonde and Black Combo

thick double dutch braids for women

Something unique version of one of the earlier styles. The hair is parted right down the middle, and the thick ropes of hair are tight to the scalp from the front of the hair to the nape of the neck. A mixture of blonde and black hair is wrapped in them.


9. Bun With Flowers

dutch braid bun

 An elegant dutch braid hairstyle that’s fit for a wedding or another formal event. The look starts at the hairline and stays close to the head down to the nape of the neck, and they’re joined with a nice little floral display.


10. Full Head Mini Plaits

dutch braid cornrows

Instead of being one or two large braids, this hairstyle is a full head of mini ones that go from the hairline to the nape of the neck. They finish in two small ponytails, and there’s some free hair under them. There’s some pink mixed into the ends.


11. Crown Braid and Corkscrew Curls

dutch braid crown

A perfect elegant style that’s fit for a wedding. The braid is more of an accent than the feature point of the style. It sits across one side of the head at the front, helping keep a group of corkscrew curls in place.


12. Casual Floral Side Look

dutch braid for long hair

Want to try a casual hairstyle? The sides of this are more relaxed, and a nice curl hangs by the face. Then it is decorated with a flower, so it could definitely work for a more formal event if desired.


13. Subtle Crown Braid

dutch braid for natural hair

These styled pieces of hair are tight to the head from the hairline and around the sides of the head.

They finish a few inches above the neck, and the ends of the hair are curled towards the ears. It’s a great dutch braid hairstyle to keep your hair out of your face while still looking amazing.


14. Wavy Short Hair

dutch braid for short hair

Casual hairstyles can be cool and edgy. Here the loose dutch crown braid pulls some of the hair off the face. It’s a very sweet everyday hairstyle that pairs well with a bob.


15. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

dutch braid for wavy hair

This hair is like the one above, mostly down. However, the braid is pulled from the front, around the side, and secured with a twist in the back. It looks very large and loosely done, and it’s decorated with a little snowflake clip.


16. Low Space Buns

dutch braid hairstyles
Instagram/@braidbabesislife and braidbabealyssa

Here’s a sweet variance on a style that focuses on the back of the head. The styled hair is pulled from the front and is tight to the head, but they’re very loose and large. They’re finished in little space buns at the nape of the neck.


17. Long Bow Braids

dutch braids for thick hair

This style has a cool twist to it as it looks wider than your typical dutch braid as they fall down the back, down to the waist. This is a great style to keep control of long, thick hair.


18. Under Braids

side dutch braid hairstyle

Here’s another style that has the hair down but plaited hair that runs underneath it. This style has two plaited pieces running along the side of the head with the rest of the hair down in large curls that hide the ends of the hair very neatly.


19. Bright Pink Centered Style

dutch braid for wavy pink hair

The bright pink color is definitely the focal point of this style, and the braid is part of that bright pinkness. It sits on top of the head, right on top of the darker roots, and runs from the hairline to the crown of the head.


20. Mini Space Buns

space buns with dutch braid

Here the pink color is the focus, and the focus pieces sit on top of a circle of brown roots. These dutch braids are short and finished in little space buns at the crown of the head, making for a sweet look.


21. Golden Decorated Red Hair

red dutch braids

Red and gold go well together, and this style has thick red hair going from the front of the head, tight to the scalp until the nape of the neck. The hair is decorated with little gold rings that look stunning.


22. Turquoise and White Crown

half up dutch braid hairstyles

These dutch braids have turquoise and white streaks in them, and they’re strategically made to feature those colors. Two large and two small pieces start at the front of the head and go back to the crown in a perfect crowning shape, finishing in a knot.


23. Huge Volumized Single Braid

thick dutch braid with blonde hair

The large blonde braid sweeps from the front to the back of the head and falls over one shoulder. Some light curls fall around the face, adding some further elegance to the look. This style would be great for weddings, but it’ll work for an event.


24. Messy Braided Ponytail

dutch braid ponytail

These loose waves are the center of attention here and form into the ponytail. The single dutch braid goes from the front of the head and settles into the ponytail style.


25. Wrap Around

dutch braid for curly hair

This wrap-around braid helps keep the loose curls out of the face as they cascade down the back. They’re very elegant and strategic. The balayage highlights add another dimension to this look,


Having the same hairstyle every day gets so boring. With these 25 looks, you can make sure that never happens again. You’re going to have a look that keeps you feeling fresh, young, and on-trend forever.

The dutch braid is one of the nicest styles out there, so you’re going to be overjoyed with how good you look when you master the styles on this list. And the world is going to love you for giving them something delightful to look at, too!

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