20 Beautiful Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Age is just a number and rightfully so. So when it comes to styling and fashion, no matter how old a woman is, she is always concerned to look presentable a beautiful.

However, as a woman ages, the option for styling gradually starts to lessen, and they find themselves served with almost very little to no choices at all. Be it dresses or hairstyles, they are always looking for the one that makes them look best.

Also, it is a fact that women always are so particular about their hairstyles. Hair serves as the most important element in one’s look, and so does styling it. Women, in the period they grow older and age – they crave to look beautiful as everything requires special attention.

There are varieties of hairstyles for women of any age. There arise several, hair-related problems as a woman ages. Always select the hairdos which will suit your face shape and hair type, which is the best idea.

When a woman reaches the age of 60, a lot should be kept in mind. The most important factor is that you need to follow an extremely balanced and proper diet, and this helps in the hair you have. Make sure you eat a proper diet comprised of fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains.

Being over 60 gives you the freedom to experiment, so don’t be afraid to try something new. As women growing up, the secretion of oils is decreased, and that leads to dry, thinning hair. So it is best to keep the short hairstyle for thin hair like Bob cuts, short shags, and chunky layered crop cuts.


Hair Styling Tips for Women Above 60:

  • It is best to dye hair regularly for greying hair. As hair color evolution, emphasizes are the best way to balance greying hair.
  • One simple way to experiment with different hair colors is to visit a wig store. Go ahead and try on some different styles and colors to see what looks good on you.
  • For women over 60, as the hair quality becomes a little rough at times, it is advisable not to use any hair spray or gel and mousse since it makes the hair coarser.
  • The best haircut for women over 60 is to keep the hair short as the short hairstyle is always manageable and easy on the maintenance part as well.


1. Curled Bob

Aging is always hard for many people in terms of confidence, hair, and body. Your hair changes from color, textures, and thinning.

You can come across a lot of treatments and care systems to keep up with these changes, but sometimes these things just get too much. And all you need is a fresh cut to cope up with these changes.

Choosing a perfect hairstyle for you will help you very much in completing your look and dealing with all the problems. Bob hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles of all time. Curling your hair with a barreled curling wand will give you voluminous hair and bring in refined texture.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


2. Pixie Bob With Side Bangs

As you grow and age, your beauty routine grows and changes with you. Over the years of your life, you have done so many experiments with your hair. Be it hair cuts, color, products, etc. so now you exactly know what goes with you and what doesn’t.

So choosing accordingly and combining this with the latest trends, you can easily come up with a hairstyle that will be perfect for you even in your 60s. All you need is a fresh haircut that is gorgeous and age-appropriate to shed off some years from your face.

This pixie and bob combined are a perfect idea for busy ladies and do take a lot of years off your face. Add side bangs to this to frame your face.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


3. Shoulder Length Blonde Bob

As you get older, your hair naturally starts to get thinner, and thus choosing a hairstyle for women above 60 years gets a tough job. But getting an appropriate fresh cut will help you look healthy and fuller again.

The best hairstyle to give volume to your hair is a shoulder-length bob with just 2 different levels of layers. This will help in maintaining the thickness and movement of your locks. You can keep this hairstyle with the natural color of your hair or even go more blonde.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


4. White Bob With Bangs

Sometimes you need to stop and start appreciating the changes. Enhance your grey hair with the gorgeous hair cuts that compliment them. The best hairstyle for women above 60 years is one that focuses on showing off your beautiful face.

The main motive is to enhance what you have rather than changing it. This hairstyle is perfect because it fulfills all these norms. The side partition and bangs draw attention to your beautiful eyes, and sleek hair keeps the look clean and sophisticated.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


5. Classic Ear-Length Bob

As you age, it gets tough to choose a perfect hairstyle. You need a hairstyle that is classy yet trendy. But also which will provide additional benefits like comfort, easy to do and maintain, makes your hair look healthy and gives nice texture and fullness to your hair.

A bob cut is an all-time perfect hairstyle that will provide you with all of this. This is suitable for all ages. A bob cut makes your hair look classy and vibrant. If you want thicker hair, opt for layers that will round off at the ends. ‘

To make your hair look more smooth and polished, try to give your haircut a wedge shape. You can add bangs to this, to frame up your face.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


6. Glamorous Honey Blonde Bob

Aging doesn’t mean boring. Women above 60 years have spent all these years of their life experimenting, and now they have found their style and what will look best on them. So you are free to follow all the trends and flatter them all.

The highlighted blonde layered bob is one of the best hairstyles, which will help you look sophisticated and youthful. This hairstyle is so glamorous and makes you look so gorgeous. The layered bangs provide a messy and sophisticated frame to your face.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


7. Blonde Layered Bob

Bob hairstyle is always in trend. Blonde Layered Bob is for short hair. This hairstyle provides volume to thin hair. In this hairstyle, all hair is cut into Bob’s style, and then short layers are done.

This bob hairstyle is easy to maintain. Bob layered hairstyle styled in many ways according to your choice. Professionals do this hairstyle. With any casual look, this hairstyle looks very well.

Layered Bob hairstyle is low maintenance, so women over age 60 obtain this hairstyle.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


8. Simple Blonde Cut

The simple blonde cut is for short hair. In this hairstyle, all cut equally above the shoulder length. This hairstyle is best for women who have very thin hair. This hairstyle looks very simple and low maintenance.

You can be styled in many ways. If you have blonde hair, then this hairstyle is best for you. For a unique look, you can add some color to your hair. Women who have very thin hair can go with this hairstyle.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


9. One-Sided Bob

One-sided Bob hairstyle is for very short hair. In this Bob style, one-sided hair is cut long according to your face. All hair is shorter, but the front side is cut slightly longer than then the other hair.

This hairstyle looks very stylish and unique. This hairstyle requires some styling products, so this hairstyle requires little maintenance.

One-sided Bob is not for wavy or curly hair. With long earrings and stylish dress, this hairstyle looks so amazing. This hairstyle is also styled according to your choice or occasion.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


10. Pixie Short Cut

This short pixie cut is for very short hair. This hairstyle is for men and women. In this hairstyle front, the part is short, and the side and back hair are very short. This hairstyle is for those who have a broader forehead.

This hairstyle is unique but simple. Short pixie is easy to maintain. Within bold eye makeup and the formal suit looks very well with this style. This style is funky, as well as classy.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


11. Pixie Cut With Bangs

Pixie cut with bangs looks very beautiful on short hair. This hairstyle comes with the pixie cut with bangs all over the head. The front hair is shorter, but back hair is longer. This is styled by a professionalist.

Bangs look more fantastic on every face cut. With bold eye makeup and perfectly coordinated outfit, it looks more trendy. Pixie cut provides volume to your hair. This hairstyle doesn’t require any maintenance

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


12. Shiny Long Layered Cut

Layers are always in style. Long and short layers are always in trend. In this hairstyle, long layers are cut all over the head. This layered cut looks so good if you have fine hair. This hairstyle is for every age women’s.

This hairstyle requires some maintenance. You can wear any dress to look more elegant. This hairstyle is best for offices, colleges, etc. You can add some colors if you want. This hairstyle doesn’t need a proper professionalist.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


13. Blunt Bob Cut

Chopping your hair into a blunt bob cut gives the fine hair some definition and sharpness. The hairdo in the above picture is perfect when you are looking for a fashionable, as well as a sophisticated hairdo.

The hairdo is simple and very easy to achieve. The side swap of hair is just adding the right amount of style to your face and personality. This hairdo also emphasizes on the cheekbones as well as your sharp jawline.

For adding some shine to the hair, try using some serum on the middle and ends of the bob.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


14. Bob Cut With Length Till Ears

This length bob cutting is also known as French bob as it just stops right next to your ears. This hair cutting is perfect when you are looking for a chic, as well as a classy look.

The length of the volume and texture of your hair complement your personality as well as you overall. The picture above shows how little aide swap enhances the entire hairdo.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


15. Layered Jaw-Length Bob Cut

This season the cutting of hair is going shorter and shorter. Most o the ladies prefer short hair to go along with their full of hustle and busy life. But they don’t know the fact about how to style them in an early simple way.

If you are looking for it, then your search is over by this haircut; we bring you straight from the Hollywood fashion industry. The hair cut is short till your jawline, but the stylish part is that the bob cutting is done in layers.

In the picture above, you can see the over layers in the cut, which is making the whole hairstyle more unique and fashionable. This is simple and sophisticated for your daily workload.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


16. Concave Bob Cut

After listening to bob cut the only thing which came to our mind first is a simple cutting of hair till the jawline or the neck but bob cutting includes various variations came to living in these past fashion years.

Bob cutting can be done in various ways. Many variations such as jawline cutting, v cutting, erases cutting, and concave cutting have come into existent and soon were lots of demand. This haircut is one of them.

The hair cut involves concave cutting, which is designed in a way to have long hair in the front and shorter at the unique back and straight from the Hollywood hairstyles. Some of the layer cutting is also involved in achieving outrageous results.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


17. Layer Cutting For The Crown

The jaw-length bob cutting is the most preferred and demand cutting of all time as the jaw length cutting gives you a perfect amount of space from the hair to make it hustle-free, and the hair is not too small to form a good hairstyle and go with every style.

But going over the same cutting again and again for every season is boring and dull. Here we bring you some mixing of layer and bob to make your hair more lively and stylish. In the picture above, the hair is cut simply till her jawline.

The hair is straightened according to the face shape, which is giving a sleek look to the women. The twisted part is the layers are not added all over, but the crown hair is cut shorter to add fluffiness. Some are hanged in front of the forehead too.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


18. Concave A-Line Cutting

Concave and A-line cutting is two different types of cutting, but in this hairstyle, we have combined both the cutting to form this cute and simple hairstyle only for you.

These concave cuttings are those which involve longer hair at the front and shorter hair at the back of your head. In the picture, we can see how the hair length is going from long to short at the back, but they are not a proper concave; it’s just a touch the whole hairdo is considered as around cutting. There is A-line at the end, so it is also known as A-line bob.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


19. Blonde Bob

Bob is too much in style and is going around commonly. This bob is considered as round as the hair goes down according to the face structure, as we see in the above images.

It’s perfectly rounded bob cutting, which frames elongated facial structure and, moreover, softens your sharp angles. The hair cutter gives it a very chic and chubby look to the face.

The hair from the center part of the head is straightened out till the jawline, which gives a definite look to the cut as well as your personality. For more attention, you can always go for highlighting your hair.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


20. Jaw-Length Bob Cut For Short Hair

Chopping your hair is risky, but choosing a perfect length will always make this diseasing easy. the length, which is very trendy these days, is the jaw length.

This hairstyle includes chopping your hair until the jawline of the face. The tousled bob for lightweight hair and also having all the advantages at the good texture.

In this hairstyle, there are layers a-line as well as some chopping is also done with the front hair to give it a more cute and lovely look. This hairstyle is perfect for everyday casual and business events.

Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 60


With the above-mentioned hairstyles, especially the variety of bob haircuts, women can now enjoy a smart hairstyle. The bob hairstyle is one of the safest bids for older women and imparts a sophisticated and chic look.

So what is the wait all about? Just embrace the age gracefully and style in the variety of Bob hairstyle and remember being beautiful is not just age and number but marinating yourself as presentable, and at the end of it all, a happy face suits the hairstyle best.