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25 Long Hairstyles for Older Women to Look Younger

It’s a common misconception that older women only know how to rock short hair. These days, long hairstyles for older women are super popular, and they can shave years off your face and overall look!

Some looks are more flattering for a mature lady, though, and those are the ones you’ll want to find. Dig deep, and discover the fashionable hairdo that makes your best features stand out. We want to help you on your journey to do that.


Hairstyles for Older Women With Long Hair

Check out these 25 styles to see if one of them suits you!

Thick Blonde Side Swept Locks

long thick blonde hairstyle for older women

Blonde long hairstyles look so well on older women, as it’s a flattering color that suits almost anyone.

This look has the hair sweeping over to one side of the head, so there’s no distinct parting. There’s a lot of volume on top, and the hair is very thick as it falls over one shoulder.


Pure White Curls

long white curly hairstyle for older women

Some mature ladies have their hair turn white instead of grey, and others may prefer to dye it. Either way, it’s a great look, and it gives off a really eccentric vibe.

Here’s a long hairstyle for older women where the hair is very messy and curly, and it’s accessorized with a nice, cooky hat.


Golden Blonde Highlights 

long brown hair with blonde highlights for older women

As you saw above, blonde is a great shade. Golden blonde looks go well with skin that has red undertones, and it’s always chic.

The hair here is parted at the side and brushed across one side of the face. The hair overall is very wavy and vibrant.


Ombre Wavy Style

long blonde ombre hairstyle for older women

Ombres, where the hair goes from brown to blonde, are popular, and they can keep you looking on-trend.

Here the brown transitions into blonde around the ears, and the hairdo overall is parted in the middle and curly. The curls are large and great for thin hair.


Platinum Blonde Hair with Side Bangs 

long hairstyle with bangs for older women

Long platinum hair is perfect for older women to cover up grey growth. The hair is so light that it becomes difficult to notice when grey roots grow back in.

This long blonde hair is thick and straight, and some nice side bangs sit on one side of the forehead.


Vibrant Purple Straight Locks

older woman with long purple hair

Older women can totally rock vibrant, unique tones too. It’s not just for young people anymore! This is obvious in this beautiful purple hairdo. The locks are straight and fall to the shoulders with choppy ends. The style is parted at the side.


Glamorous Golden Curls

older woman with long strawberry blonde hair

If you want some glamor in your life, here’s a style you’ll want to try. The hair is parted slightly to one side, and the golden locks fall down the shoulders in nice, large curls. It’s thick and beautiful, and it’ll really gain you lots of positive attention.


White Blonde Feathering and Curls

older woman with long wavy hairstyle

This white hair has a touch of blonde in it, making it look like a mix of white and platinum.

The long hair is very feathery, which is great for older women making their thinning hair look thicker. The front has some tight little curls in it, and one side is shorter and brushed back.


Vibrant Red Curly Bun

curly updo with long hair for older women

Red is such a flattering color, and it really looks fabulous on women of all ages. The style has the hair pulled up into a bun. The bun is very curly, and lots of curls fall onto the forehead to create a look similar to bangs.


Long Ginger Locks

older women with long ginger hair

Ginger is a little less vibrant than red, but the orange tone is equally as flattering in long hairstyles. The hair has some white roots showing and it pairs well with the light tone. Long curls fall down each side of the head.


Elegant Grey Ponytail

long hair ponytail for older women

Some older women prefer not to dye their long hair, and that’s fine. Here’s a very natural look where there’s a long grey ponytail tied low on the head.

This can only be achieved if your hair is naturally grown out grey, as there are lots of silver and white tones.


Sleek Knotted Bun

long hair updo for older women

Buns are a perfect way to control your long hair if you don’t want it in your face. The hair is all swept back and bundled up into it.

It’s pinned in place right at the back of the head. You can see silver and white tones in here too, so it’s great for ladies who don’t like dye.


Reddish Brown Side Parted Straight Look

long hairstyle for older women with round face

Side partings help give you a youthful look, and reddish undertones in brown hair add to that, too some bangs fall to just below the chin, and then they blend in with the rest of the long hairstyle.


Thick Shaggy Layered Brown

long hairstyle with bandana for older women

Thick hair can be hard to deal with, so as you can see here, layers can help. Layers help thin the hair out in places, and they leave you with a very shaggy and interesting look overall. A thick headband wraps around here to create a rocker vibe.


Thin High Pony with Ombre

half up hairstyle with long hair for older women

A long high ponytail is perfect for older women to keep the hair out of the face, and the ombre brown to blonde tone in it keeps them looking youthful.

Feathery bangs decorate the face to help keep them looking young, and that also helps to hide a greying hairline.


Curls and Flower

long curly ombre hairstyle for older women

Many curly hairstyles only have a few large curls in them. These curls are larger and have more volume, and they start midway down the head. The curly portion is blonde, and the rest is brown.

It’s all decorated with a nice flower behind the ear for an open and summery vibe.


Multi-toned Brown Ringlets

hairstyles for older women with long curly hair

Mixing up lots of different shades of brown is a wonderful way to keep your look fresh and interesting. Here it’s parted on the side, and one ringlet frames the face like bangs. The rest of the hair is thick and full of nice spirals.


Platinum Ponytail

long messy ponytail hairstyle for older women

As you know, platinum keeps you looking fresh and it’s good for older women with long hair to hide white hair growing in.

Putting the hair into a simple ponytail near the crown of the head is an everyday look that anyone can achieve, even if you don’t want to spend too much time dealing with your locks.


Fanned Out Thick Two-Tone Curls

long party hairstyle for older women

Do you want something elegant? Here’s a long party hairstyle that adds a lot of flare to the style of older women.

The curls are thick and fanned out, and there are two tones of brown in this style. The lighter tone almost looks blonde and it has a wonderful shine.


Light Blonde Straight Center Parting

long silver hairstyle for older women

A light blonde hairstyle is a great alternative to platinum. Here it’s parted in the middle, and there’s a hint of dark roots. The hair is all one length and has no layers, so it’s very simple. It’s also very thick. 


Small Box Braids

older black woman with long braids hairstyle

Older black women may find it harder to deal with their natural long hair as they age, so box braids can help you deal with it really efficiently.

This lets you keep the hair very long. Many thin braids fall over the shoulders and the sides of the hair are pulled back.


Thick Chestnut Curls and Highlights

older woman with long curly brunette hair

Lovely locks like this have a lot of depth thanks to the color. The chestnut is a very rich brown shade, and some lighter brown decorate the bangs which are curled back into the rest of the spiraling hairdo. It’s a fun look with lots of volume on top.


Fanned Vibrant Orange

older woman with long layered auburn hair

Vibrant orange looks look so wonderful with skin that has hints of brown, and it also looks wonderful with freckles.

This side-parted look is highly elegant and mature, and the hair fans back away from the face with a very slight curled look to it.


Straight Faded Red

older woman with long red hair

Older women can have long red hair without it being too overbearing, and this is a clear example of that. A beautiful red tone covers the whole head, but it’s very muted and almost natural-looking.

The look is parted at the side, and some hair pushes behind the ear on the right. 


Curled Updo

wedding updo with long hair for older women

Multiple shades of brown make this look very nice to look at. Light bangs dust across the forehead, but most of the locks are pulled back and pinned up into a bun shape that’s covered in curls.


Long hairstyles for older women come in all varieties. Some are youthful and bright, and others help emphasize your mature features.

There was something in this list for everyone, so we hope you’ve found the style that’s perfect for what you’re looking for! Take these pictures to your hairstylist today and get the look you want.

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