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Irrespective of the fact that you need to define curls, restore the damaged or dull hair, protect color, hydrate dry hair or smooth out the frizz following hair care tips are highly essential.

What is the Importance of Hair Care?

Beautiful and shiny hair always create an impression and make you look more attractive; thus a proper hair care regime is mandatory to follow. Good and effective hair care regime also assures that you have healthy hair and a voluminous mane.

Shampooing and conditioning your hair is not just all, instead it is a whole lot of habits, diet, shampooing habits as well as the use of products that lead to healthy, shiny, and strong hair.

Depending on your hair type, hair care routine should be followed diligently and consistently. Under this hair care category we will be discussing in detail about the hair care tips you can follow to maintain healthy, shiny hair.

10 Best Cordless Hair Clippers You should Have

A lot has changed in the world with the coming of a pandemic. While we are scared to go outside, we are also looking for ways to adapt to the pandemic and ways to groom ourselves at home for any work from activities, etc. After all, who doesn’t want a professional haircut at home and a grooming session for your facial and body hair that you can do by yourself? Don’t let the whole year become ‘No Shave November’ and groom all that facial hair for the numerous work from home video calls we all have to attend.

While barbers are slowly and steadily opening up for business, it’s always a good option to own a hair clipper for whenever an emergency arises. With a good hair clipper that can make your hair look like it’s been cut by a professional, you can really experiment with your hair and change up your look for a lot less expense and saving on the time and hassle of moving out to go to a salon. It is also the best option for beards because changing the way your facial hair looks can really change your look.

1. Surker Mens Cordless Hair Clipper


Designed for smooth, quick, and precise clipping, the Surker Mens Cordless Hair Clipper works like magic on your hair. Featuring a built-in rechargeable 2500mAh premium Lithium-ion battery that offers up to 150 minutes of running time with fast charging of just 3 hours, the product is both efficient and quick in action.

With an LED light that indicates battery level, the clipping unit has a thumb taper lever on the left side that enables easy haircut length. It has adjusting options from 0.8mm to 2.0mm with easy adjustment for desirable hair length—loaded with 6 high-quality plastic attachment guards with lengths of 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 10mm, and 13mm.

Along with the multiple features that it has to offer, the product includes a USB cable, a cleaning brush, and a corded option as well to ensure continuous clipping operation no matter what power level the battery is on. All these features make it an excellent contender in the industry of men’s clippers.


  • Delivers smooth, quick, and precise hair clipping
  • 2500mAh Lithium-ion battery that delivers 150 minutes of runtime on 3 hours of charge
  • LED light to indicate battery levels
  • Thumb taper for hair height adjustments from 0.8mm to 2.0mm
  • Comes with 6 high-quality plastic attachment guards from 15mm to 13mm
  • Comes with a USB cable for a corded operation


  • The product is not waterproof

2. Wahl Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper & Trimmer


Make life easier with cordless convenience delivered by the Wahl Color Pro Cordless hair clipper and trimmer that is a rechargeable and cordless 2-in-1 clipper and trimmer. Equipped with both corded and cordless options, the unit allows you to use the clipper on battery or while charging.

The most unique and amazing feature of this product from Wahl is the color-coded guide combs that help you in finding and remembering everyone’s favorite hair length with ease. Corresponding to the correct color comb to the right cutting length makes it simple to choose your desired hair length with ease.

Hygienic grooming is ensured with its removable and rinse-able blades that are extremely easy to clean. Put it under running water to wash away all the excess clippings and trimmings.

Smooth and easy haircuts are made possible with a variety of cutting lengths that this product offers, and adjusting the trim length is pain-free. With 60 minutes of run time on a single full charge, the cordless Color Pro is great for travel, business trips, vacation, and more. With a worldwide voltage can be used no matter what country you’re in on a 220V or dual voltage.


  • 2-in-1 clipper and trimmer
  • Comes in both corded and cordless options
  • Color-coded hair length adjustment guide combs
  • Removable and easy to clean blades
  • 60 minutes of uninterrupted runtime on a single charge
  • Compact and convenient for travel purposes
  • Universal voltage


  • Does not cut close-to-skin

3. BESTBOMG Updated Version Professional Cordless Hair Clipper


Enjoy a lifetime of cordless senior clipper blades with the BESTBOMG Updated Version Professional Cordless Hair Clipper for precision and sharp cutting. The self-sharpening stainless steel blades come in proper alignment to deliver a smooth cut. The unit is suitable for dry or wet hairstyles. Say no to snagging or pulling of hair as the blades are engineered for long-lasting precision and premium cutting performance.

Time-tested and powerful, the quiet motor is an 8W heavy-duty motor that makes it a proper hair cutting machine that enables you to cut through all kinds and densities of hair with ease and efficiency all day long. The motor is quite powerful as well as quiet too, at only 65 dB, quieter than many other models.

A signal lighting up when it’s charging the trimmer’s rechargeable Lithium-ion battery offers up to 240 minutes of runtime after a full 3-hour charge. The lightweight housing unit makes the professional hair clipper easy to use. Easily adjustable trimming lengths with the integrated taper level from 1-3 mm in length, and 4 standard length limit combs of the respective length of 1.5mm, 4.5mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm help give you the desired hair length. Take this hair clipper together when you go on a business trip or travel with its universal voltage of 110V-240V, designed for international use.


  • Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
  • No snagging or pulling of hair
  • 8W heavy-duty motor that is 65 dB quieter than most clippers
  • Delivers 240 minutes offunctional time on 3 hours of charge
  • Lightweight
  • Thumb taper levels for hair height adjustment
  • Universal voltage
  • Compact and portable


  • Parts are not waterproof, making it difficult to clean

4. Limural Hair Clipper for Men


Get styling your hair at home with the Limural Hair Clipper Kit for men, a complete barber set for cutting hair that includes a cape, lubricating oil, a full-range of guard attachments (3/6/10/13/16/19mm) suitable for different hair lengths (0.5-20.7mm), and cleaning brush. With this multipurpose clipper you can perform the functions of a hair as well as a beard trimmer with one device. Including full-size guide combs to satisfy your needs of trimming the hair on your head and face, it is also suitable for haircuts of kids or toddlers.

It has a powerful motor enough to cut through the thickest hair with ease. The teeth on the blade are tightly lined up with each other to remove hair with no snagging or pulling, offering a pain-free and effortless haircut experience. As quiet as a whisper, the motor is powerful yet quiet.

With both corded and cordless options, the trimmer is convenient for self-cutting at home. Universal charging facilitates easy travel while a full charge delivers up to 5 hours of use. The LED display on the clipper clearly indicates the remaining battery percentage. Extremely comfortable to hold, easy to use, and clean even for first-time users, it’s the perfect clipper to have at home.


  • 2-in-1 trimmer and clipper
  • Kit includes a cape, lubricating oil, a cleaning brush, and a full-range of guard attachments (3/6/10/13/16/19mm)
  • Powerful motor
  • Extremely quiet and perfect for kids
  • Comes in both corded and cordless options
  • Full charge delivers up to 5 hours of runtime
  • LED display that indicates battery level
  • Comfortable to hold and clean


  • Materials are not waterproof

5. Surker Electric Pro Li Clipper


Dominating this list with some of the best models of hair clippers, the Pro Li Clipper from Surker is a 100% IPX7 rated waterproof hair trimmer that allows you to clean it under running water quickly and easily after each use. It consumes 2 hours for charge and delivers 120 minutes of cordless use. The clipper comes with a USB Type-C charging port that can be connected to the USB adapter, laptop, power bank, car charger, and other USB powered devices, making it perfect for travel.

T-shaped Titanium Ceramic cutter head helps the blades stay sharp for comfortable trimming. Zero distance oil head design and T-type 0 cutter head give the trimmer an ultra-short pitch without hurting the scalp. Its equipped with 3 kinds of guide combs (1mm,2mm,3mm) of different lengths, this clipper-cum-trimmer is suitable for trimming close to the skin for inch heads, patterns, etc. Trim or transition without potholes or any injuries with the S-shaped obtuse angle 360-degree friendly blade head that makes it almost impossible to scratch the skin.


  • 100% waterproof parts make it easy to clean
  • Delivers 120 minutes of runtime on a 2-hour fast charge
  • Comes with a USB Type-C charging port that can be connected to almost any device
  • Compact and portable, perfect for travel purposes
  • T-shaped Titanium Ceramic cutter head that self-sharpens
  • Zero-distance oil head design cuts close to the skin without injuries
  • Equipped with 3 guide combs for different hair lengths
  • S-shaped obtuse angle blades for smooth cuts on curves


  • Hair gets easily stuck in the blades hence needs frequent cleaning

6. Surker Hair Clipper for Men

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10 Best Eyebrow Trimmers to nail your appearance

Women prefer trimming their eyebrows frequently to look attractive, and visiting the parlor by taking out time from the busy schedule is quite hectic. This trimming job can be done excellently at home with a quality eyebrow trimmer. There are readily available eyebrow trimmers in the market with which you can trim not only your eyebrows but also nose hair.

Eyebrow maintenance is the current fashion, and today most men have also started trimming and keeping in shape the eyebrows. This generally increased need for the best eyebrow trimmers, and demands started rising than ever before. An eyebrow trimmer fulfills your desire to curve the dream arches without including any professional stylists at less time.

How to Choose an Eyebrow Trimmer?

There are many brands available in the market producing eyebrow trimmers, but there exist certain points to look upon while buying an eyebrow trimmer.

1. Model

Most of the Eyebrow trimmers come in both manual and electronic designs. An electric unit comes with multiple functions with easy operation techniques. It is also available in corded or cordless device designs.

2. Blades

The blade defines the overall execution of any eyebrow trimmer. The common types of blade materials used in the trimmer are platinum, stainless steel, and titanium. The polished blades are responsible for the smooth and silky trimming of an eyebrow or any extra hairs on your body.

3. Waterproof Design

You can choose an eyebrow trimmer that has a waterproof design for strong performance. It can help you in using the trimmer in the shower too. This will also ensure long-lasting use and can be perfect for maintaining better sanitation after the process.

4. Uniqueness

Any tool attracts customers because of their exceptional features and the same follow while choosing an eyebrow trimmer too. Some of it can remove hair from your ears, nose, and other private body parts too. The new stylish trimmer comes with a built-in LED light for not even leaving a strand of extra hair from cutting.

5. Maintenance

It is advisable to select a trimmer with enormous style and handle. The trimmer should be able to clean instantly by just holding it under running water to remove all the hairs stuck in the blades during the process. Most of the available trimmers come with 2-3 years warranty depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the products.

In this article, the 10 best eyebrow trimmers to nail your appearance are discussed.

1. Fleplow Eyebrow Trimmer


Ear and nose trimmer of Fleplow can cut off excess hair from the nose, ears, eyebrows, and face with their unique dual-edge spinning blades system. The fast rotation of the dual-edge spinning blades performs cutting of any hair type easily and quickly. It can also remove the rough and thick hairs usually located in the nose and on the eyebrows. The rotating interior pattern with a shielding cover accurately removes the hairs without any pain. The decent build quality and compact blades ensure the overall good performance.

The outer body of this cordless nose and ear hair trimmer is composed of plastic while the blade is built from stainless steel. The life of the trimmer is surprisingly for six months when used once a week. The cutting action works nicely, allowing the device to trim the eyebrows also. The existing IPX7 waterproof design makes it fully washable and easy cleaning. It can be soaked and washed under running water by removing the top after your use. It also comes with a dust-proof cover that acts as a protecting cover on the top of the trimmer head. The tool produces less noise in comparison to other available trimmers in the market. The noted noise level is less than 50db, which indicates the usage of the trimmer even when the family is sleeping. This ear and nose trimmer work with merely a single button, letting you easily power it on or off as per the use. The only drawback is it uses an AA size battery to power and does not come included with the kit. You should buy it separately from the store to charge the device. This lightweight product comes with a 2-year hassle-free guarantee and is suitable during road trips, travel.


  • Compact and Multipurpose
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Powered by battery


  • No Instruction Set Included

2. RealZeal Rechargeable Eyebrow Hair Remover


The ReaZeal Rechargeable Eyebrow Hair Remover resembles a pen to provide the most suitable level of portability. This device gains attention because it doesn’t require switching out the batteries every few uses. The stainless-steel blades are responsible for the close-shave delivered by the razors with no pain. The lightweight design makes it extremely small enough to carry in your handbag or at any place.

The trimmer has a smooth, charming design, highlighting a gold-plated top and combination of purple and black. The hair remover is easy to use and stylish too, when you utilize it out in public. The skin should be pulled and start moving the little device in round motions. The specialty of the remover is it will target even the tiniest parts with perfect precision and clean out all those undesired brows without any discomfort. This eyebrow hair remover is multifunctional and not only be used for eyebrow but also can be used for removing hairs on the face, lip, chin, nose, etc. The trimmer has an ergonomic handle with a rubber cover for an easy grasp to hold in hand during the process. The power button is also accessible and turns not only the head but also a combined spotlight for user clarity. It is a rechargeable trimmer and comes with a built-in lithium battery that can be charged through a USB port.


  • Fold plated head
  • Works smoothly on skin
  • Safe for all skin types


  • Becomes hot after long continuous use

3. Wahl Ear, Nose, & Brow Trimmer Clipper


Wahl multipurpose trimmer has three attachments to make it an all in one device. The hygienic grooming is possible easily because of the detachable heads with one head for your nose, and the other can be used for a different part. The better performance is achieved as the rotary head keeps the nose and ear trimming space separate. Wahl clippers and trimmers are claimed to be used by most of the professionals in the salon and barber industry since 1919. The self-sharpening precision blades and quality production by the manufacturers help in delivering a smooth close shave to the customers.

The nose hair trimmer is robust, and the available eyebrow comb and detailer for sideburns and beards present a magnificent value to the tool. This lightweight trimmer is exclusive for other labels and gives a salon finish look to the customers at their own space without costing time or money. Another feature of the ear and nose trimmer is the steel blade that is pure for health and can be easily washed under running water. It is waterproof that indicates wet or dry trimmer helping to use in the shower during your busy morning schedule. The portable trimmer is easy to keep in your clutch during travels. This Wahl trimmer provides trimming not only ear hairs but offers 3 in 1 option of removing nose and eyebrow hair too.


  • Wet/Dry trimmer
  • Easy to handle


  • Poor battery life
  • Noisy while operation

4. Wahl Lithium Pen Detail Trimmer With Interchangeable Heads


Wahl pen-style eyebrow trimmer offers a comfortable grip as its name by using it simply as a pen without any risk of injury. This cordless design uses anodized aluminum housing for both dry and wet trimming. It precisely trims hair from the face, nose, ears, eyebrows, and sideburns with the available interchangeable heads. The detailer is perfect for facial hair detailing, and the rotary heads are great for places that need light hair removal. The superior blades, along with the detachable heads and the rugged anodized aluminum housing, deliver superior performance to achieve salon-finish trim at just your home. A hygienic grooming experience is provided because of the separate rotary ear and nose trimmer head.

The self-sharpening precision blades and quality construction of the tool deliver a uniform shave during the process. One of the main features are

Wahl clippers and trimmers are accessible in different styles as per the user preference. From Lithium-Ion cordless to these rechargeable clippers, the brand always promises to deliver a high performance cut for every single use. The blades are long-lasting than other ordinary trimmers available in the market because of the unique technology. This cordless grooming kit has a detachable blade edge to hold convenient cleaning and preservation.


  • Advanced-grade material
  • Can be used for multipurpose
  • Durable


  • Not better-built quality

5. Vogcrest Painless Eyebrow Trimmer


The precision head of Vogcrest painless eyebrow trimmer is used on the top and bottom of brows to remove the hairs instantly. It erases unwanted and stray eyebrow hair without any pain that reaches even the most trivial areas to maintain your excellent eyebrows. The trimmer is considered to be an ideal replacement for the popular wax and tweezers available in the market. The skin should be pulled away tight while running the device in small parts at round motions. The painless hair remover is produced from the most delicate skin and is suitable for most of the hair types.

The available sharp stainless steel precision blades give a complete close shave to your skin without causing any strains or irritation of the body parts. The cutting blades can easily trim your nose, ear, and eyebrow hair, particularly as per your choice, and are gentle on all skin types. The novel blade cuts at separate measures to preserve the skin inside your nostrils while cutting hair easily without snagging it. It is powered by an AAA-size battery to charge up the device when the battery runs out during the process. This cordless and battery operated features allow it to be portable that makes a favorite choice for the customers. The trimmer can also be gifted to your female relatives or friends on any special occasion.


  • Precision trimming
  • Effective stainless blades
  • Lightweight design


  • No Wet/Dry

6. Eyebrow Razor, Hizek 6 in 1 Eyebrow Kit

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10 Best Facial Trimmer For Women

Removing your body hair or unwanted facial hair is not just about looking flawless all the time, as some people would have it believed. It is so much more; about healthy grooming practices, about good looking and healthy skin, and about looking your best. It’s really annoying, expensive, and inconvenient to rush to the salon every time a new hair pops up. I mean, you would have just shaped your eyebrows the other day for a function today, and just while you are getting ready, you notice some hair on your upper lip. Some of you might ignore it, and some of you will want to get it removed, both of which are totally okay if you want to go ahead without worrying about your little mustache, good for you, girl. But if you badly wanna remove it and you are short on time to go to the salon, only a good trimmer can help you out. In this article, you can find the 10 best facial trimmers for women, which will not only be your savior when you need them the most, but also your best friend at all times and save you a few bucks.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Facial Trimmer For Women

Here are some factors to consider before choosing the right facial trimmer for you.

  • Type of trimmer/shaver you want – if you only want a facial or eyebrow trimmer, then buy one that best suits your needs. It is better to invest money in a quality facial trimmer rather than going for a full-body trimmer, which you won’t need.
  • User’s budget – you may be running tight on cash, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting a great trimmer. Identify your budget first, make price comparisons, cross-check features, and then make an informed decision.
  • Corded or cordless trimmer – while most trimmers are battery-powered cordless ones, you can also find the traditional corded trimmers in the market. Understand what you want and then buy.
  • Additional features – some trimmers just look fancy but may not have the necessary features. So always make sure to check out for each feature and its purpose.
  • Brand research – research is always essential before you spend money on a product, especially if you are buying them online. Go through reviews, ratings, and other brand research so that you don’t end up getting fooled with low-quality products.

1. Rezeal Rechargeable Eyebrow Hair Remover


From the manufacturer Rezeal, this Precision Eyebrow Hair Removal Device is the best and one of the most trusted products to remove your eyebrow hair daily if you wish to. Save yourself lots of money from frequent salon visits to shape your eyebrows and instead just buy this one. One feature that all women want and would surely love in this device is that it is completely painless. No more tweezing with thread and pulling at your eyebrows so hard that it causes you a migraine even. With this eyebrow hair removal device, you can do it with zero pain at the comfort of your home.

And how can I forget to mention the quality of this product? It’s absolutely precise, and you can use this trimmer on all sides of your brows, whether it is on the top, bottom, or even in between. Not only does it make for an excellent trimmer, it also looks amazing and comes in the shape of a lipstick that you can stylishly store in your bag.


  • Painless
  • Multi-functional
  • USB rechargeable


  • Overheating issues
  • Doesn’t remove hair from the roots

2. Fle Pow Ear And Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper


While some of us are blessed with vaguely present hair on our faces, some people have these tiny yet largely visible hairs all over their faces. And constant bleaching or even waxing can be really harsh on the skin of your face. In such cases, a trimmer clipper is the best option. Virtually pain-free, it is your best choice to remove the hair from your nose, on the ears, and anywhere on the face, no matter how small it is. This trimmer has a stainless steel finish and a one-button design where you can easily use the device without any trouble.

The main feature of this trimmer is its dual-edge spinning blades, which really is one of a kind. These blades have a 360-degree rotating design, which ensures that no matter how small or inaccessible your hair might seem, this trimmer can painlessly remove it for you. For people who are terrified of hair pulling and all the associated pain that comes with it, this is really the only product you need when it comes to hair removal. It also comes with the added advantage of a powerful motor and an extended battery run time, which means you can use it for much longer in just a single charge.


  • Very quiet
  • Easy to clean
  • Dual-edge spinning blades
  • Waterproof


  • Faulty motor
  • Blades are blunt
  • Battery dies out quickly

3. Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer For Women With Pivoting Head And Eyebrow Trimmer


Women trust Panasonic facial trimmers all across the world, and this facial hair and eyebrow trimmer is no less an exception. In today’s unprecedented times and the pandemic sending the whole world into lockdowns, it is not just prohibited from going outside, but it is also considered to be unsafe. Some countries have been in lockdown for several months now, and not everyone may be feeling safe to go to a salon to get their eyebrows done or any other grooming services. This is where trimmers can greatly help you since you can do the job all by yourself.

Best suited for dry use, this trimmer has a smooth pivoting head which allows you to remove hair very closely on the skin. Be it the hair on your upper lips, nose, or the sides of your cheeks, this trimmer glides ever so smoothly and ensures that all of the hair is removed. This can also be used on the neck to remove unwanted hair due to its design. Another feature that makes this trimmer interesting is that it features a round-tipped and very thin hypoallergenic blade, which is gentle on all skin types. Panasonic truly has its customers’ needs at their heart. You also get additional attachments for the eyebrow trimmer along with this one, thus making it the perfect combo.


  • Smooth pivoting head
  • Cordless
  • Battery operated


  • Difficult to cut through thick hair
  • Battery dies out fast

4. Liberex Electronic Precision Trimmer


Quite the all-in-one trimmer, this Liberex electronic precision trimmer can be used on various parts of your body, be it on your face or body area. You can use it for your eyebrows, on upper lips, cheeks, and chin, also on your legs, arms, and even to shave your bikini line to perfection. Owning this product is all you will have to do since it can easily meet all your trimming needs, all in one place.

The trimmer has a hypoallergenic precision blade that is suitable for all skin types and women and girls of all ages. The blade also has an R-shaped design, which is specifically designed to avoid rashes and injuries on the skin. Therefore you can be assured of the safety of this product also. You also have the option to gently swivel the trimmer head by about 30 degrees so that you can trace through all the varying contours of your skin quite effortlessly. Usually, waxing is considered to be the most effective for eradicating the hair, but it so painful to get done every single time. In that case, this trimmer totally wins as you can be free of pain while removing the hair.


  • Precision blade
  • Battery-powered
  • Great to remove peach fuzz


  • Blade breaks
  • Battery dies out and stops working

5. Yohoolyo Waterproof 4 In 1 Women Hair Remover


You never know when you’ll need to have your facial or body hair removed. You might be just chilling at home in your pajamas with stubble on your face or legs, and suddenly an event or date comes up. Your favorite backless gown or little black dress might be waiting for you, but what will you do when there is so much hair on your body that you can’t afford to wear these dresses? Well, Yohoolyo’s waterproof 4-in-1 hair remover is you’re the one-stop solution for all your body hair and facial hair woes. Its main feature is that you can use it anywhere, any time on any part of your body, and it instantly removes the hair for you. The trimmer has 4 attachments of a facial hair remover, eyebrow razor, nose trimmer, and a body shaver each.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, this is the truth. This trimmer set comes in an adorable package with an even prettier design, which simply makes it irresistible for you. And another great feature? A USB port is all you need to charge this device. As simple as that. And it is also IP 6 waterproof so that you can use it for both wet use and dry use.


  • All in one trimmer
  • USB rechargeable
  • Suitable for wet and dry use


  • Product stops working abruptly
  • Difficult on thick hair

6. Kingwell Hair Remover Shaver For Women

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9 Best Electric Razors for Women

While having body hair is perfectly alright, sometimes we all want to go for that shave and have smooth skin. A major part of maintaining personal hygiene is shaving and trimming the intimate areas and keeping them clean. Thus women need razors as much as men do.

Finding a good razor can be tough as women have a variety of requirements- facial, body, and pubic hair removal. An electric razor that covers it all is not a myth! Such razors are made by many esteemed brands in the market and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and attachments. Products that are trimmers and shavers in one are also available in the market, and hence a holistic need is fulfilled.

Therefore, based on women’s requirements, we have compiled a well-researched list of 9 of the best electric razors in that market that are available for women. Getting your hands on these is a must according to your shaving needs and requirements.

1. Brori Electric Razor for Women


Get rid of all that unwanted hair, hassle-free with this electric razor from Brori. With low noise emission, your shaving experience will be silent and peaceful, and its close-to-skin shaving technology will get rid of hair at the root. Loaded with 3 high-performance and high-speed razor-sharp blades, you will easily be able to get rid of hair on your arms, legs, back, armpits, and sensitive bikini lines without any residue or fear of cuts and bruises.

Hypoallergenic blades are sensitive on the skin, and its cutting technology makes it absolutely painless to use. Advanced 3D floating foil technology and hypoallergenic stainless steel blades glide on your skin, leaving no room for cuts or bruises. Waterproof materials make the product suitable for wet and dry use, and detachable shaving heads that come with a cleaning brush make the razor’s body easy to maintain.

Equipped with an LED light for blind spot guidance, this built-in illumination light reveals locations to the finest hair spots ensuring a thorough hair removal experience. The cordless electric razor comes with a USB quick recharge that supports 60 minutes of cordless shaving on a full charge and offers 2 ways of fast USB charging via charging stand or directly connecting to a power source, making it a deal you cannot miss.


  • Cordless and rechargeable with 60 minutes of continuous use on a single charge
  • Comes with LED light guidance for leftover hairy spots
  • Perfect for a full-body hair removal
  • 2 ways of charging via USB or charging stand
  • Advanced 3D floating foil technology glides on the skin and doesn’t leave cuts or bruises
  • The fully waterproof body is easy to maintain and rinse, facilitating use in and out of the shower
  • 3 hypoallergenic stainless steel blades are durable and long-lasting


  • Does not work on coarse facial hair

2. Panasonic Close Curves Electric Razor


If you’re looking for precision and safety for hair removal, the Panasonic close curves women’s electric shaver is the razor that you’re looking for. Three ultra-sharp blades on this razor are combined with an ultra-thin foil that follows body contours close to the skin and removes patches of hair in a single stroke.

Flexible pivoting heads on the shaver help conquer the curves and bumps on your skin, leaving no hair unnoticed. A 2-in-1 product, the electric razor is both a trimmer and a shaver. Get rid of dense and long patches of hair with the trimmer and then get close to the skin with the shaver for a perfect finish. Three independently floating flexible pivoting heads with ultra-sharp blades glide effortlessly on the skin, leaving no room for bruises or injuries, and the built-in pop-up trimmer comes with different attachments for details on the legs, underarms, and bikini line.

The completely waterproof shaver allows convenient shaving inside or outside the shower, and safety is reassured with its hypoallergenic blades that are soft on sensitive skin and help avoid irritation while shaving and trimming. With a universal rating charger, the rechargeable battery on the razor charges in 12 hours and delivers up to 20 minutes of peak power shaving and trimming time in a single go. Leaving your skin smoother than before, the razor is compact, portable, and travel friendly.


  • 2-in-1 trimmer and shaver for a full-body shave
  • 3 independent floating flexible pivoting and sharp blade shaving heads
  • Stainless steel hypoallergenic blades good on sensitive skin
  • Trimmer comes with tailored attachments for arms, legs, and intimate areas
  • Completely waterproof, making it useable in the shower as well
  • Universal rating charger
  • Compact, portable, and travel-friendly


  • Gives only 20 minutes runtime on 12 hours of charge

3. Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor


The unique technology on the Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle razor for women includes a hydrating razor and a bikini line trimmer, all in one device. Combining the unique design of a usual razor with an advanced trimming technology, this razor shaves, trims, and transforms between either mode by simply flipping the handle. Moisturizing your skin up to 2 hours aftershave, the technology gives your skin the utmost care and importance that it needs.

The built-in waterproof trimmer is very easy to rinse clean under a tap and can be used in or out of the shower. Working well on sensitive areas, its hydrating technology keeps the skin moist and avoids any cuts or bruises. With 4 settings for customizing trim lengths, the adjustable combs give you a combination of cleanliness and safety.

As soon as you flip to the razor side of the Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle razor, you will find 5 curve-sensing blades with unique skin guards that give you smooth skin with every passing stroke, being sharp enough to remove hair in a single stroke,  without causing an irritation. The best feature on the razor is the water-activated hydra-boost serum, formulated with Shea butter that is attached near the blades and is hypoallergenic and clinically proven to provide lasting hydration for up to 2 hours post-shaving and runs on a single AAA battery.


  • Water-activated hydra-boost serum with shea butter keeps the skin moisturized 2 hours aftershave
  • 2-in-1 trimmer and razor
  • Comes with 4 different hair length adjustment trimming combs
  • Hypoallergenic blades prevent irritation or cuts
  • Perfect for shaving intimate areas
  • No charging hassles or cords with 1 AAA battery usage
  • 5 curve-sensing razor blades with skin guards that cover all the area on the face and body


  • The motor is not very powerful due to less power requirement

4. Wahl Pure Confidence Rechargeable Electric Razor


Power and convenience lie in your hands with the Wahl Pure Confidence Rechargeable Electric Razor for women. The sleek body, along with its powerful motor, is the signature of a brand that has been part of the grooming industry for decades at a stretch. With a rechargeable battery, this ladies trimmer features 3 interchangeable heads, a rotary facial shaver head, an eyebrow detailing head, and a trimmer head.

An all-in-one solution to all grooming requirements of a woman, the razor is gentle on the skin. It delivers irritation-free grooming that is ideal for shaping eyebrows, smoothing bikini lines, trimming underarms, dealing with peach fuzz, and removing facial hair. The handy guide combs included with the product allow different and uniform trimming lengths.

It comes with an included 5-position guide comb for the trimming head and a 2-position head for the detail trimmer. It also comes with a plugin charger and storage pouch making it portable and travel-friendly. The blades are low maintenance self-sharpening, and leave no hassle in terms of cleaning by being waterproof. With a decent battery life of 1 hour on a full charge, this clipper is all you need in one.


  • Trimmer and shaver in one product
  • Suitable for eyebrows, intimate areas, face, and other body parts
  • Trimmer has a 5-part attachment for hair length and type and 2-position guide combs for details around the eyebrows
  • Waterproof materials are easy to wash and maintain
  • Gives a 1-hour runtime on a single full charge
  • Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
  • Hypoallergenic materials that don’t cause irritation on the skin
  • Powerful motor
  • Compact and travel-friendly


  • Not very suitable for arms and legs

5. Philips SatinShave Essential Women’s Electric Shaver


Shave quicker and smarter with the Philips SatinShave Essential Women’s Electric Shaver that has a good grip in the hands and works as smooth as butter. Use the product wet or dry; it will cause no hassle thanks to its anti-slip grip design and waterproof materials that facilitate easy use in the shower or tub. Sharp blades that remove hair in one stroke leave the skin softer than before and help shave quicker with less irritation.

Experience a cut and bruise-free shave on your arms and legs as compared to your manual regular razor blade with the hypoallergenic foil that protects the skin from razor burns, shaving bumps, and rashes. Take the razor along wherever you go as it’s cordless and compact ergonomic design makes it perfect for travel. Shave anywhere with this cordless battery-powered lady shaver. Operated withs simple AA batteries, the shaver leaves no hassle for cords or charging plus.


  • Ergonomic and anti-slip design
  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • The hypoallergenic foil protects the skin from irritation or cuts
  • Fully waterproof materials make it easy to clean and maintain
  • Sharp blades remove dense hair patches in a single stroke


  • Not suitable for face hair

6. ElectriBrite Razor for Women

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