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Is Hair Dye Sabotaging My Thickness Goals?

Is dyeing your hair getting in the way of growing a healthy and thick head of hair? Let’s take a closer look at the link between hair dye and thickness, and answer important questions, such as if I stop dyeing my hair, will it thicken?

Hair Dye Vs. Thickness: Is There a Connection?

does hair dye affect hair thickness

There is a link between hair thickness and the use of chemical hair dyes. Hair color can temporarily make your hair look and feel fuller, but in the long term, exposing your hair to chemicals can result in thin and brittle hair.

Permanent dye works by opening the outer layer of the hair, or the cuticle. Cuticle cells normally coat the hair cortex, but once hydrogen peroxide opens this layer, the cuticle cells will spread out and give the impression that your hair has more body. It can also result in a rough hair texture.

If you use semi-permanent dye, the color will not affect the cuticle, but it will coat the outer layer of your hair and create a product buildup that can make your hair feel thicker.

If I stop dyeing my hair, will it thicken? If you’ve been using hair dye and other chemicals for a while, you’ll likely end up with a damaged cuticle. As layers of the cuticle break and fall, your hair will look thinner and develop split ends.

Will My Hair Get Thicker If I Stop Dyeing It?

Your hair will likely show signs of damage and look thin once the dye fades, but it will eventually get back to its previous state. If you avoid chemical hair dyes for a while, your hair will look healthier and fuller.

The bad news is that hair tends to develop damage at the ends when you expose it to harsh chemicals. Unfortunately, hair grows from the top of your head. You’ll see healthy growth near the scalp, but the ends will remain thin and brittle until you cut them.

If you dye your hair and are worried about damage, the best thing to do is wait for the color to fade and use clarifying shampoo regularly. Methods like applying baking soda to your hair or using a color removal kit will cause further damage.

When Should I Stop Dyeing My Hair?

You should stop dyeing your hair if you notice a change in hair texture. You might notice that your hair feels dry and brittle. You will likely see more split ends appear.

You can address these issues by using a deep conditioner or a hydrating hair mask, but you should think about taking a break from dyeing your hair if you notice that using these products isn’t enough to restore your hair.

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to wait six to eight weeks before coloring your hair again. If you’re still seeing signs of dryness and damage after eight weeks, your hair needs a longer break from chemicals.

If you want to keep coloring your hair, try using a semi-permanent product that will coat the outer layer of your hair without opening the cuticle to limit the damage. You can also use a touch-up kit to add color to your roots instead of exposing the entire length of your hair to chemicals.

How to Regrow Hair to its Natural Thickness After You Stop Coloring?

How to Regrow Hair's Natural Thickness After Dye

Will my hair get thicker if I stop dying it? The answer is yes, but you’ll have to take additional steps to help your hair heal:

  • As your color fades, your cuticles will likely start looking dry and brittle or develop split ends. The best thing to do is get a trim since these ends won’t grow back.
  • Use a clarifying shampoo three to four times a week. This product will continue removing any leftover buildup from the hair dye.
  • Keep your hair nourished and hydrated with a serum, a deep conditioner, or a hair mask. Natural ingredients like shea butter or argan oil can do wonders.
  • Protect your hair from further damage. Stay away from heat styling tools, harsh shampoos with sulfates, and tight hairstyles.
  • Your diet can make a difference. Seafood and nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and can contribute to healthy hair. Iron and vitamins B and D are also important.
  • You can use a thickening shampoo that temporarily coats your hair with protein and collagen to create the illusion that it has more body.
  • A keratin treatment is another great way to repair your hair. Keratin will coat your hair and smooth the cuticles you damaged with hair dye.

So, If I Stop Dyeing My Hair Will It Grow Back?

Dyeing your hair can cause damage and make your hair thin. Your hair texture will improve if you stop dyeing it, but you’ll have to take additional steps to repair your hair, such as cutting your thin and damaged ends and nourishing your hair.

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