15 Best Food You Should Eat for Healthy Hair

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Just like any part of the body, our hair needs nutrients to look healthy. This is the reason hair experts encourage us to consume meals rich in nutrients. Lack of these nutrients, result into hair problems such as hair loss, change in hair color and slow hair growth, among others. Therefore, you should consume a healthy diet if you want to develop healthy hair. Remember people pay attention on the general outlook of your hair. Here are 15 best food You should eat for healthy hair:

1. Eggs

Food You Should Eat for Healthy Hair
As we all know, eggs are rich in biotin and protein. These two elements play a vital role in the growth of hair. Hair follicles are made up of protein. Sufficient protein ensures your hair properly grows, whereas lack of this nutrient results into hair loss. On the other hand, biotin facilitates the production of keratin, which facilitates the growth of healthy hair. That’s not all; egg also contains other important nutrients such as selenium and zinc. These nutrients ensure your hair remains nourishes and facilitates the growth of natural oils. This gives assurance your hair will grow healthy.

2. Spinach

Food You Should Eat for Healthy Hair
Spinach is one of the commonly consumed meals across the globe. This is because of the numerous health benefits it is attributed with. Spinach contains different types of nutrients, which play an important role in the growth of our hair. These nutrients range from iron, folate, Vitamin C and A. Vitamin A is responsible for the production of Sebum, which moisturizes the scalp. This is what helps us attain healthy hair. Secondly, iron found in spinach helps in hair growth. It aids the red cells transport oxygen through different parts of the scalp. People who lack enough iron in the body might experience hair loss.

3. Berries

Food You Should Eat for Healthy Hair
Berries are not only sweet, but also contain compounds that enable growth of healthy hair. Vitamin C is one of the compounds found on this fruit. Vitamin C contains different antioxidants that protect hair follicle from damage. Antioxidants mostly fight free radicals. Free radicals exist in the environment and inside the body. That’s not all; Vitamin C also facilitates the production of collagen. Collagen strengthens hair making it resistant to breakage and brittle. Vitamin C found in berries also makes it easy for the body to absorb iron. Iron is one of the vital elements needed for healthy hair. It prevents unnecessary hair loss.

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4. Sweet potatoes

Food You Should Eat for Healthy Hair

Ever consumed sweet potatoes? If not, try them out as they can help you attain and maintain healthy hair. Sweet potatoes deliver same results, when eaten raw or when cooked. This food contains beta-carotene, which the body converts into Vitamin A. Vitamin A is used to produce sebum, responsible for maintaining our hair. This vital nutrient also enhances the growth of thicker hair. You don’t have to worry about the growth rate of your hair because sweet potatoes increase their growth rate. Lastly, sweet potatoes prevent hair regression on your head.

5. Shrimp

Food You Should Eat for Healthy Hair
Are you into shellfish? If yes, consider shrimp to maintain healthy hair. Shrimp can help you attain long and healthy hair within a short period after continuous consumption of this shellfish. Additionally, it is rich in different nutrients such as Vitamin D, iron, Vitamin B, protein, Iron and Zinc, among others. Each of the above nutrients facilitate towards the growth of healthy hair. Vitamin D and iron prevent any premature hair loss on your head. Protein helps in the production of new hair follicles. Shrimp also contains a large amount of omega 3 fats. Omega 3 has for a long time been helping with hair growth.

6. Meat

Food You Should Eat for Healthy Hair
Meat is one of the most staple meals across the globe. It is rich in numerous nutrients. Surprisingly, it can help you attain healthy hair. Meat is mostly rich in protein and iron. These two elements are vital for healthy hair. In fact, those who lack these nutrients can suffer from hair loss. Protein is directly involved in hair growth. It also strengthens and repairs hair. Iron found in meat is easy to absorb. Therefore, red cells have easy time transporting oxygen to hair follicles through the scalp. As we all know, there are different ways of preparing meat. Boiling and frying is recommended for ultimate benefit.

7. Consumption of Beans

Food You Should Eat for Healthy Hair
Look no further if you desire an all inclusive cereal, what will help you attain your desired hair. Beans are a good source of protein. Protein is an essential element in hair growth. Consequently, beans contain a significant percentage of zinc, iron, folate and biotin. There is no doubt beans can help you attain healthy hair. Furthermore, they are affordable and available in market places across the globe. Zinc helps in repairing damaged hair. It also helps in hair growth. The sole purpose of protein is ensuring hair properly grow on your scalp. When combined together, these elements can help you attain healthy hair.

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8. Oysters

Food You Should Eat for Healthy Hair
Oysters are one of the delicious seafood worth trying out. They are also rich in Zinc, recommended for those who desire healthy hair. Zinc has for a long time been used in reversing hair loss, due to lack of sufficient nutrients. It also repairs damaged hair follicles and promotes growth of new hair. People who desire longer hair should also consider oysters. This seafood should be consumed with moderation because too much zinc in the body can trigger hair loss. Don’t expect results within hours after taking oysters. It requires patience and consistence to attain your desired hair results.

9. Sweet peppers

Food You Should Eat for Healthy Hair
Sweet peppers contain high traces of vitamin C and Vitamin A. These two nutrients play an important role in the growth of healthy hair. Vitamin C aids in hair growth in numerous ways. First, helps in the production of collagen. Collagen strengthens hair strands making them resistant to numerous things such as breakage. Vitamin C also relieves oxidative stress that can damage hair by producing strong antioxidants. Oxidative stress is linked to attaining gray hair and hair loss. Sweet peppers help the body absorb vitamin A; that speeds up hair growth process. It also helps in the production of sebum.

10. Seeds

Food You Should Eat for Healthy Hair
There are different kinds of seeds you can consume to help you attain healthy hair. These seeds range from chia seeds, Sunflower seeds and flaxseeds, among others. These vital components range from selenium, zinc, vitamin B and vitamin E. You will not attain instant results when using any of your selected seeds. You should regularly consume these seeds to attain your desired results. Some people attain instant results, whereas others take time. Vitamin B and E ensures that your hair grows strong and maintains its healthy state.

11. Soybeans

Food You Should Eat for Healthy Hair
Compounds found in soybeans are known to promote healthy hair growth. This is one of the reasons you should consume soybeans. Spermidine is one of the components found in soybeans. It promotes hair growth during the anagen phase. This phase determines how long your hair will grow. Soybeans contains nutrients that strengths and repairs any damaged hair. Based on the above facts, its evident soybeans can give you healthy hair.

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12. Nuts

Food You Should Eat for Healthy Hair
A lot of people love nuts because of their sweet taste. Nuts can promote hair growth because they contain numerous nutrients. These products range from fatty acids, zinc, Vitamin B and Vitamin E. Fatty acids found in nuts increase the production of natural oils on the scalp that protect hair from different conditions such as dry hair, among others. Zinc helps restore lost hair through repair. It also helps people regain lost hair due to lack of vital nutrients. Vitamin B and E ensure your hair is strong enough as it grows. Weak hair cannot grow long enough. Positive results will be visible after consumption of nuts for a while.

13. Avocados

Food You Should Eat for Healthy Hair
The healthy fats, Vitamin E and Vitamin C; found in avocados are all you need to improve the health of your hair. Both Vitamin C and E are rich in antioxidants that eliminate oxidative stress. Oxidative stress triggers premature hair loss, among others. As a result, you are guaranteed of healthy hair. Moving on, Vitamin E protects the skin. In our case, it is the scalp. It ensures the scalp is in good condition to support growth of more hair follicles. Fatty acids found in avocado also protect the body from different hair conditions such as hair loss, among others.

14. Fatty Fish

Food You Should Eat for Healthy Hair
Try as much as you can to include fatty fish in your diet. These kinds of fish promote hair growth. They range from mackerel, herring and salmon. As the name suggests, fatty fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acid. Omega 3 fatty acid protects your hair from different hair conditions such as attaining dry hair and hair loss, among others. Fatty fish also contain antioxidants that increase hair density and reduce hair loss.

Highlight food on the above list you can easily access. Afterwards, check their composition and determine the nutrients you need for your hair. Lastly, people are different in that some get instant results when compared to others.

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