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Do Hairdressers Really Not Like Long Hair?

Long, luxurious locks can undoubtedly be a blessing, but if you have to make a trip to the hairdresser, you might wonder if hairdressers hate long hair and, if so, can they be trusted to be patient with your extra-long tresses?

Do Hairdressers Really Not Like Long Hair?

The good news is that all hairdressers are different, and you should be able to find one that quite enjoys styling long hair. Plus, you can do a few things to help keep your hairdresser happy and make your hair easier to work with.

Just like other people have preferences in their working style, hairdressers are the same way. Many specialize in certain types of hair and haircuts, so you should always try to find a stylist that knows what clients with long hair are looking for.

Why Do Hairdressers Not Like Long Hair?

why do hairdresser cut too much hair?

One of the main reasons that many stylists don’t like working with long hair is that clients will go too long between trims or struggle to keep up with it at home.

Once hair sustains a certain amount of damage, it can be challenging to work with, and keeping it long can become problematic. They will likely recommend trimming off dead or split ends to keep your hair healthy, which could include more length than you want to lose.

It’s also important to note that working with long hair typically takes more time, and for hairdressers, time is money. If your appointment runs over, then they run the risk of being late with their next client, and it is a domino effect after that. That’s not to mention the extra product that often goes into long hair.

There is also the issue of not finding a reputable stylist with proper equipment or training. Although getting your haircut can seem expensive for such a short service, stylists must be skilled to build a good client base. Most states will even require a license just to establish a practice.

Of course, styling hair is a nuanced practice. Regardless of whether or not a stylist likes to work with long hair, there are all kinds of hair types and textures. Either one of these factors could make it more or less difficult for your stylist to take care of your hair.

How To Prevent Your Long Hair From Being Cut Too Much

Preventing Hairdresser From Cutting Too Much Hair

If you have long hair, and you are feeling a little nervous about heading to the hairdresser, there are several things you can do to prepare yourself. Remember that it’s your hair, and be firm on your boundaries.

  • The most important thing you can do is take care of your hair between visits. Keeping it tangle-free and moisturized will help eliminate damage or split ends.
  • Another valuable way to help ensure your hair gets the attention that it needs is to let your hairdresser know ahead of time that your hair is extra long. Most of them will appreciate the heads up and find a place in their schedule with a bit of extra time in case your hair requires more than just a trim.
  • It’s also crucial that you come in with a clear idea of how long you want your hair to be. Don’t play a guessing game with inches. If you aren’t sure what a few inches really looks like, use terms like, “below the shoulder blade” or “near the waist.”
  • Try to be flexible with how you sit during your appointment if your hair hangs past the bottom of the chair. It can be tough to accurately cut long hair if you are sitting down. If you need to, offer to stand up or move around so they can get a more level view.
  • Request a wash before the trim to help your hair hang flat and make the strands line up evenly. For some hair types, simply spraying with the water bottle isn’t enough to do the trick.
  • Go to a reputable salon where you can be sure that the stylists work with premium products. Every stylist should have combs and sharp scissors on hand.
  • Don’t forget to consider style. If you can, show the stylist what you plan to do with your hair each day after it’s cut so that they can guide you on the proper length to achieve the look.
  • Of course, the most effective thing you can do is to be vocal and speak up. Proceed with caution, and don’t be afraid to ask to see your head at all angles throughout your appointment. 

So, Do Hairdressers Really Hate Long Hair?

Fortunately, there are plenty of hairdressers that don’t hate long hair. Finding the right stylist to work with can take some time, but it’s well worth it. 

Before heading to the salon, find the best ways to help your stylist care for your long locks.

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