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20 Edgy Long Hairstyles- Style Up This Fashion Season

For women, fashion is a crucial element in their daily lifestyle. Fashion encompasses arenas like dressing, accessory, and hairstyle. When it comes to clothing, women do have a lot many options. This helps to bring out their fashionable side which is very well flaunted through the style of their apparel.

However, when it comes to hairstyles, many women think that there are not many options to explore which is a very wrong notion. In fact, in the hairstyle, you have more experiments and explorations to be made. Also, there is another notion that hairstyling can only be possible in hair length which is either short or medium.

This ideology can be signed off because in this contemporary age option is something which is in plenty. There is a myriad of options available for long hair. So women who have long hair need not be worried as to which hairstyle they should choose because you do have different kinds of hairstyles to explore and experiment with.


Care tips with Umpteen choices

For a hairstyle to make it look gorgeous healthy hair is a mandate. For healthy hair, proper washing and oiling are essential. It is quite obvious that use shampoo frequently will keep the hair clean and remove all the oil and dirt.

However, don’t overuse shampoo as an excess of anything is harmful that we all know. There are braided hairstyles, highlights, the curls, wavy hairstyles, the bohemian hairstyle, classic straight open hairstyles and many more. With so many choices on the platter, one is sure to get spoilt.

Selecting the hairstyle which perfectly suits your face and personality becomes a bit tough. Some styles have been flaunted by celebrities and have thus come to Limelight and have become famous. Such hairstyles can also be incorporated into daily fashion. These styles are cool and edgy.


Know about edgy hairstyle

With the change in time, the standards of beauty have gone through various transformations, and so are hairstyles. From the earlier dramatic and over the top hairstyles, fashion has come down to a very contemporary look where flaunting the natural appeal is everything.

Also, the present fashion portrays how natural a look can be and in its innate aura, how minimalist one can look. So when put to put in simple words modern hairstyle is all about the carefree and edgy charm. An edgy hairstyle is all about putting the unconventional side of fashion.

The edgy hairstyle in this contemporary fashion is something that is all about putting the trendiest appearance. Usually, young women or college girls and teenagers like to experiment and explore with something unique. Thus the edgy hairstyle makes a dual combo of being both innovative and fashionable.

These styles are quirky and fun and have an element of playfulness that easily jazz up the look to the next level. These edgy long hairstyles are funky and have a wild side to it as well.

Choose your long edgy hairstyle according to your facial shape if you have an oval face hairstyle with no harsh corners and will clasp around the jawline is perfect for you. Long hairstyles look good on oval and round faces. However, faces that are square heart or long may also have long hairstyles but should be picked up accordingly.

Below mentioned are the best edgy hairstyles that can be very versatile and bring the beautiful trait in your personality and appearance. So all you ladies sit back and get something to munch on while reading some of the most hairstyles that can pump you look up in just minutes.

So here we go!

1. Blazed Up Hairstyle

This is such a bright and beautiful hair that incorporates a very natural yet profusely stylish hair color. The color palette chosen for this hairstyle is a beautiful blend of orange and light brown with a mix of the soft golden touch.

This makes for a great summer combination hair color that goes so well with one-piece dresses and loose-fitting baggy T-shirts. Such hair colors also have an illuminating effect on your skin tone.

However, you have a brighter complexion that will be best for such a hairstyle. If you are wondering what to do with such kind of hair, then just leave it open to let it weave its spell.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


2. Side Stitch Punk Hairstyle

Quirky hairstyles are all about depicting a different and experimental hairstyle. The side stitch hairstyle is something really unique. If you have frizzy hair or a bit wavy? If so, then this particular number is a try.

The side stitch refers to the braid that goes along the scalp area and one-sided of the face is flaunted with side girls that graciously adorn the look. The base portion has a subtle bounce. The hairstyle is replete with feminine charm.

So if you are ready for a party or a girl’s night out, then such a hairstyle will make you stand out in the crowd. With such hairstyle winning hearts is no big deal.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


3. Honey-Colored Hairdo

Open long hairstyles are a fashion statement on its own. On top of it, if the color of the hair is chosen correctly, the entire package becomes a steal combination. The color combination is bright with a blend of brown orange and light gold tones; even the hair can be seen in a lot of short layers. The short layers add density and thickness.

The volume along with the front line and the Open style has a subtle note of cuteness as well. Such hairstyle makes the best pair for college going girls, women who love the style of being carefree and casual. Hair color and cut makes all the effort and you don’t have to do anything in making yourself look gorgeous.

The winning factor about this hairstyle is the Vibe of the appearance that it renders. Very cool and a sassy in its outlook, this one immediately captures the attention. This hairstyle is so versatile that it can look good on a young woman of teens, or even women of middle age can do this hairstyle.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


4. Edgy Pony Hairstyle

Well, this hairstyle is all about flaunting a carefree style. You don’t need to be very tidy with this kind of a hairstyle. Just give your hair a whiff and tie a back ponytail making a slight side indentation.

This kind of hairstyle suits best in women who have frizzy hair and also has a slightly wavy hair. This is because the waves and the freeze add that needed amount of texture.

This textured pattern adds the edginess in this hairstyle. Highlights could be smart incorporation in this hair-do. Young women will look great in this kind of hairstyle.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


5. Blonde Hairstyle With Shags

In this hairstyle, the haircut does all the work. The hair is cut so that it has a lot of Shaggy endings that add a grey top volume to the style. Also, the color blonde adds up to the fashionable Appeal of this style making it look not only Royal but gorgeous at the same time.

You can keep this hairstyle open and pair up with soft nude pink lipsticks and beautiful bright colored dress. The hairstyle is very low on maintenance and effortless yet the impact it creates is worth the try. Hairstyles like these have a very classic style and balance. The style adds a sophisticated touch.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


6. White Edgy Hairstyle

When your hairstyle is thought about the thing that comes in mind is the haircut. Well, the very next thing that follows up is the color of the hair.

In this particular style, both the card and the color balances each other very beautifully and has a slightly gothic undertone which makes the look even more sensuous. Also, the hairstyle has a Punk not added to it.

The color chosen for this hair is completely white which has, quite an edgy tone is. The front locks that cover half of the side of the forehead make the look pretty attractive. The color white is something extremely unique. It will suit women who have a fairer complexion.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


7. Narrow French Braids At One Side

Braids are an all-time fashionable thing. It is one style trend that can never go out of fashion with braids. Edgy hairstyles can be a quick one. This particular number holds in the narrowest form going at one side from the side scalp portion.

This kind of bread is known as the French plait which has a great quirky note added to it. The other side of the hair is left open and has gorgeous locks cupping the jawline. Such hairstyles are not only pretty but also has a beautiful balance between left out and a tie-up fashion.

A denim jacket and few ear studs will make the look even edgier. One tip about French braid is that oiling will make their hairstyle quick fix in tying it.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


8. Golden Orange Color Hairstyle

When you have long hair that is always a tendency to keep your hair open. And why not? It will always be a factor to be flaunted. This hairstyle has a beautiful color tone that adds the edge in the look. The gold mixed with beautiful orange and brown Shades makes a unique color combination.

The look is bright sassy and cool all at the same time. You can be paid up a loose-fitting t-shirt and a hat with this open colorful hairstyle to give yourself a stylish feel.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


9. Black Hair With Bangs

Bangs are much in trend these days. Bangs give a lot of bounce in the Look. This eventually adds up to the thickness of your hair. Also, the front aligned French as a certain bit of disciplined Vibe into the otherwise casual bang look.

The disciplined Vibe along with the carefree look strikes an imperfect yet trendy new balance. The hairstyle is something new and can be kept open to weave its charm.

Pair a t-shirt with it and go with some eye shadow in your eyes to enhance the look even further. The ultimate result is plain sensuous.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


10. Side Fringe Highlighted Hair

A good hairstyle is like the frosting on the cake, no matter how good the cake is defrosting makes your effort goes in vain. Similarly, a good hairstyle can not only enhance your looks but also give a certain depth to your personality.

Although it is wrong to judge a book by its cover, it is common nature to do so. So why not make this cover an interesting one and an attractive one? This is one style that will definitely give you a new look. If you have long hair, then do keep it open with some hair highlights incorporated in it.

Colors like deep brown gold in and shades of light brown and blended in the perfect balance to give the entire color palette a warm and rich look.

However, it is cut into a choppy Bob hairstyle with a front side fringe that adds an adorable note to it. With this hairstyle you can pair some piercings to give the look and ultimate Punk and Gothic Vibe.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


11. The One-Sided Razor Hairstyle

One of the quirkiest styles ever this particular number is certainly a bold try. Hence faint-hearted women can stay out of it. While women who love to explore and venture into the unknown can try this unique hairstyle. There is a certain note of Novelty in the haircut.

One-sided is left open like a normal conventional Shaggy hairstyle while the other has a complete contrast of razored style.

The two opposite haircuts, when incorporated into one style, look a perfect age and distinguishes it from the other conventional Left Open hairstyles. Be brave and try out to see for yourself the result which is just amazing.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


12. One-Sided Rolls

There is something very feminine and charming about hair rolls. They bring in a certain term of romanticism into the Look. Also, the hairstyle incorporates a beautiful blend of blonde color bat accentuate the look to be even more royal and attractive.

For Hairstyle, a side partition and after that create the waves and roles together in a longitudinal manner so that it stays on one side. Brain the entire hair to just one side of your shoulder; make sure your friend discovered a little portion of your forehead.

If your forehead is a broad one, this will do the trick. Pink baby blush lipstick and soft color tones as clothing options will suit this hairstyle best.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


13. Arrow Braid With Lowlights

There is always something very interesting about lowlights. Lowlights create a dual-tone in the hair parts of very trendy Vibe to the otherwise boring hairstyle.

The edginess in this particular style has been introduced however with the incorporation of two side braids in a pattern of the Arrow. Small inclusion has quite a great impact on the overall look.

This hairstyle will suit best in women who have already frizzy or Wavy hair. This arrow braid also has a rural touch to it. It is a definitely unique hairstyle.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


14. Chic Hairstyle

When a woman wants to play it simple and classy, then this chic hairstyle is the one to put their foot onto. The style has a certain balance of elegance and edginess.

To form the hairstyle into one side and get a card that has some initial logs cut in layers and the end can have little curls to add some amount of Bounce at the base of the hairstyle.

Pair up the hairstyle with a cute one-piece dress. Be it for a date night or an office event; this hairstyle is indeed a show-stealer. It indeed makes you look so damn classy.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


15. Dark Brown Long Edgy Hairstyle

Make a Center partition and with a hair wire or narrow curling rollers curl your hair into Wavy strands. This is one such versatile style that can be paired up with any kind of look, be it formal or informal.

You can get this look at an event at a party at your office meeting or even on your special date night. You have to just accessorize your hairstyle on makeup or your clothes according to the events lined up.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


16. Choppy Fringe Hairstyle

The hairstyle is plain and simple, which can be left open making a Center partition uniqueness that is added to this hairstyle is the front fringe. There is something very quire about the front fringe in the way that it is cut.

The hairstyle is completely changed with the incorporation of the choppy front fringe that a certain element of surprise wise well-balanced simple look. This Choppy fringe hairstyle is a show-stealer!

Edgy Long Hairstyles


17. Straight Cut With Bangs

If you have long hair straight cuts adjust simple and very easy hairstyles to get on. However, when the banks are added to this state haircut, the uniqueness is well portrayed.

The magic with haircuts and colors is that even the slightest alteration in a conventional style can bring a new hairstyle altogether banks are conventional and straight haircut is the same as well.

However, when these two contrasting are brought together, it creates something new. Also, the blonde color adds a soothing element to this look. Bangs are an all-time winner.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


18. Gorgeous Bride Hairstyle

Usually, the braid is done to narrow down the hair volume and give a slimmer look. However, this particular hairstyle has the braids at the back making a side alignment in two parallel strands from the scalp area of the back portion.

The rest of the hair is called and set open bringing it at the front. The base of this hairstyle is kept dark at the initial phase and the base is colored white or blonde making a sharp contrast with the dark color. Being a formal hairstyle, this is a great classy pick.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


19. Ginger Hairstyle

Famously known as ginger hairstyle, this particular redhead style stands out among all the options in this list; it is different quality and has a subtle note of Bohemian look in it.

The choppy and random haircut makes the strands look as if they are chopped off randomly every angle and thus, there is a huge undistinguished and unconventional volume added to the hairstyle.

Also, you can open your hair and let it downloads to give the style a rough appeal. This one is very wonderful in its appeal.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


20. Feathered Edgy Hairstyle

Well, last in this list of top 20 hairstyles, this particular feathered edgy hairstyle will make a style statement that is bold and trendy maintaining a subtle notion of sensuousness. Simple center partition along with the side called up fashion, gives the hair the right amount of depth for a cool look.

As the hair color here is light Golden or blonde, get yourself a gorgeous to have a balance in the look. A nude shimmery pair of Lip shade will see the look to the ultimate level.

Edgy Long Hairstyles


So women who like to experiment and adventure out to the unknown, edgy hairstyle is a good way to go. Being out of the box, this hairstyle is indeed unforgettable. An edgy hairstyle is all about thinking out of the box that can bring out the hidden traits of your true inner personality.

Looking fashionable is all about experimenting and playing around with the different tropes of modern fashion and so is this hairstyle. Every edgy hairstyle has 3 components which are carefreeness, newness and boldness.

As mentioned at the start of the topic edgy hairstyles, are all about portraying the quirky side and being experimental. These hairstyles are all avant-garde passing the trendiest upheaval ever. The top mentioned above hairstyles has a USP of their own. Pick your favorite one now!

Edgy Long Hairstyles