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20 Long Layered Haircut with Bangs to Flaunt Your Attire

Everyone desires fashionable and suitable styling. Try a long hairstyle to reveal your gorgeous tresses. Long layered haircuts with bangs are currently in high trend. Layering eliminates the annoyance of top hair interfering. Alternatively, it restricts hair from slipping into your face the whole time.

Include some layered bangs if you wish to wear your thick locks without a solitary pin. Review these fashionable pictures for curly or simple, tousled or silky, balayage or ombre hairdos.


Most Subtle Long Layers with Bangs

When you’re out of ideas for hairstyles, try these impressive haircuts for a new look.

Blonde Affairs

long blonde layers with bangs

Make a statement with a warm blonde long layered hairstyle with bangs. Women with medium to finer hair can benefit from a feathery cut.

Your mane will have a lot of density and smoothness with several strands. It also necessitates some elegance, particularly with the bangs.


Caramel Punch

long caramel layered hairstyle with bangs

This is a long, thick shag with side bangs. Such hairstyles could be used to lengthen an oval face. Choose a haircut with side bangs if you have long, curly hair.

They will offer you a stunning look that no one can withstand. Darker highlights ensure that your hair stands out.


Gold Sleek Layers

long layered haircut with thin bangs

Chin framing fringe is everybody’s soulmate. They look fantastic when partnered with lengthy blonde hair. To attain this attractive tousled look, assemble your hair in loose curls.

On their own, these edgy layers are seductive. Next, make a high untidy updo to hold your hair away from your face.


Ginger Red Curls

long layered red hair with bangs

Do you already have layered or wavy hair? Blunt bangs complement the moving of your hair. Side-swept bangs could perhaps deal if you roll them for bangs styling.

Delicate ringlets, on the other hand, actually look good with bangs. In contrast, they reach the tops of your jawline.


Wispy Bangs

long layered haircut with wispy bangs

Blonde hair can, however, impact layers, as shown in the image below. If you have fine hair, layers can add smoothness and flair.

Long layered haircut with wispy bangs should be a little lengthier. Mostly this texture combines in with the height of your locks.


Brunette Bangs

long layered haircut with bangs for fine hair

Stunning bangs are perfect for layered hair because they keep the existing look smooth and real.

Wavy hair works best for this style because you’ll need a certain density for the flip. The caramel color highlights the major layers and textures while also adding flow.


Icy Texture

long layered haircut with bangs for older women

Try a typically gray shag for layered hair if you desire a messy style. This layered hairstyle for over 50 is the simplest to flair and merges with other waves.

Hair extensions for density and crispness are also beneficial. Ask your hairstylist if you are concerned about using excellent hair materials.


Curly Bangs

long layered haircut with bangs for black women

Do you want to spice up your frizzy haircut? Create adorable bangs and part your hair. Everyone needs to change their styling from time to time.

These curly bangs can be split up down the center or moved to the side with long layered afro hair. This will add a nostalgic touch to an increasingly modern look.


Blunt Bangs

long layered Asian hairstyle with bangs

Find a layered hairstyle to maintain your long, more realistic hairdo. Lengthy blunt bangs will add attention to your long straight locks.

Thick, mid-parted fringe complement the lovely thick locks. They will help lighten your cheeks and illustrate your great characteristics.


Unicorn Flairs

long layered colored hairstyle with bangs

Let us start by stating that long locs with blunt bangs make a comeback. This shaggy unicorn haircut with luster is reintroducing the look.

It has maximum motion and puffiness. Twist the ends, and you’ll look fantastic. You’ll be moving your fingers across the hair from time to time.


Cut-Chop Waves

long layered haircut with blunt bangs

This wavy layered hairstyle with bangs exudes a super cute feel. Shoulder-length waves add depth to the styling. Moreover, it offers a lot of elegance for audiences to gaze at.

Fringe does not need to be bold. Instead, they can be cut delicately to shape your face, beginning at the jawline.


Blonde Layers

long layered haircut with straight bangs

If you have a large forehead, center-parted, blunt bangs may be your savior. Layered haircuts complement the rectangle facial structure with bangs.

And flawlessly conceal the edges of the brow. To make it more realistic, apply a striking winged eyeliner and bright lip shade.


Mint Green Dips

long layered dip dye hair with bangs

The various lengths of the mane make it flexible and suitable for your character. Green dip dye illustrates the facial structure. Brings density and dimension.

Twist hair into a ponytail and leave bangs loose. In this situation, they always benefit from concealing a profound brow, resulting in a flawless fine balance.


Glossy Blunt Cut

long layered dark hair with bangs

Choppy long bangs don’t have to hide your forehead, particularly if you’re anxious about wearing them for the first time.

Long Layered haircuts with bangs are ideal for transitional hairdos. Long hair with blunt bangs looks great with a fluffy cut.


Balayage Strands

long layered haircut with bangs for square face

These bulky bangs look great with curly blonde hair. They give the style a lively and dynamic feel. Don’t miss renewing your texturizing supplies.

Maintain your hair on the sides at all times. Since these strands will fall in an attractive pattern all over your face.


Curtain Bangs

long layered haircut with thick bangs

This sensual look is trendy among people of all ages. It moreover looks fantastic with any hair color.

This lovely brass color is best worn in the late summer. You won’t have to suffer with regular styling after using this method.


Caramel Hairdo

long layered haircut with middle part bangs

Wispy bangs on long layered hair looks very elegant. This style has a lot of attributes, thanks to the dense body on top and the trimmed-out edges.

If you don’t like ash babylights, try toffee or gingerbread to enhance your skin complexion. You’re going to astound everyone.


Golden Affairs

long layered fine hair with bangs

You don’t have to curl your hair just because you have lengthy, gorgeous tresses. Long hair can look just as good when styled sleek and simple.

Particularly when complemented by a golden brown hue. It also adds texture to a longer, sweeping facial structure.


Bumblebee Layers

If you want to try something new but aren’t ready to give it up on your long hair. Consider adding casual layers a little above the edges.

You’ll get a different design and more loudness this way. Next, trim delicate side bangs to create a bold effect. Long layered haircuts with bangs assist you in transforming any haircut into a super attractive style.


Tousled Layers

long layered balyage hairstyle with bangs

Long tresses are stunning by themselves. Hairstyles with bangs, on the other hand, are even superior. There are also several alternatives.

Such as Baby fringe, feathery wavy sideburns, and short irregular face bangs. They are very common nowadays to finish this lovely long cut.


Maybe if you have delicate or feathery hair, a long layered haircut with bangs will compliment you because layers can add a good amount of density to your tresses. Mainly on the red carpet, movie stars from all over the world confidently flip their long tresses.

You’ll have the appearance you want, a film star attractiveness wherever you go. Look at these hairdos for additional information when you require a different hairstyle.