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20 Layered Wavy Haircut Trends to Swoon Over

Sometimes your hair will look great, but it’s a little too flat. Layers help with that. It helps give the wavy hair a natural flow, and it helps to manage hair that could be too thick without all the layers in it.

All the haircuts below combine different styles, colors, and aesthetics to create options you might like for your layered wavy hair.

There are so many to choose from, so you’ll certainly find a look that you like, whether it’s ultra-natural or super unique with the ability to stand out.


Layered Wavy Hair Ideas to Create Your New Look

Check out the many styles below, and see which ones you fall in love with. There’s definitely something for everyone on this list. You can also mix and match using the styles, so let’s see what there is to offer!

1. Vibrant Red Layers

layered auburn wavy hair

These vibrant red layers in your hair will truly help make your waves look more like curls.

They’ll also help give your hair a slightly choppy look around the sides and the bangs to add some texture and movement so you always look windswept.


2. Defined Waves with Ombre Hair

layered sandy brown wavy hair

Layered haircuts like this truly are fantastic. These waves are very defined and follow a curl pattern that looks very neat and well put together. The hair is completely perfect and it starts with light brown and slowly evolves into a nice blonde color, giving an ombre look.


3. Messy Brown Wavy Look

woman with layered messy wavy hair

Here is a look where the hair is very thick so it can be controlled by having layers in it. The style is very fashionable and the waves don’t follow any particular wave pattern, so it looks very free.


4. Gentle Waves with Bangs

layered wavy blonde hair with bangs

How about an understated everyday look that you’re sure to enjoy having? Here you have a layered haircut for wavy hair that helps emphasise the subtle waviness around the face.

The bangs help draw the attention to the face, too, and that helps emphasise where the waves in this look are.


5. Perfect Waves with Subtle Layers

layered copper brown wavy hair

This layered haircut for wavy hair is very subtle and helps keep the waves under control. The waves are more like curls as they’re perfectly placed and formed, but they still don’t quite have that curled shape.

There’s a side parting and lots of volume on top.


6. Long Blonde Waves

layered haircut for wavy blonde ombre hair

You can’t beat a very long and free wavy look where the hair starts straight and brown and transcends into a blonde and wavy look.

Some gentle layers help the waves stand out towards the bottom, and they help keep the hair smooth, too.


7. Layered Bob

layered haircut for wavy brown ombre hair

Nice layered bobs like this suit many occasions. It’s totally classic and the waves add tons of volume.

The layers are very neat but they’re obvious around the face. The waves are very thick and nicely styled to create a sophisticated yet also casual look. 


8. Extremely Thick Wavy Style

layered haircut for silver blonde wavy hair

Dark roots and blonde locks make this alluring. This layered helps keep the extremely thick hair under control, and the layers help show off different areas of delightful thick waves.

It’s a very feathery look that is dark on top and much lighter everywhere else, creating a look of classic beauty.


9. Wavy Hair with Thick Layers

layered haircut for wavy brunette hair

In this look, there are layers to emphasize volume. The layers let some of the waves sit in a curly spiral on top of the hair while the hair underneath is more gently wavy.

It adds a lot of dimension to this look, and it’s highly desirable for someone with darker and flatter hair usually.


10. One-Sided Red Waves

layered haircut for wavy ginger hair

You’ll find this look very chic. This layered haircut for wavy hair has all the hair pushed over to one side.

The hair is nicely layered to help add volume and dimension to the loose waves that are styled in a perfect pattern.


11. Gentle Blonde Waves

layered strawberry blonde wavy hair

You’ll be happy with this everyday style that’s easy to replicate and easy to maintain. The waves are loose and free and form no particular pattern, and the layers in the hair help stop the hair from being too thick.

The layers make this style more manageable for the average person who doesn’t have tons of time to dedicate to their hair every morning.


12. Sleek Layered Look

long bob with layered wavy hair

Most of the hair is pushed over to one side and falls by the face nicely, and some hair is pushed behind the ears to create a neat look that focuses on the face. This layered look has very subtle layers that add a little structure to the wave pattern of the hair.


13. Long Thick Hair with Layers

Asian girl with layered wavy hair

Light hair colors help show off the waves and layers very well. The hair is very long and loose with a gentle wave pattern. The layers are substantial as they help keep the hair manageable and show off the waves.


14. Long Brown Hair with Gentle Waves

long layered wavy blonde hair

Here both the waves and the layers in the hair are gentle. Layers help keep the hair thin and under control, and the waves are understated and natural and can be achieved by anyone. It’s an everyday look.


15. Bright Pink Choppy Hairstyle

layered wavy pink hair

People who want to be unique will love this, as there are two shades of pink in the hair.

The waves are very subtle and the layers help give a choppy effect to the lock, creating an edgy vibe overall that looks great on younger people.


16. Pixie Bob with Layers

short layered blonde wavy hair

Layers in this look help add some definition and dimension to this delightfully simple pixie bob. These haircuts can often become washed out, but layers ensure that won’t happen.

The waves also help add definition to it, and they run very gently across the bangs and there are lots of waves at the back of the head.


17. Perfectly Styled Bob

wedding updo with layered wavy hair

These waves are perfectly styled with the front bangs forming a finger wave look. The rest of the hair has some light layers in it.

The layers stagger the position of the waves as they form and almost curl like a pattern in the back of the hair.


18. Long Natural Look for Mature Women

layered wavy haircut for older women

Older women will find this style appealing. It’s a very natural look as the hair is in two shades of grey which can be achieved by letting your hair grow out when you get older.

The waves are very natural and follow their natural loose pattern, and there are some layers that help all of the different shades in the hair. You’ll prove that silver and grey hair can still be stylish.


19. Long Bright Silver Hairdo

layered haircut for wavy grey blonde hair

Silver hair is utterly stunning. Waves that are full of layers help it look even better. The long locks fall down to the chest area, and there’s a lot of volume in the style. The tresses fan out around the face nicely.


20. Blonde Waves with Dark Roots

layered ombre wavy hair

Dark roots help the blonde in this haircut pop considerably. Wearing dark clothing helps the look stand out even further. There are two shades of blonde in the waves here, so you’ll want that to stand out.

The different layers of the hair help show off the different tones in the hair and the different wave patterns running throughout the overall style.


There are so many different styles that suit people with different types of wavy hair. If you liked these layered haircuts for wavy hair, then don’t hesitate to get one for yourself.

You’ll really start to feel confident in your new look. When you change your appearance, you’re also changing a part of who you are on the inside, as what’s on the outside often helps bring out the best of what’s within. 

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