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21 Black Hairstyles with Bangs to Change Your Looks

Bangs add depth and dimension to every look. They can make a style look sleeker, or they can make a style look cuter and more fun. Playing with them and experimenting with your look can teach you all kinds of fantastic things about yourself and your fashion choices!

If you’re looking for black hairstyles with bangs, then you’ve come to the right place. There are lots of stylish hairdos below for you to play with.


Sleek Black Hairstyles with Bangs

Look no further than all the hairdos below if you’re trying to change your style. You’ll find something that works for you for sure!

Blunt Bangs with Low Bun

black low bun with blunt bangs

A low bun here crafts a chic and shiny style, and a nice flower decorates the side of the hair. The bangs of this black hairstyle are full and bluntly cut across the forehead. It’s a very simple way to cut the front of your hair.


Light Brown Feathered Hair

black feathered hair with bangs

Feathery fringe across your forehead creates a great look, as it’s very dynamic.

The rest of the style is feathered too, with the hair at the back flicking out. The pieces at the sides flick toward the face and help draw attention to it.


Spiral Curls and Thick Blonde Hairdo

black girl with curly bangs

This thick hair is very fun and bouncy. It’s dyed a nice blonde with hints of brown in it, and the spiral curls fall in delightful strands all around the head. Some of these curls fall across the forehead to create a super fun look.


Braids with Bun and Bangs

black curly updo with bangs

Braids tight to the scalp are a classic black hairstyle, and here they’re all over the style. The hair then forms a ponytail where the hair is left natural.

The bangs of this black hair are very light and long, and they pull to one side. They round this hairstyle out very nicely.


Pixie with Bangs

black pixie with side swept bangs

Pixie cuts have such wonderful hair that covers the forehead. In this look, the hair comes from the crown of the head and swoops diagonally across the forehead.

The longest part of the hair touches the end of one eyebrow. The rest of the hair is kept nice and short and very neat.


Side Swept Bangs

black woman with side swept bangs

Having a little hair covering your eye always makes you look mysterious and elegant. You can totally see that here. The reddish-brown hair mixed with the black hairstyle adds a vibrance to the look, too.


Golden Afro Curls

blonde afro hair with bangs for black women

Golden curls really draw the eye, and an afro makes them look even better as there’s so much big and bouncy hair to admire.

Some of that hair dusts across the forehead in perfect, thick spirals, really making the hairdo feel rounded out and ultra-modern and stylish.


Straight Blonde Tresses

blonde blunt bangs for black women

These straight, sleep blonde tresses cascade down the back and look super chic.

The bangs round out the look. They’re light across the forehead, and the ends are cut in a nice and choppy manner to ensure they look very natural and blend in with the chicness of the style.


Side Fringe and Short Black Bob

short black bob with side bangs

In this black hair, the bangs is almost as long as the bob. The black bob is very tight to the face and just barely reaches the nape of the neck at the back.

At the sides, the hair length just covers the ears. A curtain of hair covers one side of the face, too.


Blonde Curly Ponytail with Pink Bow

curly ponytail with blonde bangs for black women

Blonde looks so good in black hairstyles. You can see the roots poking through and adding depth to the style.

The texture of the hair is pleasantly curly as it’s pulled back into a ponytail, with some curls left on the forehead. A pink cloth tied into a half-bow adds decoration.


Short Curly Look

curly black hair with short bangs

A short curly look that sits on the shoulders and bangs always looks wonderful in black hairstyles, as it’s very curly and full of volume that makes it look super fun and alive.

Very short tendrils of curls act as bangs that fall into the forehead, covering only half of it.


Updo with Bandana and Thick Bangs

faux bangs hairstyle for black women

Super thick bangs can often be clipped into the hair, and you can cover the clips with a nice bandana tied in a bow. This makes an updo look more rounded and casual, so you can wear it every day.


Waves with Long Full Fringe

black wavy hair with bangs

Black hairstyles that have been straightened and then waved look so glamorous, and they’re a great party look. A light, full fringe sits on the forehead here, and it brings the whole look together very nicely.


Straight Auburn Blunt Look

auburn hair with bangs for black women

Auburn is a delightful color that always looks great with any style. This style in particular is a very business-casual one.

The hair is straight and falls just below the shoulders, and the ends are cut bluntly. The fringe is blunt and goes down past the eyebrows.


Sleek Bob

black bob with wispy bangs

A tight, black bob with wispy bangs is always a chic and easy style to wear. It makes a great everyday look for a black woman with chemically straightened hair who doesn’t want a complex look. 


Pixie Bob with Highlights

black pixie bob with highlighted bangs

Pixie bobs are great styles for easier maintenance and a nice fashionable look. The pixie style as it at the front as the hair falls across the forehead. The back of the hair forms a bob shape. Blonde highlights make the front pop.


Face Framing Bob

long black bob with bangs

Another beautiful bangs hairstyle for black women. A nice bob framing the face looks both casual and chic. The hair curls in under the chin, and some of the longer sections fall straight onto the collar bone.

Long bits of fringe hang on each side of the face, with some hair dusting across the forehead too.


Blunt Brown Bob

brown bob with bangs for black women

Brown is a great color for adding some liveliness to your look. These rich brown shade has red undertones, making it even nicer.

It’s cut very bluntly, and it’s styled at the back of the head. Some hair goes behind the ears, and some is cut bluntly across the forehead.


Long Straight Ombre

black to blonde ombre with bangs

Ombre always looks glamorous. The hair starts black and quickly turns to blonde here. Light bangs with blunt ends sit on the forehead, curling in just under the eyebrows in a very fashionable and modem manner.


Purple Bob with Volume

black girl with short purple hair and side bangs

Here’s a unique version of a classic bob with side bangs for black women. The front hair swept lightly across one side of the forehead, and the hair is light purple.

Some mousy brown shows through on the underside of the locks here, adding a little more depth.


Deep Red Long Locks

long red hair with bangs for black women

Red looks so good with black hairstyles because it looks great on darker skin tones. These long, sleek locks fall down the chest, and light, feathery fringe falls into the eyes across the forehead.

It’s the pinnacle of modern glam that you’ll love to wear if you’re a fan of fashion and staying on-trend. It’s super chic!


These black hairstyles with bangs have such variance! You’ll find yourself enthralled and unable to stop looking at yourself in the mirror if you adopt one of these hairdos as your own.

The variety makes it easy for you to generate lots of ideas and change up your style whenever you like.  You might find a few that you switch between depending on your mood.

We hope you can find a style that you love from this list, so you can become the trendiest person in your friend group. 

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