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40 Gorgeous Braids for Black Women

Today fashionista girls and celebrities are seriously obsessed with the Iconic ‘90s hairstyle that is “Braids.’ The braids are the complex structure or patterns created by interlacing three strands of hair. The history of braids goes back for a generation, but to date, they are done and liked by all.

Even today, celebrities want to tie their hair into braids for that elegant, simple as well trendy look at the same time. Throughout time, classic braids are continually being reinvented and brought to life with new styles, which have provided us a lot more verities and ways in which we can style our hair in ways with the help of braiding.

They were mostly known for their protective styling to the hair. They protect, and style is hair. We are here combining all the trendy yet cultural trend hairstyles involving variations of braids from the internet to your 40 African texture hairdos, which are unique and stylish braid hairstyles.

Your search for the perfect braid hairstyle will be complete with these versatile hairdos; just keep scrolling.


1. Golden Touch to the Braid

In search of a look which pairs ‘elegant’ with ‘cool and casual,’ the cornrow braiding is the best option. Making a high ponytail is on the top looks classy and cool while doing a cornrow braid ponytail will give your style a bit of an edge.

Just start with simple braiding, and if you are going exactly the look in the picture above, the braids should be in a thick and thin alternative manner. The braids will go till the end, and then they are holed up in the ponytail. The strands of the braid wrap the ponytail.

To add more styling the golden touch with the thread going on one of the braids, which are making the hairdo stand out.

Braids for Black Women


2. Thick Thin Curve Braiding

Talking about the popular African hairstyles of past years, Ghana braids always roll up. The thick and thin curve braids are known as Ghana braids. Here we have the most stylish and versatile Ghana braiding hairstyle. The braids are done in a tight and fish-style manner.

The crown area is design with the alternative placing off thin and thick braids. The thick braids are in fish style, and the thin braids are tight enough to make visible the scalp, and the braids are done in a curve manner, which is known as Ghana style, as seen in the image.

All the braids are taken collectively and are tied in the ponytail by wrapping the strands around them. You can always use rubber bands for support, and you can also add accessories as per your style.

Braids for Black Women


3. Elegant Bossy Braiding

Braiding can work for multiple lengths and textures of hair. To make an extra effort to your styling, try this box braiding for extra long and thick hair. It will work with thick and strong hair as it involves a lot of braids, but if you don’t have thick hair, you can always go with extensions.

The hairdo starts with the fishbone design braids on the scalp. The braids are done tight and firm, which is making the scalp visible. The back hair is just done into the classic braids and is left down to flow with air.

Altogether, the hairstyle is giving a formal and bossy look, which is perfect as women can rule the world. The style is ideal when you are going bossy and elegant for the day meetings.

Braids for Black Women


4. Cornrow Braiding for The Red Carpet

There is no elsewhere; you can make a beauty statement than the Red Carpet. Whenever celebrities hit the prestigious stage with all new trends and styles, it goes viral. Here we have brought you a hairdo straight from the Red carpet show.

It’s simple, and you can achieve it in no time, but it is stylish, trendy, and versatile at the same time. This hairdo requires thick and long hair for its perfection. If your hair is thin, you don’t have to give up on the hairstyle; you can always go for hair extension.

The hair is simply braided into the classic style braiding. The braids are done in thin braids to have them in lots of quantity. To add the style, the braids right above the ear are taken back and tied in the waterfall manner. This style is perfect for weddings and parties as it is classy and stylish.

Braids for Black Women


5. Cornrow Braiding with Colours

Styling your hair does not only includes the way you put them together but also the way you present it. In the presentation, you can always experiment with new colors. In this hairdo, we have experimented with red highlights, but you can always go for others such as golden, brown blue-green, etc.

These bold colors are not an easy choice, but if you are going with a bold hairstyle like this, the hairdo in the above-given image will bring it out as a statement. This hairstyle has four different parts that are a side swap, cornrows classic braid, and rope braids.

The whole hairstyle is done inside the manner, little skinny cornrows are done right above the ears, and the crown area is highlighted with a big and thick classic braid, which is continued as a rope braid till the end.

Through classic braid, the pink-red color in hair is highlighted. You can always experiment with hairstyles and your hair color to stand out from the ordinary.

Braids for Black Women


6. Cornrow Snake Braiding

We have all heard that simplicity is the best policy. This fact also works in fashion. Most people do not like to go all out with colors and accessories they like simple hairdos. They want to find something different but easy and simple. It doesn’t involve much step and time.

They want to experiment with the natural texture of their hair, not in favor of extension or highlights. If you are one of them, then these snake cornrows are perfect for you. The hairstyle is easy and simple just includes common cornrows on the crown are which are taken together at the back.

The unique thing which makes it different from other hairstyles is the cornrow on the crown area are formed in a snake manner, which is quite evident from the above-given image.

Braids for Black Women


7. Skinny Dividing Braids

Many women have believed that cornrows or classic braids are not for date nights with the special one their girls. But here we are breaking all those beliefs. This hairstyle is especially for your social occasion, and casual activates. Cornrows or the braids don’t have to be made thick, here in the hairdo, we have opted for the skinny braids.

You can see in the above-provided image of how skinny the braids are. For more style, the two braids are done in the center as a divider. And the girl in the picture has simply tucked the braids at the back of her ear. This style is simple plus elegant.

Braids for Black Women


8. Goldilocks Braiding

A little addition of accessories and highlights can give a lot more dimension to your hairstyle plus your personality. In this particular hairstyle, the touch of gold is added by highlights and golden rusty beads to add more charm to it. The golden touch is complementing the woman’s warm skin color and also gives hair a more chic look.

The hair is simply tied into braids, but with the golden highlights, the hairstyle is sure will be standing out. This is perfect for girls going to colleges and women for workplaces. If you are not in favor of highlighting, you can always use alternative methods such as sprays or hair extensions.

Braids for Black Women


9. Skinny Swiping Braids

The most noticeable change between the braids from past years till now is the thickness of the braids. Previously the braids were done thick, but now they are going skinny.

In this hairstyle, the skinny braids are formed all around the scalp, but they are arranged in a zigzag manner, or you can see in the above-provided image that they are swiping in the opposite directions. Keep the rest of the hair open.

Braids for Black Women


10. Messy Me Messy Braids

In today’s busy life, everything seems to be messy. Messy room, messy routine, Messy life doesn’t sound nice, but the only messy thing in today’s style, which will look great with you, is your messy hair. We have seen a lot of messy hairdos over the internet, but this one is unique as it involves messy braids.

The braids are not actually messy, as we can see from the picture, but the style they are arranged is messy. For a more refreshing and stylish look, the golden accessories are included in one of the braids.

Braids for Black Women


11. Havana Mambo Twist Crochets Braids

Long hair is not easy to maintain. So, these Havana mambo twist crochet braids are the best option for long hair. This Havana hairstyle looks so amazing. This hairstyle is for every girl who has naturally long hair.

To make this hairstyle divide your hair into different sections, then from each section, take three strands to make crochet braids. If you are a beginner, then this hairstyle is a difficult option for you to do.

You can add some hair accessories if you like them. To look more attractive-line a dress with smoky eyes, makeup is perfect with this hairstyle.

Braids for Black Women


12. Afro Box Ombre Braids

Afro ombre hair looks so beautiful because of its natural texture. Braids are the main part of afro hairstyles. This afro box braids are not easy to make but very easy to style. In this hairstyle, some sections of hair can be seen in the shape of boxes.

From these sections, different medium-sized braids are made, which is the main part of this hairstyle. This hairstyle is styled in different ways. Add some dark lip shade to look classier.

Braids for Black Women


13. Half-Up Half-Down Medium Box Braids

Many girls have medium-length hair. Girls with medium hair have choices to make different hairstyles. Half-up and half-down hairstyles look very fashionable in this braiding trend.

This hairstyle includes multiple sections with braids ups and down. You can add some hair colors to make it more attractive. This hairstyle is mostly liked by teenage girls, college girls, etc.

Braids for Black Women


14. Marley Twist Hairstyle

Marley twist hairstyle is for long or medium hair. This is the unique and best hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the twist technique is used to make braids. According to your choice, different types of beads are also used.

This hairstyle looks very cute on little girls. Marley twist hairstyle is perfect for curly hairs. If you don’t have long hair, then you use some hair extensions to make a twist hairstyle. African girls mostly prefer Marley twist hairstyle.

Braids for Black Women


15. Thick Black Braids

Thick hair is not easy to style. Long thick braids give you a strong and bold woman vibe. To manage your thick hair, braids are the best option. These braids are styled into buns, ponytails, etc. With any dark or light makeup, these braids look always good.

You can add minimal jewelry according to your outfit of choice. Braids and cornrows are the best options to protect your natural hair. This hairstyle is easy to make and lasts for three to four days.

Braids for Black Women


16. Mauve Cornrows with Bun

Some hairstyles are unique to other hairstyles. A mauve hairstyle is one of them. Cornrows are always in trend. From time to time creativity adds to cornrows hairstyle. Mauve hairstyle with a bun is mostly choosing for weddings.

This hairstyle needs a professional hairstylist because it requires a lot of practice. This hairstyle is easy to maintain. You can add some flowers or pins for a more attractive look. A perfect wedding outfit or gown is ideal for this mauve hairstyle.

Braids for Black Women


17. Messy Cornrows with Micro Braids

This messy cornrow with micro braids hairstyles is best for fluffy textured hair. Afro girls have thick and long hair. This messy braided hairstyle is a combination of thick and micro braids. A hairstyle represents your nature, a personality, so this hairstyle provides you a bold and strong personality.

Choose your hairstyle to your face shape, features, hair length, etc. This hairstyle is not for regular use because it consumes time. You can add jewelry or ornaments which give you a traditional afro look.

Braids for Black Women


18. Senegalese Twist with Accessories

Like its name, it includes hair accessories like beads, silver rings, etc. In this hairstyle, several small sections are created on the head of an individual. Every braid has a small section. Three strands braids always look pretty. Beads are used to make braids more beautiful.

Little girls or school-going girls will surely like this hairstyle. This hairstyle is also styled inside buns ponytails, high bun, etc. Girls with tattoos love this hairstyle because it defines their bold and cool character.

Every hair accessories have a unique effect on any hairstyle. While making or choosing a hairstyle, keep in mind your face shape and structure. A perfect leather jacket and sunglasses are the best option with this hairstyle.

Braids for Black Women


19. Substantial High Braided Bun

Buns are always a part of every girl’s hairstyle. Buns are styled in many forms like messy, normal, classy, flower, etc. This substantial bun is a perfect option for a classy and neat look. This hairstyle is a combination of a lines braid and a high braided bun.

Similar and equal sections are created to make braids. Long braids give more volume to your high bun. If you want a classy but powerful look, then you should go for this substantial-high bun braided hairstyle. Circle-shaped earrings are the best option to wear with this hairstyle for an eye-catching look.

Braids for Black Women


20. Half Angular Top Knotted Bun

For a stylish look top, knotted buns are best. In this hairstyle, beads are also used. In this hairstyle, several braids are made and on the top of the head to make a knotted bun. The rest of the braids are hanging loosely. Beads and colorful bands add colors to make it more beautiful.

You can add some bright dark lip color to your look. This hairstyle consumes time and lasts for three to five days with proper hair sprays. You can also wear a nice denim jacket for a perfect look.

Braids for Black Women


21. Criss-Cross Braids with High Bun

Braids came from Africa, but with time, it is liked by everyone. In this hairstyle, braids are knotted in a criss-cross direction. Front section braids are tied in a loose bun. Rest braids are hanged freely. Colorful beads and decorative hairpins are used according to your choice.

Criss-cross braids restyled into various forms like a high bun, Rapunzel tail, side braids, etc. The style is ideal for those girls who love piercing. This hairstyle goes with any hair type like curly, natural, freeze, etc. Most Hollywood celebrities wore this hairstyle for red carpets or parties.

Braids for Black Women


22. Crochet Box Falling Braids

Crochet is the technique of braiding. In this technique, three strands of hair are used to make crochet braids. Various sections are divided to make box-like patterns. Each braid is secured with rubber bands.

According to your outfit, function, makeup crochet box braids are styled. Some male rappers also go with this crochet hairstyle. African American people are always attached to their traditions, so traditional hairstyles are always part of their styles.

Braids for Black Women


23. Fancy Twisted Updo

Fancy twisted updo makes the updo more unique and stylish. This hairstyle is best for those girls who want something polished and protective. Braided hairstyles are very creative and versatile. Twists are another easier alternative to braids. This updo is nicer to see but harder to make.

A fancy twisted updo is tied very creatively on the top of the head. Fancy twisted updo doesn’t require any beads or extensions. The hairstyle reflects your personality, so this fancy twisted updo gives you a simple and classy look.

Braids for Black Women


24. Blonde Dreadlock

Dreadlocks are rope-like strands of hair. Dreadlocks are not easy to style because it is natural hair. Dreadlocks are harder to maintain so, only coloring is the best option. The blonde dreadlock hairstyle looks impressive.

According to your face and outfit, you can make a bun, ponytail, etc. Some people use dreadlock extensions for adding a dramatic look to their hairstyles. You can also make twists and secure with rubber bands etc.

Braids for Black Women


25. Classy Cornrow

Natural straight black hair is rare. In a classy cornrow, hairstyle hairs are divided through a center partition. Each side of the head has three to four parts from where cornrows are started.

This hairstyle is for natural black straight hair. You can add beads on the ends of the braids. With this hairstyle, the bright red lip color looks so amazing. This hairstyle is also for little girls or medium hair.

Braids for Black Women


26. Fulani Braids with Knotless Ends

Fulani hairstyle comes from Fula people. Nowadays, it is prevalent in the hairstyling industry. Fulani braids are more like cornrows. The front look is different from the back look. The main part of the braids is knotless ends.

Ends are not secured with any rubber band or pin etc. instead of this with the help of curler ends are curled so that it gives a unique look. You don’t have to wear any jewelry or accessories with this hairstyle.

Braids for Black Women


27. Rapunzel or Goldilocks

This hairstyle is mainly for long hair women. From the picture above, you can see the long hair as the princess Rapunzel and the shiny gold color, just like goldilocks. This red carpet look is here to make you outshine in your peer group. Her shiny golden long hair is simply tied in the classic braids.

With this hairstyle, you can go all about accessories. In the image above, the hairstyle is designed with a lot more accessories, which is making it perfect for parties.

Braids for Black Women


28. Ash with Colors

Darker hair people are going all out with the neon’s in there. Yes, you read it right neon colors.

In the picture, you can see the African hair texture is colored with red and yellow neon color. But in reality, these are not her real hair, but they are extensions used in braiding the hair and are left hanging at the back.

Braids for Black Women


29. Faux Lochs

Faux locks are the hairstyle that is done in a rope structure all around the head. This hairdo also involves faux braids. From the picture, we can notice how clear and neat the faux braids are done on the crown area.

They are done in a particular way to form a pattern at a side of the crown. The braids are continued until the end. This hairstyle is perfect for day weddings parties and will go with all your looks- simple or all loud.

Braids for Black Women


30. Bun it up

Without involving buns, no hairstyle list is complete. Bun and braid together are meant to the duo. Here is one more hairstyle to take this duo to the next level. This hairstyle involves a high bun with open braids.

Half of the hair which are tied in braids is taken up to form a high bun, and the other half of braids are open down. The silver highlights are added with accessories. This hairdo is giving a chic look to your personality.

Braids for Black Women


31. Braided Bun

This braided bun hairstyle is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is tie your braided hair into chic bun and you’re good to go. This look is perfect for everyday wear and for the black woman who likes to go the traditional route with her hair.

black woman with braided bun


32. Two-Toned Box Braids

Braids are enough of a statement on their own, but if you’re someone who opts for bold and head-turning hair choices, this is the ideal pick for you. Add a pop of color to the ends of your braid to brighten up your look and catch eyes wherever you go.

long braids for black women


33. Classic Box Braids

The best part about box braids is that they’re one of the most versatile hairstyles out there.

No matter the occasion, these braids are here to save the day and they’re ideal for any type of event, so why not just opt for traditional, classic box braids?

thick box braids


34. Braided Ponytail

A quick but effective way to upgrade braided hair is to simply tie them into a ponytail for a more put-together and hassle-free look.

Thanks to the braids, your ponytail will have extra volume and the added length will increase the charm of your look.

black girl with braided ponytail


35. Braided Top Knot

If you want an easier way to manage your braided hair and style them in some unique way during the summer, twist them into a top knot. Your thick braids will add volume to your top knot instantly and you will always appear effortlessly dressed up.

braid styles for black women


36. Accessorized Braid Updo

Adding accessories to your braided hairstyle can elevate the hairstyle most stunningly. If you’ve opted for a half-braided look while your natural hair is tied up into a ponytail, there’s no better way to dress up your look than with a few cuffs or jewels.

braid with beads for black ladies


37. Half Up Half Down

The classic half-up, half-down look is a simple and easy braided hairstyle that flatters all ages and helps prevent hair breakage. It’s easy to style and easier to manage, so what are you waiting for?

black girl with thin long braids


38. Braided Crown

For a formal event, wrapping a thick and voluminous braid around your head is one of the most elegant ways to style your hair.

This elegant and effortless braid hairstyle is a classic and delicate pick preferred by most black women for formal occasions such as weddings or business parties.

braided updos for black women


39. Lemonade Braids

Inspired by the iconic Beyonce, these fine lemonade braids make for the chicest summer hairstyle. Experimenting with your lemonade braids is always appreciated but you cannot beat the classic look.

This pulled-back hairdo accentuates your facial features ideally while the braids frame your face to perfection.

black girl with lemonade braids


40. Hazel Shoulder-Length Braids

For African American women who have lighter-colored hair, these shoulder-length braids are the perfect pick. They are a great way to show off every highlight and shadow of your hair.

Plus, this hairstyle is professional, neat, and work-friendly while also keeping your natural hair protected and healthy. It’s manageable, classy, and overall ideal.

braided bob hairstyle



Where did braids originate?

Historically, braids have been traced back thousands of years with their origin in Africa. With styles and techniques varying by tribes, groups, and regions, braids of many kinds have been adorned as crowns for women of Africa. Today braids are seen all around the world.

Why are braids important in Black culture?

Braids are more than hair; they are expressions of personality, style, identity, and even art. There is a historical significance to braids in Black culture. Once considered “undesirable,” Braids have played an immense role in Black culture from showing status and age among African tribes to creating secret messaging during times of slavery.


Are braids good for Black hair?

Yes, braids are a protective style for Black hair. Protective styles protect the ends of the hair and promote healthy growing hair. Braids can be created using a variety of techniques which result in different styles. The braids are absolutely stunning and visually complex. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that hair can be molded in such a way.


How long do braids for Black hair last?

Generally, braids can last four to six weeks. However, they can last longer with proper care and maintenance. When receiving braids, you have to be sure that your braids are not overly tight, especially around your hairline and nape. You also want to protect your braids from becoming dry and frizzy by wearing a scarf or bonnet to bedtime.


We tried to show you almost all aspects of doing braids in various ways in this article, and we hope you have had that desire in you now to try these braids at least once in your lifetime! Even if you are still not sure, we know you are a bit relieved by these ideas!

They keep your hair manageable with your unmanageable and curly hair. These colors and styles are perfect for anyone! So what are you waiting for? All you should be doing is trying these gorgeous and colorful braids. Thank you for your time.

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