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12 Stunning Ideas to Get Perm with Bangs for Women

Perms were famous back in the 80s and 90s, but they are making a comeback with a bit of a twist. You can now get several amazing perm hairstyles with bangs for all hair types. When you get your styles, especially in tight curls, it’s called a perm. The bangs will also be curly because they’re a part of the style.

If you think this hairstyle can get boring, you’ve not seen our list until now. With our ideas, you can have a different way to style your perm hair beautifully with bangs. Let’s explore them now.


Flawless Perm Hairstyles with Bangs 

We have carefully picked out the top 12 ways in which you can style your hair. So even if you keep one style for one month, you’ve got a year full of new hairstyles.

Curly Dark Pink Hair

curly dark pink perm hair with bangs

Perm is a way of styling your hair, but you can make a few variations with wispy bangs in a particular hairstyle too. Like you can color your hair dark pink and those little curls will prevent the hair from looking dull.


Curly Brown Bob

brown perm hair with bangs

Even if your natural hair color is brown, you can get light brown highlights on your medium curls. Keeping the roots in dark brown. The short bangs will enhance your overall look


Auburn Hair with Thick Bangs

auburn perm hair with thick bangs

Color your shoulder-length curls in an auburn color. Go for thick and straight blunt bangs as they will blend well with thick hair. The long curls will bring out the real beauty of the auburn color.


Brown Highlights

celebrity inspired perm hair with bangs

We all know Zendaya has naturally curly hair, and when she gets fringes, it completely looks like she has got a curly perm with bangs.  You can get brown highlights on the front of your long curls and naturally, black hair to get the same look.


Silver Blonde Hair

blonde perm hair with straight bangs

Go for white blonde hair color this time for your neck-length bob.  Add some short layered side bangs with the overall perm hair. It makes you look like you came out of a movie or fantasy world. 


Wavy Red Perm

red perm hair with side bangs

It is time to color your thin hair red and add waves for a voluminous look. Color the roots and crown part with a shade lighter than the color at the roots.  It will surely give you an intense bold look that will enhance your facial features.


Beach Waves

beach waves perm hair with baby bangs

When we talk about long perm hair with bangs, we mean to talk about all types of curls and waves. Beach waves look beautiful only on long hair. Baby bangs will be the finishing touch to this look.


Short Permed Bob

short perm hair with bangs

The basic idea of a perm is fluffy and short hair, so why not make this basic idea stylish? Get side bangs and light brown color on your short perm.  Short curls give the appearance of a beautiful curly bun. Make sure you’re using hairspray when you go out.


Pastel Pink Hair

pastel pink perm hair with bangs

Color your beautiful long curls in pastel pink color the next time you visit a salon. Long curly bangs on the front will match the overall color and perm hair. You can play with the shades of pastel pink too like a mixture of light and dark.


Short Perm with Bangs

perm with bangs

Convert your short perms with bangs and look into a pixie haircut. You still get to keep your curls and blunt fringes but with a beautiful change.

Color your fringes in light red color and the remaining hair in blood-red color.  Pixie with bangs and curls is perfect for thin hair density.


Spiral Perm

spiral perm hair with bangs

A spiral perm with bangs can be made both on thick and thin hair. Keep the length of your curls up to your shoulder as the bangs are going to be the center of attraction here. Keep your hair color in its natural form and let the curls do wonders for you.


Body Wave Perm

spot perm hair with curtain bangs

Body wave perm gives you natural look when it pairs with long curtain bangs. The romantic waves flow down your shoulder, and the curtain bangs add beauty to the overall look. You should get a body wave if you have very straight or have little wavy hair.


We tried to cover every style while discussing perms with bangs hairstyles related to coloring or a different haircut. We have given hairstyles for every hair density, length, and texture so that no one feels left out.

 Now that you’ve come this far, we hope you’ve picked the hairstyle you’ll get next for. You can play favorites here; no one will judge you.