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15 Stunning Perm Hairstyles to Get Vibrant and Bouncy Locks

Curly hair has been admired for decades. This makes perm hairstyles a very popular look to try out this year. They’re perfect if you want lots of volume, and they suit hair of all lengths.

If you want to feel like what it’s like to have naturally curly hair, a perm is also an excellent choice. It stops you from curling hair every day. You can choose the size and tightness of the curls as you wish, too.


Voluminous Perm Hairstyles

Need some inspiration for your brand new look? No worries. Let’s dive in and look at some options.

Tight Light Brown Ringlets

curly permed hair

Most people know perm hairstyles for having nice, tight ringlets that create a lot of volume and look very dense. If that’s your preference, then this is the look you should go for.

These small ringlets help make your stunning light brown locks pop.


Body Waves for Long Hair

body wave perm hair

These days, waves are very trendy. They make you look incredibly easy-going. They still add a lot of volume but the hair isn’t quite as dense.

If this is what you’re interested in, then covet a look like this. The gentle side bangs add some dimension to the front.


Thick Ponytail for Permed Locks

ponytail with perm hair

If you need to keep your new spiral locks out of your face, then scraping them back into a ponytail is a great choice. Sometimes you just need your features on display.

This is a very tight perm hairstyle. There’s a lot of texture in the part that’s pulled back, and the ponytail is huge.


Delightful Messy Updo

medium permed hair

Do you prefer updos? This one is great for permed hair as it has a lot of texture in it. The locks are loosely drawn to the back of the head and secured. There’s a nice loose section at the front that stands tall. Some flyaway hairs help this look very natural.


Thick Hair with Highlights

curly permed hair

Highlighting your hair really makes your new hairdo pop. This perm hairstyle is classic with a lot of very tight shapes in the locks. The blonde helps show off the texture. The shadow root adds depth.


Loose Curls with Headband

permed hair with headband

Longer hair is often best suited to looser styles like this. This is also one of the thinner styles you’ll find. It’s great for an everyday hairstyle that doesn’t take up too much time or attention. It’s pushed back out of the face with a hairband.


Short Head-Framing Style

short perm hair

If you’re looking for a way to spice up short hair, consider some curly locks. They adds so much life and movement to your look. This style frames the head beautifully. It’s thick and voluminous.

The style is kept out of the face, but two strands fall neatly against the forehead.


Long Brunette Style with Flower Crown

loose perm hair

Rich brunette shades like this look utterly divine with long, loose perming. The light bounces off the color to make it appear very shiny. It gives you a soft and glamorous look.

You can make yourself look even sweeter by adding a flower crown.


Silver Bob

permed hair bob

This silvery-white color has been trendy for a few years now. It creates an ethereal look you’ll love wearing. The slightly bushy nature of these spirals also adds to that ethereal glow.

The roots growing in here add some depth that the hairstyle would otherwise lack. It adds a nice touch.


Half Up Mermaid Hairstyle

half up permed hair

Styles like this in various shades of blue and pink are often referred to as mermaid hair. Thick curls and fishtail braids are also considered a staple of that style.

Here a braid sits on the side of the head and pulls back into a bun. A loose fishtail braid falls beneath the bun. Some wispy strands fall by the face. The back is decorated with jewels.


Loose Messy Bob

wavy perm hair
Instagram / hairbyjacksu

You can’t go wrong with a bob. It’s a classic look that suits all face shapes and hair types. The texture of the hair is quite loose and messy.

It appears to be an effortless everyday style. You’ll have great fun shaking this out and wearing it each morning.


Shoulder-Length Hair with Bangs

permed hair with bangs
Instagram / permsfeed

Bangs have a way of rounding a lookout. They’re excellent for fully framing your face. People’s eyes will be drawn to your features. We also recommend you check the perm styles listed on prose and hairstyle camp.

Your wonderful mid-length hairdo compliments you nicely, too. The extremely textured locks look very fun and lively.


Mid-Length Style with Middle Parting

beach wave perm hair
Instagram / viktoriyasaliy

The middle part looks very elegant and simple. It also makes you look extremely approachable. It’s great to wear with nice curly locks, as it lets the curls frame your face.

This is quite an understated look, as there’s no extreme volume or thickness to the hair.


Loose Waves

korean perm
Instagram / lafiorire_malaysia

A perm doesn’t just have to mean curls. It just means you’re permanently adding a new texture to your hair. This new texture is waves. They’re very long and loose.

They add movement to otherwise flat hair. It’s great if you just want a little new style in your look.


Flyaway Updo

permed hair updo

Here’s an everyday style you can wear with textured hair. Most of the locks are drawn back into an updo at the back of the head. Two wispy strands fall in front of the ears.

The top of this look is very textured with a lot of flyaway hairs. It’s very carefree.


We sincerely hope our recommendations helped you determine what modern perm hairstyle would suit you best. If you were on the fence about one of these looks, then maybe we inspired you to make the change.

Rest assured your friends and family will all adore your brand new hairdo. You’ll have so many compliments to respond to each day!

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