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35 Brown Short Hairstyles Which are in Trend These Days

Hairstyles largely depend on the texture of the hair and the shape of the face. Hairstyles must be done based on that. The length of the hair also plays an important factor in deciding the hairstyle of a person. Gone are the days when only long hair had its elegance.

These days, any length of hair can be carried with elegance. With changes in the world of fashion, hairstyles have had some major changes too. These days, it is also common to find hairstyles based on hair color.

Brown Short Hairstyles are very much in trend these days. Most people have brown hair or prefer to color their hair brown. Short hair is easy to maintain and style. There are many quicker styles that can be done with short hair. It is also easy to maintain and is hassle-free.

Brown hair color suits almost all complexions and skin textures. Short hair can be made to style elegantly depending on the face cut of the person. the color of the hair also matches with any dress whether it is casual or formal wear. Short hair also looks good in all textures.

Chloe Brown

The short-cropped hair is done elegantly. It is roughly parted in the side of the head. the hair length is kept short till the ears. The front bangs are kept comparatively longer. The entire hairstyle is kept messy and casual. The front bangs are kept long and loosely hanging over the forehead.

Complemented with the hairstyle, the makeup is kept neat. The ends of the hair strands are kept lightly colored with a darker color at the roots. This style can be paired with an elegant or bold dress.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Loose Curls

Loose curls not only adorn the long hair but also the shorter hair. loose curls make the look more elegant and graceful. The haircut is kept shorter with longer bangs in the front. The brown color is done in the outer strands with the black strands playing peek-a-boo with the other strands.

The curls add more volume to the hair. the slight curls are only done at the ends of hair strands. This look is suitable for a casual look as well as the elegant look.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Center Parted Waves

The hair is colored in a bright shade of brown. The texture of the hair is sleek and fine. The length of the hair is short and a little above the shoulders. The hair is neatly parted in the middle. Towards the ends of the hair strands, they are slightly made wavy.

The makeup is kept neat with a bold mouth and highlighted eyes to complement the hairstyle. The ends of the hair are colored in mixed shades of lighter and darker shades of brown. This look can be made to look elegant with any party wear.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Side Swept Bob

Short bob cut style of hair can never go out of fashion. It always looks best in almost all the outfits and all the looks. This bob style can be gracefully paired with casual or elegant dresses. The hair length is short just above the shoulders and the hair is side swept casually.

The hair strands are kept a little wavy and neat. The chopped ends of the hair are kept uneven so that a casual look is achieved in the hairstyle. The makeup is minimal.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Wavy Light Brown

The light brown color of the hair is a very common color these days. It looks gorgeous in long as well as shorter lengths of hair. This hairstyle is good for those who want to add extra volume to their hair. The hair is cut uneven with longer strands falling freely over the forehead.

The strand is kept slightly wavy and casual. The hair strands of lighter color are done at the outer side of the hair. This hairstyle is very cool for a casual look.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Side Part Pixie

Side parted pixie hairstyle is very much in the fashion these days. This hairstyle is very neat and cool for a casual or party look. The hair is cropped very short and the hair strands are neatly gelled to stay in place.

Neatly side-parted, the hair is carefully styled to achieve the look. Complementary with the hairstyle, the makeup is kept minimal. This hairstyle is perfect for party wear or a casual look.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Dark to Light Layered Hair

For a short haircut to look classy and stylish, the dark to light layered look is the best. The short hair is cut in layers to achieve the style. the hair is made slightly wavy at the ends of hair strands. The brown color is very carefully done at the outer portions of the hair and the lighter color is done at the ends.

The natural hair color is maintained only at the roots. For this ultra-cool and stylish look, any bold dress with bold makeup would be suitable.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Wavy Side Bangs

Ever since bangs became a fashion trend, people have been doing it in many ways. Bangs are not just for long hair, they suit short hair just as perfectly. The hair length barely touches the shoulder. The hair texture is smooth and sleek.

Hair color is maintained dark brown. While the rest of the hair is kept simple and sleek, the front bangs have been swept to one side. The bangs add a dramatic look to the hairstyle. It is perfect for a party look.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Short Swept Back

For people having short fine and thin hair, this hairstyle is the best. Women having thin long faces can carry this style very well. The haircut is kept short but the swept-back style makes it more elegant. For a neat and careful look, this hairstyle can be done quickly.

The hair is done in dark brown color. Each and every strand is carefully gelled and swept back. The makeup is done carefully. A bold mouth and a pair of danglers are best suited for this style.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Slick Center Part

Center parted hair is not just for the casual look anymore. It has become a style statement for the graceful look too. With a neat center parting, the hair has been divided into both sides. the dark brown hair color is maintained throughout the entire hairstyle.

The hair length is short and is roughly chopped. The front portion of the head is kept sleek and neat. The rest of the head is kept as it is.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Asymmetrical Pixie

This short brown hairstyle is very stylish and is cool to carry. The haircut is uneven but the hair texture is kept very neat and sleek. The shining brown hair is kept a bit longer at the front.

The rest of the hair is maintained short. The front layers of hair are done in dark brown color to complement the rest of the hairstyle. The makeup is kept light with highlighted eyes.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Brown Low lights-Highlights 

Highlights of brown color also look very stylish in short hair as well as long hair. in this hairstyle, the hair length is kept short and the chopped and blunt ends are slightly wavy at the ends.

Light brown highlights have been done at the outer strands. The rest of the hair is done in highlights of dark brown. The coarse hair texture better suits this hairstyle.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Messy Tomboy

The tomboyish look is not just for the tomboys. These days, it is also sported for the uniqueness in the hairstyle. The hair is kept extra short and cropped short till ear length.

Women with voluminous hair can easily opt for this look. The dark brown color of the hair is very prominent on the hair.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Undefined Bangs

Bangs can always make any look classy and dramatic. In shorter hair, if one wants to look classy and stylish, this look is the perfect one.

Women having the thin texture of hair can carry this hairstyle with ease. The hair length is just below the ears. The haircut is kept even and the front bangs are made prominent. Bold eyes are best suited for this style.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Funky Cropped Bob

The shades of brown have been beautifully done in this hairstyle. The hair length is kept to the ears. A casual mid-parting has been done. Only the front hair strands have been done up in dark brown color.

The rest of the hair is being highlighted in lighter shades of brown. The hair ends have been kept blunt and choppy. This look is perfect for the casual as well as the elegant style.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Messy Pixie Brown

Women with coarse or thicker textures of hair can try this hairstyle. It is being done in a simple way and yet it is unique. The front strands have been waved in a casual way and made to stick out at the front of the forehead.

The front strands are a bit longer. The rest of the hair is cropped short. Heavy jewelry and bold makeup can suit the hairstyle very well.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Side Swept Bangs 

For a quick party look, nothing is best suited than short hair which is done nicely. Keeping the hair length short at just grazing the shoulders, is also super easy to do and to maintain.

The hair is side-parted in an elegant way with the front strand made wavy to fall over the forehead. Done in a vivid shade of brown, the hair color makes the complexion prominent. The ends of the hair strands have been made wavy.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Side Bangs Pixie Cut

The pixie cut can be achieved in a lot of ways. Short hair is the best for doing a pixie hairstyle. The hair is gelled carefully and nicely. The front strands have been slightly swept sideways.

The dark brown hair color is done on smooth and sleek hair. this look can be carried off in a bold dress with some dark makeup.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Side Part Bob

Women having fine hair may find it difficult to maintain long hair lengths. In that case, short hair is the best option to style the hair in an elegant way. The hair length is kept just above the shoulders.

The front bangs are kept longer, made wavy and swept sideways. The side parting is also done very neatly.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Traditional Pixie

The traditional pixie look is also very elegant and easy to carry. Hair strands are chopped short all over the head. The short hair strands are casually brushed forward.

Also, the hairstyle can make one look younger. No makeup look and minimal jewelry are best suited for the hairstyle.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Side Bangs Inverted Bob

Bob cut can be done in a lot of ways in shorter hair length. The longer hair strands are made to fall over the front of the forehead.

The hair strands are kept sleek and straight. Highlights of dark and light brown color have been done so that they look prominent.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Tapered Pixie 

The tapered pixie haircut looks very unique and is also very easy to maintain. The hair is cropped very short. Taking strands of hair from the top of the head, the tapered look has been achieved.

The rest of the head is kept casual and neat. Light makeup and minimal jewelry are best suited for this style.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Shaggy Layers

The short shaggy layered hairstyle is best suited for women with voluminous and thick hair. Casually parted in the side, the hair is kept sleek so that the haircut looks prominent.

The front layers of hair have been kept longer and carefully arranged around the face. Bold eyes and neat makeup complements this hairstyle.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Full Bangs Inverted Bob

The haircut is done very neatly keeping longer strands at the front. The longer length of the bangs has been elegantly made to fall over the forehead.

The rest of the bangs have been arranged to hug the face frame. Nude makeup with brown highlights in the hair strands is a perfect combination for this style.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Tomboy Short Side Part

The tomboy short side part is another variation of the very basic hairstyle which has been done for ages. The hair texture is normal and the haircut is kept short. A neat side parting has been done.

The maximum brown shaded hair is carefully swept to the other side. The rest of the hair is pinned at one side. Bold lips with a casual outfit are suited for this hairstyle.

Brown Short Hairstyles


Blunt Brown Bob

For brown short hairstyles, a blunt bob could be quite a fun try. Check out the looks of Vanessa Hudgens who carries this style amazingly well. Even though this hairstyle goes best with straight hair, other textures can look interesting too. 

brown short bob


French Girl Bob With Accessories

The next hairdo is extremely fun and looks extremely easy. The hair just needs to be in a Bob haircut and you can add accessories like colorful hair clips. This hairstyle is something that will make you stand out in the crowd.

honey brown short bob


Curly Pixie Cut

A cute pixie cut should be the evergreen haircut of all time. And, if you think it can be done only with straight hair, you’re wrong.

A curly Pixie Cut is unique, rare, and quite easy to style. You should try it if you are looking for a hassle-free style. 

black woman with short brown afro hair


Short Shag

A short Shag can completely change your style game. There are celebs like Anne Hathaway who have been giving the short Shag popularity in the fashionable sense.

The haircut can make you look young, chic, and of course, trendy. This is a must-try if you are looking for brown short hairstyles. 

brown short wavy hairstyle


Slicked Back Bob

We all love a neat, slick hairstyle. There is something powerful and well-maintained about a slicked-back Bob that other hairstyles fail to achieve.

The style may take some of your time and you will need products to achieve the look. But, in the end, it’s all worth it.

short dark brown sleek hairstyle


Deep Brown Ear-length Cut With Bangs

Your brown hair can embrace an ear-length haircut with bangs with grace. This is a fun hairstyle and it enhances the youthful glow of your face.

It works especially well on wavy textures. The tresses that way seem fuller and you don’t need to use any volumizer. 

messy pixie with short brown hair


Wavy Feathered Pixie

You’re wrong if you think all fun lies in long hair. Try a wavy Feathered Pixie that will give your face a very cute look.

Short tresses are more manageable and with this haircut, they are also very stylish without much effort. This can be your all-time look. 

golden short brown hairstyle


Classic Bob With Side Swept Bangs

Your glossy brown hue can shine even if you don’t have long, flowing hair. Short hairstyles are in season and a simple Bob can easily be your style mantra. Keep side bangs to give your hair more definition. Let the volume be the hero in this hairstyle. 

short brown hair with side part


Curly Shag with Bandana

A Curly Shag is exactly how it sounds: messy and stylish. Celebrities have started embracing their curls and it’s about time you rocked those too.

A super stylish short curly crop can be a showstopper. Use accessories like a bandana or headband to make pop even more.

short brown curly hair with blonde highlights


Retro Pixie Cut

Boyish cuts can be super feminine too and this retro Pixie Cut for brown hair is a superb example of it. This pixie cut can make your face look young and soft, and can accentuate your best features. Add bangs to make it look even more feminine.

short brown hair with highlights

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