The craze for short hairstyles is one hair trend that is here to stay. There are more reasons than one why women have always loved short hair on themselves. The first reason is obviously the manageability factor. Short hair is a lot easier to manage and take care of than the long mane. With Crop Short Hairstyles, all you need is some good combing and a few occasional styles here and there.

The haircut is what speaks the loudest and makes you look all stunning. The ones who are proud of their cheekbones and jawline must go short for their next haircut. The hair being away from the face, brings out the features of the face rather nicely. There is a wrong notion that short hair is not for everyone. But, that is not the case. Just get the cut and color that suits your face and sense of style and you are good to go.

Blonde Short Hair

Short hair looks amazing when you have beautiful blonde hue in your hair. It reminds you of the classic holly beauties. This is a type of long pixie cut and the hair is swept towards the front. The hair covers up the entire forehead and stops right above the eyes. You can keep the length of sides shorter than the middle.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Pixie Fringe Hairstyle

The pixie hairstyle is quite a rage among the various short hairstyles that women can try out. This is because the pixie is versatile and it can be styled in more ways than one. The hairstyle is also great for all hair colors. Here, the short pixie gets a fringe added to it in front. The fringe makes the hairstyle look trendier than ever.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Side Bangs Short Hairstyle

The length of the hair diminishes as you move from the front to the back. The hair has a wispy and tousled look to it. The long fringes take the style quotient higher than ever. The fringes at the side are long enough to reach your jawline. Make a parting on one side of the hair according to what suits your face.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Choppy Fringe Short Haircut

The hair is cut in asymmetrical layers to give it a choppy look. It will be the ideal solution to the thinness of your hair. The choppiness adds so much texture and volume that you will forget that you ever had an issue with thin hair. The fringes are messily strewn across the forehead to complete the look.

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Crop Short Hairstyles

Low Maintenance Short Hair

This is an iconic hairstyle in terms of the popularity factor of it. The modern woman is a busybody, and she needs to juggle both her office and home. This is perfect hairstyle for her as this one will need the least amount of maintenance. Just run your brush through the super short hair and rush out of the door. Here are 15 more stylish low maintenance short hairstyles ideas for women.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyle with Blonde Highlight

This is such a fun and funky hairstyle that you will surely fall in love with it. The hair is cut choppily in multiple layers to give it that heaped up effect. It is brushed towards the front to make it all fall over your forehead. The color story is also interesting here with the blonde highlights added to brunette hair.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Graduated Cropped Short Hair

You must have heard all about balayage and ombre hair but you sure have not heard much about graduated hair colors. Since, ombre is not really much of an option for short hair, the graduated coloring is the way to go. The base color of the hair is kept black while it is dark auburn on the middle portion.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Short Blonde Crop Hairstyle

The fact that you can look cute as a button with short hair is aptly proven by this hairstyle. The hair is cropped short but cut in multiple layers. There is parting to the left side of the hair. The hair to the right of the parting looks puffed up thanks to the number of layers that has been given to it.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Flat Ironed Short Hairstyle

You need hair that is as straight as possible to try out this hairstyle. So, if your hair is not straight naturally, pick up your flat iron and straighten out your locks. The hair at the back is shorter in length than the hair on the rest of the head. Cut your hair in short layers and keep the strands near the forehead extra-long.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Edgy Short Hairstyle

Looking edgy is easy if you have the right haircut to flaunt. This hairstyle that you see here will need minimum effort but there will be no compromise on the style quotient. The hair is short overall but the ones at the bank are raised up to resemble spikes radiating in all directions.

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Crop Short Hairstyles

Fringe Short Hairstyle for Thin Hair

The hairstyle works for you in more levels than one. Firstly, the hair is thin but it does not appear so because of the texture given to it. Secondly, the bringing of hair over the forehead makes the broadness of your forehead cover up well. Also, the added shine from hair serum makes your hair glow.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles for Older Women

Older women suffer from several problems like thinning of hair and receding hairline. The only solution to hide these issues is by getting the right hairstyle. Make a deep parting to the left and brush all your hair well. Get a fringe of graduated length in front and sweep to one side to get this look.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Asymmetrical Short Hairstyle

Go for this one of a kind hairstyle if the pixies and bobs have all been tried and tested by you. The contrast in the lengths of hair is the main draw for this hairstyle. Create a demarcation between the longer hair and shorter part by making a parting to the right. Cut the longer hair completely asymmetrically.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Short Hair for Oval Face

The oval shape of face is called the best of the lot. The reason behind this is that the oval shape is perfect for almost all kinds of hairstyles. If you have an oval-shaped face, you can really show off the gorgeous shape by getting a short haircut. The hair is ruffled up a bit with a strip of light blonde highlight on one side.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Bleach Blonde Short Hair

The blonde short hair has been given a fashionable twist to make it really eye-catching. Keep the ends of the hair asymmetrical. Brush the hair at the center and let it fall over your forehead. The dark color is maintained in rest of the hair. The distinction of two colors makes it look really attractive.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Bowl Cut Bob Hairstyle

The right blend of quirky cut and funky highlights makes this one look absolutely stunning. The hair has a bowl-like appearance as it spreads from the center to the sides, back and front. The base color of the hair is kept in its darkest hue. Some thin strips of hair have been taken and colored in a reddish-blonde color.

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Crop Short Hairstyles

Spiky Pixie Haircut

Add perfection to the regular pixie by making it look spiky. Short hairstyles and spikes are not something that you only associate with boys. The girls can rock the look as well. Leave a bit of the hair in front and then begin the spikes that point in one direction. Bring out the hair setting spray and spritz on.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Messy Side Fringe Short Hair

The bedhead look is the one thing that is the easiest to achieve if you have short hair. Just ruffle up your hair a bit and you have got the look that you want. Add to that, the stunning silver hue of the hair and you have got yourself a winner. Keep the fringes long and then sweep it to one side.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Medium Pixie Cut Hairstyle

The super short pixie might be a bit too much to carry off by you. In that case, keep the length of the hair to medium length and go for this hairstyle. The layers are brushed forward and they do the job of fringes. Half of the forehead is all covered by the hair that you have brush towards the front.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Razor Cut Short Hairstyle

The coolness quotient is just too high with this hairstyle. The razor cut give all of the hair an asymmetrical look. For the hair in front, keep some of the strands long and some of it short. Let the hair fall over your forehead and some of the strands be long enough to touch your jawline. It looks a bit ruffled up at the back.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Messy Short Hairstyle

Messy hair is what you need for the volume and texture that your natural hair requires. Do not feel that messy is for a certain age only and women of all ages can rock it. The sexiness of messed up hair is something that you will love to flaunt. Use your fingers to create the tousled look. Some of the hair should fall over the forehead.

Crop Short Hairstyles

Given above is a list of twenty-one Crop Short Hairstyles that have been brought together to suit all ages and any facial shapes. Pick the one that you like the most.

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