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25 Stylish Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles Ideas for Women

Short hairstyles have always been a favorite for many people. With time, they have evolved into something greater than before. With different aspects and style elements coming in the scenario, they have made a bigger fan base now.

Short hairstyles have many advantages. With global warming reaching a higher level with every increasing year, long hairstyles are starting to become discomforting. Moreover, short hairstyles also have a unique appeal to them that is both comforting and in sync with modern times.

Low maintenance short hairstyles, hence, are being adopted by much more people now. Moreover, when you can have stylized short hair versions then, why not choose it?

This has been the mantra for most women, who have adopted them. They have numerous aspects to them such as blonde style, messy cropped style, wave style, and much more, enough to lure people towards them.


Best Short Hairstyles for Women

Hairstyles need to bring the required confidence in you. For socializing, you are in need of a good hairstyle. Here, you will come across numerous such versions of short hairstyles that will leave a lasting impression on you and make you feel determined to try them out.

1. Layered Cut Short Hairstyle

Short hairstyles are a trend of recent times and you will find numerous people around you carrying off the same with utmost ease and confidence. They transform your look into someone spectacular as well as keep the modern touch in mind.

With hairstyles becoming a subject of constant experimentation, you can expect many more trendy short hairstyles such as the layered cut short hairstyle to follow.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles


2. Medium Short Hair with Wispy Bangs

Many people casual and natural look over rather than having stylish and customized hairstyles. The medium short hair with wispy bangs maintains that natural-looking hairstyle for you, allowing you to have a modern touch and a stylish look.

If you are someone who prefers short hairstyles and is seeking one such stunning one, then this is one of the best available hairstyles for you.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles


3. Short Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Thick hair is a boon to people. Thick hair will allow you to have your deeply desired and requisite hairstyle. A short hairstyle is a modern style statement and people are on the lookout for various kinds of short hairstyles.

The short hairstyle for thick hair is one of them, which makes you look incredibly pretty and utilizing your thick hair to the best. They have a certain unique charm, which makes them a strong contender over other similar hairstyles available in the market.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles


4. Short Blonde Bob

Blonde hairstyle never goes out of fashion and this statement is proved correct by its ever-growing popularity and demand in the present age. With time, they have been experimented upon a lot by hairstylists and as a result, people all over the world have been viewers and users of stylish and innovative blonde hairstyles.

The short blonde bob is another example of such magnificent usage of the blonde hairstyle. Short hairstyles have a charisma of their own and the touch blonde adds another level of charm to it.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles


5. Choppy Short Hair with Side Bangs

Side bangs are one of the most differentiated and popular hairstyles. Women all over the world prefer this over many other hairstyles. One of the biggest reasons can be the presence of a niche factor brought along with a new age look.

The choppy short hair with side bangs is a stylish hairstyle that will give you the much-needed edge over others in social gatherings, along with the much-needed confidence. You will find many eyeballs gathering towards you.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles


6. Side Part Bang Hairstyle

Side part hairstyles have never gone out of fashion. Rather they have stayed as all-time favorites and a regular one for many. With numerous hairstylists experimenting with their unique ideas and techniques, they have grown rather more popular with time.

The side part bang hairstyle is one of the most famous ones and is used by many known faces around the world. They have a certain sense of majestic appeal in them that makes their user look absolutely stunning and classy.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles


7. Textured Messy Short Hair

Short hairstyles are fun and classy at times. Although they are mostly preferred by young women, those who are young at heart can also have a shot of any available short hairstyle in the world to have a feel of its mesmerizing factor.

The textured messy short hair is a kind of hairstyle that will help you to have that look that will leave people in awe of your personality. They are stylish and with numerous celebrities preferring them from time to time, it’s time you try them out too.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles


8. Fringe Short Hair with Bangs

Bangs are another factors that make short hairstyles so much popular in today’s time. Bangs bring with them the much-needed unique factor that will make your short hairstyle look both trendy and different from the rest.

In today’s time, different kinds of hairstyles leave a bigger impression among people than adopting the already popular and common ones. So, if you are someone who looks to be brave enough to try hairstyles out of your comfort zone and aim to establish yourself as a style statement, then this is the perfect one for you.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles


9. Layered Short Haircut

Layers on any kind of hairstyle make it look better than the original, at most times. A short haircut is a statement of going with the latest trend and not holding yourself back as per the old age norms and culture.

So, for choosing a short hairstyle that will suit you and will make your personality look good in various social circles, you must check out its different aspects and types. The layered short haircut exactly does the same and gives you that extra edge over the traditional ones at present.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles


10. Short Waves Choppy Haircut

This is another form of short hairstyle that is both creative and stylish in nature. A wavy hairstyle has a charm of its own, that remains unmatched and unparalleled. So, when they are mixed with short hairstyles, the end result is phenomenal.

Nowadays, you will find many people adopting this particular kind of hairstyle and is heavily popularized by top Hollywood female stars. The short waves choppy haircut is a great hairstyle if you are wondering which one to adopt for transforming your mundane personality into an attractive and charming lady.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles


11. Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Thin hair is a bit of a problem for women and people in general. Thinning hairline always looks bad, especially if you are someone who craves thick hair and a superb hairstyle. It reduces your confidence while socializing.

However, with so many hairstylists coming to the front almost every day, you need not worry about the thing. The different short hairstyles for thin hair will cover up the problem a big way.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles


12. Pixie Cut Hair with Light Bangs

The additions made to short haircuts are generally the biggest factors behind their popularity and growth. These additions make the user look extremely stylish and modern. They provide the much-required factors in short hairstyles that will transform their looks into something worthy of praise.

The Pixie cut hair with light bangs is one of those that looks great on women and makes them look stunning at public places. Bangs bring their own charm and the Pixie cut adds to the already stunning look.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles


13. Short Pixie Bangs Hairstyle

This is another short hairstyle that has hit the market in the last few years and over the years, has grown extremely popular. With numerous top celebrities preferring them over other conventional ones, women all over the world have found yet another styling factor for themselves.

They are truly a great result of immensely dedicated experiments and uniquely crafted ideas. Go on and look for them, you will see how charming they are.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles


14. Middle Part Messy Short Hairstyle

The middle part hairstyle is one of the most famous ones and has been on the market for eternity. But with time, upon constant experimentation, people all over the world have found newer versions of them that are in sync with age and time.

They are great for people who prefer both conventional ones yet with a fine tinge of modern outlook. The middle part messy short hairstyle is a fine example of convention meeting newer ideas and treatment.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles


15. Messy Thin Short Hairstyle

The messy thin short hairstyle is an extremely good-looking hairstyle. It is perfect for those who are on the lookout for a trendy modern-day hairstyle. The messy element present here is a charmer itself as messy hairstyles always appeal to people in a unique and different way.

They give you a casual and stylish look. This hairstyle will provide you a messy hairstyle but in the norm with the present time.

Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles


16. Pixie For Naturally Curly Hair

You can easily style your naturally curly hair in a Pixie. An easily manageable and simple hairstyle gives you a bold look.

Keep your sides shorter than the top. You can use hair cream to defrizz your curly hair. Then, spray your hair to hold the curls in place. Women with strong features and long faces can pull this style very well.

curly low maintenance short hairstyle


17. Short Platinum Pixie

You can tame your thick hair by going for a short hairstyle. Then, you no longer need to worry about how to style your hair every morning.

You can fake a faux easily with short hair. Use styling hair wax to hold the hair in front. The shiny platinum color makes you conspicuous. A Short hairstyle like this can help flaunt your cheekbones.

low maintenance short blonde hairstyle


18. The Classic Crop

Do you want a mature hairstyle that is simple, elegant, and modern at the same time? Look no more.

Clipp your hair short on the sides and the back. Give a lift to your hair at the roots to create volume by blow-drying. Use a hair gel to fix all the strands. This hairstyle is amazing for chubby faces in particular as it gives a slimmer appearance.

short low maintenance hairstyle with highlights


19. Layered Bob

A bob cut is the easiest to maintain of all hairstyles. Even when the hair grows, the layers will keep the volume of your hair intact. Make a deep middle part sweep down your hair.

Cut layers one to two inches above the ends to add volume and texture. Curl both the layers using a curling iron. Stack your hair with a clip if you wish to keep them away from your face. A professional hairstyle best suited for round faces.

short low maintenance bob for older woman


20. Shaggy Outgrown Pixie

If you want a short, low-maintenance haircut without looking too masculine, the shaggy pixie is the choice for you.

Make a middle part and tousle your hair down to get the shag. Let your greys define every layer and texture. A peppy style among Low Maintenance short hairstyles which do not necessarily look like one.

low maintenance short messy gray hair


21. Curly Faux Hawk

You can style your short curly hair in a faux hawk. You can even curl your straight hair to get this chic and feminine look.

Brush all your hair up while focusing on the top. You can use hair cream for frizzy hair. Gather your curls close and tight and give them a lift. Use a hair spray to hold the style in place. Older women can go for this style as well.

curly low maintenance gray hairstyle


22. Short Pixie With Baby Bags

If you have an oval face, you can easily carry this hairstyle. Chop your hair a little longer at the sides and shorter at the top to get those unruly cowlicks.

Brush your hair to the side in an angular direction for cute baby bangs. All the styling that you need to do for this hairstyle is to dry with a towel.

woman with low maintenance short hair


23. Polished And Neat Pixie

The simplicity of a polished pixie makes it timeless. No hair is out of place for a neat and tidy look. Make a deep side part and comb your hair tightly to keep them close to your scalp.

Use a hair wax or hair gel to set your hair. Don’t overdo the styling to avoid a wet look. Subtle light brown highlights over the chestnut base cleverly add texture to the style without messing it up.

low maintenance short brown pixie cut


24. Thick Wavy Pixie

Instead of taming your thick wavy hair, embrace them and let your strands go wild.

Make a thin side part and sweep your hair to the sides. You can use a curling iron for soft curtain bangs. You can even highlight your hair to add more elements. Windy days will no longer be a bother for you.

low maintenance short messy hair


25. Simple Bob

You cannot miss out on a simple bob while talking about Low Maintenance short hairstyles. A great option for straight and fine hair and need not go very short to keep them manageable.

Just side part your chin-length hair and tuck them behind your ears. Perfect for both casual and professional events and suits every face and hair type.

low maintenance short bob with side part



Is short hair easy to maintain?

Short hair is very easy to maintain because it will not take long to style, and you will spend less time washing, brushing, and caring for it. However, you may need to style a short haircut every day, even if it is just a quick touch with a curling iron or a quick hairspray fix. 


Is a bob haircut low maintenance?

A bob haircut is one of the more low-maintenance short hairstyles. All you need to do is blow dry it, or air dry it, then tuck the front pieces behind your ears away from your face. With this haircut, you can let your natural hair texture shine through.


Are blunt haircuts also low maintenance?

Blunt haircuts are low maintenance for most hair textures. They give straight, fine hair a bit of sharpness and definition, so they can be a great short hairstyle option if you have straight and fine hair. They can be perfect for very curly hair, too, since this type of hair has a natural shape with all of your curls.


These versions of Low Maintenance Short Hairstyles have been seen used by different celebrities, making them look more gorgeous.