Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair – 15 Classy and Elegant Ideas

If you are born with thick hair then there is no doubt that you are envy of lots of women throughout the world. Along with it, you do not have to face the problems like limp hair or the lack of volumes in various hairstyles. Most of the time, if you have thick hair, then length can create some problems. You can feel heavy or it becomes unmanageable. In this case you can make your hair short in length anyway.

But before it, consult your barber to get the best hairdo for your beautiful hair. There are lots of options of hairstyles for the thick and short hair. All of those styles are absolutely perfect for brown blonde bob or short sassy bob or any pixie or bob cut. So try the simplest way to make your thick hair easily manageable.

Stop getting confused and chop it off. If you are thinking of having short hairstyle then you will get so many positivities like easy to manage, less time taking, looking younger than ever and so on. This article will provide you some spectacular short hairstyles for thick hair for yourself. Choose the appropriate one for you on the basis of the texture and volume of your hair.

Medium Layered Hairstyle

If you are thinking of having short hair but want to look beautiful at the same time then Medium Layered Hairstyle is the best one for you. In this hairstyle you will get hair till the shoulder length. But as your hair is thick, so you can use a mild curler to get the fluffy look in your hair. Use a blow dry to set the curl properly. These curls can make your face more prominent and gorgeous.

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

Pixie haircuts are very much “in” in the recent days in the fashion world. There is no doubt that this hairstyle is one of the best styles for the girls with short and thick hair. Pixies are not manageable in the long hair as it is extremely heavy to maintain. Sometimes it also becomes messy in wrong places if it is not short. So try to wear this look in short hair only. Moreover this hairstyle looks extremely pretty in the black hair. To feel a total change in your look gets this hairstyle immediately. You will surely feel airy and chick from all the heavy and blocks hair.

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Highlighted Short Pixie Hair

Pixie haircut only demands short length. But it never wants only straight hair ever. So it really does not matter whether you have wavy or straight hair. If your hair is thick with enough texture and volume, you will surely have this cut for a change. In this hair style you will get equal hair thought your head. Try to highlight your hair with some prominent color and slay the world.

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Side Part Bang Hairstyle

This particular hairstyle is the best for the girls with short and thick hair. If you try for this look you will surely get to feel the differences at a short time. If you have straight hair then you can wear this look. Create a side parting and leave a front lock to get the real essence of this look. This hairstyle can give you an elegant and classy look at the same time.

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Bob With Edgy Flair Hairstyle

This beautiful hairstyle is perfect for those women who stay busy throughout the day and get a very little time to take proper care for hair and skin. It will take less time to set properly and will give a chic look. This style provides the look of an asymmetrical bob along with the undercut. By spraying some pomade use blow dry on the damp hair to look alike this. This edgy flair will sure attract everyone.

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Blonde Balayage Bob Haircut

If being shaggy is not cup of your tea, then you can try this easy yet beautiful hairstyle to rock the world. This trendy bob cut with chopped layer will provide you a completely new look which will make feel younger even. This shoulder length haircut features some little tiers with edges cut in the different angles. So you are getting a special twist in your hairstyle which is very uncommon among the girls still. Dye your hair with blonde to finish the look.

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Short Layered Haircuts

If you are crossing the limit of 40 years old but still want to be fashionable like ever then this hairstyle us absolutely perfect for you. In this style your hair will be long till your shoulder with multiple layers. The front locks and fringes will enhance the beauty of this look. It will make sure that you are still in the competition to slay the fashion world.

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Tom Boy Short Hairstyle

There is a slight difference between hair thickness and hair density. So having lot of thin hair option is also there. In this case you can try this tom boy style short haircut. It is completely different form the other which is mentioned in this article. His boyish haircut with some short hair in the side along with the light wave on the top is definitely the winner for those girls who do not want any hectic regarding this.

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

If your hair is short in length and have medium wave on the top, then you must try this hairstyle for a stunning look. In this hairstyle the front side will have longer hair with which you can make a side parting. It will give you a look of side long bangs which will add more beauty in your look. The other side will have short hair.  Proper eye makeup and medium dark lip color will complete the look perfectly. Woman with oval shaped face can try this hairstyle.

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Curly Short Hairstyle

If you have short and curly hair you can try this style. This hairstyle is also called the overgrown pixie haircut. In this hairstyle the front side of your hair will be longer like locks which will emphasize your curls. The natural waves and curls add more prettiness to this look. You can easily maintain it when you are out for a long day. It can make your appearance gorgeous and prominent at the same time.

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Short Hairstyle with Brown Hair

This hairstyle is very simple yet cool. Women of every age are very busy in the recent days. Most of them do not get time to maintain their properly. So most of them are getting their hair chopped with some beautiful and stunning cut. This hairstyle is one of those.  In this style the front part will get a long lock and side parting and the back side will be shorted till the bottom part of the neck. You can dye your hair with the prominent red color to enhance the beauty of this style.

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Inverted Bob with Bangs

This hairstyle provides a stunning and splendid look to the women with short and thick hair. This hairstyle is absolutely perfect for both formal and informal attire. In this style the top portion is always teased up for extra volume. Both of the neat and beautiful inverted looking bangs help the short hair look more glamorous in a satisfying way.

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Undercut Short Hairstyle

Undercut hairstyle is mostly popular among the boys. But when a woman takes the plunge and wear it with full confidence then this can slay the world of fashion within a moment. This haircut gives a very bold look. In this style the front part will have thick and curly hair but the back side will get the undercut to make you stand out from the boring hairdos. This hairstyle is very popular and perfect for the modern ladies with thick hair.

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Dark Black Layered Hairstyle

This beautiful bob haircut gives you a cute look. Women of any age with thick, short and black hair can wear this style to rule the fashion world. This is also called tousled bob. In this style a single side after the partition will have longer locks and the other side will be short. The proper eye makeup will make this look more beautiful. The layers will be the showstopper of this hair cut.

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Blonde Pixie Cut with Bang

This blonde and beautiful pixie cut is one of the most beautiful haircuts for the omen with short and thick hair. This pixie cut has front fringes and locks which will make you look younger than ever. Though the front part is long and wavy but the back part will still remain short to justify the whole look. Side parting will also add some extra point in this stunning look. Nude makeup will perfectly compliment this whole appearance.

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

So it’s time to enjoy a few major eye candies with these beautiful Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair and flaunt.

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