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35 Tomboy Short Hairstyles to Look Unique and Dashing

There is one thing about hairstyling; there is something for everyone. No single will be left outside when it comes to styling their hair or having a haircut.

If a certain haircut one desires is non-existent, one can be the first to wear it, and in no time, it will be trending. For every woman that does not fancy girlish looks and they are more inclined towards tomboy looks, there are perfect haircuts for them. Tomboy short hairstyles come in different styles and are all pleasant and breathtaking.

One thing stands out in all their differences: they make you unique and speak of your personality. This article will give you some of the best short haircuts for your perfect tomboy look. You can try them, and you will be glad you did. These hairstyles are perfect for all kinds of people.


Shaved Sides Pixie Cut

This hairstyle brings in a perfect twist since it is a blend of shaved sides and a pixie haircut. Pixie haircuts are becoming increasingly famous among women.

This hairstyle is edgy, full of a carefree attitude, and very casual. This hairdo will be perfect for all the casual events you will be attending.

The hair at the top of the head is longer than at the back, and it is brushed going forward and the hair at the front is combed outward. You can also dye the color using lighter shades to make things interesting.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles


Short Hairstyle with Bangs

This hairstyle is chic, gorgeous and perfect for round faces. The length of the pixie cut is perfect. When brushed, it falls right above your neck. But the hair at the top of the head is longer than the rest.

It forms perfect bangs, falling wonderfully over your forehead and to the side. The length almost covers your eye, making the haircut look sexy.

Use the right hairspray to get the volume, then brush the sides to the back and the fringe as indicated. This tomboy haircut has a professional look and will work for all functions.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles


Tomboy Messy Hairstyle

This dark brown tomboy haircut is bold and beautiful. If you have a deep and dark personality or want to portray this, the hairstyle will work excellently.

Being a messy look, it gives a perfect vibe of a carefree spirit and an easy-going person. It is edgy and rough and it has its degree of attractiveness.

This haircut will work excellently with thick hair and you can also include some highlights to make it more interesting. Caramel highlights can go a long way. It is attractive how the hair falls on the side.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles


Tomboy Bowl Cut Hairstyle

This hairdo attracts people’s attention very easily and quickly. It is unique and interesting. The bowl cut has been around for a long time and its semblance to a ‘bowl’ is what brought about the name.

The fringe is straight and has a perfect length that falls over the forehead leaving a good distance from the eyebrows. The sides and the back of the head are shaved.

The dark roots and the blonde highlights are perfect. From this haircut, you can create many other looks basing on how you will style the hair in the morning. This look is perfect for straight hair.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles


Tomboy Pompadour Hairstyle

The pompadour started with women and it only gets better by the day. Although it is an old hairstyle, every time you see it, you will think it is a hairstyle that has been invented a few years back.

The hairstyle keeps varying in its presentation and this look features some of the excellently done pompadour hairstyles of all time. The short sides and back are what give the look a masculine touch.

The pomp at the top of the head is exquisite and gorgeous. The dark roots and blonde highlights are a perfect combination.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles


Slick Back Tomboy Hairstyle

Slicking back your hair results in a neat and collected look that is excellent. For this reason, for anyone who values their neatness and likes to portray a nicely put-together character, this is the recommended hairstyle.

It features a pompadour that is slicked back using pomade, gel, or hairspray. The hair at the sides, as well as the hair at the back of the head, is shorter as compared to that on top of the head.

The hairstyle is elegant and amazing. You can wear this hairdo for all kinds of occasions because it is very flexible.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles


Silver Short Hairstyle

This hairstyle is simple, easy to maintain, straight, and elegant. It has a perfect shine to it that makes it attractive and flawless. The sides and the back are shorted as compared to the hair at the top of the head.

The hair color is very daring. This is the perfect hairstyle for playing around with color and silver color is a winner. This hairstyle is perfect for anyone with a rectangular face.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles


Short Round Bowl Haircut

This haircut is interesting. The bowl haircut will cause you to stand out from everyone else. This look is neat and perfectly slicked on all sides. It gives a clear definition of how your face looks like because it does occupy much of your facial area.

The fringe accentuates the shape of your face. Its length, as well as that of the hair to the sides and back, is perfect and you will not have to worry about hair irritating your neck. The red highlights make the hairstyle fun.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles


Funky Tomboy Hairstyle

This funky tomboy haircut has a lot of personality and attitude to it. It is a haircut that will be perfect for casual and fun events. It shows a carefree spirit that is adventurous and easy.

The length of the hair is perfect for achieving that rough finish that makes it seem like a spiky look.

For you to get this perfect hairstyle, your hair has to be dense and with great volume. Hair thickness will greatly contribute to beauty and charm.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles


Blonde Tomboy Hairstyle

If you are deeper in touch with your masculine side, this is the perfect tomboy haircut for you. it is very short and is very simple. It has nothing special to it yet its beauty is striking.

It’s a perfect haircut for a person who wants that subtle look that is easy to maintain. It also has a messy touch which makes it more interesting.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles


Tomboy Hairstyle with Curly Hair

Elegance and style are words that are not enough to express how lovely this hairstyle is. It is a tomboy haircut but very chic, sexy, and gorgeous.

Simply cut the hair on the sides and the back to be of the same length; shorter than that at the top of the head. Curl the hair at the top of the head with a curling iron. Sprays it and you are ready t go. It is perfect for all occasions.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles


Side Part with Comb Over Hairstyle

This haircut is simple, elegant, and very neat. It is the perfect official hairdo for all official functions. Even so, it can also pass for casual functions.

The side parts give a clear definition of the flow of hair to the sides and the back and it makes the hairdo more beautiful.

To get this perfect hairdo for your short hair, simply apply some pomade on the hair and part the hair on the sides but not all the way down, using a comb.

Using a brush, brush the hair on the sides and back. Comb over the hair at the top of the head.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles


Side Part Tomboy Hairstyle

This hairstyle is simple and easy to maintain. It is perfect for all kinds of functions. The side part makes the hairstyle look beautiful and the side-swept fringe makes the hairdo sexy and brilliant.

To create the side part, you will need a comb. Once parted, brush the hair as indicated on the image. This is a mature hairstyle with a great personality.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles


Curly Thick Tomboy Hairstyle

This is the perfect tomboy haircut for that stubbornly curly hair. On secret behind this hairdo is that it needs hair with great volume or else it will not look as great.

You can create the curls with a curling iron if your hair is not naturally curly. This hair has a messy touch that is attractive. This hairstyle will work best with brown hair as well.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles


Side Fringe Tomboy Haircut

This hairstyle is exquisite and elegant. It is a winning hairdo for all kinds of functions. It is simple and sexy. The side fringe is lovely and falls excellently on your forehead.

The brown hair accentuates the beauty of the brown eyes. Anyone with a rectangle face can wear this hairstyle. It will also work with different hair colors.

Tomboy Short Hairstyles


Funky Quiff

A quiff is fun with spikes that are out at the front and layered more by using hair products like wax.

This parakeet quiff can make you look younger and smarter in all ways. It’s fun and needs a little styling to maintain the chic look. 

short tomboy hairstyle


Slick Bob

A slick bob is a regular short tomboy haircut styled using your favorite hair gel that you need to run through the front.

You need to brush it smoothly and remove any globs until your hair has a very sleek appearance. It’s a perfect tomboy short hairstyle for those who don’t want hair on their face.

tomboy short hairstyle


Shaved Side

A sharp side shape is unique. It has drama and fascination that makes it quite a fitting haircut for tomboys.

Play with your hair more by dying it half platinum-like you have dipped it in dye. Keeping your hair longer at the sides gives a vibrant contrast. 

short tomboy hairstyle with undercut


Flipped Side Part

A flipped boyish haircut with a bright hue like platinum blonde is bound to make you stand out in a good way.

This regular boyish cut is given an interesting twist by flipping it to the sides in a neat manner. Use hair gel to keep your hair stay put. 

tomboy hairstyles for short hair


Cropped Pixie

A tomboy short pixie cut is cute, simple, and very easy to manage. If you want to minimize the damage to your hair, this relaxed natural short hair is best for you. It looks clean and fun. 

Asian girl with short tomboy hairstyle


Buzz Cut

Buzzcut is all about how confidently you carry it. It is closer to shaving but without taking all your hair off.

For tropical weather, this is the ideal haircut when dealing with long hair strands is just too much. The haircut is breezy, stylish, and fun.

short tomboy hairstyle with fade


Piecey Fringe

How about a cute pixie cut with bangs? And to update the whole traditional roundness, you add an undercut to make it even more interesting.

The feathered texture of the tomboy short hairstyle gives it an edgy look. It requires zero hair products and less effort to style.

short hairstyle for tomboy


Tucked Tomboy Cut

This tucked hairstyle has been a favorite of many and gives a very neat, classy look.

This is a very feminine iteration of the boyish haircut. The crop is side-parted and the sides are tucked behind the ear. The face looks feminine even in short hair.

short tomboy hairstyle with side swept hair


High Top Fade

The high-top fade is as classic as any haircut can get. And, yet, it is also one of the freshest tomboy hairdos for you.

For women, the hair at the temples should be clipped shorter and softer so that the proportion of the forehead is maintained.

tomboy hairstyle with short blonde hair


Long Undercut

Another classic haircut, the long undercut with the edgy spin of adding highlights to the hair is the trend of the season.

This looks fun and classy at the same time. To maintain this street-style short tomboy hairstyle, keep the hair at the top longer to tie a ponytail.

short tomboy hairstyle with bun


Casual Black Pixie

If this is the first time you will go for a pixie cut, this jet-black style is a fashion-forward yet safe choice. The light texture in this short hairstyle gives it a casual flair.

You can even wear this pixie cut to your workplace for a fuss-free look. All you have to do is shampoo your hair well for the style to be perfect.

Asian tomboy girl with short hair


Colorful Vibe

For all the girls and women who are drawn to vivid colors, you will love this three-toned pixie headband style.

The electric blue catches your eye predominantly, while the Fuschia pink and subtle violet hues on either side of the hair add to the edgy feel.

tomboy girl with short colored hair


Caramel Side-Part 

Channel your inner dark academia aesthetic with this caramel brown short tomboy hairstyle and thin-rimmed glasses.

You can quickly achieve the slicked-down side-parting with a minimal amount of hair gel or mousse. This pixie cut is great for all tweens and teens as well.

tomboy girl with short hair


Strawberry Blonde Pixie

When the winter season sets in, you can turn to a strawberry-blonde cropped hairdo.

The strawberry blonde helps create a delicate, feminine charm and brings out the natural blush of your pale skin. Also, you can observe the tousled bangs covering the forehead for a voluminous look.

tomboy girl with short pink hair


Neon Green Short Hair

Make all the heads turn with this neon green short pixie hairdo. The strong spiky texture makes this a girl-boss hairstyle.

With the help of the right mix of hairstyling products, you can achieve the spikes with minimal effort. You can play around and wear hoop earrings to add drama to the look.

short tomboy green hair


Bleached Blonde Pixie

Embrace the androgynous world of short hairstyles with this bleached blonde pixie cut. Hair pomade or wax will create an interesting slicked-down texture on the undercut. This bleached pixie has a clean and refreshing look, making it ideal for the humid summer.

tomboy girl with short buzz cut


Teal Blue Tone

This cropped cut with a distinct side parting is a great hairstyle to maintain the tomboy aesthetic. The teal blue tone of the side part strand stands out against the rest of the natural black color. If you wear glasses, this hairdo would also work well.

short tomboy haircut


Mushroom Cut

This new take on the mushroom cut is a fabulous choice for those always up for fun experimentation. The micro bangs across the forehead give the style an edgy vibe. It’s interesting to observe the choppy layers for an enhanced texture.

short tomboy bowl cut


Bleached Mohawk Undercut

The best way to flaunt your bleached blonde hair is a mohawk undercut. You can use a holding spray to ensure that the mohawk stays up.

This tomboy short mohawk aptly creates a rocker-chic look without going too over the top.

tomboy girl with short blonde hair


Feathered Cut

If you love the color blue, this feathered sky blue pixie is the hairstyle for you. The volume-heavy top makes a surreal effect ideal for themed parties and events. This full bangs hairdo also has a flattering face-framing effect.

short tomboy blue hair



Why do tomboys wear short hair?

Some tomboys may want to wear a short hairstyle to evoke a more androgynous look overall. Short hairstyles can be easier to maintain, which may be more fitting with their sporty lifestyle. Shorter hair does not need to be pulled back and is less likely to get in the way when tomboys are doing their athletic pursuits.

Tomboys may also wear short hair just because they like how it looks. Short hair can complement certain face shapes and bone structures, so a tomboy with short hair may have just found the hairstyle that they like best.


Can tomboys have long hair?

Tomboys can wear long hair. Various hairstyles and hairdos will still evoke a tomboy aesthetic while maintaining hair length. Tomboys can do many braided hairstyles, undercuts, and other experimental hair looks.


Is tomboy haircut unprofessional?

Tomboy haircuts are not unprofessional. Many tomboys have the same haircuts as businessmen, which is acceptable in a professional environment. Any hair can be professional as long as the person wearing it acts professionally.


These 35 tomboy short hairstyles give you a wide range of hairstyles to choose from. They are breathtaking, elegant, and unique. From these styles, you will find something perfect for yourself.