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18 Short Punk Hairstyles to Show Your Edgy Side

The punk movement is one that’s very much still thriving and alive, and you deserve a short punk look that will help you show off your passion for it.

There are tons of short punk hairstyles that fully capture the vibe of this movement, but it can be tricky to find the right one for you. We’re here to help make that task much easier.


Cool Short Punk Hairstyles for Women

You’ll find a ton of variety in the hairdos below, so surely, one of these will be the one that fits you to a tee. There are subtle looks and more “out there” ones you’re sure to enjoy.

Tall Blonde Spikes

punk hairstyle for short blonde hair with dark roots

Short spikes are a totally classic element of punk hairstyles. Blonde is also a staple color for women who want to keep their look pretty natural.

Style your hair high with the top all sticking straight up, and ruffle the back. The sides are kept nice and slick to create a contrasting look.


Rainbow Choppy Bob

punk hairstyle for short hair

Bright colors also help capture attention and send the right message. Here you’ll see red, yellow, orange, green, and blue all mixed up together. This short punk hairstyle choppy look with intense layers, and it falls to the chin in a general bob-length cut.


Lemon Green Spikes

punk hairstyle with crop short hair

Lemon green is one of the more eye-catching shades of this color, and it definitely has that punky vibe. Having the hair cut short like this with spikes on top also captures the energy you’re going for. It’s kept fluffy on the sides.


Bright Red Quiff

punk hairstyle with short bright red hair

If you’re looking for a color that will turn heads, then consider tomato red.  As for the cut, the sides here are shaved down, making this an undercut look. The top stands tall in a huge, tilted quiff.


Slightly Retro Mint Green 

punk hairstyle with short mint green hair

There’s a retro vibe about this women’s short punk hairstyle. This cut was very popular with men in the 1970s, and it can be seen for men and women alike today.

The hair is thick and layered. Thick bangs sweep sideways across the forehead, and the hair is mint green.


Orange and Blonde Bob

short punk bob for women

Adding some blonde to your natural hair is a sure way to make a look edgier. Here there’s a streak in the bangs and in one side of the hair at the front. 

The locks are cut short, above the shoulder, and the back is pinned up into a messy style that’s not quite a bun. Bangs sit on the forehead.


Short Buzz Cut

punk hairstyle with short blonde hair

Ultra-short punk hairstyles can be really shocking and capture the exact energy you want.

This nice golden blonde cut has the hair tight to the sides of the head, and there’s a tiny bit of extra length on top that’s thick towards the hairline. The cropped buzz cut is highly daring for women to wear.


Punky Mohawk 

Nothing says edgy like a mohawk. Here the sides of the head aren’t completely bald. Tall spikes go from the hairline to the nape of the neck along the head. On the sides, the hair is cropped and much shorter than along the center of the head.


Emerald Green Curls

punk girl with curly short green hair

Curly hair is excellent when you’re going for an edgy look, as it creates a messy style. Some curls here fall across the forehead, and the rest of the hair is kept short with some volume on top. The emerald green hair color is highly eye-catching.


Purple Choppy Undercut

short punk haircut with purple hair

Purple has always been a popular color in styles like this. You can see light and dark shades here, with the dark shade mostly in the back. It’s a very choppy undercut look where the sides and back are shaved down to stubble.


Full Shaved Hairstyle

short punk haircuts for women

The edgiest short punk hairstyle has to be the buzz cut. This is where the hair is shaved down to nothing but stubble.

It creates a shadow on the head to show there’s still hair there, but other than that, there’s nothing. It’s very brave for women to take on this edgy style!


Thick Blonde Curls

short punk hairstyle for black women

A big pile of short curls on top of the head is a sure way to signal that you’re edgy. Having the sides shaved down very short like this adds to that.

But it’s the color that does the most here. At first glance, this looks blonde. If you look closer, then you’ll see the very slightly pink tint.


Quiffed Mohawk

short punk hairstyle with mohawk

With this one, we see a combination of two styles. The sides are shaved down, and there’s a short mohawk running from the hairline at the front to the one at the back. However, this is a very sleek mohawk that combs over to one side like a quiff.


Curly Undercut

short punk style with curly pink hair

The sides and back of the head are shaved here, making this a very bold look for women to wear.

They’re shaved completely smooth. There’s a triangular segment of hair left and right on top, and it’s very curly. This is a dynamic short punk hairstyle.


Funky Red Undercut

short red punk hair with undercut

If you want a more subtle look, then you should consider this one. The sides are very short and slicked back. The top is left longer, thicker, and flutter. The middle and back of the hair is ruffled and spiked up.


Mullet Mohawk

short punk hairstyle with dark red hair

The short blood-red hair of this hairstyle cements it as truly punky. The haircut itself is difficult to define.

It’s long and choppy in the back, and the front appears short, which is why it can be considered mullet-inspired. However, the top is tall and spiked right up on one side.


Short Blue Hair

short punk hairstyle with blue hair

Here’s yet another twist on the mohawk. The sides are shaved, and the mohawk itself is bright blue.

It stands straight up and very thick, so it’s not spiked, but it’s got a lot of height and volume to it. The mohawk is definitely a very common short hairstyle for punk women.


Purple Spiky Mohawk 

punk girl with short spiky hair

This short punky mohawk one is more classic as the hair is fanned out and spiked sharply.

Most of the style is black, but the tips of the spikes are purple. The spikes are very tall on top, but they’re minimal along the back of the head.


Hopefully, these looks have helped you find the short hairstyle that you want. There’s a ton of variance for short hairstyles for punk women, and you can play with the options until you find the one that’s perfect for you. Take your time styling and caring for these looks, and let your edgy and wild sides shine.

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