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25 Stunning Green Hair Color Ideas For All Lengths and Skin Tones

Do you love it when women go green with their hair? The best thing that you can do is color your hair in a crazy hue! So why don’t you try green hair color?

It’s the color of plants and the grass, so it seems a bit to dye your hair green. But the truth is, this shade is high-fashion. After all, the shades of green are wide and varied— from emerald to pastel and neon shades.

So if you’re planning to go crazy with your hair shade, check out this article for crazy hair color ideas:


Things You Need to Know Before Dyeing Your Hair Green

long green hair with side bangs

Here are some of the things you should know about before you decide to dye your hair green:

Your hair needs to undergo pre-lightening treatment

If your hair is in the darker shade, you need to undergo pre-lightening treatment to achieve your desired color.


The finer your hair is, the more stubborn it will be regarding hair color

If you have fine hair, you may want to think twice about getting a crazy shade since you may have to carry out more coloring processes for the color to stick to your hair.


Green hair color fades fast

Compared to hair colors in shades of red, green hair color will fade faster.


Fun and Bold Green Hair Colors Ideas

So are you ready to stand out? If yes, here are some of the color ideas you may want to check out:

1. Tricolor Pixie

short green hair

If you think green hair color is crazy, wait till you see this hair idea in person. If you love vibrant hues, color your hair with three different bright shades—red, yellow, and green—and you’ll stand out!


2. Olive Green Ombre

green hair tips

If you’re still a bit hesitant to go all-out green, then ease into the idea by going with an olive green ombre. This will allow you to try out this sought-after shade and see how it will look against your skin without fully committing to it.


3. Crop Short Afro Hair

green hair for black girl

And if you don’t like the idea of coloring your hair in a bright shade, then go for a softer hue like moss green. It goes well against all skin tones, but it’s best for olive and neutral tones.


4. Half Up Space Buns

mint green hair

Has it always been your dream of looking like a fairy? If so, pastel colors are the way to go, and no other shade will look more enchanting than this eye-catching pastel green color.


5. Neon Bob

lemon green hair

How about trying out a glamorous rock shade like this one? With this vibrant color, you will surely stand out above the crowd!


6. Teal Wavy Bob

medium green hair

Have you ever tried mermaid’s hair? It’s about time that you do! The mixture of blue and green shades in this gorgeous color will surely convince you to do so!


7. Balayage Bun

green hair updo

And if you’re still scared of coloring your entire hair this eye-catching shade, the best option that you have is to try out some highlights or a balayage.


8. Bright Green Dreadlocks 

green box braids

Did you think the neon green shade is already quite shocking? Well, here’s an even mind-blowing hair color. Pair it with an equally attention-grabbing hairstyle, and people are bound to notice you wherever you go.


9. Pastel Mermaid Dreams

green and pink hair

For those who like mixing different shades but want their hair colors to be still a bit subdued, this is the style that you should try. The mix of purple and greens and grays is truly a mesmerizing sight to behold.


10. Darker Shades of Green

emerald green hair

Darker shades convey mystery and will surely make you seem more attractive. These dark hues are also perfect for people with cool skin undertones.


11. Wavy Pixie 

dark green hair

Green shade on a pixie cut? Talk about having an edgy look! But, to be honest, this is not a look that many people will dare try, so if you can pull this off, you’re one of the lucky ones!


12. Bright Turquoise 

curly green hair

If you want a more classy shade of green but still in a bright shade, this gorgeous turquoise hair color is the way to go. Same with the darker shades, this one best suits people with cool and neutral skin undertones.


13. Long Thick Hair with Bangs

forest green hair

Can’t decide whether to go dark or bright? We recommend going for a shade that’s in between—jade! It’s as subtle as emerald green yet still as eye-catching as bright shade so that it will give you the best of both worlds!


14. Multicolor Braids

green hair braids

And if you still can’t decide which shade of green to go for, why not go for all shades! Of course, if you want to be more creative, add in a few matching colors as well.


15. Bright Yellow and Green

green hair extensions

Ahhh. The classic combo will certainly not go out of style. Of course, you can mostly see this color combination in logos and clothes, but to have these colors in your hair? Well, you’re one risk tasker if you go for it, but it’s certainly worth it!


16. Smokey Shade

green hair highlights

This is perhaps the most subdued shade of green hair that you’ll ever come across. But while it’s not as eye-catching, it still looks gorgeous enough to make heads turn. Don’t you agree?


17. Braided Pigtails

green hair ombre

This is another color combination that we’re all familiar with. Of course, it’s the color of everyone’s favorite holiday, but most importantly, these are the shades of your next gorgeous hair color if these contrasting shades appeal to you.


18. Teal and Purple 

two tone green hair

Teal and purple is another enchanting hair color combination that you shouldn’t miss out on. The contrast between this fabulous light shade and the gorgeous darker shade creates a feel that’s both lively and moody—perfect for a woman who likes to keep people guessing about who she is.


19. Different Shades of Green 

green hair pixie

If you want to create depth and add texture to your hair, make sure to play with different shades of green. To make your hair color look more attractive, use both light and dark shades and throw in a neutral color to make all the shades come together.


20. Grass Green Thick Bob

green hair color

It may seem a bit weird to wear the color of grass in your head, but if you love nature, then go ahead and show it through your hair. After all, our hair color is also a freedom of expression!


21.  Long Braid and Bangs

green hair braid

Here’s another unusual green hair color that looks so out of this world, but it’s the perfect fit for a woman who’s playful, carefree, yet still very feminine. So if it’s you, this is the sign to get this hair color!


22. Pink, Yellow, and Green

green, pink and yellow hair

Don’t these colors scream summer to you? If you can’t wait for the summer season, then bring your love for summer in your hair. The hair color gives you all sorts of summer feels—like a refreshing watermelon or the colors of sunlight. It’s certainly a breath of fresh air.


23. Turquoise Textured Hair

turquoise green hair color

This is one of the mesmerizing green hair shades out there. However, it’s also one option that is the hardest to achieve. If you want to pull off this look perfectly, make sure to work with a professional hairstylist for this project.


24. Pastel Balayage

green hair ombre

Is it just us, or does this balayage look whimsical? The gorgeous pastel color just goes oh so well with the bounce and movement that the waves in her hair create.


25. Shades of Green and Purple

short green hair color

We told you that green and purple suit each other so well, right? Well, here’s a hairstyle that will show you how complementary these colors are with each other.


Going for this crazy hair color is a big decision, and you must know what you’re getting into before you make this bold move. Fortunately, the hair color ideas we’ve shared with you prove that going for this crazy hair color is worth the risk!

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