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13 Incredible Short Spiky Hairstyles for Women for A Punk Look

The biggest talk of the town is short spiky hairstyles for women because of their unique flexible aesthetic. Even though these hairstyles have existed for the past many years, the new variations in color, size, shape, and length have helped grow their popularity.

Many women struggle to style their thin hair, but a spiky haircut can easily give a 360 degrees makeover to your lifeless hair.

These cuts are open to a hundred possibilities and seem compatible with almost every hair type. If a strict hairstyle code doesn’t restrict you, these flamboyant hairstyles are worth trying.


Best Short Spiky Hairdos For Women

Keep on scrolling to find the most stylish short spiky hairstyles perfect for women to choose from.

Yellow Cropped Hair

woman with short yellow spiky hair

If you want to keep things casual with your hair, this low-maintenance short spiky pixie is an ideal option. There’s no styling fuss.

Just run your fingers through your hair, and you are ready to go out in the world. The classic blonde cut receives an upgrade with this bright yellow shade that adds all the fun to this style.


Textured Boyish Cut 

short two tone spiky hairstyle for women

It’s time to bid goodbye to the misconception that the nerds and geeks cannot be edgy.

This little textured cut with face-framing fringes is an awesome look with your glasses. It’s intriguing how the pink highlights make this hairdo funky without being too over the top.


Dark Brown Mullet 

short spiky hair with side bangs

Next, we have a strongly layered mullet cut incorporating depth throughout the crown with feather pieces.

If you neither want to commit to a proper bob nor get a super short pixie style, this mix of a pixie in the front with extra length in the back is the hairdo you need.


Platinum Blonde Hair

woman with short blonde spiky hair

If you have medium to thick hair that is also long enough for the strands to be spiked upward, this will be your go-to cropped hairstyle.

This platinum blonde hairdo packs a punch even while being reasonably simple. You can opt for minimal makeup and an easygoing outfit to let the hair do all the talking.


Punk Hair with Highlights 

short spiky hair with red highlights

There is no denying the boldness and attractive appeal of this ultimate punk rock hairstyle with red highlights. The dark, messy black eyeliner, red lips, and piercings pull the entire look together into something cohesive.


Fiery Red Spiky Hair

short bright red spiky hairstyle for women

It’s the chance for women to show off some personality and turn heads with a more exaggerated version of the short spiky hairstyles.

We have got this neon red hairdo with longer waves that look fiery to offer. If you have pale or light skin tones, the red complements your skin very well. 


Golden Brown Pixie Cut

black woman with short blonde spiky hair

This side-swept voluminous pixie cut has a combination of golden blonde to brown hues, which looks gorgeous. This can be an ideal short hairstyle for black women over 40 and 50 because it seems to have a mature touch.


Bronde Shaved Undercut 

short spiky brown hair for women

This mod shaved undercut is a cutting-edge hairstyle that looks chic. Since all the hair is away from the face, this hairdo helps highlight your facial features better. Also, it’s lovely to observe the smooth transition from the darker brown roots to the medium blonde highlights.


Tousled Cropped Hairdo

short spiky hairstyle for women with glasses

This tousled pixie cut with a couple of strands extending to the nape of the neck is a carefree hairstyle that works well for young women in college and university. The hairstyle gives you a sharp appearance worn in the dark reddish-brown tones.


Topsy Turvy Blue 

woman with short blue spiky hair

This unconventional emo hairstyle features almost a heart-shaped undercut with a smaller mohawk in the middle.

The electric blue short spiky hair spread throughout the scalp lends a quirky touch to this hairstyle. There’s a crossover between various hues of cool ashy blue, lilac, and grey in the mohawk.


Retro Shag

woman with short messy spiky hair

Take a trip down the memory lane with this short shaggy hairstyle reminiscent of the 80s grunge era. The dramatic false eyelashes and blue lipstick make this retro look pretty cool.


Statement Red Hairshort mahogany red spiky hairstyle for women

The red hairstyle filled with multiple layers is currently one of the trendiest short spiky hairstyles for women. You could team up this style with statement earrings to complete the look.


Black Side Spike Style

Asian women with short spiky hair

This spiked hairdo has an easygoing aesthetic that does not intimidate you, even if you are a first-timer in the world of short hairstyles. The all jet-black color gives a more sober and sophisticated vibe.


Always consult and work with a professional hairstylist who takes time to perfect the look because if short spiky hairstyles aren’t done right, they can look too extreme. But after you adorn these styles, you’ll be the talk of the town. Try them now!