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18 Groovy Mint Green Hairstyles to Check Out This Year

Are you tired of finding hairstyles that suit your funky personality? If yes, then don’t worry because we’re here. We’ve got a stunning list of mint green hairstyles that will suit your personality, hair type, texture, and whatnot. It’s time to get the fun side of you outside and a serious personality inside.

When you color your hair differently, it gives you a whole new character. So whether it’s your first time getting a mint green hair color or just want to change your hairstyle from your usual hairstyle, this list is for all of you.


Amazing Mint Green Hairstyles for Ladies

Trust us; you won’t regret looking at the list of hairstyles specially designed for you.

Shoulder Length Messy Bob

shoulder length mint green hair

Don’t know what to do with your mint green hair? It’s simple, get a shoulder-length bob.

Just make sure you’re getting a messy or a wavy bob because we’re focusing on giving you a fun look here. Then, ask your hairdresser to give you a layered bob.


Wavy Pixie Cut

short mint green hair

If you have a square or round-shaped face, a long pixie will suit your face. A nose or ear piercing would add to your look. We want a more subtle but fun look, so a curly pixie would be perfect here.


Asian Hairstyle

mint green hairstyle for Asian women

Talking about funky wavy hairstyles, a little color combination with different shades of green would not be such a bad idea.

For example, a mixture of seafoam green with mint green will look so beautiful on long and wavy Asian hair.


Ocean Green Ombre

mint green ombre hair

When we talk about hair colors, we don’t necessarily mean you need to color your whole hair. You can also get ombre shade like a mint green ombre on your naturally black hair.  The green ombre will look very beautiful on long hair.


Half-up Bun

half up bun with mint green hair

When all of your hair is colored in a single color, keeping it loose or open can sometimes look very boring and dull. A little twist is required like a big half-up bun would change the overall look of your hair. Leave some hair on the front too.


Holographic Hair

holographic mint hair

As we said earlier, mint green hairstyles don’t necessarily mean coloring your whole hair with one shade only. You can get a mixture of different shades on your hair and get a holographic impression on your hair. Keep the back of your hair in an updo.


Long Crimped Hair

long mint green crimped hair

Make some changes to dull, flat hair by giving them a whole new look. This time crimp your long hair with light waves. Again, you can choose to keep your hair open to show your curls easily. There’s no need for any hair accessories here.


Shiny Wavy Lob

mint green hair color

If you have colored your whole hair in mint green color, it’s ideal for you to get a wavy lob. A thick density of hair would be an advantage for you, but thin hair density girls can also get a wavy lob. Keep the length up to your shoulders.


Angled Bob

mint green bob

Angled lob looks beautiful on those girls who have chubby and round faces. However, a straight angled lob will look more beautiful as your hair will be colored in a single color. Keep the length of the lob to your collarbones only.


Blunt Bangs

mint green lob with bangs

It’s time to switch from mint green color to basil green and get blunt bangs. Of course, you can still add pinches of mint green shade in between, like in your bangs.

Girls with thin hair will benefit here as dark colors add the impression of volume to your hair.


Pink Touch

wavy mint green hair

We are sure you haven’t mixed mint green hairstyles with pink color. Try it this time by covering the front and one side of your hair in bright pink color. To be more accurate, dye your long fringes in bright pink color.


Silky Asymmetric Lob


Ask your hairdresser to give you a straight long bob haircut with a mixture of mint green and basil green colors. Keep the roots and ends of your hair in dark color. In the middle, dye your hair evenly in both dark and light green colors.


Two Tone Hair

half and half mint green and pastel blue hair

Just imagine, half your hair is colored mint green and the other half in pastel blue color. It’s a very unique two tone hair coloring technique that looks very beautiful on long hair.  Just make you’re making an equal partition for both colors.


Pastel Purple Touch

silver to mint green ombre hair

Wavy hair shows layers of your hair separately, so this time mix a light purple with your mint green hair. Keep the roots in pastel purple and the remaining in green.  Wavy and curly hair will show each shade more clearly.


Edgy Pixie

mint green pixie cut

While discussing pixie cuts, you can get mint green highlights instead of coloring your whole hair in this color. A straight and angled pixie will be the best option to enhance your highlights. You can even get side bangs.


Champagne Minty Hair

blonde wavy hair with mint green ends

Ever thought of mixing mint green with champagne blonde color? No? Then try it now and trust us, it looks so beautiful and magical. Keep the ends and middle of your hair in green and your roots in blonde color.


Twisted Wrapped Pigtails

mint green pigtails

Make pigtails as you would normally make but leave a thick section of hair from each side. Now wrap the right section around your left pigtail like a rubber band and vice versa. Again, it is possible to make it only with straight and long hair.


Balayage Highlights

mint green balayage hair

Mint green hairstyles don’t mean the entire hair will be green in color. It could be black too, and your highlights will be in green. Get different shades of green as highlights. Keep the roots of your hair in natural hair color only.


Mint green is a very beautiful color, and when you dye your hair in this shade, you look gorgeous. With our list, you’ll like a rockstar who’s not going to stop. Fun and bright colors give you more of a jolly personality.

You look like a person who’s ready to take risks and not afraid of anyone. After looking at our list, we hope that you have made up your mind about getting mint green on your hair. You can try temporary coloring first to be sure later.