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45 Party Hairstyles to Look Picture Perfect

Hairstyles have the power to make an ordinary woman beautiful and a beautiful woman unforgettable. So, if you don’t try out many hairstyles, some attractive hairstyles can give you an eye-attractive look, and for the girls who always love styling their hair with some new and trendy hairstyles, the delightful and unique hairstyles can give you alluring and enchanting look like never before. Party hairstyles can make your precious moments unforgettable.

If you are a party lover who is searching for some unique and trendy hairstyle for the next occasion, you are in the right place. We have got some amazing party hairstyles for you that will give you different and engaging appeal. So, next time you are going for any party to try out these attractive party hairstyles to get a new chic look for every party that will make you stand out of the crowd always.

1. Twin Updos with Glitter

A very adorable and fun hairstyle perfect for Christmas or new year holiday parties. It suits both sweet and bold personality girls and is a great choice for a night party. Twin Updos are done by middle parting and gathering some strands of the hair from both sides and tie them with a rubber band. Now roll the hair on the half ponytail and secure it with bobby pins after making the bun. The trendy and shiny glitter like blue, silver or golden will turn the twin updo into a high fashion long hairstyle for party.

Party Hairstyles

2. Flipped up Bangs with Curls

A high chic look with some trendy shades of highlights and flipped up bangs is a perfect party look. Girls with long hair and a bold personality can wear this hairstyle for a perfect party look. You can pair up the hairdo with bright makeup to enhance beauty. The long smooth hair is giving big curls using a curler and the front bangs are curled in a flipped up way after doing the middle parting. The fusion highlights give a glamorous appeal to the flipped up bangs with curls hairstyle.

Party Hairstyles

3. Crown Braided Bun

If you are looking for an adorable and charming look for the cocktail party or a special occasion with a low maintenance hairstyle go for the crown braided bun hairstyle. The hairdo is a pure elegance hairstyle that gives charismatic look and is very easy to style. To achieve a particular look, make two braids by taking a few strands from both sides and tie them to the other side making a modern chignon. Pull out some hair from the braid to give a natural appeal and the classy hairstyle will be perfect for all night long parties.

Party Hairstyles

4. Half Braid Half Loose

Searching for some fun and frolic hairstyle for special occasions? The half braid half loose is a unique and modern hairstyle best suited for a farewell, Christmas or a reunion party. Style is majorly for the short hair girls but would also look good for the medium length hair. So, from one side you need to make a braid and pin it up on the other low side. Keep another side hair freely and avoid combing that will give a messy and engaging look. Lastly, add some stylish hairpins between the braid.

Party Hairstyles

5. Twisted Side Waterfall

Waterfall braids are evergreen and trendy hairstyles that suit medium to long length hair girls having any face type. The blonde highlights paired up with a side waterfall is a great choice to opt for a special event or occasion. It is very easy to do, and you can carry it for the whole long day. To get a particular look, take some strands from the front and start making a braid towards the side. While making each twist just pass some strands from the top through the braid for the attractive appeal.

Party Hairstyles

6. Crown Braid with Brunette Hair

For the silky smooth long hair what can be more pretty than a gorgeous front crown braid. The long brunette hair with a crown braid is so eye-catching and attractive that nobody can turn their eyes off from your look. The sharp features look more elegant with a crown braid and bright makeup. The stylish braid is so easy to make as you just need to take few strands from one side, create a front braid and tie to another side making a crown to give you the princess look for the party.

Party Hairstyles

7. Vintage Updo with Curls

Vintage updo with curls is a perfect hairstyle for any themed party or some college event as the retro style is stylish as well as unique. It suits girls having thick hair. The hairdo is a little twisted as there is no bun included. You just need to take a thick strand from the front and pin it up on the backside above the hair. Pull out the back hair a little to give it a bun shape and curl the front loose strands. So, with just a little twist you can get a retro-style look.

Party Hairstyles

8. Loose Curls with Side Parting

A simple yet stylish look can be achieved by the easy party hairstyle and especially when you are running very late for the party and need some gorgeous looks in less time. Do a side parting for the long shiny hair and flip the top strands a bit for an engaging look. Curl out some strands of the longer side and pair up with your favorite earrings and a grand outfit to get ready quickly with an elegant hairstyle.

Party Hairstyles

9. French Braid with Maggi Bun

A super sassy and high-class hairstyle and perfect for parties, special occasions and day outings. You can carry French braid with Maggi bun hairstyle in any weather as it is a low maintenance hairstyle. To achieve the hairdo, do a French braid for the top hair towards one side similar to a crown braid. Gather all your wavy hair in a bun and keep it messy like a Maggi and pull hair towards the top from the bun and a flick from the front.

Party Hairstyles

10. Unlocked Waves

As the name suggests, unlocked waves is a very easy hairstyle as you don’t need to tie your hair or lock it with any pins. Sometimes natural hairstyle is the perfect way to keep your hair free and open that lets you enjoy the party the way you like without caring for any hairpin or bun. The carefree unlocked waves can be carried by girls with any face type and hair length. Just make a side parting and let your hair rock with you for the whole night long parties.

Party Hairstyles

11. High Ponytail with Loose Braid

A high ponytail is a nice option to look glamorous as the long hair can distract you when kept open whereas the ponytail lets you show your facial features with eye-gazing looks given by a light makeup. The high ponytail with a loose braid is a trendy and easy option. The messy look of the loosely braided ponytail gives a more natural look to the hairdo. You can wear the matching pair of earrings with the outfit at the party with the easy hairstyle to get some stunning and carefree looks.

Party Hairstyles

12. Long Crimps with side Parting

Want to get a celebrity look with fewer efforts? Long crimps with side parting are the best option to get a glamorous look for your special occasion or a grand party. The style best suits for girls with long hair and a bigger face. Style your hair giving a side parting and crimp your hair with the help of a crimper or a flat iron by rolling your hair over it. Keep the longer side hair front side and add a flip to the hair while styling for a delightful appeal.

Party Hairstyles

13. Backside Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braid can be styled in many unique ways and one of the prettiest waterfall braid hairstyles is the backside waterfall. In backside waterfall braid, you style your braid from top of one side and tie up slightly lower on the other side giving it a falling appearance. The bright blonde and golden highlights add more shine to the hairstyle. It is a perfect hairdo to be carried during winters. Long hair with highlights enhances the alluring appeal of the backside waterfall braid.

Party Hairstyles

14. Fishtail Thick Braid

Usually the myth is that fishtail braid can only be done after a ponytail but the loose fishtail braid for the thick hair is also an amazing hairdo that gives you the trendiest look for any special occasion. The grey or light shade highlights goes perfect with the hairdo. Take a few strands from the front and twist it while keep on adding the strands from the alternative side and leave the down hair-free. Fishtail thick braid gives you a unique and stylish appearance with just a few twists and turns.

Party Hairstyles

15. Messy Chignon

Chignon is the low bun hairstyles that have a variety of options, but a messy chignon is a carefree and decent hairstyle for the party where you have to spend more time such as the whole night. Because in those parties a heavy and tight hairstyle can be a tough task to handle. An easy styling option for the medium or long hair is to tie the hair with some rolls into a low bun and leave the ends free from the bun. Also, pull out some hair from the bun towards the top to give it a messy look.

Party Hairstyles

16. Rapunzel Frizzle

A very Gorgeous and prosperous look can be achieved with Rapunzel frizzle hairstyle for any woman with long hair. Curler plays a very important role in the hairdo as it’s all about curling the big long tails. After curling the whole long hair one can make them middle parting just to have an equal volume of hair on both sides. The Golden color shade of the hair color brings up like an asset for the hairstyle. It is one of the very easiest hairstyles to carry for any kind of party and can be slain all the time long.

Party Hairstyles

17. Bounded Pinions

One of the sassiest hairstyles any girl would love to acquire for slaughtering the party look. It is most suitable for girls having hair length down the shoulder because it comes in a feathery posture and end with bounds. The bounded portion enhances the overall look for the hairstyle. Girls having tiny faces can surely go for bounded pinions haircut as it will enhance the volume of hair making it look heavier. The highlights of Golden color with a middle parting go good with bounded pinions hairstyle.

Party Hairstyles

18. Lustrous Ringlet

One of the most preferred Gown looks, any girl going with a gown for a Ball party can enjoy this sleek, smooth and kinky wave of hairstyle. It is very suitable for girls having shoulder or above shoulder hair length hair. The straight and smooth flicks on the forehead cover the side area of the chick and the best part of the hair is handled by curling the thick stripes of the hair which brings volume to the hair and gives a perfect Ball party look. Ringlet will be more appealing if the front flick is handled with a designer hairpin.

Party Hairstyles

19. Crowned Rick-Rack

One of that unique hairdos to do for a royal attire and nobility look. It can be done by dividing the hair as some part of flicks and making puff with the half part, after this portioning is done start braiding the hairs in 3 bands from the top head part as the crowned texture(make two different thin sets of the braid) making it cover the puff part and at last tie a knot using a thick hair layer which can be fixed with the hairpins. It will give a perfect princess crowned look on any girl’s face keeping the rest of the hair loose.

Party Hairstyles

20. Maggio Crimped

The very natural looking gorgeous hair giving a very cute gesture on any girl’s face. Some are blessed with it, but some must make them blessed by making it look more glorious. One can use a hot steamed curler and start curling the thinner hairs strips from the top portion of the head till the end making it look more natural with any of the preferred highlight colors making it side parting completes the entire glamorous party look. It will look good with girls having hair below the shoulder because makes the hair look shorter with some inches.

Party Hairstyles

21. Trawl Pony Braids

One of the sleekest and the compacted kind of hairstyles giving a very sophisticated gaze. In trawl pony hairdo, the top head part is combed tightly and brought to the end tied together with a hair knot and the rest of the part is braided in the fish style braid indulging into each other and forming a fish bridge look with it and lastly tying it again with a thick hair knot, keeping the end ponytails wider and slightly twisted that completes the whole pony braid hairstyle. Trawl pony braids will look gorgeous for any of the co-operate party look.

Party Hairstyles

22. Sleek Crumps

Perfect for an elegant look on anyone’s face and makes it look gorgeous after acquiring the whole curls and smooth texture of the hairstyle. In this hairdo the top head part is smoothie and the rest of the hair down the neck is curly carried with a middle parting and slight crumps waves in the top head. It will look very good with any color of hair shades but looks best with a blackish and brownish mixture of hair color. Girls having hair length down the neck can try this look for their parties for a charming appeal.

Party Hairstyles

23. Dome Aligned

One of the elegant hairstyles among many different hairstyles. In dome aligned hairstyle, a hot steam iron is used for bounding the ends and the entire rest part of the hair straightened up. Leaving a thick strap of hair from the top gather a thick amount of hair and do backcomb giving it a fluffy look bind it into a puff in an oval shape at the top and front thick strap is middle portioned making it look like flicks. The Whitish milky color of highlights looks best on the hairstyle and will give a bold look.

Party Hairstyles

24. Crimped Braided Bun

Braided bun hairstyle is perfect for girls with long hair. Many times, it happens that girls with long hair are not able to make their hairstyles. So, it is one of the most interesting hairstyles to do and manage but it is quite time taking. We need to get the curler and hairpins to fix the hair. Braid the hair loosely and make it in the form of bun leaving some of the hair stripes loose for making the flicks and curl the till the end. The braids are revolved around giving it a bun look and gazing at a curl gesture.

Party Hairstyles

25. Side Cliffs and Rolls

One of the very suitable hairdos for girls with short hair. Any Party looks can be slaughtered by this amazing, simple and easy to maintain hairstyle. This look can be done in no time only we need a hot steam iron for bounding the edges and some of the hairpins to fix at the side top. The rest of the hair is kept loose apart from the sides as it is side portioned and made it into a frizzy look from the sides so that a rough texture of hair can be obtained from the side looks.

Party Hairstyles

26. Messy Nest Bun

Nest Bun hairstyle is best for any party for a carefree look. It will give a glorious look at any of the women’s faces. All it needs a curler to slightly twirl all the small strips of the hair and can be grabbed together at the peak giving it a loose texture and a messy appearance hairstyle. Looks great in any of the parties and gives a very appealing look on the face. It goes with ashy hair color shade making it look more glorious and fixing all the kinds of stuff of hair together with the hairpins.

Party Hairstyles

27. Braided Half Knots

A easiest and cutest bun which can be made up in seconds for any type of hair and looks prettier with short and long hair as well. Catch the half portion of the hairs and start braiding it with three bands try to make a loose coupling braid till the last edge, after the braid is completed tie the braids with half portioned hair and make a knot with a thick strap of hair making it look heavier at the half-bun portion in the middle of the back head to get a charming appeal.

Party Hairstyles

28. Fairy Curl Floss

One of the simplest hairstyles and can be done as fast as possible. In this hairdo, we need to use a curler to twirl the hair straps in a delicately curled manner taking a thick hair strap and making it curl wisely. After the curling is done the hairs can be portioned from the middle and can be left loosely. Fairy curl floss hairdo looks better with golden color hair shade as it gives a fairy tale look on any girl’s face. Adding a princess hairband enhances the hairstyle look.

Party Hairstyles

29. Mesial French Knots

The hairstyle come under unique and not so easy party hairstyles because French knots hairdo is a bit time taking but can be done with practiced hands. It is most suitable for girls with long hair and the braiding is done only in the front middle top portion, making two fish braids in the front middle part and ending their ends with messy top knots completes the entire hairstyle. It looks very good on any thin long face and shines even more with ashy hair color shade. You can apply the sticky glitters on the braid’s petals making it look more shiner.

Party Hairstyles

30. Partially Braided Partially Unlatched

Everyone goes with either open hair or styling it with braids but here we come up with a very interesting and a new hairdo which is partially open and partially braided. Two sets of braided hair strap are done at the top of the head making it braid sideward mixing both the set making it single French Braid till the last edge and leaving the rest of the partial hair open with slight glimpses of curl in it that will look very mesmerizing for any of the party.

Party Hairstyles

31. Messy Bounded Bun

Not all the looks are supposed to be smoothie and shiny some looks slay with the messy gesture also. This one is messy gesture bun bounded at the end suited for those having less volume in hair it can be gathered and knotted by free hands and fixed inside with hairpins. Fixing some of the bun pins will enhance messy bounded bun look. It suits the women with bold look having an oval, or sharp cut face for a polished look.

Party Hairstyles

32. Viscous Straight Hairstyle

Many times, it happens that girls with long hair are not able to make their hairstyle as it is time taking so why not leave the hair as they are meant to be. It is simplest of the all just making it side parting and twisting the thick hair straps makes it look gorgeous without any hard work. Fixing star beads in the hair layers will make it look more fascinating and gorgeous. Girls can often opt for the hairstyle and slay their No hairstyle look in any of the hangout’s parties.

Party Hairstyles

33. Half Flower Knot

One of those calm hairstyles which does not need much of the attention and can be simply elegant in its looks. In half flower knot hairdo, a simple knot is made which looks like a flower not by braiding it with 3 bands and then circularly rounding the braids comes up with the flower texture at the half middle back head part. Once knot is done the rest of the hairs can be straightened using a hot steam straightener making it look a peaceful hairdo that will look good on any girl’s face getting ready to be the simplest and the cutest among all.

Party Hairstyles

34. One-Sided Enclosed Knot

A very simple and easy hairstyle to match up with your day. It can be even carried for the ongoing day as well as it will slay your party look also. The side parting is done in the hairstyle so the sided enclosed texture can be made with the hair and tying the knot at the head end part with a thick strap of hair. Knot hairstyle is good for every girl having not so long length of hair and want to cheer up her day with some different and charming looks.

Party Hairstyles

35. Messy High Bun

High Bun is a perfect choice to wear on any party day. High Bun hairstyle is a tremendous hairstyle to show up the facial features with a simple and elegant bun tied at the front top of the head by gathering all the hair as high as possible and securing in a messy bun gesture making it look a wild gesture. The hairdo suits the pretty ladies having oval shape face cut. Give your face more appealing look ending up with perfect party look bun. Hairpins can be used to hook the bun at the front top tight.

Party Hairstyles


36. Sweet Space Buns

These sweet space buns are a spunky way to add life to your hair for any party. It’s one of the best party hairstyles you can do. It’s simple and stylish, it works for all ages, and it’s easy to maintain for a fun night of partying.

woman with funky party hairstyle


37. Natural Afro With Bleach

This is a natural afro-style look, but the coils are very loose yet small. There’s a lot of volume to the look, and the naturally dark hair has been bleached a nice golden blonde color that looks really youthful and stands out very well.

black woman with party hairstyle


38. Low Decorated Bun

Party hairstyles with decorations on them always look wonderful. This style is a sleek low bun that is large and messy, but the mess is covered by pearls and butterflies that match this beautiful golden dress and the gold earrings. You’ll get lots of attention!

party hairstyle with sleek low bun


39. Simple High Sleek Ponytail

This is nothing but a high ponytail that is straight and sleek and brushed right up into the style that starts at the crown of the head. It’s a very elegant look for a party, and there’s not a hair out of place, so you’ll look neat and ready to have a very good time.

party hairstyle with sleek ponytail


40. Side Swept Wavy Bob

This wavy bob is a little longer than chin-length, and it looks wonderful as it frames the face on one side. One side is swept back, and the other has the bangs swept into a gentle curl to keep them out of the face.

party hairstyle for short hair


41. Long Waves From The Back

This hairstyle has the site in front of the hair brushed back, and then long waves from the backup pulled forward over the shoulders the fall in elegant swoops that shine almost as much as your jewelry.

party hairstyle with long wavy hair


42. Perfectly Wrapped Bun with Curly Bangs

This style has the hair swept up into a perfect bun with hair braided around it. There is some hair that falls by the face in elegant curls, and it really sets the look apart from a simple style.

party hairstyle for blonde hair


43. Thick Mass of Curls

This is a very natural hairstyle. If you have naturally curly hair, then don’t do anything with it. Let your curls for natural and free, very long. Brush them slightly out of your face and part your hair at the side, but other than that the look requires no styling.

party hairstyle with long curly blonde hair


44. Beautiful Low Updo

An updo that’s worn near the nape of the neck is always an elegant look that makes you look like you’re the life of the party. There are some bangs left to fall free by the face. It is thicker and longer on one side, so the asymmetry gives you a very interesting look.

woman with messy party hairdo


45. Simple Short Curls

If your hair is naturally curly, then this is an excellent look for you. The curly hair has a center parting and frames the face. Some bangs are brought forward and add texture to the hairline. It’s a very fun look for someone with natural curls.

party hairstyle with red curly hair


Every party you go for carries some precious moments with your loved ones. The time you spend at the occasions that value to you become the memorable part of your life as you capture them in the camera. Life always cannot be perfect, but your hairdo can be at every party. The hairstyle you carry becomes a lifelong memory with the party pictures that all will admire because of your elegant and alluring looks. So, make sure you make hair contact before you make eye contact on the occasions with these stunning hairstyles giving you a glamorous and artistic look.

Party Hairstyles

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