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5 Braided Buns – Learn How to do These Hairstyles

Braided buns hairstyles are one of the easy and simplest hairstyles. They are recommended for people who want to give their hair some breeze before adopting a more permanent hairstyle. Consequently, braided buns hairstyles are also recommended during summer. It allows air to penetrate in between your hair down to the scalp. Our hair needs some air for proper growth. There are a couple of reasons you should consider braided bun hairstyle. First, it is easy to adopt. In fact, you can personally design any braided buns hairstyle on your own. Secondly, your hair will remain intact and won’t jump from one place to another, thus causing irritation. Thirdly, you can easily change this hairstyle. Follow below guidelines for tips on how to design these hairstyles:

How to Create a Braided Bun

How to Create a Braided Bun
You should have a reasonably lengthy hair to be able to attain this hairstyle. Braided bun will keep your hair off your face. Braid can be used here to enhance the looks of your hair.

  • The entire process commences by washing your hair. You can use shampoo to enhance the looks and texture of your hair.
  • Afterwards, gently use a towel to dry off your hair. You can hasten the entire process through a blow dry. However, maintain reasonable heat levels so that you don’t damage your hair.
  • Commence by brushing your hair once it is dry to avoid any breakage. Brushing your hair ensures it doesn’t have any tangles. It also gives your hair a smooth texture. Use heat protection spray or products before using a curling iron.
  • Carry one and divide your hair into different sections. Twist entire hair around your tong. Attain waves by holding it still for a few minutes. The waves make it easy to divide your hair into two sections.
  • A section of your hair should be in front and the rest should form a ponytail on the back. Further twist hair making ponytail and hold it still using hairpins.
  • Start plaiting hair on the front of your head. Form two braids on the front. You are not limited on the size of braids to adopt.
  • Take the edges of your braids and direct them towards the end of your head. This is the point you form a bun. There is no limit on the size of bun to form when creating a braided bun hairstyle. It all depends on your desires.
  • Use hairpins to hold still both your braids and bun. This hairstyle guarantees you an amazing look. Lastly, don’t make your braids stiff.

How to Create Braided Double Buns

How to Create Braided Double Buns

  • Give your hair a straight and shiny look through blow dry.
  • Afterwards, your hair should be divided into two, namely the bottom half and the top half. There should be a space in between these two parts.
  • Go ahead and use a hair clip to hold the top half hair. Carry on and further divide your bottom hair into equal two sections. Form a reasonable sized cornrow with your divided bottom hair. There is no limit on the size of cornrow to form on your head. It all depends on your taste and preference.
  • Start plaiting your hair from the crown stretching downwards. In addition to these, make sure to all the ends of your braids are loosely plaited.
  • The exact procedure should be repeated on the second section on the bottom of your hair. Always use the right comb when decorating your hair. This ensures that your hair doesn’t get damaged. Ensure you create some zigzag braids on the right side of the head. Similarly, you should also leave some loose edges on all your braids on this section. Note that your braids should be plaited in a crisscrossing manner.
  • Shift you attention on hair on the left side of the head. Always ensure hair on the bottom is thick when compared to that on the top. Move on and plait hair on this region while maintaining the same design on the immediate adjacent side.
  • Afterwards, shift your attention to hair on the top of your head that was clamped together using a hair clip.
  • Remove the hair clip and draw a line in between this hair. Form a zigzag braid on both sides of the head. The size of braids on this part of the head depends on braid size you have adopted on your head.

How to Create a Braided Cinnamon Bun Hairstyle

How to Create a Braided Cinnamon Bun Hairstyle
Braided cinnamon bun hairstyle has been used since time in memorial for various reasons. First, anyone can adopt this hairstyle, provided her hair attains the required hair length. Secondly, braided cinnamon bun hairstyle is very easy to adopt. You don’t have to use a professional stylist to attain this hairstyle. Above all, this braided bun hairstyle brings out an outstanding look. There are two different braided cinnamon bun hairstyles you can choose from.

First Designing process

  • First, you must prepare your hair for this hairstyle. This is by washing your hair a few hours or a day before adopting this hairstyle. Avoid washing your hair before adopting this hairstyle because wet hair is difficult to style up. Consequently, your hair cannot hold straight for a long period. Wet hair is also prone to damage when being combed.
  • Use the right hair brush to remove any knots and tangles on your head. You are also free to use different styling products. These products enhance the look and texture of your hair.
  • Commence by straightening your hair to make it easy to form a ponytail.
  • Form a ponytail on the back of the head. The size of your ponytail depends on the length of your hair and the point you desire your bun to be located.
  • There is no specific location you should place your bun.
  • Tighten your bun using a hair band. Swiftly plait hair forming your ponytail. Make it as tight as possible. However, don’t overstretch your hair.
  • Wrap your braid towards the end of your ponytail. Hair on the back of the head should be tucked here.
  • Use bobby pins to make this hairstyle stiff and last for a longer period.

Second Designing Option

  • The second braided cinnamon bun hairstyle commences by dividing your hair into two sections.
  • Carry on and form a pigtail on each section. Ensure your pigtail is located in a location you desire your buns to be situated.
  • Use a hairband to hold your two pigtails tight. Take the left pigtail and swiftly plait it before wrapping on the base.
  • Tuck it inside and use bobby pins to hold this style. Repeat the same procedure on the right pigtail.

How to Create Reverse Braided Bun

How to Create Reverse Braided Bun
Reverse braided bun hairstyle is a combination of both reverse French braids and a reasonable bun. You can easily design this hairstyle on your own, once you familiarize yourself with tips on how to attain this hairstyle.

  • Comb your hair so that you untangle it and give it a neat look. Use the right comb or you risk damaging your hair.
  • Afterwards, divide your hair into two sections. One section will be used to form a braid and the rest will be used to design a bun.
  • Commence and form a high ponytail. Ensure your ponytail is properly plaited to form an amazing look.
  • Carry on and twist a section of hair from your ponytail’s base. Twist your hair to form a bun.
  • Use bobby pins to hold your bun firm. You have two options when it comes to your bun. It can be either messy or give it a neat look.

Alternative designing process

Reverse braided bun hairstyle also gives you another option of designing you bun.

  • Use a hair brush to gather astray hair before conjoining it on your ponytail.
  • Start wrapping your hair from the ponytail edges to form a bun.
  • Design your bun in a manner it forms a doughnut.
  • You should also evenly spread hair forming a bun to create some sort of uniqueness. Don’t forget to hold still your bun with some bobby pins. Try to use pins that complement your hair color.

How to Create Braided Top Knot

How to Create Braided Top Knot

  • You are encouraged to wash your hair a few days before adopting this hairstyle. Wet hair makes it difficult to design any hairstyle.
  • Direct all your hair around your crown. This makes it easy to form a ponytail. The length of your ponytail is determined by your hair length and the location you desire to form your buns.
  • Divide hair forming your ponytail into three sections. These sections should be equal.
  • Carry on and plait hair on these sections up to the edges of your ponytail. Use an elastic hair band to hold your braids together.
  • This is the point you form a bun. You should use hair pins to hold your bun still for a long period.

Use the above tips to try out any of the above braided buns. We assure you of an amazing look.