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30 Dreamy Waterfall Braids To Get Elegance Look

Braids are the best protective styles ever. Various kinds of braids can be done, from Dutch braids. French braids, cornrow braids, and many more. Thus braiding has quite a vast arena when it comes to variety.

One such gorgeous variety of braid is the waterfall braid. Waterfall braids are one of the most beautiful designs to enhance your hair. This style is a swift and simple accomplice to wear for a day at the job, an evening out with colleagues, or even a more social event.

Remarkably refined and amazingly accomplished at the very time, the waterfall braid can be included in almost every hairstyle of your preference, therefore combining balance, amplification, and beautiful detail to your overall look. This braid is not at all as difficult as it seems.


1. Criss-Cross Narrow Waterfall Braids

The technique, which works great on slightly curved or curled tresses, can be performed by providing the best parts to befall free as you collect them into your braid.

Segment your Hair and make a thick side part, then take a part of hair on the left side and split it into three sections. Cross the Sections by taking the first section of hair closest to your temple hairline and crossing it over the center.

Alongside, take the end strand and pass it over the new central part. Now, rather of passing the hanging part as you would with a normal French braid, leave it dangling creating the cascade effect. Then choose your top and bottom lines and join them over each other once. There will be two such crisscross thin braids.

Waterfall Braids


2. Narrow Twisted Waterfall Braid

This braid is good for medium length hair. The braids are extremely narrow like a thin rope encircling the rear side of the head. With a minimalistic appeal, this hair style is a damn pretty one. The hairstyle is all about portraying a simple yet elegant style. Also, this hairstyle is very simple to tie up. You need to comb your hair first, detangling the bits.

Then you need to pull out a section of the thin strand and cross it within the twisted trail. On a sunny winter morning, a beautiful style like this will surely enhance the style. This Narrow twisted waterfall braid is suitable for occasions like a graduation party, light meet-outs with friends and such causal events. It is a subtle and simple style.

Waterfall Braids


3. Curly Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

First comb your hair clean and make sure there are no tangles or any such knots. Now if the hair is shaded it adds extra effect to the lower ends. To tie the style start from one side. Take the middle strand from the top and taking the two side sections from the horizontal part braid them.

Repeat the processes taking another strand from the top just next to the previous one and place it in between following the same method. It is like one strand from the center and the other two from the side like horizontal. This way when the entire hair is done it looks like this.

Waterfall Braids


4. Slit Plaited Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

This braid style can be done on hair that is very thin. The slits are narrow and petite. This hairstyle can be adorned with figs to give it a decorated and amplified look. The waterfall braids like this can really look very graceful. It is a style that keeps the back look of the hair very attractive.

Styles like these are perfect for young girls. These styles have an effect on not only your overall appeal but lo the persona of the individual as well. It is said that when you look good you do feel good as well so a hairstyle like this will always make you feel prettier and nevertheless will enhance your mood as well. You are sure to have an overall feel-good effect. This hairstyle is a definite try-on.

Waterfall Braids

5. Slit Knot Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

Well if one says that this hairstyle is a stylish one then it is a sheer understatement. This hairstyle is a sheer class apart style that can simply rock your look making you a connoisseur of beauty class and elegance. Let’s get started on how to tie the style. Well this style is something that seems easy yet it is a tad bit complicated so initially one has to understand the pattern of it. The indentation of this hairstyle is sideways and thus the slits of hair are taken in narrow strands to incorporate into a side waterfall braid. The three strands taken from the braid sideways has two braided section and one remarkable thin middle section? The slits pass through the narrow center section from within the braids.

Waterfall Braids

6. The Honey Come Waterfall Braid

With a very vintage appeal this hairstyle can traced back to the early classical era and the Victorian age. In this hairstyle there are a lot of layers of styles that has been incorporated together. The first style being the curly hair. The hair is all curled and left as it is. When you are styling you may use hair setting gel. The lower end should have rollers on for some time to give that rolled effect. Now take one section from the side and considering it as a center section continue to braid taking hair from either side horizontally. You have to tie the on either side or bring out the centers together in the middle of the hair at the back.

Waterfall Braids

7. Right Thick Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

A very simple style this is yet the charm lies in the impact of it. The hairstyle is graceful and has a very subtle sensuous appeal to it. In this hairstyle the proportion of the strands matter. Usually the center strand is altered by taking it thin or thick. However in this particular style one of the strands of the sides is taken to be the thicker one. Know the waterfall braid is done till half of the head across and then left.

Waterfall Braids

8. Waterfall Braid On Short Hairstyle

Usually people think that to have this braid done one needs to have long hair or at least medium length hair. However this concept is so not true. Women with short hair can now flaunt good hairstyle like this as well. In this particular short waterfall braid hairstyle braid the hair taking three strands surrounding the head in a horizontal manner from little beyond the fringe like till half the length of the hair. The hairstyle is cute and stylish one.

Waterfall Braids

9. Two Line Pink Waterfall Braid

This hairstyle is everything soothing beautiful serene and delicately gorgeous. The USP of this hairstyle is the soft color shade pink. This hairstyle and the color is appropriate for young girls and women. The braids go horizontally in two strands. Such that the same center section longitudinally intersects the two paralleled horizontal braids. She hair shade suits best in women who have blonde hairs as it suits best on such warm tones.

Waterfall Braids

10. Bohemian Waterfall Braid

This braid has a very casual and bohemian appeal to the entire look. The aura of this hairstyle is very cool. You do not need to partition the hair and comb it clean. Just roughly put the waterfall braid in style. Take loose strands and tie the hair in loose braids horizontally across the back of your head to a particular length till the years. Then from there change the braiding alignment to a longitudinal one and the braid is just like any three strand normal braid. This hairstyle is over all a casual and smart style that will look good in young women.

Waterfall Braids

11. Short Side Waterfall Braid

Are you always in a hurry? Do work schedules keeps you busy? If so then you need hairstyles that are an absolute quick fix. Hairstyles that can be done without any such imposed efforts are the best for women who are always running errands and busy. This hairstyle is listed as one of the best one which can be done in just no time. Takes hair from the side and braid it keeping a slight horizontal alignment. The water fall part is just a bit and from there bring out the three narrow strand to finally finish off with a braid instead of leaving it out.

Waterfall Braids

12. Sideways Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

This hairstyle has a gorgeous yet minimalistic appeal. The hair color is a rich golden brown color that’s adds a lot of grace and beauty to the hairstyle and the individual sporting the style. The braid is kept minimal and till a certain areas which is pretty small. The center intersecting sector is kept narrow to create the petite effect.

Waterfall Braids

13. The Blue and Pink Waterfall Braid

This hairstyle has a very pretty hint of color. The hairstyle incorporates a beautiful mix of colors like blue a pink. With the waterfall braid hairstyle this set of color and pattern reaches to a whole new level. The braids are done such that the style resembles an alternating style. Like one strand of the left over portion of the braid is pink while the next one is blue. It repeats like this. The hairstyle over all is just like a magnificent piece of art. You can style up in medium to long hairstyle.

Waterfall Braids

14. The Unicorn Shade Waterfall Braid

This hairstyle is just out of the box and magnificent and magical to describe. This style suits bets in women who love to explore styles and new colors and in the exploration they lover experimenting styles that are distinguished. As seen this particular style is very colorful. Color like mauve deep pink with shades of light blue and lilac comprise that of the unicorn color palate. The front portion is deep pink as it goes down it features the blue color. The braid moves from the right side to the left taking multiple strands.

Waterfall Braids

15. Waterfall Braid Bun

Often time there are added style that you can jolly well attach to the waterfall braid hairstyle. This Waterfall braid bun is one such new comer in the list of combinations styles. Here both the waterfall braid hairstyle is merged with the bun style. The bun is somewhat casual and the hairstyle has a pretty versatile appeal. The hairstyle can be paired for a formal meeting with suits or for informal vacation by wearing jumpsuits.

Waterfall Braids

16. Short Shag Waterfall Braid

If you have very short hair then this style is about you. Seems cute and petite. All you need to do is just Braid one side of the hair taking the hair in thick strands. Because of the undercut hairstyle, the edge is a bit undulated. This makes the style of this hair number a bit unruly and puts a carefree vibe to a whole new level. The shade of the hairstyle is golden white and the faded white color has a very nice effect on the skin as it boosts the complexion. This style too is indeed a versatile one that is it can be paired with both formal and informal attires.

Waterfall Braids

17. The clipped waterfall braid

This one is very pretty and as well as an easy style. The strands taken from the front are considered to be the center part and the two narrow strands considered to be the sides. Now tie it up. The hair looks great on naturally curly hairstyle. This way the effect of the waterfall braid looks even prettier. Also this can be great bridal wear hairstyle or a hair style fit for bride’s maid or for special events.

Waterfall Braids

18. The Ombre Shaded Waterfall Braid

One of the most graceful style, waterfall braid has a lot of variety. One such variety is tying the hair in a round off manner. The hairstyle looks even more beautiful because of the color shade. The color of the hair is deep chocolate brown and a mix of golden blonde. Together both these contrasting colors come out extremely well in the waterfall braid and enhances the appeal of the hairstyle in ten folds.

Waterfall Braids

19. The Heart Shaped Waterfall Braid

This style is perhaps the cutest of the entire lot. In this style the center hair is take from the sides. The other two strands are kept in equal lengths and then tied pretty tightly. This is tied such that it seems like a series of small little hearts. The style has a band like effect and the overall appeal is very feminine and charming. This style is also very clean

Waterfall Braids

20. The Left To Right Waterfall Braid

This hairstyle is indeed very elegant and sophisticated. The difference with this one is that the style indentation is from left to right. For college going girls or for youths this kind of hairstyle is just way too perfect. In this style all you need is a tiny bit of time to style the hair up if you feel it’s becoming slightly messy then be it so. It adds up to the carefree look.

Waterfall Braids

21. Double Story Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

As the name suggests the style in corporate two braids running parallel to each other from the right side to the left. The difference from the previous parallel braid is that this one is tied at some distance from each other. The second braided end is not left untied as the first one. The second braid is tied horizontally and the lose end is tied up in a normal three strand usual braid. Also the color of the hairstyle which is a rich reddish brown adds to the overall style quotient.

Waterfall Braids

22. The Cross Angle Waterfall Braid

This hairstyle has a pretty intricate appeal. Follow the pattern of the hairstyle and you will notice the precision and strand pull method is used. Tie the waterfall braid with a fourth strand, and then pull the last strand to give a swayed effect. It creates a pattern which is indeed distinguishingly exquisite. The hairstyle is a very special one and can be styled for special events. The end of the loose braids are collected to tie up a loose messy bun while the rest of the hair is left straight.

Waterfall Braids

23. Spiral Waterfall Braid

This hairstyle is damn stylish and not that difficult to tie as well. In this hairstyle, one needs to understand the spiral drift. The hairstyle looks very pretty and makes the look just jaw dropping and attractive. The unique part about this hairstyle is the end instead of keeping loose is tied up as well. So the complete hairstyle has a much bordered structure with no loose hair. The hairstyle can be a perfect one for special events like marriage receptions, parties, and such occasions.

Waterfall Braids

24. Slightly Upper Updo Waterfall Braid

This braid is a simple and easy style. With the way the waterfall hair is tied style up with ease. Such styles make one look just too pretty. The braid is tied slightly upwards. The style is cool and indeed quick on the go. So this style to is appropriate for women who are busy. Also the waterfall hairstyle is one where you get to braid a section, have your hair ties as well as a part is left open so almost a lot of variety is incorporated into one style.

Waterfall Braids

25. Crown Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

This style looks like a Halo or a crown like band encircling the head. This hairstyle is very simple yet impacts on the style. This hairs will look great if you are dressing up for the prom night or did retro look at a themed dinner party. So over all this style is an absolute charming one.

Waterfall Braids

26. The Grey Shaded Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

Well in this particular style the color palate of the hair adds up to the beauty of the hairstyle. The color chosen is grey and white. Such monochrome colors are sheer bliss when it comes to style. Such shade makes the style look very sensuous. The waterfall braid in this color looks indeed like a piece of art. Pair the style up with blazers or coats to make the look just way too classy.

Waterfall Braids

27. The Reverse Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

In this hairstyle the uniqueness lies in the fact that the braids are done from the left in a reverse way. The rest of the hair which is the loose end of the braid is tied in a usual three strand hairstyle. The style can be incorporated in every length of hair. Be it short or medium or long this is one style that suits it all. Also irrespective of what event you are dressing up for, this is one particular style that will surely be apt. So if you have any function knocking on the door then this style can surely be a smart pick from the list.

Waterfall Braids

28. Singular Pony Waterfall Braid

Well in this hairstyle the effect is that of small little pony tails tied along the sides of the hair. This can be done such that the longitudinal strand will be taken in a thick section. The style will look good on hair that is a bit short or at the max has medium length. The style has an overall cute appeal and indeed is very charming one. Be it your first prom night or a dinner date, with such style with you, you are empowered to steal hearts.

Waterfall Braids

29. Waterfall Braid On Straight Medium Hair

Women or girls whose hair is straight and short or medium for them this hairstyle is a perfect go. The tapered structure of the hairstyle adds to the beauty of the style. For women who always worry of their hair being thin and no style would ever go with their thin hair, for them it’s a sheer good news. With Waterfall braid on straight medium hair this tapered pattern adorns the back side of the hair to look a very pretty one. So if you have thin hair lacking volume, your style pick surely this one. Also if you are decking up for party or any special event you can add beads to the narrow middle strand or add figs to the junctures of the braid. This will make the look classier and graceful.

Waterfall Braids

30. Slit Knot Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

Well a bit different, this style is very clear and has a tidy approach. The method of tying this hair is that take each individual strands from the top and tie a knot around tightly with the other two strands which are taken from the side ways. The loose end of half the braid is then trailed along with the loose hair. The second braid hangs from the hair and is a very narrow sleek strand. This hairstyle is a sweet and simple casual style that can be a very smart every day wear for women.

Waterfall Braids

Braiding is a very old technique hairstyle and such hairstyles are indeed timeless. Among so many braiding techniques one very beautiful piece is the waterfall braid hairstyle. The hairstyle has a very dreamy charm to it and adds a lot of grace and elegance to the entire look. Also this kind of braid is a pretty versatile one. Like women of any age can tie this hairstyle from a small girl to a lady of 30, this particular hairstyle looks gorgeous on any kind of hair and age. So what is the wait all about? Pick your favorite style that goes with your face mood and occasion.

Waterfall Braid Hairstyle