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5 Cute ’70s Perm Hairstyles for Vintage Hair Lovers

If you are a rock and roll fan, you might know that the 70s was an era that gave birth to many iconic looks. One of the most influential and famous looks from the 70s was probably the 70s perm.

Perms or permanent curls were obtained by using different chemicals to create curls in the hair for some time.

The thing with 70s perm hairstyles is that they didn’t just stay in the 70s and are still with us in 2024. Which is, of course, great because 70s perm has made a mark on people.

70s Perm Hairstyles to Try in 2024

Are you one of those people who are fond of 70s hairstyles, especially 70s perms, and now you want to try it on yourself? If you are, the following 70s celebrity perm hairstyles will help you make a decision.

1. Tousled Perms

70s tousled perm hairstyle

Stevie Nicks was a queen of perms in the 70s. Throughout the ’70s and ’80s decade, she tried different perms hairstyles.

This hairstyle of hers was made by using medium perm rods which were set throughout her hair, including the bangs.

This hairstyle is getting popular again in 2024 because people are trying to bring the 70s styles back in this decade.

2. Bouncy Perms

70s perm for short hair

This is a classic 70s perm hairstyle for short hair. It is really easy to make. All you need are some perm rods and a perming solution.

The perms shown in the picture will be achieved by using small perm rods. Put the perms in your hair and apply a perming solution.

Wait for 10-30 minutes for the perm solution to set in. Now, slowly remove the rods and rinse your hair.

After rinsing the hair, your hairstylist will apply a neutralizing solution to your hair to neutralize its pH. Here, it is done! You will get perfect 70s perms.

3. Frizzless Perm Locks

70s perm with bangs

These perms will be styled using medium-sized perm rods. The perms will not start from the roots; rather, they’ll start a little from the bottom. Your hair should be prepared for the procedure.

After putting the perm rods on your hair, the hairstylist will apply the solution and wait some minutes to remove the rods.

After this step is done: rinse, neutralize, and style. Bangs were also a big part of 70s hairstyles, so you can style your perms with some bangs, as shown in the picture.

4. Perm for Long Hair

70s perm for long hair

If you are a fan of 70s perms, you should definitely try large perms on your long hair. They will make you look like a person in one of the rock bands from the 70s.

These perms are best if you have straight hair, especially at the front. This 70s perm hairstyle makes the hair look more voluminous and soft.

5. Feathery Perms

70s feathered perm

Feathery Perms are often styled with curling rods or hair rollers by dividing the hair into different sections.

The hair is rolled at an angle that gives it a feathery look when the rollers are removed.

Put the perm solution or a lotion for curls in your hair and wait a few minutes. Now, comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb, and you will be able to achieve this feathered perm hairstyle.

Some Interesting Facts About 70s Perms

Now that you have seen some great 70s perms, let’s take a look at some interesting facts about this hairstyle:

1. Perming Solution

To achieve your desired perms, you need to apply a perms solution to your hair.

This solution contains ammonium thioglycolate, which breaks the protein bonds in the hair. When the bonds are broken, they help in transforming into curls or waves.

2. Significance of Perms in Pop Culture in 70s

Perms were a huge part of pop culture in the 70s. You could see them featured on characters in many shows and movies.

That’s what helped the perms get more popular, and many people got their hair permed inspired by their favorite celebrity or a character.

3. Rod Size Determines the Perm Size

When you are getting your hair permed by yourself, make sure you are using an appropriate rod size for the perms you want.

The smaller the rod is, the tighter and springier the perms will turn out to be. Large rods help in getting loose perms.

So, get to know the perm you are going after before doing anything by yourself.

Getting 70s perms may be fun, but make sure that you don’t damage your hair in the process. Always ask a hairstylist the pros and cons of a hairstyling procedure before doing it yourself. Your hairstylist is the one who will guide you better or provide proper care as chemicals are involved in the process that can make your hair worse.

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