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18 Famous Celebrities Who Rocked Their Brown Hair

They say that blondes have more fun. But with its versatility, classy look, and wide range of shades, it looks like brown-haired women are out to get this title.

Don’t believe us? Well, these beautiful celebrities with brown hair will certainly prove our point!

If you want to join the bandwagon, check out our best ideas below.

Dazzling Celebrities with Brown Hair

Are you planning on going for brown hair? Here are some celeb inspiration that you can try:

1. Anne Hathaway – Dark Brown Bouffant

celebrity actress with brown hair - Anne Hathaway

Anne has always been the epitome of elegance, and her dark brown hair is truly a timeless look.

Well, she added a vintage twist to her overall look with the signature bouffant. The teased-up crown gave her a 60s bombshell look while the middle-part bangs keeps it balanced and classy.

2. Ariana Grande – Ash Brown

celebrity singer with brown hair - Ariana Grande

If you’re looking for a brown shade that will add a youthful glow to your look, then you should copy Ariana Grande’s hair color. This feminine ash-brown shade will soften your look and brighten up your skin tone.

3. Ava DuVernay – Black + Brown Locs

celebrity with brown hair - Ava DuVernay

When it comes to styling locs, no one does it best than Ava. Of course, there’s this black and brown color combination that she’s got going which makes the brown shade really come through.

That’s not all. She even created faux face-framing bangs by gathering her locs into a small bun at the front portion of her head.

4. Bella Hadid – Caramel Curly Ends

celebrity model with brown hair - Bella Hadid

Bella’s natural brown hair color already looks astounding but it became extra spectacular when she added caramel highlights at the tips. The lighter brown shade made her beautiful waves larger than life.

5. Ciara – Brown Medley

celebrity with brown hair - Ciara

Ciara’s wild curls will certainly catch everyone’s attention but its beautiful brown shades that will keep them hooked.

The blend of different brown colors gave her hair better depth and dimension. Not only that, it added texture to her curls as well.

6. Dakota Johnson – Deep Brunette

celebrity actress with brown hair - Dakota Johnson

When it comes to celebrities with brown hair, Dakota is the last person you’d think of because she’s naturally blonde. But you have to admit, her deep brunette hair color is working amazingly for her as it made her skin look brighter and her eyes pop.

7. Emily Ratajkowski – Dark Brown Layers

celebrity model with brown hair - Emily Ratajkowski

With her curtain bangs and long messy hair, Emily is the perfect picture of sexy and sultry. Add a dark brown balayage and you get a hairstyle that elongates her face and balances off her angular jawline.

8. Hailey Bieber – Blunt Brown Bob

celebrity model with brown hair - Hailey Bieber

Hailey finally jumped into the blunt lob bandwagon, and she went all out by pairing her fashion-forward short haircut with an eye-catching auburn shade. As if that’s not enough, she even added a few copper strands to brighten it up.

9. Jazmine Sullivan – Bantu Knots

celebrity singer with brown hair - Jazmine Sullivan

Can’t choose between black and brown? With this beautiful chestnut brown color, you don’t have to. Its dark hue gives off the same touch of mystery you’ll get from black hair but at the same time, it has the warmth and radiance of the classic brown hair. 

10. Jenna Ortega – Medium Razored Layers

young celebrity actress with brown hair - Jenna Ortega

Jenna recently made the headlines for sporting a gorgeous Wolf cut, but what caught our attention is she finally decided to be one of the celebrities with brown hair.

Even though her medium auburn hair color is predominantly a brown shade, it’s laced with red undertones that light up her pale complexion. 

11. Jennifer Lopez- Caramel Brunette

celebrity singer with brown hair - Jennifer Lopez

Give it JLo to deliver us brown hair that looks both stylish and timeless. Her caramel brunette hair is light enough to give warmth to her golden tan while being dark enough to deliver stark contrast against her blonde highlights

12. Kate Middleton – Bronde Highlights

celebrity with brown hair - Kate Middleton

The Duchess has always looked immaculate with her gorgeous medium brown hair, and now she looks even more amazing when she added a blend of light brown and blonde streaks all over it. 

The addition of beautifully-blended highlights may look subtle but it definitely made her hair color look fresher and more modern. 

13. Khloe Kardashian – Chocolate Brown Waves

celebrity with brown hair - Khloe Kardashian

Do you want to go dark but still retain the warmth and richness of brown hair? We present to you the next best option– chocolate brown

This dark to medium brown shade has chestnut tones along with a few golden streaks which will give you that delightful sunkissed look. 

14. Michelle Yeoh – Golden Bronze Tresses

Asian celebrity with brown hair - Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh is one of the celebrities with brown hair that you must check out. She has this fabulous golden bronze hue that will make you wonder– is it brown? red? or maybe gold? 

Well, it’s definitely all that, making it one of the most interesting brown shades out there. 

15. Milla Jovovich – Dark Roots + Caramel Ombre

celebrity actress with brown hair - Milla Jovovich

If you have the same pale complexion and edgy look that Milla has, then you should certainly copy her stunning hair color.

Her hair color is the perfect balance between classic brown and trendy red shade. The best part is she paired it with dark roots which makes her hair color look natural. 

16. Sandra Bullock – Brown Highlights

older celebrity actress with brown hair - Sandra Bullock

If you want to make your curly hair come to life the way Sandra’s does, adding brown highlights is the way to go. The contrast between her dark base and the lighter brown streaks highlights the curls’ bounce and movement. 

17. Selena Gomez – Dark Mocha

celebrity singer with brown hair - Selena Gomez

Mocha may not be the first color to come to mind when we think of brown hair colors, but it definitely deserves our attention. Featuring gorgeous shades of chocolate brown and coffee, it’s really one of the most exquisite brown hues you can ever lay your eyes on. 

18. Zoe Saldana – Cocoa Waves

latin celebrity actress with brown hair - Zoe Saldana

Same with chocolate brown, cocoa also has red and gold pigments that brighten up when the light hits it. The only difference is this shade is a bit darker, a whole lot glossier, and definitely more noticeable.

We all know that brown hair is a classic, but these celebrities with brown hair have shown us how we can take it to a whole new level.

So what are you waiting for? Choose from any of these colors so you can finally get to join the brown hair club!

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