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18 Most Alluring Brunette Actresses Over 50

Getting older means going grey, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. This is most especially true if you turn this challenge into an opportunity to switch up your look and try different hair colors.

If you’re looking for a shade to begin with, you may want to start with dark brown. It’s classic, timeless, and most of all, there are plenty of brunette actresses over 50 who are wearing this color and rocking it!

With that said, check out our compilation of some of the most gorgeous older actresses with dark brown hair in this article.

Coolest Brunette Actresses Over 50

Lo and behold, here are some of the best brunette actresses over 50 to get your next hair inspiration from.

1. Angelina Jolie – Straight Hair with Middle Part

brunette actresses over 50 - Angelina Jolie

There’s no better way to start the list than with the ever-gorgeous Angelina who might be one of the few actresses who can manage to still look stylish even just with long straight hair.

So if you want to keep your hairstyle sweet and simple, follow her guide and stick with a beautiful shade like dark cocoa to make your straight hair stand out.

2. Courteney Cox – Deep Brunette Waves

brunette actresses over 50 - Courteney Cox

If you want to spice things up a bit, then you can go Courteney’s route and make your hair a bit wavy. Adding subtle loose waves gives your hair a greater body and a more exciting look.

3. Diane Lane – Bronde Medley

brunette actresses over 50 - Diane Lane

For women who have fair skin tones like Diane Lane, then a medium brown shade is just what you need since it will add the warmth your pale skin needs. You can even add a few blonde highlights in shades like caramel and light blonde to give it a better dimension.

4. Elizabeth Hurley – Dark Brown + Caramel Streaks

brunette actresses over 50 - Elizabeth Hurley

On the other hand, women with warm or neutral skin tones like Elizabeth would undoubtedly look extra amazing with caramel highlights. This lighter brown shade is the perfect addition to make dark brown hair glow and glimmer.

5. Elizabeth McGovern – Dark Chestnut Short Bob

brunette actresses over 50 - Elizabeth McGovern

To bring out the redness in your cheeks and brighten up your complexion, you may want to try Elizabeth’s chestnut hair color. This is a deep brown shade with rich red hues which can certainly bring back your skin’s glow.

6. Halle Berry – Dark Caramel Balayage

brunette actresses over 50 - Halle Berry

For those who have the same sunkissed skin that Halle Berry has, you need to harness caramel’s warmth. Her unique curly stacked bob provided her face with face-framing highlights while the caramel gave it an unparalleled brightening touch.

7. Helena Bonham Carter – Golden Blonde Highlights

brunette actresses over 50 - Helena Bonham Carter

You don’t have to change up your entire hair color to spice up your look. If you want to keep things low-key, you can follow Helena’s footsteps by opting for golden blonde highlights to give your brunette hair that sunkissed glow.

8. Julia Robert – Copper-Red Loose Waves

brunette actresses over 50 - Julia Roberts

We can’t miss out on including Julia in this list of the best brunette actresses over 50, and that’s all because of this stunning reddish-brown shade.

While we’ve definitely seen her sporting her rich auburn color, this warmer and vibrant shade is a breath of fresh air. The deeper shade at the top made her eye color pop while the lighter ends gave her a youthful glow.

9. Kate Walsh – Money Piece Highlights

brunette actresses over 50 - Kate Walsh

If you’re not as gutsy as Julia Roberts, copper red might be too much for you. The good news is you still have Kate’s copper brown money piece highlight which certainly added pizzazz to her simple ponytail.

10. Kristin Davis – Hollywood Curls

brunette actresses over 50 - Kristin Davis

The chocolate brown shade is a classy and chic option which are two words that best describe Kristin Davis. And if you want to fully play the elegance card, you can also copy her sleek and retro Hollywood curls that would perfectly frame your face.

11. Laura San Giacomo – Bronde Hair + Dark Roots

brunette actresses over 50 - Laura San Giacomo

If you can’t choose between blond and brown, you can settle for the next best thing which is the bronde shade. It’s a subtle hue that lies between golden blonde and reddish brown shades.

Instead of an all-over bronde color, preserve your root’s darker shade to give it a more natural look.

12. Mary Steenburgen – Full Bangs

brunette actresses over 50 - Mary Steenburgen

Mary is one of the brunette actresses over 50 that can show you how to pull off the ultimate millennial hairstyle which is a combination of wavy hair and face-framing bangs.

You can make this look 50s-friendly by going for softer layers and wispy bangs.

13. Melissa McCarthy – Mahogany Face-Framing Highlight

brunette actresses over 50 - Melissa McCarthy

Women with round faces like Melissa should take advantage of brunette’s slimming power. While you’re at it, you should also throw in mahogany highlights at the strands.

Since these are placed in your front hairline, it conceals your cheeks and draws attention to your face at the same time.

14. Monica Bellucci – Deep Caramel Layers + Fringe

brunette actresses over 50 - Monica Bellucci

When it comes to brunette actresses over 50, Monica is the one you should look up to because her straight caramel hair game is so strong.

To take this supposedly boring hairstyle to the next level, she added subtle and soft layers and amp up the drama with full bangs. Her choice of color also made her hair look multi-dimensional.

15. Salma Hayek Pinault – Dark Reddish Brown Waves

brunette actresses over 50 - Salma Hayek Pinault

Salma Hayek is looking young and chic with her boho-inspired brunette hair. The combination of loose waves and braided strands gave off a carefree vibe while the reddish brown shade gave it a rich modern update.

16. Sandra Bullock – Light Brown Sombre

brunette actresses over 50 - Sandra Bullock

Sandra’s red carpet look made wave and for all the right reasons. She was able to make her simple hairstyle look ethereal with the addition of a subtle ombre.

The thin light brown highlights at the tips of her hair added a touch of drama to her dark hair and bring out the beauty of her deep brown eyes.

17. Sarah Jessica Parker – Full Blonde Highlights

brunette actresses over 50 - Sarah Jessica Parker

If you want to pull off a beautiful bun, you take a look at Sarah Jessica Parker, a.k.a. the queen of buns. To copy this classic sleek bun, you can just simply pull your hair into a big bun and finish it off by twisting your long hair at the crown.

18. Susan Sarandon – Golden Brown Sideswept Bangs

brunette actresses over 50 - Susan Sarandon

Susan’s here to show you how you can pull off the messy curly look at the age of over 50. The key is to pin the curls back to get them away from your face. Then add side-swept bangs for a youthful way to frame your face.

These brunette actresses over 50 proved to us that you can rock your dark hair color at any age. Now, the only thing you need to do is choose from any of these hairstyles based on your personal style and skin tone.

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