25 Amazing Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

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No women can hide this truth of how much they love their long hair. But because of all the care they need and styling them, many of us prefer not to keep long hair. With the available hair products in the market, now it has become a bit easy to take care of long hair tresses. But for many women, styling them is still an issue, as they feel that it’s not easy to do any style on long hair other than making the braids.

To prove this fact wrong and to make you all look sassy with your long hair, here we are with some amazing long hairstyles. From simply leaving your straight hair open to getting them chopped into layers, we have all the unique and beautiful long hairstyles for straight hair. Let’s check these hairstyles and see which one looks beautiful on you.

Shaded Layered Long Hairstyle

These days it is a trend to get your hair shaded especially with the different shades of blonde and brunette shade. In this hairstyle, the back-hair tresses are left long, and the front one is chopped into the layers. Let the hair on both side fall on your shoulders. Coming to the hair color part, so golden blonde is used on the long hair tresses along with the dark blonde shade. And the short hair tresses are shaded with the black, brunette brown and butter blonde shade.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Bold and brown side swept hairstyle

The first thing that comes in the mind after looking at this hairstyle is sexy. This is one of the easiest long hairstyles especially for those who have very rough hair. All you need to do is to swipe a good portion of your one side hair to the other side. As here you will swipe the hair making them look reverse and forming an arc or puff at the front. Get the hair color shade in two color that is black from the top to middle and then the light auburn shade.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Go golden with your smooth straight hair

Do you have very silky and smooth straight hair? If yes, then this style is going to suit you. Many females like to keep their hair too long like the one in the picture. So, you can have this simple yet stylish look just by getting your hair color game right. Go for the light golden blonde or the light ash blonde like in this picture. Bring the hair from one side falling on your shoulder and covering your cheeks. And leave the other side hair at back only.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Simple long hairstyle with expresso shade

If you do not want to go for different style for your long straight hair, then you can simply get your hair color done to make it look good. Forget about the blonde or brunette and go for the Expresso Shade hair color. Do the centre parting of the hair and keep your hair at the back. Make sure your hair is trimmed properly and neatly.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Layered hairstyle with the side parting

With long hair tresses you can keep any hairstyle. Just like in this image, you can see the girl with the layered cut hair. The hair tresses are side parted by swiping the hair from left to right. Most of the hair tresses are left at the backside, and some are falling on the shoulders. The brunette brown color shade is looking beautiful with this style.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Shining jet black for long straight hair

Sometimes more than the style, the hair color matters a lot. Just like in this hairstyle you can see, it is a simple straight hairstyle with half of the hair tresses of one side are kept on the front. And the other side hair is falling at the back by covering the cheeks. But what is attracting towards this hairstyle is the shining jet-black hair color shade. Go for the right color shade, if you want to look amazing with your long tresses.

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Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Low back braid with the diamond color shade

It is good to have long and thick hair tresses. But to maintain them and to style them, is a bit difficult. But sometimes you just need a simple hairstyle for your hair, just like this one. All the tresses are combed neatly and are kept at back. Coming to the end of the tresses, a small loose three-strand braid is being made, which is giving a different look to the hair. Also, the way the hair shade is done from the blonde brown shade at the top and diamond color shade at bottom, it looks amazing.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Side braided long hairstyle with open hair

When you can make a combination hairstyle, then why not. So, here the hairstyle is done by making the sleek braids at one side. Do the side parting of the hair. Then, hair tresses from the side front are braided by making two sleek braids. Rest of the hair tresses are left loose. For the hair color shade, go for reddish brown or brunette shade.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Low tangled straight hairstyle

Sometimes you just need a little bit variation in your hairstyle, and you will look perfect. Just like the girl is looking in this image with this simple and pretty long hairstyle with a twist. To flaunt your long straight hair, you can comb them straight towards back. And to the tip or end of your hair, just leave them a little bit tangled giving them a look of waves. This way your straight hair tresses will look great.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Finely chopped straight hairstyle

This is a not too long and not too short kind of hairstyle. As the hair tresses of this length are manageable. So, to make them look so tidy and evenly chopped, you can get them trimmed every quarter. Comb your hair smoothly making your tresses cover some portion of your cheeks. But remember, that all your tresses will be at back only.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Let the hair flow with this neat hairstyle

If you have long face and broad forehead, then you will surely like this hairstyle. This hairstyle will cover your cheekbones at one side falling at the front on your shoulders. And the other side tresses are left back. A center parting will go with this style. Be it your workplace or any party, with this neat hairstyle you will look pretty and elegant.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Long layered shaded hair tresses

Be it the small hair or long hair, shaded tresses always look beautiful. But when you have thick hair along with the great length, then it looks absolutely stunning. In this style, the hair tresses are parted from the centre and both side hair tresses are kept at front covering the cheeks. The hair color shade which is going light from the dark is also looking beautiful. The hair color shade for hair tresses at top are dark brunette brown, then in the centre they are a bit shaded going light brunette brown. And by reaching at the end, they are light butter blonde shade, similar to the diamond shade.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Get your silky-smooth hair knotted

It is not that easy to form a knot with the silky-smooth hair. But when formed one, it makes your hair looks gorgeous. Comb all your hair tresses towards back. Take a small portion of your above hair tresses from the front and make a knot at the back. If you are not able to make one, you can take help from anyone. As your knot also needs to look perfect for getting this look. Keep the hair color shade as a mix of dark blonde and honey blonde shade.

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Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Blonde shade high pin-up hairstyle

Do not get confuse with this hairstyle, thinking of it as a braid. As it is a pin-up hairstyle where the hair from both the sides and the front are pin up high. The hair from both the side will be below the front hair. You will have to do 4 partitions of the hair. Leaving the back hair untied and separate. And taking the hair from other three sides for pinning it up. With the shaded blonde color hair, this style is looking more prominent and graceful.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Twisted high bun with open hair tresses

Here is the bun hairstyle with long straight tresses, but it is not a usual bun, it is a twisted bun. The center hair tresses are parted from both the sides. Then the center hair tresses are taken and are twisted till the upper back of the head. It is looking like a twisted puff formed at the centre. Then at the upper back, just tie the centre hair which are left after twisting in the bun. Comb rest of the hair at both sides and back smoothly, making some fall on the shoulders and the rest around the back.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Long layered hairstyle with bangs

Bangs are something which will never go out of trend. The hairstylist has chopped the front hair in the layered bangs and rest of the tresses are also layered cut. The bangs and the tresses at sides are looking very edgy giving it a feather look. Let your hair be free and falling at both front and back. The color shade of the tresses will be black and burgundy color. Coloring the hair at the top with black shade and then while coming down shade it with brown to burgundy, just like in the picture.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Jet black long hair tresses

Another jet-black hair tresses style for long straight hair is here. This is particularly for those females who have thin and fine hair tresses. You all should know one fact about the jet-black hair tresses. If you have less volume of hair or thin hair, so do not worry. Just get the black color shade done to make your hair look full of volume and keep them open, flaunting both at front and at the back.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Diamond shaded smooth fine tresses

Styling can be achieved without getting a different hair cut also. When you have straight hair tresses, then you don’t need to change your style every time. With some simple hairstyles and hair color shade, you can look beautiful. To achieve a stylish hair look, try shiny shaded diamond color shade for your hair. Bring all your hair at back using the broad comb or using your fingers, and you can get this look.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Platinum shade straight hair tresses

Many people mistake the platinum shade with the white hair, but both are different. Platinum shade is one such shade which gives a very unique and bold look. Get your straight and fine chopped tresses colored with platinum color shade. Highlight the tresses using light purple, light sky blue, and light blonde shade.

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Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Thick blonde ponytail for long hair tresses

With the thick and straight hair, the high ponytail looks great as it shows the volume of your hair. So, get all your tresses together at the upper back of your head. And tie it high using the rubber band. To make it look attractive you can keep the above tresses colored with dark blonde and the rest of the hair tresses till tip with golden blonde and light blonde shade.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

High ponytail with straight fine hair

For someone with sharp facial features, a simple sleek ponytail can also make one look beautiful. Gather all your straight hair together and tie a ponytail a bit high from the neckline. But do not tie your hair very tightly, instead leave them a bit fluffy, giving a fuller look to your hair. Any hair color will suit this hairstyle.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Smooth shiny blonde hair with bangs

A little bit of bangs at the forehead do no harm, and they can make your simple straight hair look more beautiful. This look is in trend from a long time. However, here the bangs are kept less to give a view of the forehead also. Along with the bangs, keep some of your tresses at front on both the sides. This is a perfect blonde look with fusion of dark and honey blonde shade.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Half Updo hairstyle with the long straight and wavy hairstyle

When you can mix up to styles, then go for it. This is a mix of three styles. Starting with the centre front hair tied at the back. With the side hair coming to the front on both shoulders. From slightly below the ear, use the crimper to give a wavy look to your straight hair. Above tresses should be left smooth waves and while going down make sure your tresses are giving a proper wavy look. Go for the brownish brunette shade for this hairstyle.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Long fine tresses with front bangs

How about some full bangs on the forehead? If you like bangs covering your temple, then this style is for you. Let the hair cut be simple and the bangs chopped evenly till the end of the forehead, just above the eyes. Spread your hair at front, covering your face and making you look pretty. The hair color shade which is used in this hairstyle is dark brunette shade with some brownish brunette shade below.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Tousled layered long hairstyle

Achieving this look is not difficult at all. As you can simply get it, by getting your hair chopped in layered cut or by getting an asymmetrical cut. With the cocoa brown shade hair tresses, this style looks prettier. Do the centre parting of your tresses and leave them a little messy while reaching to the tip. Flaunt them by keeping them at the front, falling on your shoulders.

Long Hairstyles for Straight Hair

When it is about the straight and long hair, finding the variations in the hairstyle is not that easy. Especially, when you want to keep them open for flaunting them. But you can still look graceful and pretty by bringing some change in your hair color shades. Or you can get some different hair cuts that suit you. Above we have shared with you the untied hairstyles, pony hairstyles, braided hairstyle, and even the bun hairstyle also for the long straight hair. Just get ready and let us know about the style you liked the most from the list.

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