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11 Examples of Pin Up Hairstyles for Long Hair — Go Classic

Pin-up hairstyles always look cute and gorgeous with long hair. These styles just have something special about them that makes you feel more confident when wearing them, and they’ll certainly draw lots of attention to you.

There are tons of hairstyle combinations to choose from, so you’ll never be out of options. Play with your hair differently every day to find a style you are obsessed with. There are some totally classic styles you should try out, and there are others with a modern twist.


Pin Up Hairstyles for Long Hair

If you want to go vintage with some wonderful classic pinned-up long hairstyles, then take a look below. There are lots of options for you to browse and try out for yourself.

1. Blonde Victory Rolls

pin up hairstyle for peach blonde long hair

There’s nothing more classic than a blonde girl with rolls in her hair. It’s one of the most recognizable pin-up hairstyles for women with long hair. It has two spirals hanging behind the ears and on top there are two large rolls that perfectly frame the face and add tons of volume and style.


2. Rolled Beachy Updo

pin up hairdo for long auburn hair

Another ultra classic style is showcased here, where the hair is rolled on top and pulled back into an updo. It’s a fun summer look that can also work for every day. The reddish tone of the hair goes well with bright red lips and a bold eyeliner look, and it’s a great hair color generally for retro looks.


3. Single Roll Bow and Loose Curls

pin up girl with long hair

If you want a more casual hairstyle, then hairstyles like this will work wonderfully. There’s only one roll in the hair, and it’s on one side where the bangs are. The roll ends just before a headband with a large bow decorates the hair. The rest of the hair falls long and loose with curled ends.


4. Shiny Large Waves

pin up updo for long brunette hair

Now we’re deviating slightly from the classic. This is a modernized retro look where the hair is very sleek and shiny and focused on one side of the head. It forms large fingerstyle waves, only they’re larger than typical. There’s a nice updo at the back.


5. Loose Rolls and Long Waves

pin up hairstyle for long dark brown hair

Here’s another modernized style where the rolls on top of the head are looser and the typical curls you find in these looks are actually waves instead. The hair is decorated delightfully with a classic polka dot bow that matches a bold red lip. Bows are very common in pin up hairstyles for long hair.


6. Center Roll and Low Curls

pin up updo with long brown hair

This is a chic look where the top of the head is decorated with a singular, large roll right in the middle of the head. The rest of the hair is loosely brushed back into a solidly styled rolled bun on the neck.


7. Rolled Bangs and Curly Ponytail

long side ponytail with pin up hair

Would you like a super casual and almost sporty look? The pinned-up long hairstyle is simple. The hair is pulled into a ponytail at the side, and it’s nice and curly for that classic style. There’s a little roll in the bangs on one side of the head with a bow decorating the other side.


8. Volumized Top and Elegant Curls

pin up wedding hairstyle for long hair

Let’s look at this fun, playful style. The top of the hair is pulled back with a little bump but no roll, and the rest of the hair falls in elegant ringlet curls around the face. The hair falls onto the shoulders and has lots of volume but very precise styling.


9. Straight Ponytail and Rolled Bangs

pin up hairstyle for long dark blonde hair

We’re back to looking at slightly modernized retro hairstyles for long hair. Here the hair is pulled into a long, fluffy, straight ponytail. The front of the hair has a delicate rolled circle shape with lots of loose hair going into it and coming out of it to add a textured look.


10. Double Rolls and Red Ringlets

pin up hairstyle with long red hair

You’ll love this; it’s another ultra classic. There are two rolls on each side of the head in a classic horned shape, and the hair from the back falls down over the shoulders in ringlets. The vivid red shade looks wonderful with pale skin and bold makeup. Once again, this shows how red works well with retro hairstyles like this.


11. Finger Waves and Rolls

pin up updo for long curly blonde hair

This long hair updo is mostly made of finger waves that decorate the bangs and the hair on top. They all lead to a looping hairstyle that forms a loose updo on the back of the head in an elegant manner.


These pin-up hairstyles for long hair are utterly beautiful and impossible to look away from. Did you find one you liked among them? We’re sure you must have! Now you can get your hair cut and dyed appropriately for the style, and you can start making it your new classic look.

You don’t have to follow the styles exactly, either. You can wear a blonde style with dark hair or a dark hairstyle with blonde hair. These styles are so classically beautiful that they’ll look good no matter what.

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