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21 Vintage Updos to Add Classic Glamor to Your Look

Vintage is always making its way back for a reason, and these vintage updos are an example of why retro styles are still so well-loved today. These looks are a window to the glamor of the past, and they have a chicness and elegance to them that most modern hairstyles lack.

Styles like this truly suit everyone, and there are so many to pick from, so you’re going to find something that calls out to you.


Elegant Vintage Updos

There are so many updos here, so you’re bound to find the perfect one for you. Let’s dive in together and see what goes into creating these complex looks of classic beauty and glamor.

1. Finger Waves Bangs and Bun

vinatge updo with finger waves

Let’s start with something easy. This style has some gentle finger waves in the bangs and they gently curve over the top of the ear. The rest of the hair is pulled into a complex bun that takes over the entire back of the head. It’s one of the simplest vintage updos.


2. Wide Bangs and Chic Top Bun

vintage updo for blonde hair

For a simple look, this vintage updo hairstyle has wide bangs that cover half the forehead and tuck behind the ear. That’s the focal point of the style, and the rest forms a very easy and simple bun that still has elegance. These updos like this suit formal occasions.


3. Perfect Bun with Curly Bangs

vintage updo for long blonde hair

This is the pinnacle of a perfect bun, and it’s one of many classically beautiful vintage hairstyles. The hair is pulled back but still has volume. The bun is round and centered at the back of the head. Some loose curls fall around the hair and more hang loose at the nape of the neck.


4. Messy Curls and Bandana

vintage updo for curly blonde hair

These curls are messy yet perfectly styled. The look is an example of some of the more casual vintage updos. There’s a bandana restraining curls that are so perfect and placed in an organized mess. Some curls fall over the face as bangs.


5. Double Bump Chic Look

vintage updo for brunette hair

If you want a very chic look, here you go. All the hair is soft and perfectly brushed but it’s not too slick or oily. The bangs are nice and flat to one side of the head, and a large bump forms at the back of the head. A smaller bump sits below it.


6. Ballerina Bun

high vintage updo hairstyle for women

How chic is this? This look is inspired by a classic ballerina bun that has a single perfectly round bun sitting on top of the head. All the rest of the hair is pulled back into it, and the hair of the bun wraps around itself and is tied with a string of hair pinned into place.


7. Flyaway Curls and Bun

80's curly vintage updo

Do you prefer a messier look to your vintage curly bun? This is one of those looks that captures a vision of organized chaos. The curls on top of the head are clearly placed and positioned as they sweep across the head, but all the flyaways give it a messy look that’s appealing. The rest of the hair is in a bun with some loose strands.


8. Looping Curls and Bangs with Volume

curly vintage updo with red hair

A wedding or ball is the perfect time to play with vintage updos like this. This hairstyle has some nice bangs with volumed at the front, but the rest is made up of looping curls that have been pinned into place to create a textured look that’s very complex.


9. Perfectly Curled Bangs and Rolled Updo

blonde vintage updo with pin curls

Stunning in pale blonde, the look has bangs that form curls positioned perfectly around the band that circles the head. The back of the hair girls a large roll that tucks in underneath itself at the base of the neck.


10. Sweeping Bangs and Textured Top Bun

woman with 60's vintage updo

Sometimes a sweet and simple style is all you need. This hairstyle has beautiful bangs that sweep across one side of the face and blend in with the rest of the hairstyle. The rest of the hair is pulled into a wavy and curly bun on top of the head. The hair is decorated with a thin headband that features a loose bow.


11. Rolled Bangs and Updo

vintage updo for pin up hairstyle

The best thing about this look is that it screams, “strong, working woman.” This is a super chic but also casual style. The bangs form a rolled curl on the forehead, and the rest of the hair is pushed back into an updo that’s accessorized perfectly with a bright bandana.


12. Bow of Hair

vintage updo hairstyle

How incredible is this? Many of these styles are decorated with bows, but this style is a bow made of hair. Some nice bangs are flat to the forehead as they sweep to one side, and the rest of the hair forms this neat bow.


13. Split Bangs and Large Bump

vintage updo with bangs

This hairstyle has split bangs in the style of full bangs. The hair is then decorated with a jeweled headband before a large bump around the crown of the head, forming a very neat updo style with no flyaway hairs.


14. Low Bun and Loose Volume Style

vintage updo with headband

Looking at this, the style is almost regal. There are loose bangs that curl over the ear and blend with the rest of the hair. There’s some fluffy hair behind a headband and it has volume before it’s pulled down into a rolled piece at the neck.


15. Piled High Flyaway Look

vintage updo with jet black hair

Vintage styles can also be cool and edgy, and this proves it. This hairstyle has layers with rolls piled high, and the topmost section of the hair has lots of flyaway hairs. One of the rolls in the hairstyle acts as bangs and there are wispy strands falling by the face.


16. Bright Blue Rolled Horned Look

vintage updo with pastel blue hair

It’s not just natural hair colors that look good with retro styles. This look has the classic rolls that form horn shapes, and the rest of the hair is pinned into place in a thick updo. It’s unique because it’s a shocking shade of electric blue.


17. Small Top Curled Updo

vintage updo with victory rolls

This is a great updo for thin hair if you’re in love with vintage hairdos. One side of the hair is pulled up into a curl, as is the other, but the right side of the hair also has the bang pulled into a curl so the style has a varied twist when looking at it from the front.


18. Elegant Wide Low Bun

vintage wedding updo

Above is an example of a simple yet stunning hairstyle. This bun is wide and low so it looks very simple and classically beautiful. The hair from the top of the head tucks into it neatly, and the hair from the sides is pulled and twisted into it in a slightly more complicated way.


19. Layered Low Bun and Rolled Bangs

40s vintage updo

If you want a vintage updo that’s simple yet elegant, this hairstyle has rolled bangs that tuck back into the rest of the hair as it sweeps back into a bun. The bun has lots of rolled layers so it’s more elegant and complex with a lot of texture.


20. Looped Braid and Wispy Hair

teenage girl with vintage updo

Another messy twist to a vintage look, this vintage braided updo has a loose braid circling the top of the hair while the rest of the hair is pulled into a textured updo ending in a bun. The hairstyle is casual so there are lots of wispy hairs around the face. If your hair is short, try these short vintage hairstyles.


21. Big Roll and Slick Bun

funky vintage updo hairstyle for women

Above is an asymmetrical hairstyle that has a large roll at the front of the head and the rest of the hair is sleek as it’s pulled into a twisted bun at the top of the head. The unique shape adds interest and draws the eye.


There are so many vintage updos to choose from, and hopefully, the selection above gave you some inspiration. The secret to a good updo is that it looks super complex and well-kept, so strive for that when you’re styling your hair.

You’re probably going to need help with your first updo, as it can be tricky to form these styles on your own. Ask your hairstylist for tips. Once you’re able to style your own hair you’ll be the talk of the town and the subject of everyone’s admiration.

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