20 Ballerina Bun Hairstyles for Every Occasion

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Buns are the most alterable and flexible hairstyles. You can always find a bun hairstyle for every occasion, be it some evening party, a day function or even your formal party. Buns can also go well for your normal workdays and even for working out. When in a hurry, these can be your best companions, as buns can be very easily done. Here are 20 beautiful bun hairstyles which will turn out to be your companions on every occasion so just go ahead and try them out.

1. Donut Bun

Here is a beautiful bun for you suitable for your workdays. It a very simple hairstyle and can be done in a few minutes. Just gather all your hair up, leaving somewhat a 4-inch strand and tie them all up. You can secure it with an elastic band. Weave a braid of the left out section and then wrap the braid around the base of the bun and secure it with some bobby pins.

Ballerina Bun

2. Instant Bun

Another simple hairstyle for your office days is here. A very simple and always a ready to go hairstyle! Comb your hair backward giving a little puff in the center. Tie them up in a simple bun, leaving a not very thin strand of hair. Wrap the strand around your bun in a zigzag manner and here you go. Secure your style with the help of an elastic band and bobby pins. This can be done without the help of any straightener or any curler without damaging your hair.

Ballerina Bun

3. High On Ballerina Buns

The common black hair is properly brushed and rolled up in a ballerina bun. What better way to protect your hair from damage of curling or straightening. These are also one of the best ways to manage the unmanageable hair. Along with keeping both these things in mind, It will still make you look your best on any occasion. Ballerina buns make you look elegant and glamorous. They are made high enough to add that extra boldness to your personality. It helps you attain all the attention on your face and features. You must try this at least once and you will end up making these at all the parties.

Ballerina Bun

4. Walk The Runway Ballerina Bun

You must see a lot of models on ramps going for buns these days. That’s how we know ballerina buns are going to be a trend. They were very limited to the ballerina dance before, but now with slight alterations in them, they are marking away towards the fashion industry and direct into normal lives. They are now carried on various occasions and for various purposes. It will also look best on a bride. This bun is made very sleek and high. The bun is given a total round shape instead of a donut shape. The very sleek look is broken by baby hair used as fringes at the forehead.

Ballerina Bun

5. Low and Small Ballerina Bun

The ballerina buns look better if your hair is highlighted because it adds different colors to your bun which makes it look very extra. It is made low but not very low. You know this is the best bun if you are a ballerina bun. The bun is very small because of the small length and thin texture of hair. Which, in other cases, would have looked very simple and minimal, but in this one, the highlights are doing all the great work and making it look very extra and gorgeous. So if you are still not liking these buns, go for highlights and make ballerina buns your thing.

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Ballerina Bun

6. The Professional Ballerina Bun

This is best for your special occasions. Go to your hairstylist and show him the picture because you probably wouldn’t be able to do this yourself. It looks very glam and elegant. It is not done as the normal ballerina bun. Bun extensions are added to increase the volume of the bun. It is a sleek hairstyle, but the bun is not made that much sleek. It is given a different texture. This is something that makes it a unique hairstyle. It will go best with your backless gowns. It will make you look very glamorous and mature.

Ballerina Bun

7. The Not So Casual Ballerina Bun

Ballerina buns are known for their professionalism. But that’s not always true. There are ballerina buns that could be worn on regular days and very casual. This one is one of them. The one thing that makes it so is that it is not made that much sleek. It is kept very casual and messier. It is done in a different way than the normal ballerina buns. You don’t need to do a ponytail for this. This one is not done properly and just rolled up and tucked in with pins. You can do it to the gym or when you have to rush somewhere to do home chores.

Ballerina Bun

8. The Classic and Common Ballerina Bun

It is a classic ballerina bun, but the best part about this is that it’s not entirely devoted to the dances. It is a bun that will be best for other occasions where you want to look polished and put-together. It is a life savior for you on days where your hair is a mess and you don’t have much time to look your best. Or, the days when you are too lazy to do much! It is a center bun and is not too high or too low. It is done in the same way as other ballerina buns but the location varies. It is kept a little messy by bringing out some fringes at the forehead.

Ballerina Bun

9. Messy-Messy Ballerina Bun

Most of the ballerina buns are done with no partition and by keeping the crown portion very sleek. But in this one, the crown portion is not appropriately brushed to give it a messy look. This is a good way to bring a change in the normal and old ballerina bun. Also, the bun is done with unbrushed hair which gives it a messy and trendy look. This looks very stylish and you must try this one. It will look perfect on a beach vacation or a day out at the places with high humidity. It is a go for when you want to keep away hair from your face. Just rush your hands in your hair and roll them up in a bun.

Ballerina Bun

10. The Go-To Ballerina Bun

The ballerina buns are not always meant for dancers. They look great on kids but are also stylish. Bun like this one is very classy and could be worn on very different occasions. You can wear it to the gym, or an official meeting. It will also help you rock a wedding just by adding some accessories. Also, this one is very easy to achieve, and you can do it all by yourself. All you have to do is do a low ponytail very close to your neck. You can do this with a side part, middle part or no partition at all. Then twist your hair from the top to end creating a rope and twirl it all around making a bun. Fix the end using bobby pins. And you are all set to go. You can make this your everyday hairstyle because it requires hardly 5 minutes doing.

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Ballerina Bun

11. On The Top Ballerina Bun

This is one is a very common ballerina bun. As we can see, it is the classic ballerina bun which is done at the top of the head and is kept as sleek as it could. It helps to keep away all the hair from your face. It gives you the elegant look you need during your performance. Apart from that this bun could be done on other occasions as well. It is not that difficult to do. You just need hair that is long enough to be tied in a ponytail and then rolled up in a bun. You can use a hair spray to make it look more sleek and professional.

Ballerina Bun

12. Lace Braid Ballerina Bun

Iconic ballerina bun, red lipstick, and winged eyeliner never go out of style. Lace braid ballerina bun looks so stylish and perfect for teenage girls. You can dress up this ballerina bun with hair accessories and rock on. Make two sections of your hair. Make a high ponytail and start braiding from the front section. Wrap the braid into a bun and secure it with pins. You can use hair extensions if you don’t have long hairs. This lace bun is simple and elegant for every occasion. Ballerina buns are best for the summer season.

Ballerina Bun

13. Voluminous Retro Bun

Retro style is always in style and the latest craze among everyone today. Many celebrities prefer retro bun for red carpets and vents. For extra volume, start to backcomb from the roots. Front bangs give a classic look to your bun. Carefully brush your hair and make a bun. Some hairstylist uses artificial hair buns instead of backcombing technique. This retro bun is perfect to flaunt your deep back neck. A pair of large diamond earrings also looks amazing with nude lipstick!

Ballerina Bun

14. Peek-A-Boo Braid

This cute hairstyle is unique and easy to do. In this hairstyle, three braids are created on the back of the head and then connect to make a topknot bun. The front look is very simple, which flaunts your eye makeup. This pee-a-boo braid is for medium hairs. If you want a shimmery dramatic look for any function then this is the best choice. This bun is easy to make and does not require any hair spray or straightener or accessories. It is just a modern version of a business look.

Ballerina Bun

15. Sleek Ballet Bun

A sleek ballet bun is very eye-catching and simple up-do. All you need is fine-medium hairs and a comb. Brush all your hairs and make a ponytail, then gently twist all your strands into a classic ballet bun. Wear red bold dress of your choice, and you are ready to go to. Stylists love this sleek bun to discover more stylish looks. In today’s busy life, you don’t want to waste your time in hair salons for the creative look so this ballet bun is an easy option for girls.

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Ballerina Bun

16. Pretty Highlighted Ballet Bun

There are many types of ballet buns, such as low braided double braids, etc. Highlights and lowlights add some lovely dimension to your bun. Wrap your hair and twist to showcase your hair colon. Flaunt your neckpiece and off-shoulder dress with this highlighted ballet bun. Highlights are the main part of this hairstyle so choose your hair color according to your natural hair color.

Ballerina Bun

17. Ballerina Bunny Doll Bun

This elegant hairstyle is perfect for weddings. A cute ballerina bun is ideal for either good or bad hair days. To make this hairstyle comb your hairs and make a ponytail, then divide it into two parts and make a big knot with them. Bridal outfit and jewelry are heavy in designs so this elegant bun looks perfect for your special day. This hairstyle looks so cute with colorful hairpins on little girls also. Do not use extra extensions or any artificial buns to create this hairstyle.

Ballerina Bun

18. Fine Shine Ballerina Bun

Not everyone has fine, straight hair. Front look or hairs are slightly puffy than the classic ballerina bun. This fine shine bun is divided into two sections front and top. Top section hairs are turned into a twisted bun. For shining glossy spray is used. This hairstyle doesn’t have any frizzy hairs so hair spray is a must in this style. You can wear an off-shoulder dress, prom dress, casual outfits, etc. For little girls, this fine shine is perfect because they have naturally shiny hairs.

Ballerina Bun

19. Chignon Twisted Bun

Twisted buns are styled in many ways, such as messy low twisted buns, twisted braided bun, twisted waterfalls, etc. This chignon twisted bun is like a crown that is perfect for the wedding day. Chignon bun is mostly the same as doughnut bun but vertical than a doughnut bun. All hairs are brushed back to make a bun, and front strands are little twisted around the bun which adds texture and movement on the top. This chignon bun is on trend this season because of its sophisticated look.

Ballerina Bun

20. Sexy Messy Top Knot

Messy top knot buns are now in the trend. This messy top knot bun is perfect for styling any type of outfit. This style is simply a high, messy top knot that slightly makes a masterpiece. To make this bun, make a high ponytail and twist around the rubber band. High neck dresses with earrings look so impressive with this messy bun. A messy bun is not easy to make. A messy bun is styled in many ways according to occasions or outfits.

Ballerina Bun

Above was the list of some fantastic and easy Ballerina buns, which can serve as a time-saver for you. Not to forget, these buns will never let you down and enhance your personality and beauty. We hope you have found your favorite bun style and will try it soon!

Ballerina Bun Hairstyle

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