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23 Bandana Hairstyles to Change Up Your Vibe

Are you looking for a super cute and easy way to jazz up your look? Consider bandana hairstyles! They’re stunning, easy to use, and there are lots of different patterns to suit your mood and preferences.

Adding a nice piece of cloth to wrap around your head or hair will always make your look more intriguing. Bandanas will make you look cuter, more sultry, or more playful. It all depends on how you style it and present yourself. There are so many ways to play.


Classic Bandana Hairstyles for Women

Check out these hairdos, as there’ll definitely be something you can enjoy among them. You’ll be wearing a brand new look in no time.

Pushed Back Auburn Curls

bandana hairstyle for curly auburn brown hair

Bandana hairstyles are great for keeping your hair out of your face, as you can see here. The headscarf wraps around the head, holding the locks back a few inches. The long locks then cascade down the shoulders in very elegant waves.


Pastel Pink Hair

bandana hairstyle with wavy pink hair

If you have unique hair color, then coordinating your bandana’s color with your hair can be fun. For example, this greyish piece of cloth goes well with this pastel pink hair.

The waves are pushed back, and they spill out over the piece on one side. It gives the front of the hair extra volume.


Short Ponytail

blonde bob ponytail with bandana

Bandana hairstyles were hugely popular a few decades ago, so adding one to your look now can totally make you look vintage. This is a simple hairdo, where the hair is pulled back into a short, curly ponytail.

The accessory is tied around the head with the knot on top, forming a bow.


Retro Curls

60s curly updo with bandana

Now we have another retro look. Here there are lots of curls tied back in a mixture of a bun and a ponytail.

The red bandana is tied in the middle of the head, with the knot pointing upwards. Some bangs poke out at the front, creating a very even look that’s utterly fabulous and highly desirable.


Long Brown Hair with Bangs

bandana hairstyle with long brown hair and bangs

The bow of the fabric often makes a great decoration in these looks, and you can see that here. It’s paired with a hat and that makes it even chicer.

The hair itself has feathered bangs that cover most of the forehead, and the rest of the locks fall long and straight down the shoulders.


Layered Pixie

bandana hairstyle with short hair

You can show off the layers of your pixie cut using a nice bandana like this. It holds some hair back from the ears and legs the bangs take center stage.

The light color matches the blonde hair, and it gives you a very fun and carefree vibe.


Thick Corkscrew Curls

bandana hairstyle with curly bangs

Curls, especially thick ones, have a habit of getting in your face. The bandana holds the hairstyle back here. The curls fall down behind the ears, reaching the shoulders. Some stick out under the bright red fabric.


Hippie Style 

bandana hairstyle with thin blonde hair

Do you love the 60s? Then let your inner hippie shine! This hairpiece tied low around the forehead, paired with the tinted shades, create a totally 1960s hippie vibe. The hair is straight and falls to just below the shoulders.


Natural Tiny Curls

bandana hairstyle with short afro hair

Black women often have such beautiful, thick curls, but they can really get in your face sometimes. A nicely tucked hair accessory here holds them back. The hair is kept nicely behind the ears, framing the head in a thick series of curls.


Cascading Curls

bandana hairstyle for thick curly hair

In this bandana hairstyle, the cloth is tied around the hairline and features a large bow. The hair is then brought to the top of the head where it falls down around the head and face in a nice shower of curls.


Braids and Large Bow

double braids with bandana

Braids are a super simple and chic style to wear, but they can often look boring and unimaginative. A nice bandana has been added to this style to ensure the look isn’t boring. There’s a large bow on top of the head, creating an asymmetrical look.


Small Back Bow

half up half down hairstyle with bandana

Half up half down hairstyles are popular. This is an example of one where the hair from the sides of the head is pulled back. It’s then tied with a piece of a white bandana.

It sits on top of the back section of hair, which is curly and falls down the back.


Messy Ponytail 

half updo hairstyle with bandana

Nice strips of cloth like this can be used to decorate and secure your ponytail. There’s a messy ponytail right on top of the head here, tied loosely with a green bandana. The hair is very messy and choppy and it falls down the sides and back of the head.


Wrapped Bun

bun hairstyle with bandana

Buns are beautiful, but they can be plain. The hair here is pulled back tightly to the scalp, and there’s a bun right in the middle of the head at the back.

It’s twisted up so it looks unique, but it can be pushed a step further. Two pieces of fabric hang on each side of it.


Straight Blonde Lob

long blonde bob with bandana

Using this tight piece of bandana to hold back your hair is classic and wonderful. Here the hair is pulled away from the race just slightly, and there’s a bow along the hairline. The bob has a little extra volume now.


Long Brunette Waves

long wavy brunette hairstyle with bandana

This is another example where a bandana pulls the long locks back from the face. There’s a bow on top, and the hair is kept behind the shoulders.

It’s tied very loosely, so there’s still some volume in the front and sides of the hair. Long curls fall down the back.


Victory Rolls 

vintage hairstyle with bandana

You can’t get anything more vintage than wrapping a hairpiece and a big roll at the front. This hairstyle is a big example of that. The victory roll is large and sleek on one side of the head, and most of the hair is in a pun at the back. 


Cute Topknot

topknot hairstyle with bandana

Throwing your hair into a knobbly bun right on top of your head is super easy. However, you can decorate that with a bow and a nice hair accessory as seen here. The fabric is tied along the hairline, and it’s wider on one side. 


Holding Up Bun

short hair bun with bandana

Sometimes a nice piece of bandana can be used to help support your hair. The hairstyle goes well with a bun right at the back of the head.

The wider strip of fabric is under that bun, helping hold it up. The thinner fabric decorates the top of the head nicely.


Ash Blonde Dreads 

ash blonde dreadlocks with bandana

Dreadlocks are a wonderful style to have, and they go well with bandanas. This one is tied around the forehead, decorating both the face and the hair. It’s tied with a bow at the back.

The locks are very long and numerous, bleached white, matching the yellow fabric.


Thin Braids

bandana hairstyle with braids

A full head of cornrow braids is a unique look that helps keep the hair under control very well. The bright red bandana here helps hold the braids out of the face. It goes across the head like a traditional headband, looking very pretty indeed.


Long Dutch Braids

long dutch braids with bandana

Very thick hair looks wonderful when styled into huge Dutch braids on each side like this. The braiding starts near the center parting, and they fall down over the shoulders.

A green accessory circles the head and holds the braids back. It ties on top in a bow.


Bandana and Blonde Braids

blonde thin braids hairstyle with bandana

This is another example of a full head of braids, only these ones are in two shades of blonde. The thin braids are smaller, and the bandana gives them some volume at the front. They spill down over the hair accessory as it sits on the forehead, and it creates a carefree look.


As you can see, there are tons of bandana hairstyles you can choose from. Some give you a hippie look, some give you an edgy look, some give you a cute look, and some give you an edgy look. With all this variance, you’ll never run out of styles to choose from!

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