4 Top Knot Buns Hairstyles with How to do Steps

Top knot buns hairstyles have been trending for a long time. This is because they are can be attained by anyone, provided her hair attains the required length. We will help you understand four types of top knot buns and give you step by step details on how to attain this hairstyle. Here are these top knot buns:

1. Top Knot Bun

Top Knot Bun
Top knot bun entails forming a bun at some point on top of your head. This is what gives this hairstyle a versatile and sophisticated look. There are four ways top knot bun hairstyle can be attained.

First Method

  • Form a high ponytail on your head. Use a comb to direct your hair away from your forehead. A high ponytail makes it easy form a top knot bun.
  • Straighten your hair if it is curly and textured through blow dry. This brings out a smooth look.
  • Carry on and form two sections on your ponytail. Ensure you attain two different sizes.
  • Take each section and coil it around each other. Ensure these two sections form one piece.
  • You are free to choose the size of the braid to form with your hair.
  • Form a top bun on your head before holding it still with bobby pins.
  • Ensure the bobby pins used complement your hair color.
  • Feel free to use a hair spray.

Second Method

  • Form a ponytail on the head and hold it intact with a tie.
  • Women with curly hair can attain a voluminous look by forming a high ponytail.
  • Pluck small bits of hair from your ponytail and start combing it. Backcomb it until it becomes straight.
  • Repeat this on your entire hair forming the high ponytail.
  • Backcombing your hair will make your top knot bun look fuller.
  • Focus your attention on the top of ponytail. Gently comb the top of your hair until it becomes smooth in terms of texture and appearance at large.
  • Take your hair and form a bun on your ponytail.
  • Wrap it clockwise so that you attain a bun.
  • Use bobby pins to pin your bun intact on your selected position.
  • Bobby pins also make the hairstyle stay put for a long period.

Third Method

  • As always, choose a point on the head to form your high ponytail. Smoothen your hair and remove any bump through combing
  • Use the right comb so that you don’t damage your hair.
  • Poke a space on the base of your ponytail and pass a section of hair around it. Use a tube to hold your hair intact in its position.
  • Commence and tease your hair so that you improve its volume.
  • Form a top knot bun on your high ponytail.
  • Use bobby pins to hold your bun intact in its place.

Forth Method

  • Divide your hair into two sections through a horizontal part.
  • Use the top hair to form a ponytail
  • Take hair forming the high ponytail and the other one. Use it to form a bun. The size of your ponytail and length of hair influence the size of bun you are going to form on the head.
  • Use an elastic band to hold your bun in position.

2. Half up Top Knot

Half up Top Knot Bun
Secondly, we have the half up top knot hairstyle. This hairstyle meets all the characteristics that define an amazing hairstyle. It is simple and easy to adopt. In fact, this can be done from the comfort of your house. Don’t worry if you lack the skills to design this marvelous hairstyle. Simply follow the below guidelines:

  • Ensure all your hair is directed towards the back of the head. Afterwards, decide the amount of hair you want to be on the top and which one should be on the bottom.
  • You have the freedom of deciding the hair ratio on top and which one should be on the bottom of your head.
  • Do you want to give your hair a messy look? If yes, adding volume on hair on the top of the head is the most ideal option.
  • Use hair on the top section of your head and craft it into a ponytail.
  • Always form a ponytail if you have never designed a top knot bun on your own. A ponytail makes the entire step simple and easy to attain.
  • Use a clear elastic hair band to hold your hair still while preparing to design a top knot bun.
  • Carry on and form a top knot bun. Simply take your ponytail and start coiling hair forming it around the ponytail’s base.
  • Ensure you are comfortable by adjusting the bun to suit your needs.
  • Bobby pins are recommended for holding your hair in place.
  • Enhance the looks of your hair through a hair spray and accessories.

3. French Top Knot Bun

French Top Knot Bun
Look no further if you have limited time yet desire an amazing hairstyle. Simply consider the French top knot bun. This hairstyle suits weddings, work and school among other events. Here is a step by step guideline on how to design this hairstyle:

  • Start by moisturizing your hair through the use of a hair moisturizer. This is what improves the looks and texture of your hair.
  • Direct your hair towards the center by brushing it.
  • Afterwards, form a ponytail with a section of your hair.
  • The location you form a ponytail is where you will form a bun.
  • Use a hair tie to hold your ponytail intact and still in its position.
  • Commence and form a circular bun.
  • You should use hair forming your ponytail to design your circular bun.
  • Ensure the top knot bun is comfortable on your head before placing bobby pins beneath your bun.

4. Braided Top Knot

Braided Top Knot
Braided top knot is actually the simplest and easy to attain hairstyle, when compared to the others above. There are three ways braided top knot hairstyle can be attained. Here are the three ways of attaining this superb hairstyle:

First method

  • Take a section of your hair and form three hair ties. You can use two hair ties if you have thin hair.
  • Commence and form a high ponytail. Use the right hair brush to push all your hair straight towards the back of the head. Smoothen your hair by removing any tangle and bumps before forming a ponytail.
  • Use an elastic band to hold your hair still.
  • Proceed and plait your ponytail. Divide your hair into three sections. Take each hair section and plait it.
  • Plait your hair up to the edge of your braid. There is no limit on the size of braids you can form on your ponytail. It depends on what you want to attain at the end of everything.
  • Hold the edge of the braid and form a bun.
  • Hold the bun still with some bobby pin. Ensure the bobby pins match with your hair color.

Second Method

  • Comb your hair to attain a smooth texture. Use a hair brush or comb.
  • Commence and form a high ponytail on your hair. Use at least two elastic bands to hold your hair still.
  • Carry on and divide your hair into three main sections. Hold each hair section still using a hair clip.
  • Take each hair section and separately plait it. You will have three braids at the end of this.
  • Combine all three braids. Plait them to attain one huge braid.
  • Swiftly wrap your hair to attain a bun.
  • Use bobby pins or an elastic band to hold your hair still for a long period.

Third Method

This designing method suits women who want French braids for their hair.

  • Divide your hair into two sections. One section should be on the top of the head. The rest of your hair should be clipped together.
  • Use your top hair and form a French braid. A French braid should be formed using two hair sections.
  • Carry on and form a high ponytail using the second part of the hair that was clipped together.
  • You are free to plait your ponytail or leave it like that.
  • Take your French braid and form a bun using it.
  • Hold your hair still using bobby pins.

Use the above guidelines to attain your favorite Top Knot Buns Hairstyle.

Top Knot Buns Hairstyles with How to do Steps