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25 Stylish Blonde Dreadlock Hairstyles for Women

We have seen often seen our favorite female celebs wearing blonde dreadlocks at special events, parties, or even in the movies. Earlier people use to think that these hairstyles are just meant for hippies, musicians, painters, etc. But with time, we all fall in love with these rope-like strands which can easily be made either by locking strands or braiding them.

Now, to add more feminity or a soft look to your hair, you must choose blonde dreads. It looks gorgeous on all skin tones and can be a great way to make an impression on others that’s why we see brides too choosing it over other styles.


Unique Blonde Dreadlock Hairstyles

Try these blonde dread hairstyles now and astonish all your friends and family members.

1. Go Blonde

short blonde dreads

The short blonde dreads are versatile and easy to style. The locks can be styled in different forms to make them appear attractive.

Being a few inches longer, the strands flow down freely on both the sides of the face and on the back. Nothing can be more comfortable and attractive than this hairdo.


2. Ropped Ends

long blonde dreads

The slim blonde dreadlocks left undone at the ends require quite less effort. They fit women with long hair and a heart or diamond-shaped face perfectly. The dreads will highlight your facial features, especially when you have them in blonde.


3. High Ponytail With Headband

blonde dreads ponytail

Another locks hairstyle that defines self-expression of beauty. The high ponytail brings out your personality while keeping the style simple and comfortable. You can add a headband to your hairdo to elevate the style, which goes well with any face type.


4. Half Updo Ombre with Locks

blonde ombre dreads

A magnificent way to express yourself is through blonde dreadlocks. Here, the twisted locks are orangish blonde ombre, where the roots are of natural hair color.

While starting from the middle to the end of the top is blonde. Women with broad and long faces can rock this style beautifully.


5. Jute-Rope Locks for Black Women

blonde dreads on dark skin

Step out with these beautiful orangish blonde ombre dreads, especially if you have a darker skin tone. It is a simple yet elegant look that begins straight from the roots. It suits all face types, and the style can be worn on any occasion.


6. Curly Dreads With Highlight

blonde curly dreads

Another look that will best suit a long oval-shaped face is the medium-length blonde dreadlocks.

The locks are thin, with streaked strands, and paired with a headband. This isn’t a much more difficult style as all you need to do is shampoo, wash, and oil spray, and your hair will stay fresh for a long time.


7. Ash Blonde Half Updo

ash blonde dreads

Opt for this look while stepping out in confidence for a unique style that will define your personality. This amazing hairstyle is a perfect blend of formal and party-style signatures. Blonde locks are definitely a hairdo that you must try and will get you convinced.


8. Two-Toned Micro Braids

blonde and pink dreads

For those who love pastel or light hues, the combination of blonde and pink is the perfect option. In this style, the blonde dreads are medium to long and are tied at the back, making them fit any casual occasion. You can even pair it with an aesthetic neckpiece to elevate the look.


9. Hippie Look With Beads

blonde dreads with beads

This is another great hairstyle that can get you in line. This style has a simple and cool appearance and cannot be underestimated when it comes to expressing personality and looks. This style is made of short dreads that flow on both sides of the face and are paired with beads.


10. Double Dreaded Buns

double buns with blonde dreads

Double bun dreads are surely a confidence booster updo. It boosts your confidence and brings out your personality in a classy and sophisticated manner.

Here, the long locks are folded in the form of two buns. This style is suitable for women with oval triangles or heart-shaped faces.


11. High Bun With Dreads

light blonde dreads

High wrapped up hair is an exquisite updo when it comes to blonde dreadlocks. This particular style features an overall blonde shade that accentuates the facial features pretty well. Pair with bold makeup and jewelry to get that perfect look for any special occasion.


12. Half-Braided Dreads

dark blonde dreads

In order to get a sun-kissed effect, go for these golden brown long dreadlocks. Here, you can take two strands from the front and braid them once at the back to get a sleek, clean look. This look will give your locks life, especially in the sun.


13. Icy Silver Retro Look

platinum blonde dreads

If you want to get those royal, classic looks, then opt for these headband blonde dreadlocks.

Here, the headband is also used to wrap the locks, and the bangs serve to frame your forehead. Pair it with beautiful lipstick and a pearl neckpiece to get the perfect look for any special event.


14. Uneven Medium Dreaded Bob

medium blonde dreads

If you are waiting for your tresses to grow slightly, don’t hesitate to get a different hair color. The blonde locks will give a simple, elegant look. While the locks here are uneven, but the messy texture makes it look effortless and fun.


15. Pigtails With Bangs

pigtails with blonde dreads

Another look that doesn’t require much effort is the two pigtails. All you need to do is to pile your dreads into two ponytails. In order to frame your face, you can leave a bang and braid the crown area to elevate the look.


16. Half Knotted Bun 

half up blonde dreads

We finally come to the classic low bun through several hairstyles, which is easy to style.

Here, you just need to wrap all the front strands in a simple low bun. You can try this look when tired of your open locks. But, unlike the messy bun, it has a certain neatness as it sits below your head.


17. High Bun Hairdo 

bun hair with blonde dreads

Another near yet complicated look is the high bun with some braided strands in between. In order to get a casual look, you can just tie your hair in a high bun. But, to get a more defined and stylish look, like this one, braid a few strands and then tie it in a bun.


18. Twisted Braid

blonde dreads ponytail

The twisted is another complicated and messy look that might be time-consuming. While this might seem to you as a childish look, but this is a cute look that you can try, especially with long hair.


19. Half Up Hairdo

half up half down blonde dreads

With long hair, you can easily tie them in a half updo. Several women choose this popular and common style with braids or dreadlocks.

If you’re the woman, who does not like the hair to fall on your face, but still wants them open, then half updo is the perfect combo of the two.


20. Long Micro Dreads

blonde dreads

A beautiful and stylish look, the long micro braids or dreads might require more effort. The braids are perfectly done and left free to fall anywhere in this style.

As a result, if you have a broad or round-shaped face, then this will be an ideal look, as it frames and falls on the face to make it look slimmer.


21. Wavy Dreads With Bluish-green Highlights

blonde dreadlocks

This simple middle-parted look is ideal for regular or daily purposes. It requires minimal effort and styling and gives a sporty look. This chic hairstyle will never be overlooked with its simple and easy nature.


22. Blonde and Yellow Dreads

blonde and yellow dreads

The double shade blonde dreads are a great hairdo that can go well with any occasion. This look is ideal for women with oval or triangular-shaped faces. You can pair it with charming earrings, a neckpiece, or even a hair accessory to create an irresistible look.


23. Side Tucked Dreads 

thick blonde dreads

In order to get that perfect coffee date look, go for this blonde yarn dreads. Here, you just have to the middle part of your hair and push them back with the help of your hair strand.

If you feel like the look is still not convincing, take a single strand from the front and braid to make it even more beautiful.


24. High Space Buns

space buns with blonde dreads

The double-high buns are a great way to get a sporty, cool look. You can surely give this modest and comfortable hairdo a try that you’ll not regret.

This is a perfect look for a heart or oval-shaped face. Moreover, please do not push your loose locks behind the ear, as they will work to frame your face.


25. Three Shade Ombre Locks

blonde dreads with dark root

With long blonde dreadlocks, you can be sure of getting a stunning look. Here, the locks are long and dyed with different blonde ombre shades. You can even come up with your own combination of colors and rock in your style.


So, if you’re one who is adventurous and like trying new and interesting stuff, then blonde dreadlocks are the perfect way to style your hair. This has twin benefits; as with dreadlocks, you get a bold, unique personality, and with blonde shade, on the other hand, you get a soft, feminine look.