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Ash Blonde vs. Golden Blonde: Find Your Perfect Blonde Shade

Finding the perfect shade of blonde is challenging because you must consider your skin tone and overall coloring. If you’re trying to choose between ash and golden blonde, read on to learn about each shade and how to pick the right color with our ash blonde vs golden blonde guide.

Ash Blonde

ash blonde hair color

Ash blonde is a cooler version of blonde hair with gray and white undertones. This hair color earns its name from the color of ashes and can range from dark blonde to platinum while keeping its cool undertones. 

Ash blonde hair has blue, gray, green, and violet hints to it. This dusky hair color complements cool and fair skin tones but can also be a good way to balance a warm skin tone with a cool shade.

You’ll want to use purple shampoo daily to maintain the ideal ash blonde shade. The purple hues in the product will counteract any natural yellow in your hair, giving it a cooler, smokey look compared to traditional blondes.

Golden Blonde

golden blonde hair color

Golden blonde hair has warmer undertones and a deeper color. The golden hue in this blonde pick up on the richness of warm and neutral tones for a natural and bright color that reflects a sun-kissed look.

This blonde shade compliment people with warm skin tones and can make blue and green eyes pop. 

Regarding maintenance, golden blonde hair doesn’t differ much from ash blonde. Use purple shampoo once a week to keep your golden blonde hair from getting too brassy.

You can use your regular shampoo and conditioner for the other washes to prevent the purple shampoo from cooling your blonde too much.

Key Differences Between Ash Blonde vs. Golden Blonde

If you’re still unsure about choosing ash blonde over golden blonde, check out this comparison table that lists the differences.

Ash Blonde Golden Blonde
Best for cool undertonesBest for warm undertones
Dye has hints of white or silverDye has hints of gold or beige
Gives a cool, smokey hue Gives a natural, sun-kissed look
Ideal for people with light eyes Ideal for people with darker eyes
Use purple shampoo with each wash Use purple shampoo once a week

Ash Blonde vs. Golden Blonde: Choosing the Right Option for You

ash blonde vs golden blonde
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Since your hair color will make a significant change in your overall look, it’s important to know how to choose the right hue for your skin.

There are several ways you can choose the best shade of blonde for you by determining your undertone:

  • Look at your veins
  • Consider your jewelry
  • Take the white t-shirt test
  • Get some sunshine

First, look at the inside of your wrist—what color are your veins? People with cool undertones will see blue veins and should choose ash blonde dye. Green veins mean you have warm undertones and can pull off golden blonde.

A balance of blue and green implies a neutral skin tone. If your skin is too dark to see your vein color, try one of the following methods instead.

The type of metal jewelry you wear can help determine your skin tone. If you wear silver jewelry because it looks best on you, you most likely have cool-toned skin and should choose ash blonde dye. People who look radiant in gold jewelry have warm undertones and can rock the golden blonde look.

A simple way to determine your skin’s undertones is to put on a white t-shirt. Check yourself out in the mirror and see if your skin looks rosy compared to the shirt. In that case, you’re cool-toned and should choose ash blonde.

If you think your skin looks more yellow next to the white shirt, you’re warm-toned and will look great with golden blonde.

The way your skin reacts in the sun can help you determine your undertone. If you burn easily, you have a cool undertone and should go ash blonde. People who tan easily have warm-toned skin, and golden blonde will best suit them.

So, Should You Go Ash Blonde or Golden Blonde?

Once you determine your skin’s undertone, you’ll know if you should go ash blonde or golden blonde. People with cool-toned skin will love how ash blonde accentuates their looks. 

Those with warm undertones can highlight that color with golden blonde hair. If you have any doubts, consult your stylist to get their expert advice to ensure you rock the right blonde shade.

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