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20 Dazzling Dark Blonde Hairstyles for Every Skin Tone

For anyone who badly needs to transform their look and searching for something new, here is a list of great dark blonde hairstyle ideas. You should definitely go for a darker shade as it is a low-maintenance look available in various options.

It is a rich shade of brown and blonde, perfect for women who want to balance between tones. This shade of blonde goes well with every skin tone, either warm or cool.

This is a great hair color and relatively low maintenance to try on. Excited to see some gorgeous dark blonde hair color ideas? Scroll down and choose the best hair color to try out as soon as possible.

Amazing Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Here, we bring out the most popular shades of blonde hair color inspiration to enhance your look effortlessly.

Buttercream Bronde

long dark buttercream blonde bob

A creamy blonde tone with a voluminous texture gives your hair a sun-kissed look. But you will need to dye frequently to maintain this blonde shade.

This dark blonde hair color idea is a mix of light brown and blonde that will never go out of trend. With this hair color, all warm and cool skin tones work well for women.

Balayage Lob

dark blonde balayage hair

You can try this blonde balayage to offer an instant gloss to your locks. They’re an imperfectly perfect balance between a dark color and blonde.

To enhance the textures of dark blonde hair color, always use a conditioner or serum to maintain the uniqueness of this beautiful color tone.

Soft Ash Blonde Waves

dark blonde bob

This shade of blonde refers to a calmer tone, which is great for any warm skin tones for a balanced look. Opt for a short hair look to avoid split ends and hair damage.

Soft waves help enhance the contrasting hues of the hair. The perfect 2-minute hairstyle to freshen up your daily looks!

Bronze Highlighted Updo

curly updo with dark blonde hair

Transform the back of your hair into a tousled bun. Then, all you need to do is, put your hair together into a low ponytail, twist it, and secure the style with bobby pins.

Don’t forget to use hair sprays to fix the hairstyle from day to night. This style is a bit easier to pull off on wavy hair to get that messy vibe naturally.

Caramel Sugar Curls

curly dark copper blonde hair

Choosing some caramelized shade out of the blonde hair color ideas is such a good option for ringlets.

In addition, you can blend golden and dark blonde roots to get that lustrous shine. This will enhance the curly texture and make your hair look voluminous and thick.

Chocolate Layered Blonde

thick dark blonde hair

Messy and untidy waves are among the trending hairstyles that will help you flaunt your shiny chocolate blonde undertones.

This hair color idea is very similar to brown tones and is the best choice for women with warm skin tones. However, if you like neutral warm blonde colors, this is a good idea to go for this look.

White Gold Tresses

dark honey blonde hair

Soft highlights with a warmer honey blonde tone are way too gorgeous to flare your waves with.

This wonderful hair coloring technique creates texture and volume by using different shades of white along with some glittery gold. Play it cool with waves or curls for some depth and a chic look.

Awesome Blossom Bangs

dark blonde hair with bangs

Long layers are beautiful on their own. However, these straight and silky layers and bangs are super complementary.

This color shows off the various layers and textures and adds movement. It is the best option if you seek to add some volume and texture to your fine tresses.

Cool Side Swept Pixie

short dark blonde hair

This gorgeous blonde short hair with lots of texture has all the chances to become a retro hairstyle. The combination of ash and dirty blonde is gorgeous and easy to maintain, especially if you’re converting your hair to light blonde.

Medium Brown Tresses

dark dirty blonde hair

The maintenance for this dark-to-medium brownish tone is very balanced. Not too dark or too light but it is enough to glam up a fresh haircut.

This dark blonde hair color is great for almost every skin tone and eye color, such as brown eyes.

Glossy Diva Curls

dark dishwater blonde hair

This mind-blowing blending contrast can make your curls look thick and better.

A blow-dry heat protectant styler is also a good idea to decrease frizz and fuzziness. If you feel irritated with the heat waves, pull it up into a quick updo for a relaxed look.

Bronde Baby Shags

dark sandy blonde hair color

This shaggy hairstyle is trendy, effortless, and convenient for summer. However, the cute style begs you to add in some subtle highlights that lighten your locks.

The light gold and dark brown tones of the balayage provide texture and sophistication to your overall look. This hairstyle is a wonderful choice for those with extra thick and curly blonde hair.

Vibrant Layered Flames

dark blonde hair with copper highlights
Instagram/@ jj.beautyco

If you are a natural brunette seeking to spice up your look, adding lighter orange highlights will give your hair a vibrant and playful effect.

Mixing dark copper tones with light orange creates this gorgeous burnt shade—style with soft waves to flaunt your fiery personality.

Dark Blonde Ombre

dark blonde lowlights
Instagram/@ jj.beautyco

This contrasting ombre hair color idea is pretty easy to maintain and is great for women with working lifestyles or when paired with a formal look.

Alternating brown and ash gray stripes create a dynamic effect in your hairstyle. It blends amazingly on straight long strands or looks gorgeous when done into an updo.

Light Brown Highlights

dark bronde balayage hair

Going for dull highlights is a great call when you want a natural look. Adding a few thin blonde highlights on brown hair makes it super convenient and elegant to style any look.

To keep the look chic and classy, go for a short shaggy hairstyle with bangs or style it with beach waves.

Sleek And Smooth

shoulder length dark blonde hair

This is one of the casual dark blonde hair color ideas that is versatile and gorgeous at the same time. This shade is a universally attractive color that complements any skin tone and darker eye color.

This hue can shape your face features and would look fabulous on all hairstyles. Irrespective of your style, from sleek, straight hair to loose waves, it’s simply amazing.

Warm Drizzling  Hues

dark blonde hair with face framing highlights

The hairstyle with simple, warm highlights makes a great inclusion to your subtle brown hair color.

However, it proves that you cannot stop yourself from falling in love with this hair color. Intricate yet natural, they blend into your hair smoothly and create an effortlessly chic attire.

Dark Brunette Curls

dark blonde hair highlights

Brown hair with enticing highlights is no less than a blessing. This look is totally worth the price and effort. The transformation is natural but still makes you look extremely stylish and modern.

Highlighting the ends of your manes creates a fun and warm aesthetic look that you can wear with your straight or wavy tresses.

Dark to Light Blonde

dark blonde balayage hair

What a gorgeous and sophisticated hair shade, no? This blonde has two different shades, including light honey and dark brown.

The gradient blonde emerging from dark roots evokes the most amazing effects that can’t be explained in a few words.

Strawberry Pearl Curls

dark ash blonde hair

Healthy and natural-looking pearl blonde highlights are a beautiful solution for girls who want to brighten their blonde locks and get an attractive hairdo that won’t be outdated.

This dark blonde color creates a unique hairstyle and makes you the happiest person alive.

We hope, by now, you must have at least gotten a slight idea of how to style your hair with dark blonde hair color. Adhering to this shade is a superb choice to naturally enhance black, brown, and blonde tresses.

You are going to enjoy these stunning, most alluring low-maintenance looks. This hair color is one of the most flexible options that can adapt easily to any complexion and make your face expressive.