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16 Timeless Honey Blonde Hairstyle Ideas for Women

Sticking to classics can never go out of trend. As an individual who wants to try out going blonde, a honey blonde hairstyle will be the safest option.

Playing while going blond is easier as compared to darker hair-colored stands. This shade will give you a warmer tone, though you can even go for a darker shade.

It is huge chaos to choose the right hairstyle for yourself. When it comes to experimenting, everyone has doubts but do not worry because we are here to help you. If you are committed enough to go honey blonde, you will find your inspiration here.

Try These Trendy Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Get indulged in the various hues of honey blonde with different styles to get a new look anytime you want.

Paradigm Honey Blonde

honey blonde hairstyle for women with glasses

This classic shade will give you a warmed tone hue complimented with the under hue of gold, brown, and sometimes even red.

The darker shade of golden brown and will pair up beautifully if you have long hair. You can curl your hair down for the final look and let them breathe in innate air.

Soft Caramel Curls

honey blonde afro hair

Women with brown skin, thinking of a blonde look, might go dubious. A soft caramel undertone with copper is the ideal match to enhance the beauty rollover you are looking for.

This is a version of light honey blonde hair color that helps brighten up your skin tone.


Murky Undertone 

dark honey blonde hair color

Feeling overwhelmed by thinking of going fully blonde? Do not worry because there is a solution following which you can have everything in one package.

You can rock the perfect murky look this season with darker brown ends and dusky blonde roots. However, make sure that you do not go with much darker ends, or it will ruin your inky look.


Sombre Layered Highlights

celebrity inspired honey blonde hair color

To achieve this look, you do not need to dye your roots. Instead, the dark honey blonde hair color will flatter your inborn roots.

This hairstyle goes well with individuals who do not want to touch their roots but want a fawning change in their overall look. It will go best if you have dusky skin tone and medium to long hair.

Dangled Look

honey blonde curly hair

Long hair with soft waves to light curls should go with a honey blonde. This hairstyle will complement your curls, and you will be able to flaunt them in a much easier mannerism. Lightened honey color will suit best if your skin color is on the first block of shades.

Textured Bob

honey blonde bob

Do get perplexed that only long-haired divas can smite everyone with blonde hair. If you have short hair, going blonde will add tanginess to your overall look.

A textured bob will go well with honey hair color with a musky undertone. You can style it by adding some waves at the end with an edgy side parting.


Sleeky Textured Hair

honey blonde hair highlights

Blonde does not always refer to how light you can go with your hair. Just like any hair color, blonde also comes with shades that go from dark to light.

If you are not a fan of the lightened texture of blonde color, then you can have a safe way out by coloring your hair in a darker hue. Brown will be the dominating hue here, followed by lighter honey color highlights.


Frizzed-Up Short Curls

frizzy honey blonde hair

To add kink to your short hair, you can go for frizzy curls. However, if you have naturally curled hair, you just need to go to the salon and ask for light caramel-toned honey blonde. 

This hairstyle will only look complete when you have brownish hair on top, followed by lighter undertone ends.


Ombre Golden Locks

honey blonde balayage hair

Fans of hair color transitions can pick this up without thinking much. This shade will go from your base hair color to honey brown in segments.  All the colors will enhance each other’s aura, and you will have hair that has a honey shade in it.


Quiff with Undercut

short honey blonde hair

Undercut fans can rock the hue by adding it to their quiff. With natural colored hair underneath, this will work as a fun highlight. Black women who want to get short hair can try this look.


Vintage Fluff

vintage hairstyle with dark honey blonde hair

Going to cosplays can not be fun if you do not have a perfect hairstyle. Vintage Fluff is nothing but your hair colored as warm as sunrise styled with fluffs.  You can achieve this hairstyle with the help of setting sprays but do not forget to get those honey hues.


Thick Long Hair

straight honey blonde hair

Straight hair individuals should go for a global hue as it is a head-turning color, especially if you have long blonde locksYou need not do much to get this hair color; just ask your hair expert to give you a natural tone of honey topped with lightly dyed roots.


Long Curly Bob

honey blonde wavy lob

Bob cuts look fabulous with waved-up locks. You can go for a highlighted brown top followed by a honey blonde hair color to enhance it. You can go for undertone caramel highlights to give a layered color look.


Half Bun Tied With Braid

half updo with light honey blonde hair

Hair updos have many variations. This one goes with a half-up bun decorated with braided plates. You must dye your hair in a lighter shade of honey undertone with basic brown to elevate this hairstyle.


Formal Updo

bun hairstyle with honey blonde hair

With a brown or black layer of hair underneath, you can rock the classic lower bun embellished with pearls. This elegant hairstyle is perfect for a bridesmaid and even for a bride!


Dimmed Highlights

dark honey blonde balayage hair

Starting from light brown hair and coming down to light honey is the balanced hair tone if you do not want to go light honey blonde balayage this season. This goes best with medium-length hair but can also be styled with short and long layered hair.


The majestic honey tone looks like it has come from heaven when seen in sunlight. There is no way that you can not rock this hue. Honey blonde hair color is the right choice if you do not want to go for classic platinum or lightly grayed tone hair.

Since brown and warm aspects of red are involved, it will make your hair look fresh out of the salon. Trying nature’s hue is the best thing you can do for a style rollover. Also, remember to maintain the honey-blonde color by dyeing it as required.