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25 Natural Hair Color – Get The Ultimate Diva Look

In the world where almost everything is artificial, natural beauty seems to be a rare sight, and quite honestly, it is a breath of fresh air. In this world of fashion where everyone is trying to overtake one another, it seems that standards of beauty are slowly getting exaggerated. The array of trends, absurdity seems to be on top, and being different and unique is what counts. However, when exaggeration is an element of exploration, and the new norm, is maintaining or being your natural self becomes the actual uniqueness. Hence portraying a natural self earns you more Brownie points than an experimenting hairstyle that is much ahead of your comfort zone.

When it comes to hair colors, women are often spotted to experiment with colors that tend to be on the darker side. Such color palettes include bright tones of green, red, burgundy, and pink, not to mention the rainbow is also much in trends these days.

However, getting back to the topic of natural hair color, there is nothing more pristine and beautiful than portraying and flaunting your natural self. You might think going natural with your hairstyle limits the range of your outfit, but you will be surprised to know that it not only widens the range but also enhances it. Natural hair color can be of several types like black Brown, Hazel blonde, and quiet uncommonly red. These colors have further subdivisions that represent the various shades of these colors. Natural hair color gives the tinge of grace your character and personality and your inner self.

How To Choose The Right Natural Hair Color For Yourself?

Well, if this is your question, then you have hit the right place. To choose a hair color is no easy job; you have to understand that not every skin tone goes with every hair color. As mentioned earlier, there is four to five basic hair color that is of the primary group from natural shades.

The blonde or the golden group of natural hair color usually goes well with women who have a lighter skin tone or are on the fair part. Hair color, which ranges from the redhead hair color to the burgundy, is for women who are dusky, fair and have Olive skin tone. The black and the dark brown shades are greatly suited for women who have a slightly subdued skin tone or are on the darker side.

Following these basics now, you can choose the hair color and style you feel suits you the best.

1. Hazelnut Natural Hair Color

This warm hazelnut color has a very warm depth added to the personality. This color has such a beautiful hue, such that it makes the hair look extremely lustrous, and the hair has a silky texture. Because of this silky texture, the entire appeal of the hairstyle is enhanced. You can either go with soft pastel shades on your attire while choosing such natural hair colors, as they tend to pair up with soft pastel shades beautifully. You can keep the hair open and style with such a beautiful color. Do not forget the smile on your face.

Natural Hair Color

2. Brown Hair With Golden Locks

The hairstyle incorporates Golden highlights, and as every woman will know that highlights are much in Trend. Such highlights with the brown color make a look extremely natural and effortless. The brown hair has always been an attraction and quite reasonably so. The best hairstyle is a mixture of Brown and Hazel with locks of Golden curls, which indeed looks like the elusive fleece of the Golden Ram, in the story of Jason. It is quite obvious to say that this hairstyle at least amplifies your beauty. You can eat that I this hair in a pony or just leave it open to be withdrawn magic.

Natural Hair Color

3. Chocolate Brown Natural Hair Color

The color chocolate brown is such an amazing Hue that it adds a very pretty note of natural, carefree look to your appearance. Irrespective of what hair length you have, this one color will be the show stealer and USB off your hairstyle fashion. So if you want to look trendy and portray a very natural look, then the chocolate brown hair color is your go-to bid. The style has a certain Bohemian look as the head is cut in medium sags, and layers outlook is just amazing.

Natural Hair Color

4. Golden Light Brown Hair Color

If you have frizzy or Wavy hair, then your hair is perfect for this Golden light brown color. Gold is the color of royalty, and in olden days the king and queen used to adorn themselves in gold, and gold has the element of amplifying beauty. Hence this hairstyle is not only royal and looks Grand but also has an old touch to it. With such golden locks, you can be the Goldilocks of your group. A beautiful white dress will look extraordinarily glamorous and elegant with such natural Golden hair color.

Natural Hair Color

5. Pure Black Natural Hair Color

Color of the hair has always been black, and that is what we imagine in the first place when we think of hair. Black is one such hair color that suits every one of every age is one of the most versatile colors of the natural color palette. Choosing to have a black natural hair color means that you present yourself the scope to be versatile in fashion natural hair color you can paired up any kind of attire wheat Western formals or whatever you feel like wearing. Also, with the color black, any kind of hairstyle suits well, be it straight curly or wavy. Even when it comes to skin tone black is one such beautiful color that does not require any kind of introduction and blends with any type of skin color. So a fair woman looks beautiful and dark skin tone and women look equally beautiful with black hair color.

Natural Hair Color

6. Naturally Blonde Hair Color

Hair color has a British origin and can be traced back to earlier classical Victorian hairstyles. The blonde hair color is a golden color which is slightly subdued and has a whitish tinge to it. This is a beautiful color which enhances the look and gives a royal and elegant vibe to your appearance. So be it long short Bob for any kind of hair length or the blonde natural hair color makes the look and is an immediate show-stealer. Just like the black hair color which has an Asian origin, the blonde has a foreign origin and does give your look a Western feel as well.

Natural Hair Color

7. Dark Brown Hair Color

Well, the dark brown hair color is one shade that suits almost every complexion. The color is indeed a versatile one. The best part about the dark brown color is that there is always a lustrous shine that comes along with the hairstyle, and the front portion has a beautiful range and the rest of narrow layers that fall beautifully cupping the face. The look has an adorable feel to it, and the natural brown hair color adds a note of warmth into the look.

Natural Hair Color

8. Wooden Brown Hair Color

When it comes to natural hair color, the tones are varied like black, brown, Blonde, and such other color palettes. However, in the brown color there are numerous shades. There can be light brown dark brown and also wooden brown color. This particular hairstyle is about the wooden brown natural hair color. To give the hairstyle and Ultra fashionable look the hair is curled into ringlets. Because of the color Brown form a beautiful glazed color. The hairstyle together with this color is so chic that one will want to flaunt it.

Natural Hair Color

9. Light Golden Hair Color

This hair color is very soothing and has a subtlety about it. Replete with feminine Grace and Charm hair color exuberates the natural tone of a blonde girl and has a western appeal to it and makes a look very fashionable. You can make a small hair bouffant at the Crown area of your head and with simple minimum curls with the help of a roller and can create a very cute and charming look. This hairstyle will be enhanced with the light gold natural hair color even more.

Natural Hair Color

10. Brazilian Golden Color

This golden color has a beautiful charm. The hair is parted from the center, and the center part has a dark brown color tone which is below the hair color gradually changes to a full Brazilian golden color. This color hair tone that looks indeed trendy and the hairstyle can be paired with any kind of informal and western attire. You can either keep the hair open or tie up in braids. One of the smartest color, it adds to the chic look.

Natural Hair Color

11. Golden Bob Hairstyle

The color Golden or light is such a beautiful natural stone that it makes a look immediately very classy. Fashion cannot always be for the younger generation. Fashion is always something that defines age, and this is never ruled by age; hence in this particular style, you will see that the protagonist is an old lady and how beautifully she is carrying the hair color. Such golden light hair colors look great on older women makes them look even more sophisticated. This color is one such neutral tone that fits into all age range. So if you are somebody on the higher side of the age bar, then this color will give you a very nice natural tone and will be age-appropriate as well.

Natural Hair Color

12. Bun Hairstyle In Blonde Natural Color

With the color blonde you can do a lot many natural hairstyles. Such a hairstyle is this beautiful bun hair. All you need to do is neatly com your hair and crunch in some amount of hair-boosting gel. This will make your hair look dense and also give a slightly rough texture that will later be beneficial in the appearance part when tying the bun. Now for the bun, you need to gather up your hair loosely and tie in a small bag ban that will look a bit carefree. The color just adds up to the style quotient.

Natural Hair Color

13. Honeycomb Hair Color

This color is a beautiful and warm color that has a nice summer vibe added to it. So this hair color is a modified version of the natural light brown color tone. In this picture, you can see the crochet ringlets or the plain Maggie curls are giving a lot of volume and texture to the hairstyle. If your skin tone is slightly on the darker side, then search shades of Brown suit your complexion beautifully. You can give this hairstyle and color a try.

Natural Hair Color

14. Golden Ringlets

The hairstyle has a very beautiful shade of golden accentuate the look to a greater level. To get this hairstyle, one can take the help of an iron curler, and after incorporating subtle waves through the length of the hair, the base of the hair can be curled into light ringlets. Now that the hairstyle is done coming to the color shade of this hair, it can be said that Golden is the one-touch color palette that suits women of fair complexion. So if you have a fair skin tone, then search for hair color which is both natural and gorgeous, can make your look indeed very beautiful.

Natural Hair Color

15. Orange Hue In Brown Tone

Brown is a marvelous natural hair color that has the warmth and a certain amount of dense look added to it. However, the brown tone in this particular hairstyle has slight blends of orange hue, which has been incorporated through mild highlights that enhance the look to a whole new level. The style that is created with the blend of soft curls and this beautiful natural color is something that has a balance of both vintage and trend.

Natural Hair Color

16. Redhead Hairstyle

The term redhead comes from a hair color that looks exactly and closes enough to the shade of color red. The red hair color as a natural tone of women’s hair can be traced back to the Asian origin. Having a Middle East origin hair shade has been gradually transcended is now a great fashion statement. So if you want a natural tone leg, the red hair color then a subtle mix of orange can give you this stone in case you do not have such hair color.

Natural Hair Color

17. Brown Hair Color For Olive Skin Tone

Well, to describe such a beautiful shade of Brown, one needs to understand that the solid colors like brown, black and Golden are the statement group colors and any moderations in this first group colors give a subtle change and birth to a new color palette. Brown tone, too, has such a moderation. If seen closely, the color is not exactly a dark or a light brown but somewhere in the middle. Such brown shades the two light not too dark suits well on women who have an Olive skin tone. For the style, you can just open with mild curls added to it.

Natural Hair Color

18. Dark Blonde Hair Color

This color tone has a beautiful mix of sensuous appeal and a certain boldness. Such hair color is versatile and does can suit complexions of any type, be it fair, dusky, or dark skin tone. As for the style is concerned, one can just cut layers and let your hair down and let the style speak for you.

Natural Hair Color

19. Hazel Blonde Hair Color

The hair color has a beautiful shade of Hazelnut undertone that makes the look very stylish. If you want a plain and simple yet sober look, then this natural hair color will be a show-staler. As far as the style on the haircut is concerned, you can just go with a medium Bob straight hair hairstyle with Center partition and let the color do the rest of the charm that your hair needs. With such a style, you can carry both a formal and informal look. As stated earlier in how to choose your hair color guide above, this hair color suits women of fair complexion better.

Natural Hair Color

20. Beige Hair Color

The beige hair color is a very soft and Shiny stone that gives the hair the right amount of texture and a certain amount of glaze. The dimension that is added with this hair color is the definite game turner. Anyone who has a medium skin complexion would look absolutely a diva with such beige hair color. Having a slightly pale sand-colored stone, this hair color is in did something different in this entire list. If you like it and if the hair color has captured you then going for it is a must.

Natural Hair Color

21. Blonde Natural Hair Color

This hairstyle has a definite amount of texture which makes the hair looks thick. Also, the best part about this hairstyle is that the Golden highlights look just tingly wonderful mixing in this blonde natural hair color. The celebrity figure as her character Racheal is demarcated with this hairstyle and hair color, which has become quite a fashion trend.

Natural Hair Color

22. Brownish-Black Hair Color

The color has a lovely blackish base with a slide tinge of Brown unit that adds the right amount of warmth. When it comes to the hairstyle, you can either tie your hair in a simple bun keeping two side locks in the front and for the makeup, you can go with a bright colored lip shade. Thus together with the makeup haircut and the beautiful natural hair color your look will be on the Limelight.

Natural Hair Color

23. Light Brown With Golden Highlights

If you have short Bob haircut, you must be thinking about what hair color to choose right? If so, then the light brown with golden highlight hair color can suit you the best. Such hair colors look splendid and radiate summer spring Vibe to your look. Just have a Shaggy Bob haircut and let your hair color be the new USP of your style. Also, a point to remember that if you are choosing this hair color make sure that you are on the fair skin tone or as mentioned above on the lighter shade of complexion.

Natural Hair Color

24. Two-Toned Natural Hair Color

As discussed, there are many natural hair colors but when you choose to blend two natural hair color the result of the outcome is just breath-taking. This particular style hair tones and mixed. One being the beige color and the other the golden or blonde color. The initial part of the hair is parted and highlighted with the beige color which is on the darker shade and the lower part has the lighter color tone. Together the blend is indeed stylish.

Natural Hair Color

25. Brighter Variation Of Red Hair Color

As mentioned earlier, the red hair color is one very bright natural shade that actual hair has for some genes. Incorporating such bright red color would make one look gorgeous and bright. This color tone would suit women who have a fairer skin tone. You can go with Bob or long straight hair and minimal access surgery this hair color will attract more Limelight towards it.

Natural Hair Color

The difference between artificial hair color and natural hair color is that the natural hair color comprises of two basic shades of dark and light colors that come in 5 Shades approximately. These five shades are colors like red-black blonde Brown and grey. With various mixtures of darker and lighter tones in these five color Shades, the natural hair color is born. The above-mentioned top 25 beautiful natural hair colors are a combination of these five shades. You can choose according to your free will and complexion and get a beautiful style. Look natural look pretty.