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35 Honey Hair Colors to Change Your Look

Hair colors not only to cover your white hair but also for styling purpose as well. Majority of women get a different hair color that improves their spirits and makes their hair look gorgeous. Nevertheless, the color taken should be well researched about. We have all encountered the bad hair day thing, but making a hair color mistake is something to live with for an extended period that is both torturing and depressing. Bad hair day may pass but choices which make your hair bad like dyeing your hair with another color like silver blonde just because your favorite actress has dyed theirs, then it may harm your appearance.

Similarly, hairstyles can also add charm to your appearance and can even reduce it if not selected carefully as per your face type. Unlike natural hair color, which requires to work with skin colors, alternative hair color is more about meeting your apparel and look. Sporting a stylish hair color can be an excellent style record. If you can wear the right hair color and give it spirited, you are sure to influence the people around you. A hair color which is unprecedented, sophisticated, most modern and contemporary can raise your dispositions. You reach out in a crowd and get notified with enticing hair color.

Why Honey Hair Color?

However, when it comes to picking a hair color with the recent fashion evolution, the honey hair color is one safe choice which can be styled in a numerous way and is a very versatile color to explore in. This color has both the glamour quotient as well as the neutral balancing effect that is not overwhelming yet very subtle.

Colored hair needs proper attention. Use shampoos and conditioner particularly expressed for colored hair. Evade high-powered sun-rays or heat tools for hair. Red colors lead to dim out immediately beneath color heat. You can have exciting hair by coloring with the right kind of tone. Don’t let the bleach stay on your hair for too long as it will make the hair fragile and permeable. Don’t forget to treat your hair after bleaching.. Before coloring, Read the directions. The best hair color will make your eyes shine, and your skin look bright and understand it when said, the honey hair color is the ideal and the safest bid to pick.

So let us get started with what this beautiful shade of honey has to offer us. Here are the top 35 styles and beautiful tone of Honey Hair Colors.

Shimmering Honey Color Hairstyle

This rich golden color is a classic combination of hot and cool hues to compliment almost any skin type. The mild tones in order with the cool blonde ones make it a cherished shade that anybody can pull off. However, it looks particularly good on olive-drab skin and peaked eyes. This honey blonde ends up being a bright shade. If you are watching for a new style for your special day or just somebody is wanting to enhance your image. Also, this haircut has a magnificent volume attached to the hair. This hairstyle is for the divas.

Honey Hair Colors

Golden Blonde Honey-Colored Hairstyle

Girl, with hair like this you’ll have the entire world covered throughout your small finger. The dark blonde base of this style has been intensified with some light honey blonde at the ends to give some impressive depth to the whole look. Styled in ringlets, this hair look is nothing less than a kaleidoscope of blonde shades.

Honey Hair Colors

Straight Honey-Colored Hairstyle

If you like to keep your shades mild and attractive, then this is the ideal tone for you. This color will give your hair a beautiful flush but will also give off the cut in all its brilliance. This tone will accommodate all skin tones. It is quite an indeterminate color, Honey Blonde. This warm blonde can go very well with your style in all the right ways, but it is pretty high on the maintenance part, and touch-ups will be required frequently to keep this color always resembling its best. This color will accommodate the best though in fair to lighter skin tones.

Honey Hair Colors

Bright Golden Honey Shade Hairstyle

Such hairstyle has a great outlook. It is very glamorous and also classy. The style looks great with vibrant lipstick that adds the style factor to the look. Also, the hair color is such that the look is enhanced. You can pair up a shoulderless dress with this. Majority of this hairstyle will fall on the shoulder and in the front and will look mesmerizing.

Honey Hair Colors

Criss-Cross Golden Honey Shade Hairstyle

A gorgeous hairstyle. This hairstyle is really classy and looks absolutely elegant. The hair has a string-like structure when styled. This shade of color is such that it instantly adds a radiant glow. The criss-cross golden honey shade hairstyle can be a versatile hairstyle to change your look.

Honey Hair Colors

Back Brushed Hazelnut Honey Shade Hairstyle

The shade has a very fresh look that imparts a refreshing vibe to the look. The honey shade adds a glimmering note of the upper portion of the head. This hairstyle can be a great style statement for working women, especially for the formal look. In this hairstyle, the forehead is flaunted rather than covering the like bangs. This can be your party special look.

Honey Hair Colors

Breezy Honey-Colored Hairstyle

This hairstyle has a length that is till the shoulders, and the cut has a very messy vibe to it. The edges are not in precedence lines, and the hair looks a bit unruly. Apart from being subtly carefree this hairstyle in its classic self just puts the honey color shade to display. Because there are no other intricacies added to this hairstyle the color becomes the USP of this hairstyle.

Honey Hair Colors

Front Highlighted Honey Shade Hairstyle

The front has a mix of fringe feather cut, and the locks are golden, and in the hairline area, it has shades of copper color that mixes very subtly with the rest of the color to give a very shaded and gradient look. The look is intricate and has a much-defined look that it imparts to the entire result look. Also, this can be a great everyday look. This hairstyle is brilliant.

Honey Hair Colors

The Smooth Ombre Hairstyle

Nowadays in contemporary fashion, the trend of having straightened hair is much in vogue. This hairstyle displays a perfectly smooth and flawlessly straight hair. The length is kept short, and the crown area has a shaded darker color in comparison to the light honey tone that serves like lowlights. The look has a corporate and a brilliant appeal.

Honey Hair Colors

Long Wavy Honey Shaded Hairstyle

The length adds to the wow factor of this hairstyle. The hair is long and very mild waves are incorporated through rollers. You can middle part the hair and flaunt the length and color and be confident in your approach. This hairstyle is a bit unique and is hence different from the rest of the hairstyle enlisted here.

Honey Hair Colors

Light Shaded Honey-Colored Hairstyle

The trendy look comes in with the haircut that doesn’t abide by any proper and tidy edge. The edges are slightly uneven. The hairstyle can be a great pick for attending a fashion event or even walking the ramp. This beautiful butterscotch shade makes the hairstyle, and the entire look goes very attractive.

Honey Hair Colors

Toffee-Colored Layer Hairstyle

It instantly has a boosting effect on the complexion. Also coming to the style of the haircut, the layers are cut in short sessions taking narrow sections such that the end result includes the entire hair structure being structured. This shade of color is indeed a vibrant one. Also, this look will be great for summers and informal or casual outings.

Honey Hair Colors

One-Sided Hairstyle

This hairstyle already belongs to the very glamorous category. It is from the genre of styles were the hairstyle, and the color is the show-stealer. Bangs add a lot of definition to the face, and the color gives a soothing effect and light addition to the heavy makeup look.

Honey Hair Colors

Hazelnut Shaded Honey-Colored Hairstyle

With a very soft hue which is very soothing, this hair color has cooler tone. The haircut is done such that there requires no other accessories or sprays and gels for the setting. The cut is straight. The front has fringes covering the forehead that is in one straight line, and the look is an overall semiformal look.

Honey Hair Colors

Golden Shaded Round Locks

Have you ever seen something royal as well as very gorgeous and trendy? With a very classic charm, this hairstyle has a beautiful and mesmerizing shade. The locks are rolled in circles, and the hair length is also long. Together this hairstyle is something beautiful. A solid white dress and simple make would complete the look.

Honey Hair Colors

Bright Yellow Honey Shade Hairstyle

Few styles are really bright and gives as if a gust of energy. this shade of hairstyle has such color that gives you a great hue. The entire look exuberates a very vibrant and positive vibe. Also, the hairstyle can experiment with makeup that is quire to give a whole look a bold perspective. The eyes can be highlighted with yellow highlight matching the hair color shade.

Honey Hair Colors

Dreamy Hairstyle With Honey Shade

Filled with feminine charm and grace, this hairstyle is definitely a must-try on. The in-between highlights in a slightly darker shade, emphasize the color, and brings out an overall hair shade that sits very beautifully on any skin complexion. The hairstyle can be done in special events to win hearts. You can pair this look with denim and a solid color polo shirt to look a very contrasting tone.

Honey Hair Colors

Honey-Golden Blonde Hairstyle

With a real adorable look, this is the one that will surely steal the hearts of majority people in the event or party where you are present. This hairstyle is perfect for young girls. The college days will blossom more happily with this super cute honey-golden blonde hairstyle. This hairstyle is smart and hic. The face also looks slimmer. Also, this look can be a great casual look. You can pair this look with some accessories to make it even more gorgeous.

Honey Hair Colors

Short Honey Caramel Hairstyle

The hair cut is a super smart one. Makes for a great western cut. This hairstyle makes a face looks small as the hair has a great volume around the face shape. The small hairstyle makes for a great working hairstyle that can be carried to formal events and conference meetings. This hairstyle is stunning.

Honey Hair Colors

Classic Honey Shaded Hairstyle

This can be your daily wear style that makes for something elegant. This hairstyle is simple and classic. It has the style of everyday hairstyle.You can wear the hairstyle anywhere. This is one such versatile hairstyle that will suit anybody of any age. This classic hairstyle is very easy on maintenance as the hair is short; not many products need to be used. This look has a pretty cool vibe as well.

Honey Hair Colors

Lowlights Honey Color With Bangs

This hairstyle has a very charming outlook. The hair is medium to long when it comes to length. Also, this hairstyle incorporates a lot of styles together and is a bit time consuming both on maintenance and the styling part. This hairstyle has mild curls in the ends that have the lowlights. The lowlights have a mild honey shade, and the upper portion has a toffee color shade which is slightly darker than the lower part. Together the entire color shade looks great. Also on the maintenance part, the curls require heat styles to get the locks.

Honey Hair Colors

Honey Brown Warm Tone Hairstyle

It is a versatile hairstyle, which you can even carry to weddings or parties. This medium length hairstyle is indeed stylish a makes for a trendy everyday college or class look. This hairstyle is chic and holds the personality well enhancing the face and brightening the complexion the hair color is wonderful. This hairstyle will also accentuate hair accessories pretty well so you might try out some real flowers for an extra note of nature’s beauty added to your beautiful style.

Honey Hair Colors

Front Highlighted Honey Color Hairstyle

The locks are straight and have a different color note. This hairstyle has subtle, highlighted shades. This hairstyle is indeed high on the glamour quotient. The hairstyle has the length as a medium one. Also, the hairstyle can be styled with such absolute glittery makeup, a good gel lipstick, and a gorgeous sequin dress to make a look that so all glamour and glitters and voila! You are ready to rock the party.

Honey Hair Colors

Dark Golden Honey Hues

Having a very sensual side that is portrayed, this style is somewhat casual. With such style and shade, flaunting apparel will do great. This hairstyle is an ideal pick when you want to go for a date and want to hold on to your charm. Also, this hairstyle doesn’t need a tie-up so you can open your hair and wear a pretty dress and see the magic weave in the eyes of your partner. On an evening with this hair color that is the honey shade, your entire look will be a lovely one. You can pair this hairstyle with minimalistic makeup and ornament and wear a beautiful body-hugging dress to flaunt your curves.

Honey Hair Colors

Wavy Lustrous Honey Shaded Hairstyle

The shine mainly comes due to the beautiful shade that the color imparts. This hairstyle incorporates quite a voluminous wavy hairstyle that makes the hair look great and boosted. The style can be obtained by the side parting the hair on one side, and thus you will see the locks fall on the other side. The waves give a very luxurious feminine charm that makes them look way too attractive. Be it your special date night or a conference where you need to be the spokesperson be sure to rule the gaze and crowd. Good hair is definitely a source of great confidence, and beauty comes with smartness and confidence.

Honey Hair Colors

Warm Blonde Honey Hair Color

A warm blonde shade is feminine and classic. Honey blonde shade adds warmth to your hair tone without making it look brassy or faded. It blends in with your natural color more seamlessly. Go for full bangs to add color to your face. Whether you are basking in the summer sun or bundled up in winter clothes, this hairstyle will go with every season.

straight honey hair with bangs

Honey Caramel Hairstyle

Mixing the caramel hue with the warm honey shade makes a flattering hairstyle suitable for light skin tones. The natural warm-toned chestnut is still visible around the roots serves as a contrast to the light caramel color. The contrast is further exaggerated by your dark eyes. Subtle and slightly darker than a classic honey blonde, this shade creates a truly stunning look.

light honey brown straight hair

Sun-Kissed Honey Hairstyle

Sun-kissed honey shade gives you a look as you have just been back from a sunny vacation. The Deep brown shade at the top creates variation in your hairstyle. Both the shades combined pop up your fair skin. The yellow-colored top with blue sunglasses further adds to the vacation mood. A high ponytail makes the colors in your hair more visible.

ponytail with honey toned hair

Two-Tone Honey-Colored Hairstyle

What better way to create a disparity than make two sections of different shades. The messy hairstyle is further variegated by exhibiting warm chestnut shade on one side and blonde honey color on the other. The messy bangs enable smooth graduation from dark to light tones making the hairstyle more stylish and less grungy.

layered honey blonde hair color

Mellow Honey-Colored Hairstyle

The gradual fading from deep brown roots to mellow honey-colored edges perfectly brightens your cool skin tone and adds color to your cheeks. Short, simple bob cut is transformed into an eye-catchy and edgy style because of the honey color play. The fade will be maintained even when your hair grows out, making it a low-maintenance hairstyle perfect for teenagers.

dark honey brown bob

Honey-Colored Ringlets

Tight curly ringlets are filled with texture. An updo with tight ringlets is quirky and fun. The bright honey color at the ends make enhances the fun and style element of this updo. The tight-bright toned ringlets falling over your forehead highlight your eyes. Apply eyeliner to complete your look. This hairstyle suits darker skin tones.

curly ponytail with honey blonde highlights

Creamy Honey Blonde

Honey hair color looks fantastic when teamed with different shades. The warm chocolaty roots transition into a shiny creamy honey blonde shade with further deep touches on the ends. The face-framing hair adds life to pale skin tone. Dark honey-colored eyeglasses can further amplify your hair color. This hairstyle will require frequent touch-ups to maintain, but the result is worth every effort.

light honey blonde hair

Honey Brown Waves

Honey brown waves are perfect for giving your hair a gorgeous autumnal hue. It’s not blonde. Warm brunettes are mixed with honey tones for a beautiful finish. This unique shade combined with flowing waves is ready for all seasons and suits all face tones. If your hair is naturally brunette, you may not require frequent visits to your stylist for a touch-up.

curly honey brown hair

Honey Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Honey hair color can be easily blended with different hues. Dark brown roots are comfortably blended with a creamy honey shade. Side –part your hair and style a bob cut for a professional finish. Face framing hair and light color tone soften and amplify the bony structure of the face.

light golden honey blonde bob

Honey Caramel Ombre

Honey caramel ombre hairstyle is elegant enough to suit women of any age. This honey-colored shade cools down the warm hair roots. Use curling Irons to add volume. The long hair and waves make a sophisticated and feminine hairstyle ready for both play and work. The roots growing out will not distort the effect, and you may not need to visit your stylist any time soon.

light honey blonde long wavy hair


So with all these great styles and styling ideas, one thing is for sure that no matter what your look and planning related to hairstyle are, the color will be sorted. Also, these color shades and especially the honey shade is one such color that will instantly make for a very natural warm and sensual tone that instantly changes the look. From the palate of the above mentioned trendy styles, you can pick the one that suits best for you and makes your look desirable and pretty! Hair that is gorgeous and healthy and that is properly styled suiting your persona is the best thing that you can give yourself.

Best Honey Hair Colors